Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Naso, 21 Iyar 5776 (5/6/16) (from last week). Also, More Proof of Moshiach this Year

World Creator, the Father of the nation of Israel and the entire universe, the Father of the worlds in heaven and of the earth, continues with all His might to purify the world, until this universe, earth and everything in it, is pure and holy, until everyone obeys the Commandments - whether they like it or not. He continues with all His might until Israel the Holy Land and the Jews accept the Torah and obey it, obey the Commandments. He continues until the Jews in the Holy Land will control the entire world. The control is not with force or with military, it is spiritual - thanks to Israel and thanks to the Jews in the Holy Land, the world exists and lives.

Shavuot is a good and happy holiday, the granting of the Torah occurs, the repentance of all of the Jews occurs, and G-ds help who reaches out in Shavuot and says "Come to me Jews, I will pardon you and atone you." This is a gift of Shavuot that is given without any effort - a gift from G-d. Another gift from G-d given on Shavuot eve, which begins on 12:00 midnight to dawn - G-d listens to the wishes of all Jews and fulfills them!

Ask G-d from the bottom of your heart and believe - all your requests will come true from A to Z! Whoever wants to test World Creator, whoever laughs or scoffs that they got nothing, it is best that they remain quiet and do nothing, do not mess with Holy G-d!

The people of Israel trust the government and ministers not to belittle the Holy Land and not to be influenced by any country regarding giving away parts of The Land of Israel. European and Arab countries think, heaven forbid, that if a Palestinian country is established, all of the refugees, ISIS and the extreme Islamists will live there, and their problems will be solved. Europe and Egypt thinking that there problems are only because there is no Palestinian country - this is the mistake of their lives! It is just on the contrary! The Palestinians and Hamas only care about taking parts away from the Land of Israel and launching missiles to destroy it. That is their goal; they are acting and big liars.

The government of Israel must expend to one union, in order to help the Land of Israel and the Jews who live there, to bring Jews from abroad, to develop and bring progress to the Holy Land. Not for the purpose of giving parts of Israel away, heaven forbid, in order to establish a Palestinian country. They want peace? - do it without giving parts away from the Land of Israel! The Israeli government must not fear any country in the world. You can see how G-d is destroying all of the Arab countries and He will continue to do so without the IDF batting an eyelid. Listen and remember, G-d will destroy every country that wants to harm the Holy Land, the land of Israel. This has already been happening for several years and will continue to happen strongly. G-d Creator does not want anyone to touch his Holy Land. During the exodus from Egypt, the spies that slandered the Holy Land of Israel have died, and the entire old generation has been buried in the desert because they laughed at the Holy Land, the Land of Israel. The Holy Land belongs only to G-d and the Jews living in it. The Turks live in Turkey, the Greeks live in Greece, the French in France, and the Jews live in the Land of Israel. The state of Israel is not the interest of any country. They think that if a Palestinian state will be established, heaven forbid, they will have quiet - there will be no quiet! The contrary is true.

The Palestinians and Hamas are now in silence. This is ‘the silence before the storm,’ they plan to surprise the Holy Land from the sea, land, air, and tunnels.

All the respect to IDF who has done good work catching the plotters in East Jerusalem! G-d will protect them! The head of the snake is yet to be caught, it is necessary to get him.

The United States is busy with its only issues, cares only its own interests and is focused now on the elections. They don't care of what is happening in other countries, they don't care what is happening in Iran that is moving forward with the atomic bomb. All of the Middle East countries have been destroyed and only the State of Israel remains strong in the world. This is the reason the Americans will need to be very good friends with Israel.

Russia, no talks can be with Russia, they don't care about anyone; they work with power. Russia loves Israel the Holy Land because they know the Jewish mind and they know that despite what the Jews are going through in the world, they are getting stronger more and more.

Turkey wants peace for the tourism of the Jewish mind, and through peace they think they can get to Gaza. ISIS controls Arduan and his ministers.

Syria continues to be erased; there is a chaos of war on all fronts there.

Iraq is dead.

Egypt is intervening with the peace talk to establish a Palestinian state, they started to mess with the G-d of the Universe! Extreme Islamists, Hamas, and ISIS will create a big disorder in Egypt and Sinai. The hunger will continue and the Asuan Dam is in line waiting. There are prophecies for days, hours, ten years, and seventy years - you must not laugh! You must think of whom you are talking about “wise man watch your words", it is a danger to speak like this!

Iran is making fools of everyone. Today it was discovered that Iran is helping the terrorism in the world. Israel has already known this for years and warned the world about Iran.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah don't have brains or power; they are in fear and anxiety; they want to conquer Lebanon in order to get ammunition. Iran and Syria can't help them. They are in silence now, afraid of losing ammunition. The IDF is ready and all of the ammunition that comes from Iran towards Syria and Hezbollah is blown up on the way.

China will fall economically and so will Europe.

You must not invest in stocks; stocks are free profits on the accounts of others.

