Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Absolute Cure for Depression

Why do people get depressed?  Watch this excellent video and get a very deep insight from Rabbi, Doctor Akiva Tatz, shlita:
Do you know that Jews are not allowed to be depressed?  Since the answer that Rabbi Tatz is giving so eloquently is just to have a very meaningful life.  If you are involved in doing for yourself and helping others, including everything that Hashem is instructing us to do to improve and perfect our souls, you cannot possibly be depressed.

Hashem guarantees that doing repentance, praying, giving charity, studying Torah (that is a big one since it is so enjoyable when done correctly), helping others, doing Hashem's commandments, etc, etc, etc, is the absolute key to happiness.  How can one have such tremendous peace of mind and such a meaningful life and be depressed?  It is impossible.  You just learned one of the greatest secrets to life.  Now, go enjoy it.


  1. This is really offensive to people with actual diagnosed depression. These Rabbis are not doctors and should not be allowed to guilt Jews into thinking they're not good enough. Major depression comes from significant abnormalities in brain structure aswell as serotonin and dopamine dysfunctions in the body. How dare you tell people suffering from this very real condition they are suffering because they're not good enough Jews and don't learn 12 hours a day. Shame on you.

    1. You need to watch the video again. You missed most of the details.

      First of all Rabbi, DOCTOR, Akiva Tatz is a very distinguished, prominent medical doctor who has successfully helped many people over decades with this very issue. I have been studying Psychology and Sociology since the 1970's and have observed the same results in helping people with depression and even mental problems.

      We are spiritual beings who are wearing physical clothing. Our souls control the chemical balance or imbalances in the body, since we are on Earth to perfect the soul, not the body.
      Hashem gave the soul the ability to achieve Tikun the involuntary way by giving physical and mental problems to the body. This happens when the body is not getting the Tikun the voluntary way by living Hashem's Torah.

      Since I have already talked about the reality of our physical and spiritual makeup, please go to my post of 25 November 2013, entitled "Here’s to Your Good Health (revisited),"

      As you can see from my post, as was also mentioned in the video above, most people believe in the American solution to all our problems: TAKE A PILL!!! The fact is America became such a drug infested society because there it much more money to be made (money taken from us) by drugs rather than turning to the spiritual side of us, which completely controls the body.

      I have talked about two medical studies that were done which gave very surprising results. One was that prayer works, since the words said on an individual's behalf cause energies to flow and actually change DNA within a patient to solve a medical problem. The other was a 15 year study to determine: What is the mind? The answer came down to a spiritual realm, our soul.

      If you are not interested in helping people with mental or physical problems by getting to the root of the problem, then shame on you. This is not speculation, but thousands of years of proof including cures that came from King David, Chazal, the RAMBAM and many other very competent medical authorities of today, like Rabbi, Doctor Akiva Tatz.

  2. Suggestion to achieve a Meaningful Life : Toward a Meaningful Life article
    One can purchase the book also, which is Toward A Meaningful Life »
    Author:Lubavitcher Rebbe; adapted by Simon Jacobson
    Toward a Meaningful Life gives Jews and non-Jews alike fresh perspectives on every aspect of their lives -- from birth to death, youth to old age; marriage, love, intimacy, and family; the persistent issues of career, health, pain, and suffering; and education, faith, science, and government. We learn to bridge the divisions between accelerated technology and decelerated morality, between unprecedented worldwide unity and unparalleled personal disunity.

    1. Thank you it looks very informative. My answer to Anonymous above could have included the Rebbe, who also was a genius on solving medical problems, including mental problems by spiritual guidance.

  3. Hi,

    You mention "studying Torah (that is a big one since it is so enjoyable when done correctly)"

    Can enlighten us as to how to study correctly?

    Thank you.


    1. That is an excellent question, actually the type of question that I like since my blog is to help people.

      There are two suggestions that were handed down to me by my Rabbi.

      1. Pirkei Avos (Chap 1, 17) says that Hashem is not interested in us studying Torah, He wants us to live Torah, after all it is our instructions to a happy and successful life. Of course, how do we live Torah if we don't study it and learn all the in's and out's? That gives a very important hint to what to study. We need to learn exactly how to live and be happy. To know all the commandments is nice, but to dig deeply into the ones that pertain to us as an individual so we perform in life correctly, that is where Torah benefits us and makes us happy. To make life easier, we don't have to go to the Torah to learn, but to the codification of the commandments for the fine details. In other words, if we are learning all the details about how to eat kosher, we go to the Mishnah Berurah, the Shulchan Aruch, books from prominent experts on the subject or, even easier, a very well versed Rabbi or Rebbetzin to learn. Learning from someone who has been successful and who knows a subject is the easiest. No matter how we do it, the results should always be our peace of mind that we are growing in Torah learning and bringing ourselves closer to Hashem. There is no greater feeling about accomplishment than seeing success. Hashem lets us know that we are doing things correctly in the most mysterious ways, but always by life becoming easier and more enjoyable.

