Wednesday, June 22, 2016

An Answer to a Very Good Question


My good friend Anonymous asked an excellent question that I thought I would share with my readers. First his or her question (I don’t know whether this is from AnonyMister or AnonyMs):

Anonymous June 21, 2016 at 6:30 PM
So why don’t the established Rabbonim Rabbinic organizations talk and announce and spread info about this great & important matter?
My Answer:
Very few are aware of what is going on. I live in a town in Israel where there are very prominent, scholarly Rabbis. There is no TV allowed in this town, even though TV is mostly lies anyway, there is very limited radio reception, and computers are mostly for business, not surfing. About 90% of the information on computers (my guestimation) is nonsense, personal opinion and has little to do with the real world. Even the news is so slanted, full of sensationalism and rarely correct. They are in the business of making money, not worrying about whether we are informed. Any Rabbi that I have asked about Nibiru almost always asks: What is that?

What is even more interesting is that the Rabbis who know the most, such as who the Moshiach is and when he will be crowned, are held to secrecy -- it is not allowed to be disclosed.

It is brought down that in the end of days Torah scholars will be disliked, discredited, scorned and not believed. That is very prevalent, and I see it every day.

Most people on planet Earth are living in this upside-down fantasy world of lies and deceit and don't have a clue of the Absolute Truth (the word of Hashem). When Rabbis say very profound statements about the world, the world says nasty things about the Rabbis, and distorts their messages.

Rabbis, spreading the truth, cause more harm than good, since the information is often distorted and becomes non-productive (helping very few).

Hashem is feeding us much information through various sources. Hashem wants us to do the right thing, the repentance, prayer, charity, study Torah, the commandments, help each other, etc. Rabbis only need to promote Hashem's will and not lose credibility by putting out information just because we are so curious. We should live everyday as though it is our last day on Earth and do the best we can to accomplish Hashem’s requirements. That is what sets us up for a good future, not satisfying our curiosity. Rabbis know that and should only have the job of teaching us Torah, and getting us to follow Hashem completely.

Did that answer your question?


  1. This is a good explanation but people being what they are (trapped in this upside down world of lies and deception) require something special to help them turn to the path of Hashem. Friends and family even, they believe but...don't believe. Prayer? They will try some. Teshuva? Unheard of among non frum, Moshiach? Yeah, well, maybe one day....The stuff i have been hearing from fellow Jews just blows my mind. I figure that since i am stuck in Gallut for the time being, better use my time constructively and try to bring books, cds and info to friends, aquaintances and family - about the derech. I speak little and am very sensitive to their fear and resistance to learning about yiddishkeit. By now i am really convinced that unless we have a major event, people will not turn to spirituality. Their focus is on all the smoke and mirror trappings - knock off designer purses, going to a nice restaurant for dinner, planning the family vacation, etc. If Moshiach is waiting for us to open our eyes and ears, the Geulah simply will never happen. This Gallut has simply ripped away almost all vestiges of spirituality. It simply cannot survive in this intensely materialistic world. Have mercy and please help us Hashem!
    Ms. AP

    1. I have mentioned many times: Hashem's plan is perfect. The world is getting very close to the end which will be the scariest event in the history of the world. All Jews and righteous non-Jews will turn to Hashem and do Teshuvah. Hashem knows what He is doing.

      Take care of yourself and watch Hashem take care of the good people of this world. It will be easy, it will be miraculous and it all will be for the good. Not to worry, unless you are a member of the 2/3rd group, which doesn't include us nor any of my dear readers.

  2. Considering this point of view, you are right. But, instead, take into account that whosoever be Moshiach & Mashiach, they must have grown up without knowing who they are. I can hardly imagine their sacrifice, trying to get the true history of humankind, in a world almost totally controlled by political correctness, insisting to delete the truth anyhow. From this point of view, I think it would be convenient for the rabbis to publish some vision or dream or prophecy, to help the almighty couple take on their role definitely, in this “end of times” script. It is not a case of publishing any or everything, but rabbis should pick out carefully some bits of information - in English or translated to English, the most known language, at least in the Judeo-Christian heritage of our civilization - for publishing in strategic moments by means of some blogs, like yours, Shirat Devorah, etc, and some conventional media like Breaking Israel News, for example. Now, from my point of view, I beg that rabbis help the almighty couple, because, if we will really have to face an “end of times” in full and alive, better that be soon, to put an end in this “soap opera” once and for all. Really, after the “geulah”, sincerely, I hope not to have to look for a job, not anymore, I just want to be by my own, with the ones that want the same. No universe is worthwhile if the Owner is a God that needs worship. Perhaps my feelings seem to be a little confused about the matter. But, do not get me wrong, I am not confused, not at all, just consider I must explain my thinking in these few words, and that is it! Anyway, I am sure you got my message. Thank you guy …

    1. As I said above, Hashem's plan is perfect, right on schedule and needs no improvement ideas from us. If we just do our part in bringing the Geula, we have done it all. Whatever we do, however, Hashem's plan will continue exactly as He wants.

      Remember, Hashem already knows what each of us will do to help. He has already factored that into the plan. Not to worry, all is for the good, the happy ending is near. We only need worry about ourselves as individuals to make sure we take advantage of Hashem's goodness and set ourselves up for the best eternity we are capable of achieving. I know I repeat myself; I know I repeat myself.

    2. I have one giant question ; If as we can all search for daily new videos clips world wide and see Nibiru is really visible ,
      Why doesn't the Torah community especially in NYC and Monsey Lakewood Address this real and new phenomenon??

    3. That is actually a very good giant question. I have already mentioned how Torah scholars and scientific minded people are on opposite sides of the learning curve. I lived in Lakewood for about 8 years, probably knew about 500 people (it is one of the friendliest places I have ever lived) and actually knew maybe two Torah scholars who payed attention to science.

      I have mentioned also that the evil global elite have kept all mention of Nibiru and the upcoming devastation out of the mainstream media, which they control. The not-so-mainstream media that appears on the web, on YouTube, are not the sites frequented by Torah scholars and are therefore not even known to most observant Jews.

      Since very few Rabbis would ever talk about such a subject, the places you mention will only get involved when it is hanging over our heads. That should spark some interest.

  3. This matter of Planet 9 /Moshiach Star is likely the greatest matter ever presented to these Rabbonim.
    Rav Moshe Sternbuch as Quoted thru rav Travis has been Quoted to be aware of this great matter ,
    Why dont we get Rabbonim involved?
    Why are we all sleeping until it is too late?
    There are Great decisions to be made ??

    1. Call it Nibiru. It is not a planet, but a dwarf star.

      The Rabbis will all be involved soon when it is very visible and everyone in the world is talking about it. Until then, they are not with too much information nor too much interest.

  4. It is not possible to deny any more at all .
    Any half decent investigation and research will verify that we have daily sightings of a new planet system
    Anyone who doubts this can make for himself a daily google search for new clips being added Daily worldwide of sightings of this Giant Planet that May cause damage! Why are the Rabbonim and Lay leader so Silent??????

    1. See the answer I gave to Anonymous above. Also, I have a blog post tomorrow that will shed some light on the subject.