France wants to help in establishing a Palestinian state; the World Creator will fill her with millions of refugees. They will have a huge mess they never dreamt about. Jews, run from there to Israel urgently.

Anti-Semitism will increase more and more. Jews from Israel - do not leave for trips abroad, only for work and family events. Do not leave Israel - you will be expelled violently.

Anyone that bothers the Jews and incites them not to come to the Holy Land - the Messiah is coming soon and he will judge them harshly. 
You must encourage Jews to come to Israel and settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Golan Heights, Samaria, and Binyamin.

All of the countries that are against the Land of Israel will face disasters caused by mud, rain, floods, fire and conflict, anyone that bothers Israel will stand against bad to worse conditions.

All of the white collars  people who steal, cheat, people of corruption, religious or secular, officials or low-level will be revealed. Holy G-d wants Israel to be clean, pure and holy!

Dear parents, G-d is begging you and your children: do not assimilate with the gentiles! Do not assimilate with the gentiles! They want to destroy us and are destroying the souls of the Jewish men and women. Watch over your children from heavy drinking, gambling, and drugs. 
Torah greats, spiritual leaders, and religious or secular leaders - must pray to stop the evil verdict to establish a Palestinian state and giving parts away of The Land of Israel. All of the ministers were elected to strengthen the borders of the Holy Land and to bring all of the Jews and the ten tribes to the Holy Land; this is the only reason that they were elected.

The Land of Israel is the foremost wonder in the world! You can see the Holy G-d's work vividly. Prosperity, growth, construction, real estate that will never stop and work for anyone who wants it. G-d has allowed and handed the cure to scientists in Israel who will discover the medicines for all the chronically sick Jews in the Holy Land!

The righteous in the heavens are praying to crown the Messiah King in public! Everyone needs to understand that this is the time of salvation, mercy and the unveiling the Messiah! Anyone that connects, supports, and believes that the Messiah is working, he will be in the first circle! Whoever laughs and mocks, will be in the last circle or not at all.

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

In 5776 Mashiach - Son of Jesse will come was found in the Torah code by Rav Glazerson:


THE MASSACRE IN ORLANDO 5776 in bible code from Rav Glazerson:


  1. From the codes link regarding Moshiach in 5776, is this conditional on if the Jewish people keep the Torah? That is how he makes it sound. I'm fearing another disappointment as our people fail yet again to do teshuvah and we miss another opportunity chas ve'shalom.

    1. It is brought down that there are two ways that we will receive the Moshiach, ahead of its time if we are deserving or in its time (a final date) if we are not. We are definitely at the final date according to many, many sources that I have seen (mostly definite messages from Hashem).

      This is the year. As I have said repeatedly: the only way that all the Jews will do Teshuvah is if we are scared to death. Hence, Nibiru. It is the scariest, most devastating event that will ever occur in planet Earth (or a least since the flood). Its coming seems to be delayed by Hashem giving us an opportunity to still do Teshuvah the easier way. Even with the flood, Hashem told Noach to take 120 years to build the Ark to give the world an opportunity to do the right thing before He destroyed the world (our 120 years has long gone).

      But, there are so many sources telling us that if we are not cooperative, the devastating way will still happen 5776. I have mentioned that I have found Nibiru encoded 414 times in Tenach alone. Even though I have not checked every one, it always seems to be with 5776 encoded and/or events talked about that are happening in the world now.

      We are there. Instead of a negative statement such as "fearing another disappointment," let us believe with full emunah that Hashem is telling us it is "any second now." Let us continue to shout "we want Moshiach now!!!" That is what Hashem wants from us.

      It will happen in 5776. The only opportunity we may miss will be to have it easier rather than with much more chaos. That will be an individual occurrence for those who have the right attitude, and are doing proper Teshuvah now. I have said that a million different people will experience a million different levels of easier to difficult. Just make sure you as an individual are in the correct level.

  2. Shalom ..
    I do not think we need to have more 'proofs', regarding the coming of Mashiach.
    Mashiach will come. B'H.. whether this year, or when .. only Hashem knows.

    We just have to keep on trusting Hashem, and try to live with love and harmony as much as possible with EVERY ONE.

    Jew, or Gentile..
    all other kind of boasting by anyone, how great "they" are... must stop..
    To live as humbly as possible, I think that is one most very important factor.
    I do not think any one is perfect.. for even Torah says.

    No one is perfect.. not even one..
    Thus only Hashem the Creator of all.. is Perfet.. no one else.


    1. Human beings need much more proof. As I said in my comment above to Rachel, we are treated as individuals. Some of us are already convinced, and some of us need Nibiru hanging over our heads with the world shaking at our feet as proof. All of us will come around, or not be here on Earth anymore. It is our choice as individuals. See my post of today for more details.

  3. Massacre on the 50th day of the Omer (6 of Sivan)
    Murderer: OMAR Mateen
    Number of dead: 50 (including the perpetrator)
    Coincidence? Yeah, right...