      2. The second area of study is "whatever subject you enjoy." Torah should be very pleasurable. If you are growing in your performance and coming closer to Hashem, that is very satisfying. But, if you have a subject that you really like and want to find out more about it, go for it -- have a good time.

      I will give an example that is one of my favorite subjects. I have studied science for about 60 years. I became so fascinated when I saw that every discovery by our modern brilliant scientists was known about thousands of years ago. To see a discovery made within the past ten years and then to find it with great detail in the Talmud written thousands of years ago, became a very pleasurable thing to me. It solidified my knowing that "there is nothing new under the sun," that everything comes from Hashem who created all the science of the world and, perhaps best of all, it gave me scientific answers that even scientists haven't discovered yet. My study of science is so much more enjoyable when I see Hashem's opinion on the subject.

      I have told people: if you do not like studying Torah, you are doing it wrong. Even if you are lazy and watch videos by prominent Rabbis, it is still learning Torah and benefits your life. I have said: "Hashem does not judge us by what we know, He judges us by how we grow."

    2. I forgot one very enjoyable way to study Torah: with a good friend. When two or three or more are making exciting discoveries together and sharing the experience, even debating the subject, it is a very high level of enjoyment. It is like socializing and growing at the same time -- what could be a better way to learn?

  4. Any information out there on children diagnosed with depression ? What about children with ADHD / ADD? Thanks

    1. I don't want to come across as a medical expert, but all such problems are treatable (hopefully, without drugs which is more of a cover-up than a treatment). I have seen great successes in alternative means such as EFT or NAET (Google them). Even alternative herbs and spices. I use Spirulina every day which has been shown to clear the brain and help cognitive ability.
      The diet of the child is extremely important. A child who grows up with sweets, cake and candy, is usually more problematic than a child who appreciates fruits and vegetables.

      Also, prayer and meditation help both the child and the parent. A very important ingredient that I have used in teaching children is what I said above -- making it very enjoyable. I have used humor to make children laugh. When we laugh, we learn more. The Talmud tells us to teach over food. I have provided healthful snacks during teaching, it helps.

      The most important aid to helping children is positive reinforcement. When the child gets a good feeling from his or her learning from parents and teachers, there is much more incentive to continue. I know that is not always available in school, but sometimes you might want to see if there are better schools available. I have observed for years how positive the learning is in a Yeshivah versus a college environment. When you have an atmosphere that everyone wants to learn as apposed to having to be there and drudging through each day, it could mean a tremendous boost in success.

      Is there one solution to the problem? Turn to Hashem and find out -- He has all the solutions.

  5. I'd like to comment on the discussion of depression and its remedy through Torah. Clinical depression is a serious, chemical illness that can be greatly alleviated through medication. Fighting with (or coping with) depression has many facets. A large piece of the puzzle is daily focus on emunah, that fact that Gd loves me, and confidence in how I can contribute to the world.

    However, this is no substitute for getting competent medical treatment. It's akin to telling a cancer patient to make radical diet changes and go into a spiritual practice without considering what modern oncology and surgery can cure. Radical diet changes and a deep spiritual practice is a significant part a cancer patient's treatment (as well as a depressed person) but is no total remedy unto itself.

    Perhaps there was/will be a time when we can overcome depression and all illnesses through their spiritual roots. This time is not now - for the great majority of us.
    The patient has a responsibility to his/her family and community to stay healthy and sane. It borders on irresponsible to advise that spiritual practices alone can overcome a physical malady; many people will suffer needlessly. Or feel guilt that they somehow couldn't overcome a very real disease on their own. Speaking for my imperfect body, I prefer to take my Daily Dose of Emunah along with my medication.

    1. What you are saying sounds totally valid for this upside-down fantasy world where medical science wants as much money from you as possible and convinces everyone that the only way to cure yourself is through expensive treatments.

