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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Beha’aloscha, 7 Sivan 5776 (13/6/16)


Father of Mercy, Father of the Holy Land and the Jews. The Creator of the Universe loves the Jews more than anyone else; He gave them the Torah as a gift and Shabbat as a gift. At Mount Sinai the Jews said "we will do and we will obey," and the Holy One, Blessed is He chose them to manage the world forever and ever, for all eternity. Anyone that wants to bother Israel and take parts away of the Holy Land of Israel will be messing with Master of Universe.  The Creator of the Universe is bringing complications to all of the countries that want to take away parts of Israel the Holy Land.   It is not just that no one will be able to take away parts, it is that they will experience a downfall with the Holy One Blessed is He.  Even Gush Katif will be returned to Israel.

Egypt and France are delusional. They want to get rid of the Muslim refugees, the Palestinians, Hamas and ISIS and want to take away parts of the Land of Israel in order to create a Palestinian state.  They are next in line to receive tough strikes from the Master of the Universe.  They started a war with the Holy One, Blessed is He, and no one has ever in the world won who is against Him.
There will continue to be chaos in the entire world, and Armageddon. There will continue to be anti-Semitism in the world and in every country. European countries will continue to be filled with millions of refugees so that the Jews from Europe and the USA will have to come to the Holy Land of Israel. If they don't understand with their mind, the Creator of the Universe will use force. If they will not understand with force, He will use more force.

Only the Creator the Universe wins in the end. All of those who prevent the Jews from coming to Israel hurt and anger the Master of Universe; have patience, their time will come. Exile ended in 1948 and the Jews abroad are ‘grinding water,’ they are there for no reason, they must come and live in the Holy Land, in the Negev, Galilee, Golan Heights, Samaria, and Binyamin, and help their brothers in the Holy Land. Israel grows a centimeter every day! You better believe it!

China, the economy in China will fall, in Europe and the USA as well. Whoever invests in stock is taking a risk because it is profit on the backs of others; someone has to lose for another to win.

As long as European countries and Arab countries want to take parts away from the Land of Israel to create a Palestinian state, the Creator of the Universe will give them blow after blow; the second blow is worse than the first one until they surrender to the Creator of the Universe and will say "we will not touch the Holy Land."  They must want peace without taking parts of the holy land away.

Jews in the Holy Land do not be complacent, be vigilant, open your eyes and don't take risks - that is how you will be safe.

The USA is receiving blows. They don't care that Iran continues to manufacture the atomic bomb; they only care about the elections. The Holy One, Blessed is He will decide who is elected; and, after a President is elected - remember this well, write it down – The Creator of the Universe will make him expel all of the Jews living in the USA.

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels 24 hours a day. The tunnel openings are in houses. The IDF needs to use tools to find the tunnels, they are digging many tunnels.

In Egypt, Sisi is playing multiple sides. On one hand, he is afraid of ISIS, extreme Islamists and Hamas, on the other hand he is sending ammunition and weapons to Gaza by not checking the borders and trucks that go from Egypt to Gaza. All of the ammunition that reaches Gaza from Egypt will be used by ISIS and Hamas to attack Egypt. All of the Arab countries want to destroy Israel, they don't want peace.

Iraq is dead.

Syria is being erased and destroyed. They are in a routine of war and killing and only when something unique happens is it in the media. Dozens and hundreds of people are being killed now; murder is part of a routine in their lives.

Russia loves Israel and the wisdom and science of the Jews who live in Israel. Russia knows that Israel is very strong and is the beating heart of the world.

Anti-Semitism is increasing in the world. The Creator of the Universe is telling the Jews not to wait to see the danger, come to the Holy Land of Israel where the Creator of the Universe will provide protection.

In Jordan the riots have started. The army is sick of the silence and suffering and everything will start to blow up.

Iran is trying to smuggle ammunition and weapons to Hezbollah through Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt and is unsuccessful. G-d will strike Iran down.

Turkey, ISIS is controlling and destroying Turkey, taking more and more parts. Arduan is afraid that ISIS will harm him and his family and surrenders to them. The refugees go freely from Turkey into Europe. Despite the fact that Turkey gets money to keep them there, they still go through and millions of refugees enter Europe while Arduan asks for more money to keep them in Turkey.

In East Jerusalem there is the head of the snake; it must be caught to stop all of the attacks against Jews. You must open your eyes in Jerusalem.

The entire world knows that the Creator of the Universe gave the Jews wisdom and knowledge so that the world will need us and will want to be with the Jews in the Land of Israel to get advice. The Jews in Israel are the small seed that gives great life to the world! In Israel, everything is good, nothing is missing and there is abundance, food, resources and prosperity for all. The Creator of the Universe wants us to be united, to love each other, help each other, be kind, obey the Commandments, and give ma'asarot (tithes).

The government of Israel must not be soft with other nations, it must take care of the Jews in Israel and the Jews that want to come to Israel. The Jews only have small Israel, there is no other place in the world that wants them. Jews must stay in the Holy Land; don't think you'll have a better life abroad. That is how it was 40-50 years ago, but that is over. In other countries it is very bad.

