Thursday, June 30, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Korach, 20 Sivan 5776 (26/6/16)

King of Kings, G-d, Leader of the World, Father to us all; the entire world is connected to Him. All people, animals, living beings in the water and land, and every plant - they all have a holy spark from G-d, and He chose the Jews and He chose the Holy Land of Israel for the Jews! That is what G-d decided, and no nation or person in the world can do a thing about it.

Any country that wants to take parts of Israel away to start a Palestinian state will be crushed by G-d in terms of security, economy, and conflict - not after a year, but after three days! G-d is warning the world: Woe unto any person or country that wants to take even one centimeter from the holy land. G-d is sending them disease and a modern version of the ten plagues of Egypt. G-d created the world for Himself, the entire world will do as He wishes, and we the Jews will do as He wishes more than anyone in the world.

Armageddon and chaos is outside of Israel. The gentiles in the world see what is happening and know that something not-normal is happening in the world. The gentiles know that G-d is angry and some of the Jews think that this is normal, they believe in superstition.

The European Union has crashed. G-d brought down a principal element in the entire world and is warning that if they continue to bother Israel, He will bring down more and will continue to bring down Europe and more places. Everyone is shocked by what Britain did.

In Israel, there is only good, happy lives and joy for the Jews living in Israel.

The natural disasters happening in the world, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, earthquakes, winds and storms - it is all from G-d! G-d is tired of the behavior of the gentiles in the world who act against the holy land. G-d can no longer take the suffering of the Jews in Israel! Israel is a small place in the world and they want it out of hatred. In all of the Arab countries there is a lot of land and they want to take parts of Israel away in order to harm the Jewish people. G-d will not let them harm the holy land! Try and see how G-d will destroy people and countries that want to take even one centimeter of the holy land!

Egypt and France and more countries are going against Israel, they want to take land away to create a Palestinian state and place all of the refugees there - everything is going backwards for them.

Abu Mazen thinks that the world loves him; he is delusional. Not only does the world hate him, his people hate him. He is starting to talk against Israel, pretending that he loves peace so that they give him land from the holy land - he will not live to see this moment! G-d has shown the entire world who Abu Mazen is; he is like three-fourths of the people speaking together. Everything he says is a lie, he was caught red handed; he was recorded.

Knesset members and people responsible for negotiations with the Palestinians, be careful and look closely at who you're dealing with! Beware of Abu Mazen, the Palestinians, and Hamas; do not believe them! Jews have nowhere to go outside of Israel, except for Israel because, soon they will be banished from everywhere in the world. Please, Israel's government, leave the land whole! The Palestinians do not want real peace. Whoever wants peace does not carry weapons and missiles in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the villages.

Arab and European countries want a Palestinian state to put all of the refugees there. The Europeans don't know that the Arabs, Muslims, and refugees want to live in Europe and make it extreme Muslim. The refugees from Africa are saying: "Come live in Europe, we will conquer it and there will be schools and cars instead of donkeys, food instead of hunting, air conditioning instead of burning in the sun." Europe is better than Africa so they go live in Europe and make it extreme Muslim. The Xtians think that the Muslims don't like the Jews, but they hate the Xtians more because the Muslims despise anyone that eats pigs.

Jews living outside of Israel - come urgently to Israel! Don't wait until something happens like it did to the Jews in France who left their homes without even selling. You will experience the same if you don't wake up in the US and the rest of the world. Israel is the father and mother of the Jews in the world. You must settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Golan Heights, and Binyamin.

The harshest natural disasters will continue stronger than ever in the world in countries that want to divide Israel. They are hurting G-d, so he is hurting them, they are hurting His children and Israel, so G-d is hurting them a million times more. G-d has his own schedule.

The US continues to be confused in the elections. Every candidate shows off his Jewish relative, like they love the Jews, it is all lies. There is no place in the world for Jews, come to Israel. G-d is telling you: The days when the Jews were spread across the world is over. Now He is bringing them all to Israel. He exiled them and He will save them from the world, in His way.

Turkey is trying to make peace with Israel; they are influenced by ISIS and continue with Hamas. You must be very careful with this peace because ISIS is telling them what to do.

Syria - people stopped writing about it, it is routine now. They are waiting for something very bad to write about in the press.

Hezbollah continue to fight against Syria and the rebels until they are all gone from the world.

Egypt is scared because they see that there is a big mess in Jordan, complications and civil war - the beginning of a revolution. If Egypt continues to discuss a Palestinian state made from Israel's land, they will be stricken! G-d will strike Egypt and it will be very dangerous for them! Let them give Sinai desert towards Egypt to the Palestinians.

Gaza and Hamas continue to wait to see what the US elections bring. They are also continuing with their hidden activities: digging tunnels and gathering ammunition. Hamas and the Palestinians are planning to surprise Israel any day now. The IDF must be vigilant on all borders. Every soldier must be vigilant and watch over the other soldier, follow the IDF laws, watch over yourselves; do not take your duties lightly.

Iran is afraid of Israel and will continue to be afraid.

Iraq is like a Babel Tower that fell apart.

Lebanon is happy that Syria and Hezbollah are in conflict with each other.

Hezbollah is waiting for Syria to be restored, but that won't happen.

You must pay attention to the roads. The terrorists send boys to see what is happening in the streets and then throw Molotov cocktails to harm people. Be careful!

In Israel, the economy is good, the water is good, the food is good, health and life are good; all is good in Israel! Every day they will find another cure for another disease.

All of the white collars, thieves, cheats, bribers, lecherous men, religious or not-religious will be caught. G-d is reaching out to all and telling the Jews: whoever wants to repent, should repent from their heart to me, G-d, without fear or personal interests, out of good will and love of G-d. G-d promises that He will forgive and protect those who do.

Parents, convince your children not to assimilate with the gentiles, to avoid drugs, excessive drinking, and gambling.

The messiah is working and there is no one in the world with power like he has from G-d. No one in the world can defeat him; G-d is with him and speaking through him! The believer will believe, and the non-believer - will also believe. G-d wants the people of Israel to cry out and pray to him. There is no solution in this world and in Israel except to cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah King in public!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


NO PEACE AND QUIET TO THE WORLD in bible code found by Rav Glazerson:


  1. Does this mean Messiah is really well on his way.

    1. Maybe one indication. There are many other signs that are much more significant, such as Nibiru being close, the evil acts of the global elite, many passages from Jewish scriptures that tell us this is the year (5776), the many messages from Rabbis, FC individuals and about 30 or 40 other sources.