      Now, let us talk the truth. I have seen unbelievable situations to prove the opposite, Hashem's way. Not too long ago there was a terminally ill cancer patient who went to a Mekubal, a very mystical Rabbi and was completely cured. I have seen recently foods that could prevent cancer. I have also seen diets to prevent diabetes and just about every other ailment that we can get. Yes, many medical problems can be prevented, but all is from Hashem for the individual who realizes that Hashem gave us the ability to stay healthy.

      I have told the story about a friend of mine whose wife was diagnosed as insane. They were ready to institutionalize her, when a Rabbi suggested a Mekubal in Israel who could help. She flew to Israel and I made the arrangements through another Rabbi for her appointment to see the Mekubal. After two days of chanting and using his ability to cure, she was completely back to normal.

      I have told the story of my daughter waking up with a swollen foot. The doctor saw on the x-ray a very large tumor. He said to wait two days and he would take another x-ray to see what was happening. Meanwhile, I checked the Mezuzah on her bedroom door with my Scribe, and he pointed out that there was a problem with the foot on a letter Raish, which happens to be the first letter of my daughter's name. I purchased a new Mezuzah, and the next morning the tumor was 100% gone. When I told the Scribe, who did not know of my daughter's problem, he said sit down I have about two hours of such stories to tell.

      I have personally prayed away headaches, backaches, Gird and other problems. I lower my blood pressure by EFT and prayer. I know of a Pizmon that can be said to completely eliminate pain. I met someone who had a slipped disc and another person with severe migraines and both of them convinced their Neshamahs to stop the pain.

      The stories go on and on, but you won't see these in the mainstream media; heaven forbid that we want to take away money from the medical field. It is like the cures of King David or the RAMBAM, that did not include any modern medical shenanigans, just the system that Hashem gave us in this world.

      Am I saying that there is never a time that a medical doctor is needed? No, it is brought down that Hashem guides the doctor to help us. The problem is knowing when we are being helped, and when we are being swindled. Do you know how many operations are done a year that are not needed? Do you know how many people die a year through improper medication? Check statistics, then turn to Hashem to say thank You for the truth.

  6. I'm surprised by your response, but it does illuminate your position. I believe we'll have to agree to disagree on this topic.

  7. Just two examples from my life. I was clinically depressed and put on those evil meds (the side effects almost ruined my life). It took some time, but prayerful study brought me to Torah, and today I am no longer on meds and no longer depressed. In fact, one could say that I am happy as a clam (emunah study and emunah practice had more to do with my getting better than anything else). 2nd story has to do with my Rabbi who had a massive infection. The doctors could not stop the infection, my Rabbi lost the use of his right arm, and the doctors were ready to do massive invasive surgery to prevent this infection from spreading. This surgery would have turned my Rabbi into an invalid. The Rabbi asked for 48 hours before making the decision for surgery and spent that 48 hours in prayer and study. At the end of 48 hours the infection had stopped spreading and even began to lessen its hold. Today the Rabbi is back teaching classes and has an active life. The problem the Rabbi had all happened in the past 6 months, and he is well on the road to recovery, although he still has some minor problems with his right arm. Clinging to the Torah can cure, not so much because of magic in the words, but because those words are from Hashem's lips. I have many many personal stories regarding how Hashem has plucked me from the jaws of death and spared me... for what reason I do not know, but I am still here to pester the world and be a bother to the folks around me.

    1. We need more people like you bothering the world.

    2. Ok Rav, I understand a bit of what is being said here.
      But in one of your posts of some months back, you did say how you and your wife had to go to a hospital in Israel, and you praised the doctors there.
      So in the end.. you did prevail of a doctor, even while you are also doing yor prayers daily and learning from Torah.
      So what i think then is.. that Gd also made doctors for a purpose, and perhaps going to a doctor is alright.

    3. If you notice what I said above that when needed, we do turn to Hashem, since Hashem guides the hand of the surgeon. The follow-up was that I had a cardiologist who gave me medication after the operation that resulted in me being rushed to the hospital again. I now take care of my heart condition through alternative medical procedures and prayer. That has worked for the past seven years, since I had the heart attack.

      Both my wife and I have made very good progress through proper diet, exercise and enough sleep. Turning to Hashem with complete Emunah was and still is the ticket.

      Very important fact. I had the heart attack because I violated the Torah instruction to take care of this body that Hashem gifted to me. All my life, before the HA, I ate improperly, exercised improperly and other normal bodily maintenance that I was lax in accomplishing. Much of what I did after the HA was very natural changes, good Teshuvah, to do what Hashem wanted from me in the first place.