All of the white collar criminals, religious or secular, officials or not, thieves and cheats, those that bribe and commit indecent acts, all will be caught – some in the media and others will answer to the Creator of the Universe alone. The Creator of the Universe wants to purify and sanctify the Holy Land!

Dear parents watch over your sons and daughters so that they don't assimilate with gentiles, don't touch drugs, abuse alcohol, and gamble.

You don't need to travel to Jewish graves around the world - only in the Land of Israel. In the Holy Land are the graves of our fathers and mothers, our mother Rachel, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Meir Ba'al Hanes, Baba Sali, Rabbi Hiya, Rabbi Akiva – the world greats. The souls of all of the righteous that died outside of Israel come to the Cave of Patriarchs after a year. Just like Jacob that didn't want to be buried in the unholy land of Egypt, and Joseph's coffin that was drowned in the Nile. All of the righteous reach the Cave of Patriarchs with the fathers. Whoever is wise and knowledgeable understands this, and whoever isn't will soon understand.

Anyone who asked for something from their hearts on the eve of Shavuot will see good signs and will understand that their wish is accepted. In Shavuot, all of the Jews felt a strong spiritual feeling; they breathed and felt the power of the Creator of the Universe and the Messiah. The Messiah is connected to the Holy One, Blessed is He and the He guides him on the road that He wants every moment. The Messiah's job is to turn the evil in the world to good and to help save the Jews and the entire world. The Messiah is working, and the greats of Israel must call out to the Creator of the Universe to make him known!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

WHOLE ISRAEL MOSHIACH, SON OF JESSE in bible code by Rav Glazerson (this year, 5776):


  1. I once heard that Aliya from the US is the last one before Messiach so may it be! Being expelled is not the pleasant way but life is good for Jews in America so maybe it is the only way. I myself live in Israel and if it weren't for my husband I would have gladly recited there for a while. The funny thing is that he is American and for him no way. He says we are strangers in a strange land there. A woman from Las Vegas commented that she was fed up by being tolerated rather then being truly beloved by Am Israel. She said het husband would move to Israel in a second and all her friends were here so I was wondering what she was waiting for. Easy life she said and I think lots of Americans feel that way. Just know we have everything here now and it is getting more and more newly developed each day. Not like I hear from a European friend who says things are hardly renewed and things are going down the hill, economically.

    1. Whatever you heard about the return of the exile in the end of days is being updated day by day. Hashem's messages that all Jews should return home is not a variable. Hashem, through the Rabbis, Mekubalim, the FC individuals, through fulfillment of prophecies, etc is giving us definite instructions. Since we now know of the tremendous devastation that is coming to the world, we know very well that the Jews who come home now will have the easiest situation.

      Will all Jews be saved? Probably. But, when we are told that you can sell our homes now and move to Israel, but in the near future you will run to Israel with just the shirt on your back, we are getting a very definite message of the easy way versus the more difficult way.

      Are there places in the world where Jews are still well off and comfortable? Yes. But they seem to be disappearing everyday and becoming few and far between. Will there be any place in the near future that a Jew can continue to have it easy outside of Israel? The messages from Hashem seem to say: NO!!!!!

      Please don't be fooled by what is outside your window now, when scriptures is very clear about it disappearing. The end is near and obviously the best place for a Jew is Israel.

    2. This is what makes me sad and upset when you say only and everything is for Jews.
      Hashem created ALL others too. Yes, Jews are Chosen by Hashem, but for a purpose?

      Goyim, (how i hate that word, for even though Rabbis explain it is not meant to be derogatory, most Jews among them rabbis too, when they use it mean it in that way, like 'goyim'.. filth or more).
      Is it alright when Jews use other lands for the good life, and when things get bad only then think of Eretz Israel? Is this kind of thinking alright with the Rabbis?
      I have heard one Rabbi, who speaks contradictory to what is said by other good Rabbis and you too, that Israel is the best place for Jews. Also that its economy is good, everything is available, good food, places to live, etc; yet this particular Rabbi, gives lectures where he preaches that Israel is full of corrupt governtment, Israel- economy bad, Israel - people have to struggle to survive. Israel - only the few rich have it good there.. Israel - poor man cannot have water or electricity as he cannot pay because of loss of job.. all the negative he spews out, and he was born in Eretz Israel!! keeps saying how bad it is there..
      So who and what is right only Hashem knows. I know this Rabbi who says all the negative, is not right.. but .. only Hashem knows all..

      Now. those despicable Goyim.. count me as one among them.. what of us? there are among us despicable goyim, who try to do and live as Hashem wants us to.
      As Goyim, i know.. one thing, have loved and listened to Rabbis.. ( still do -only with pain in my heart now), I am or shall I say was in touch with so many from internet, including you... but not one writes unless i do not.. some call them selves "friends".. yet if I did not hear in a long time from a 'friend', I would send an email asking if they are alright.
      But my Jewish friends.. albeit.. only by email.. will never spare a second for me.. and i feel now.. if they only respond, when I write.. i should stop.. because, that means, they really want nothing to do with those who are not Jews.. even when as goyim.. i have truly had nothing but only good thoughts for the Chosen of Hashem, Jews..and still do..
      Like Jews, i too hurt, i too have problems, i too try to live as Hashem wants me too.. and do not say because i might have some part of me that was Jewish in a prior life.
      I know lots and lots of non-jewish people, or should i use the real name Jews like to refer to us.. okay.. i know a lot of good and nice goyim who just want to not hurt or harm anyone, who want to live as believers in Gd.. who want nothing more than the average Jew or goyim.. want...
      Oh my .. i will should stop here... Hashem help me please...

