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What Is Judaism?

Judaism is not a religion, there is no such word as “religion” in the Jewish Bible. Why?   Because the text of Judaism, the Torah, is the 'Eternal Truth.' When the Messiah comes and those of the nations that remain will all know that there is ONLY Hashem and no other, Ein Od Milvado; for the knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea beds.

Religion is a belief system made up by people. There are approximately 4200 religions in the world, but only one system that came from the Creator; therefore, it is not a religion.

Decades ago when I became a Torah Jew, people said to me "it looks like you discovered a new way of life." I used to answer: "No, I discovered life itself." When you start living the truth, the reality as it was created for the people of this Earth, you are not in a belief system, but a system of knowledge. I don't believe in Hashem – I know He exists. I don't believe that Judaism is life – I know it is beyond a shadow of a doubt; and, I have infinite proof to justify my knowledge.

Let me try to explain the most difficult, deepest concepts about this world and the system we live under. What I am about to tell you is so deep that I can describe it, but I don’t have any comprehension of what I am saying. Why? Because it is beyond human comprehension and I happen to be a human being.

This world and the life we live on it are all an allusion, they don’t exist. What you see in front of you right now is Hashem’s imagination. When I have told this to people in the past, you know the human types, they like to pound on a table and say: This is real, this is not an allusion!!!! I like to ask those humans: do you think a Being of Infinite Intelligence can’t fool you, that you know better? This is what I meant by hearing something but not comprehending it. It is beyond the capability of our frail human brains to grasp the reality. It definitely is our reality, as Hashem has given us.

The details as to why Hashem even made such a world I have already covered. Go to my post of 4 May 2012 entitled “This Explains It All,” and save me the trouble of having to repeat it here.

So, since Hashem made such a world and as I explained in my 4 May post “why,” what is Judaism? Hashem designed this world to help us perfect ourselves, and He gave us the instructions on how to do it. He chose a nation that would remain small in number and would go throughout the world to be “a light unto the nations.” In other words, he chose the Jews to pass on to the world His instructions on how to use this world, how to live in this life, how to be totally happy and successful and, the best part of all, how to maximize our good fortune and happiness for all eternity.

I Googled Judaism and got this definition:

Judaism is an ancient monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its foundational text (part of the larger text known as the Tanach or Hebrew Bible), and supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud.
Of course, they should have left out the word religion, but it is curious that the basis for Judaism is the text, the instructions from the Creator of everything. We live in a world and Hashem gave us a Handbook of Life as instructions. He created a system called Judaism which consists of the people He chose to help the people of the world by bringing the Handbook to everyone. That means that it is not just for Jews, since even the seven Noach commandments are from the Torah, the Handbook of instructions is for all 7.4 billion people on planet Earth.

Most people on Earth (actually just about all people on Earth) believe that everything is random, by accident, by coincidence, by chance, by luck, etc. Just about no one can fathom the idea the Hashem gave us a system that allows us to control our destiny and even events that happen. There is no randomness, only the collective actions and words of the people on Earth and what it causes. It is one of the reasons that the Earth is in such horrible condition – we don’t know the system, or know how to use it.

Those who believe in Hashem, even if it is through idolatrous ways, like a false messiah or believing that he is His only son, believe that Hashem created the Earth and stepped back to watch it all. The fact is we are all children of Hashem because we are all one. When we say the Shema we declare that everything is One, ein od milvado, there is nothing but Him. I have said that the biggest miracle of this Earth is that we experience separateness even though we are all one. Exactly where an electron is in an atom is where Hashem wants it. That electron is Hashem and is completely where Hashem puts the allusion of an electron. If you have a fly bugging you, that fly is exactly where Hashem puts it. There is nothing random at all (another beyond human comprehension concept).

However, we are given a system that allows us to influence what happens. As an example: I have mentioned that prayer works. When we say Tehillim, Psalms, for the sick, we actually have a system where we can change the DNA of the sick person to affect healing. Everyone thinks the system is: we pray to Hashem and He decides whether to heal the person. Hashem never decides anything. He gave us to ability to accomplish things, but we don't know how to, such as proper prayer. We just give it lip service and lose out on all the benefits that prayer offers. If done correctly, prayer always works!!!

Another example: we are not waiting for Nibiru, Nibiru is waiting for us. Hashem set up a perfect system to bring the worldwide redemption, Moshiach, the Third Temple, the return of the exiled, the resurrection of the dead, etc, etc, etc; all we have to do is follow His instructions and it happens. All of us instead use our flawed human logic and believe: when Hashem decides, it will happen. Totally wrong!!! When we catch on to the system, consider it all done.

Why am I telling you this now? Even though most of you will tell me: I already knew that, you are not teaching me anything new. The big difference between now and the time of the Messiah is that now we live in a physical, fantasy world of falsehood. The upside-down world (I have mentioned so many times) described in the Talmud (Pesachim 50) is our daily experience. The time of The Messiah will be a time of truth, a spiritual existence, and therefore all made up religions in the world will no longer exist. When the good, righteous people of the world (and that is all that will remain) do not believe but KNOW of the One Living G-d, everyone will KNOW and LIVE the Absolute Truth. They will not have to be taught such feelings – it will be as natural as our fantasy world is to us today. Hashem will no longer be hidden and everyone will know beyond a shadow of a doubt: “Ein Od Milvado!!!!!!! – There is only Hashem.”

I've heard people say isn't it enough that I am a good person, do I have to do all of Hashem’s commandments too? Let me give you an analogy to try to put everything into perspective. Let us consider that this world is a giant corporation and Hashem is the CEO, the Big Boss, Numero Uno. Would we ever say to our boss at work “isn't it enough that I am a good person, everyone around here likes me, I help increase morale, do I also have to do all the work that you want me to do? That is also a system of reward and punishment. Do a good job and get raises, promotions, a bigger office, who knows what. Ask the boss that question and the only raise you get is the raise off the premises. The entire system of measure-for-measure is: do what the Boss asks of you, and the reward is beyond belief. Doing the commandments is for our benefit. It is the way to survive and thrive in this world. If you think that a Jew keeping Kosher or observing the Sabbath is not necessary in this crazy world, you have completely lost the message from the Boss and will find out the hard way when it is too late.

One last note on the subject, we do not perform Hashem’s will for reward, but strictly out of love for Him and the fact that it is our ticket to a happy and successful life. Hashem gave us a precious gift by teaching us how to use this world and maximize the benefits of this life. Our joy and peace of mind will come naturally and to make us so happy that we can’t stop thanking Him.

Those who develop the feeling now and start living the absolute truth even before the Messiah is announced, will be the happiest people of all. Jews and righteous non-Jews who abandon the fantasy world of today, the total nonsense that is happening in the world (it is obvious to see), will experience the total happiness and peace of mind NOW, and will not have to wait for the time that the Messiah will lead the world (actually Hashem leads everything, the Messiah will just be His servant on Earth). You and your loved ones can have “The world of truth – the world of total happiness, now.” Why wait?

You will find out soon how sound this advice is, and how Hashem will change your life to total goodness and happiness. Just follow His instructions and it is yours – guaranteed (in writing). You don’t have to be Jewish to benefit from the tremendous advantages of Judaism. Time is running out, learn and live the Absolute Truth now, you will be so happy you did.


Massacre in Orlando on Shavuot -Six of Sivan -in bible code from Rav Glazerson:

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