Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Answer to Many of Your Questions

I have noticed recently that I have been receiving many questions, mostly through private Emails, that I have covered extensively in previous posts. I know that I get new readers every day, and that after 523 posts that I have made over the past 50 months, many of my devoted readers don’t remember many of the details of what I had covered.

So what is the solution that would save me the embarrassment of having to say: “I already covered that subject, just go to …..”? It is: buy my book. I realized that many of the subjects being asked about were covered in the book, and I also noticed that I haven’t advertised the book recently.

To buy the hold-in-your-hand-copy, go to Amazon.com. It is still priced at $18, a real bargain. If you are a Kindle fan, that Amazon.com site has the Kindle version for only $2.99. Go to:


I also noticed that Barnes and Noble is selling my book also at $18. If you are a B&N fan go to:


If you went to the Amazon.com site take notice of a review that I received from an idolater who refers to the comment I made a video and not the book. It was the video about Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt”l, meeting Moshiach and leaving a note that encoded his name. The idolaters stated that the note said it is Yushka (JC). I have talked about the note and the desperate deception from idolaters by stating incorrectly that Rav Kaduri encoded Joshua in his note. Actually he didn’t, until somebody changed the note and added a letter to make the deception come out. I have challenged the idolaters of the world to show me anywhere in scriptures including their so-called new bible where Yushka is referred to as Joshua. I have not received any takers on that request, but I have received nasty comments from frustrated individuals who can’t handle the truth.

I decided not to remove the comment even though it was not about my book but about a comment I made on a bogus video. I came to the conclusion that Jews and righteous non-Jews are smart enough to see the evil and the ignorance of the comment. This sample of Jew-hatred, that is so prevalent these days, has increased the sale of my book – why remove it?

I once wrote that the best way to sell a book is to get it banned. “Nobody is going to tell me what I can read or not read,” is the attitude of people. I couldn’t get my book banned, but just added some spice to it, a little controversy, and it helped. I want to thank the Idolater. His or her lies and deception is greatly appreciated.

The other way to buy my book is directly from me. Go to the top of the right column and click on the “Buy Now” button.  
This is for a revised electronic version of the book that I have improved. It is still $5 and is done directly by me through Email. The best part of buying it directly from me is that if you have any questions, the author is available. I have had some very enlightening comments and questions from this direct Email connection with my readers. Also, everyone who has bought from me directly has been recorded for a blog give-away that I am planning. It is too soon to give details, but it will be very special give-away that I am hoping to do soon, B”N.

Hopefully this will answer your questions and also give you: The Solution to All Your Problems - Guaranteed in Writing!

Note: So far all the money that I have collected on the sale of the book has been given to charity or helping families directly. I didn’t write the book to make money; Hashem takes good care of me and my family without a need for additional income, bli ayin hara. I mention this since the purchase of my E-book should be considered tax deductible since it goes to charity. I don’t have a tax number to give, but the $5 charitable contribution is legitimate.


  1. This might be helpful to some of your followers. In the upper left corner of your website is a blogger search area. One can insert the key words of his/her query and it should bring up every one of your posts that incorporates that word or group of words. The search feature is very helpful. Even more helpful would be a search feature added to this blog right under the “Follow this Blog” in the very right hand column of text. This may help many people with their questions.

    1. Excellent suggestion. I use it all the time, since I can't remember where I wrote certain subjects. Thank you.

  2. Shirat Devorah quotes Rav Dov Kook as saying that Rav Eliezer Berland's return to Israel will usher in the redemption. Do you have any comments on that? And does that mean that Rav Berland is the Moshiach?

    1. I don't believe the event of his return will usher in the redemption, since that depends upon all of us, but I know that it will happen in conjunction with the worldwide redemption when all issues will be resolved.

      I am positive that Rav Berland is not MBD for many reasons I wish not to disclose. Is he Moshiach ben Yosef? That could be possible. I have not researched much about MBY by coded messages or gematria or dot-connecting, so I have no basis for judging the Rav as a possibility, yet.

    2. Oh Rav, How come when ever I have a question to ask, but do not know who to ask, the answer comes anyway, sometimes when I pose it to Hashem, sometimes, its just in the mind..
      Yet many many many times, when I come to this your wonderful blog, i have received answers that trouble me.
      this answer to anon @8.45 p.m.. answered me too ..
      Thank You Rav.
      Hashem bless you.
      Moses of our times.. and i will say that again..
      YOU are the MOses of our times.

      Hashem bless you and yours and all who come to this blog.


    3. You are going to make my head swell, and I will need to buy a bigger size Yarmulke.

      One of the things that made me more observant decades ago was that whenever I had a question, Hashem would send me an answer without me even having to search for an answer. As an example, I had a question a couple of years ago that I searched and searched and couldn't find the answer. I turned to Hashem for guidance and asked my question. That night when I was sleeping, my father, who had passed on in 1974 came to me in a dream with the answer. Not only did I get the answer, which I checked to find totally correct, but the dream was so real that I knew that I had a visit from my dear father.

      Getting answers to questions in a miraculous way has happened to me hundreds if not thousands of times. It is so obvious that Hashem talks to us in very mysterious ways; that we certainly can feel good about the Omnipotent guide we have in this world. All we need to do is turn to Him (how many times have I said that?)

    4. Thank you so much again, Rav.

      Your dream where you saw your Papa, and you got the answer to your question, sounds so beautiful, in that, your dear Papa must have been sent by Hashem.

      You are so blessed.. and may you and yours continue to be blessed..
      your viewers who come to learn and ask various questions on your blog. are in turn blessed by you, as you help so many, Jews, non-Jews in so many ways.

      You are too modest.. and I doubt your head ever swells.. but if it does.. well good for you..


    5. I am truly blessed to have good people like you as a reader on this blog.

      The last message from Ben Golden which talked about real Jews with real Jewish souls was very interesting. One concept that he mentioned was that there are many non-Jews who have Jewish souls. They were punished by from a previous life by being sent to this life as a non-Jew. Hashem knows that they are Jewish, He is testing them to see how much they have grown and in the end they will receive the Tikun and full eternity as a Jew.

      I believe I now know the truth about you, Luiz, Stephen and many more righteous non-Jews who act more Jewish than some of the other so-called Jews with whom I deal. I look forward more than ever to having you as a neighbor -- I can't wait. My wife is anxious to meet you also, she knows that the two of you will be good friends.

      May Hashem bless you and your loved ones.