      So.. now.. one thing I know.. Hashem loves all H-s Creation... and Hashem loves us Goyim too... He will judge me.. and other Goyim..
      Last time i write here..
      But will read .. and here Lectures from Rabbis, who help me and not put goyim or Eretz down.

      With love for Hashem, and for Eretz Israel..
      I am..

    3. This is why I put this off. I could write a book about the subject, oh wait, I did write a book about the subject.

      I can only answer some of your concerns. First of all we know that the Hebrew word Goy means nations. You will notice that I never use that word, since it is taken out to context so much. Israel is a Goy. We even have patriotic songs that we sing about the Goy Israel.

      Second, we have no idea who is a Jew and who is a non-Jew. It was said that Hashem only knows and is sorting it out now. I have mentioned many times that the righteous non-Jews of the world will be saved and probably find that they are of the lost tribes of Israel. That means that those who have a very strong love for Hashem, for Torah, for Israel, for the Jewish people may be Jewish. There are many secular Jews that even have atheistic attitudes and are probably not Jewish. I have been saying this for a while, but recently Binyamin, an FC individual delivered a message from Hashem saying the same thing. I believe that every Noachide is from the lost tribes and will be living in Israel when the worldwide redemption comes.

      So far as anyone's opinion about Israel, Rabbi or not, it is just that, an opinion. If a Rabbi is not doing everything Hashem wants him to do, he probably is having trouble in Israel and has a completely different and distorted view of the truth of Israel. Everything in this world is measure for measure, even in Israel. A wicked person in Israel is not going to see the good life that is available, but instead will have it tough. A righteous person who is not in Israel, but is following Hashem as best as possible, will find life easier.

      What Rav Ben Artzi has pointed out is all the Jews of the world have one place, the size of the state of New Jersey, to truly be a Jew (and the wicked of the world are trying to give away our little piece of land). The rest of the world had Jews in it because we had the mission to be "a light unto the nations," in other words, to bring the message of Hashem to all the people of the world. Our mission is complete and, as it says in scriptures, it is time for us to come home. Hashem is sending that message very strongly by increasing the Jew-hatred worldwide. It is so obvious when you study the Jewish scriptures what was meant to happen in the end of days, and the fact that it is happening.

      I have mentioned that the 1/3rd group that will survive the upcoming devastation is about 2.5 billion people. That means that much, much more than the estimated 13 to 15 million Jews will survive. If you look at the size that Israel will grow into, I venture to say that there are possibly 2.5 billion Jews in the world and they all will be here with Hashem in the new future.

      It behooves everyone in the world, Jew and non-Jew alike, to turn to Hashem and live the Absolute Truth. Your eternity depends on it.

      If you have any further question, you can always send me a personal Email at and within days I should get back to you (the older I get, the slower I am).

  2. Hello Rav Menachem,
    I see you choose what you want on your comments.

    I posted one with many questions. but because it might be mostly of poor goyims wanting to know truth.. you have decided not to post my commment..
    Ok.. your decision your blog.. so be it..


    1. Have pity on an old man. I haven't read your comment yet. My time on this blog is limited, since I do have a real life also. I hope to get to your comment later today. I apologize for not getting there sooner, but when I open a comment that is long, I put it off until later when I have more time. I am right now with a backlog of 271 comments and Emails yet to review.

      One thing is for sure: it has nothing to do with whether you are Jewish or not!!!!!!

  3. Okay.. so i will play the waiting game..

    Only i wonder how you reply to some comments faster, that have just been posted... i posted mine hours ago..
    oh will..

    just a goyim..

    1. You posted about the time I went to sleep. When I woke up and got on the computer, I looked at comments and answered short one first. Yours was long and I still haven't read it yet. I still have Emails from last night that I haven't looked at yet.

  4. I am just getting around to reading this and I find his words so full of prophecy and urgency. It is so amazing that I’m devoting an entire post on my blog to his IY”H prophetic words. The portions of this that I posted should be in all the newspapers all over the world. Wishing you well.

    1. Wait until you see what he said in this week's message.

      One thing that I must add. The Rav, other Rabbis, the FC individuals are all saying very prophetic messages, but nothing that Hashem didn't tell us thousands of years ago. How we know these messages are prophetic is that they can all be found in Jewish scriptures. What we don't know, which is the mystical part of these modern day messages, is when. The fact that the Rav and others are narrowing down the time frame for such events to happen is the true Ruach Hakodesh (Divine Inspiration) they are providing.

      We all need to thank Hashem for the help He gives us through His servants.