Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lag B'Omer Light of the Crown, Light of Torah in bible code Glazerson

Watch this new video from Rav Glazerson. Is this a message from Hashem about Lag B'Omer this year -- next week?

Keep doing Teshuvah, we are obviously being told by Hashem that we have another great opportunity to bring Geula. Once again, it is up to us.


  1. check out this link maybe you could post to help out Rav Berland

  2. The meanings behind the 4 categories of civil liability…
    This section of the Zohar in parsha Mishpatim talks about the laws of reincarnation and looks at an aspect of the portion dealing with laws governing interactions between people and the way judges and courts reflect the order of the spiritual worlds. The four types of legal damages come from evils in the upper worlds. Let us discuss the laws of the four principle categories of damage: the Ox, the Pit, the Destroyer, and the Fire. These four are the four levels of evil [kelipot]. They correspond to the four holy fathers [of the Jewish people]: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David.
    The Ox corresponds to the attribute of Isaac, i.e. gevura, as it is written, "the face of the lion to the right, and the face of the ox to the left." (Ezekiel 1:10)
    The Pit corresponds to [the attribute of] Abraham, who was "the well of living water". (Gen. 26:19) The Pit [however], is "a pit of raging waters, slimy mud." (Ps. 40:3)
    We know, that the star Niburu is also goes by the mane Destroyer. So if you look , what Destroyer corresponds to [the sefira of] tiferet, according to the opinion that the "destroyer" refers to man (Baba Kama 3b), as it is written, "it is the glory [tiferet] of a man to sit in a house." (Isaiah 44:13)
    Fire –David – sfirah malchut
    There are two opinions in the Talmud regarding the meaning of the term used for the third category of damage (maveh). According to one opinion, it means a man causing damage. According to the other opinion, it means a grazing animal (and the category of "Ox" means only a trampling animal). The word for "destroyer" ("maveh") is seen to be related to the word for "sought out" ("nivu"),(which could be applied to the term Niburu) indicating something that is usually hidden but occasionally revealed, such as teeth. (Ovadiah 1:6).
    According to the opinion that the "destroyer" is the tooth [of a grazing animal], which is sometimes revealed and sometimes concealed, it manifests the 32 Paths [of Wisdom] reflected in the 32 teeth of the supernal mouth. That is why apparently this star is hidden and waits for its turn to be revealed unless the humanity will take a u turn and fix all the damages its cost in heavenly spheres.