      Everything is measure for measure and I was a victim of my own frivolity.

    4. I should add that I lost both of my parents to doctor mistakes while they were on the operating table. My father was only 63 and my mother was only 67. This is a very touchy subject for me.

    5. Sorry to read about your parents.
      It was sad for my parents too. Especially my mom.
      The only consolation is that they are with Hashem, and this i believe with all of my heart.

  8. Yasher Koach on your site, The Absolute Truth, and for putting God so firmly in the health picture!

    I've done a fair bit of research on both depression and anti-depressants, and thought the following things may help to give more scientifically-proven support to the argument that anti-depressants don't work, and that depression is far more a spiritual issue than a chemical one:




    http://www.spiritualselfhelp.org/blog/if-the-psych-drugs-work-then-whats-the-problem - (this is a series of articles showing scientific evidence that psych drugs actually don't work long term, and just make the initial problems even worse.)

    There's loads more to say (as always) but the main point to make is that body, mind and soul are intrinsically linked, and reflect each other.

    Study after study has been done to show that when people grow up in emotionally neglectful or abusive homes (and note, I'm not even talking about other forms of abuse here) - that causes their brains to develop in a different way.

    But the brain is 'plastic', which means that just as reactions and behaviors are learnt as a response to environmental stimulii (such as being criticised, blamed, yelled at, threatened, mocked or ignored etc) - they can be unlearnt - especially when God is in the picture.

    Depression is rooted in trauma.

    Trauma occurs when the person believes the world is not a safe place to be in. When people have a relationship with God, and start to work on their emuna more, that helps them to fundamentally feel that the world is a good place, and that God has got their back. (That's broadly the meaning of life angle, discussed by Rav Tatz.)

    At the same time, there is also an emotional / experiential basis for depression, i.e. spending too much time with people who don't treat us very nicely.

    Physiologically, this is connected to the body's fight/flight/ freeze response. When we feel threatened or endangered is some way, we have a knee-jerk reaction (that's beyond our conscious control, until we've done some serious work to understand what's going on and how it's being triggered) to either FIGHT the threat off, RUN AWAY from it, and if we can't do either of those, then the brain literally shuts down and goes into FREEZE mode.

    That FREEZE mode is the basis of clinical depression.

    The scientific evidence is stacking up that abuse, neglect and trauma are the main causes of mental illnesses, including depression.

    Clearly, when God is in the picture, we work on our bad middot and we know we have a lot of spiritual work to perfect ourselves and treat our children appropriately. Onaat Devorim is just one area to mention here, as Jewish law has always underlined the power of words, especially harsh, negative words, to do serious damage to other people's health and wellbeing.

    I think this is also a very crucial part of the 'overcoming depression' debate, especially as its firmly girded in Jewish law, as well as science, and it also explains how the physiological response that is part of clinical depression can also be addressed, in a spiritual way that is rooted in Torah, but also dependent on people understanding what's really caused the issue (i.e. bad middot and being on the reciecing end of abusive behaviour) and doing their own part to acknowledge that, and address it in their own lives.

  9. Most of us us not learned to know what the Torah says regarding issues such as mental health, etc. thank you. ( why not write a book...?)

    1. By the time I would write a book, Moshiach will be announced and all health problems will be gone.

      Also, it would take years of study for me to really research the subject. I have studied Torah and years of studying Psychology, but the real answers are in Kabbalah, which I am not informed enough to write about. Maybe after studying Kabbalah for a half a century I might be able to discuss it intelligently.

  10. Not able to see the video, just guessing from the comments. All i can say: the most important mitzva is to be happy for no reason.
    You can say: "easy for you to say it!"
    Well you have no idea...
    A frog had to come to our house, to remember me what rabbi Nachman said:

  11. Antidepressants: hitbodedut daily,
    doing mitzvot and reminding of mitzvot to others,
    Torah networking,
    Elevating gifts of Hashem in form of food by eating with full kavana especially on Shabbat
    Practical advice:
    Vitamin K
    And manganese
    In natural form
    ( avatia/watermeloen, bananas, ceylon tea, moringa, spirulina, goji berry, cacao beans...)
    The good fresh things of Gan Eden.
    As rav Menachem said.
    When you take good care of yourself.
    When we take good care of all of us.
    When we see Hashem in every dificoulty.
    Teva/nature is a gift from Hashem to us.
    In everyone of us is Hashem and to enjoy the fruits, spices, smell of flowers by letting us eat/ smell it and elevate to Him by the appropriate b'racha.