Thursday, May 12, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat EMOR, 30 Nissan 5776 (8/5/16)

We celebrated Passover with love and peace, with great joy and connection with G-d, our Father in Heaven. G-d lifted the bar after Passover, using the forces of nature even more because time is running out and G-d wants to purify the world and make it pure and holy - the land of Israel and the entire world.

There will continue to be earthquakes, floods, fires, harsh winds, cold, and heat. Everything that is happening with the forces of nature and the conflict between countries is 100% directly from G-d. If the Jews don't understand what G-d is doing and that it is for Israel, they will understand now. G-d is creating miracles in the holy land. Outside the borders of Israel there is Armageddon and chaos. Jews must thank G-d every second for every breath. When you thank G-d and acknowledge the good, the good stays and you get more good. We will thank G-d for revealing the tunnels to the IDF and many more miracles that He is doing in the holy land of Israel! Everything starts and ends with G-d.

The disasters in Israel occur as a result of human error, complacency, and thinking it will not happen to me. Watch over yourselves.

Hamas and the Palestinians are digging tunnels toward Egypt and Israel. In Israel they are focusing on military bases with the goal of abducting soldiers, heaven forbid, and humiliating the IDF. Towards Egypt, they dig to transfer transport ammunition, weapons, and commodities, and they bribe the Egyptian soldiers. G-d is revealing to Egypt from Sinai and to Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas guy that was captured with two knives was misled by G-d, thank G-d! The IDF knew where the tunnel opened, where the exit and entrance were. The Mossad and Shin Bet will catch the people that will tell them what is happening in East Jerusalem. When the IDF destroys their tunnels, Hamas will fall apart.

In Gaza, there are wars between gangs, soon it will spread even more and they will eat each other. A civil war has begun.

ISIS is between Egypt and Gaza and wants to control Hamas. Hamas is not fighting with Israel for two main reasons: the first is that Hamas is deathly afraid of ISIS destroying them. Second, they are not yet ready. Their strength is in the tunnels.

ISIS hates Hamas, and Egypt hates ISIS and Hamas.

Hamas is feeling the noose around its neck getting tighter, soon it will stop struggling and breathing.

In the West Bank and East Jerusalem are all of the fanatics, tricks, and activities, they are filling up with ammunition over the years and planning to attack all over Israel.

Abu Mazen doesn't care about anything; he kills anyone that goes against him. He wants control until his last day on earth. He is afraid of Hamas and ISIS because they want to hang him. He is passing the time, one day he will die.

In Egypt, the extreme Islamists are fighting quietly. They want to bring Egypt down. Sisi is not telling the media so that there isn't more violence. There are a lot of riots in Egypt and Sisi is working quietly. Despite his efforts, there will be a terrible war in Egypt, there is hunger there.

The Jordanian King is waiting for the US elections. He can keep waiting until the refugees eat away at Jordan. He is afraid to go out and get killed.

Syria is being erased, there is no truce and there never was. They continue to kill hundreds of thousands.

There is a big mess on the Turkish border. The Turks have honor and every little problem becomes a big deal, they want to show that they are a strong country. ISIS is slowly devouring Turkey, which is why Arduan wants peace with Israel.

Iran can't do anything against Israel directly; they are afraid of Israel and make empty threats. They send representatives to Iraq, Lebanon, and Hezbollah - they are grinding water (doing meaningless things).

Iraq has no spine.

Lebanon lives from day to day; they don't know what the day will bring

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are fading away. They used to rely on Syria and Iran, and that is all over today.

The US is very busy with the elections. Remember: G-d will choose the president that only loves the Jews in Israel. The Jews living outside of Israel must leave urgently and make Aliyah to Israel! The gentiles outside of Israel will make their lives miserable; they won't have anything to eat. The protection is only in Israel. For thousands of years the Jews have been hated and envied. We will never forget what they did to the Jews in the holocaust. Jews must come to Israel quickly, with joy and without worry. There are Jews that want to leave Israel, it is a shame; they will come back with nothing. It is a shame for the Jews that are naive and tempted to invest in homes in Europe and all over the world, the money is being thrown away. Invest only in the Holy Land. People think about making money - you missed the train. Every cent that you invest in the Holy Land will bring you back a lot of money and blessing, investing in the gentiles will only bring you the opposite.

The government of Israel must be united, do not compete or look for who's right, have one cause - to protect the Holy Land - that is your job!

G-d is telling the people of Israel: "I will fight for you and you will work. The land of Israel is pure and holy, and no one in the world can ruin My holy land, or take a centimeter of it away, or taint it! What once was is over." There is a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel and G-d is above surrounding the people of Israel.

In Israel, all is good, there is work; real estate is getting stronger and will not stop even in thirty years. The Holy Land is growing a centimeter every day. Believe it! In Israel, the Holy Land, everything is above nature!

Jewish parents, watch over your children from assimilation, drugs, alcohol abuse and gambling. They are the future of the Holy Land.

All of the white collars, officials, religious or not religious, taking bribes, cheating, stealing, living off the backs of other Jews, all will be revealed. Anyone who thinks 'this will not happen to me,' believe G-d, everything happens with Him.

Kindness within the people of Israel saves all. Obey the commandments. The people of Israel are the chosen people and they must be clean from the inside and outside.

All of the righteous buried in Israel are moving in their graves waiting for the right moment to hear the horn in Israel and the heavens!

Dear Jews, you must be patient, every wrong move delays the crowning of the Messiah King. The Messiah will soon be revealed in public! G-d has His plans and knows what time is best.

Jews determine what will be in the world, a Jew alone or all the people of Israel. If they call out to G-d to crown the Messiah King - He will crown him.

Happy Independence Day to the people of Israel!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. Am I the only one who wakes up each day and asks Hashem if this is the day that He will reveal the Messiah? Every night I look up at the night sky and ask why did You delay this day?

    For the past 2 months or more I have been watching a beautiful heavenly formation made of Saturn, Mars and the star Antares. The formation is in the shape of a very red triangle and it rises about midnight in this location. It is easy to view this heavenly formation as the half of a Magen David, and I can imagine that Hashem could cause just 3 more stars to brighten to form the full Magen David. Each night I see this triangle I can also imagine that the earth's purification could come from inside that triangle. Working night shift may have made me imagine things that do not exist, but the night shift also allows me time to discuss things with Hashem without the distractions of the day.

    1. Something that Rav Ben Artzi has said is that Moshiach will happen by surprise. When we are not expecting it to happen. That means you should continue to look every second, because the correct second is coming and you will know. Your waiting will pay off, and be joyous.

  2. Stuart Tepper -- The article you sent me is very suspicious. There are very big mistakes in the article that leads me to believe it did not originate from NASA. Nibiru will fly by, not crash into the Earth. Also, Nibiru is many times bigger than Earth which was not the animation that they included.

    I also believe that when Nibiru is close enough, the White House will be forced to make the first announcement, not NASA.

  3. how fortunate that the planet x conspiracy comes just in time for the nwo conspiracy

    and i just spotted elvis in a crowd yesterday

    1. Nothing is random in this world. Hashem works His will around our will. He timed Nibiru exactly when He knew the evil global elite would work their madness. If you remember the Star of Jacob is here to heal the righteous and eliminate the wicked, not coincidence.

      I do suspect that that may not have been the real Elvis you saw, since that is not the kind of star that we are awaiting.

  4. Hello!

    New video about Nibiru (Rav Glazerson):

    'Threat - Nibiru - Asteroid - 2016'

    All the best!

    Luiz Felipe.