Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RABBI BERLAND - SPARK OF MESSIAH in bible code Glazerson

Another very interesting Torah Code find by Rav Glazerson:


  1. Something very unusual and strange. I am subscribed on youtube for a few video sources that I like to view. However, they have not been updated to recent uploads. I am also subscribed to Rabbi Glazerson (the same as this video source), but this video you link to has not uploaded. Yesterday, I was unable to get into any of the blogs I stay tuned to for TWO HOURS or more in the am. Google gave NO REASON. Can you offer me a hint or suggestion? Can you also send me the link you have for receiving notice of new Glazerson videos? If possible? With much appreciation.

    1. It was sent to me by Luiz Felipe, our friend from Brazil, who wrote a comment on my post: "The Absolute Truth to the Max."

      I get much information from my readers.

  2. Translating from Binyamin Golden's latest message...

    Q. Maybe expand a bit on the matter of the pursuit of Rav Berland who is suffering difficulties as never before…

    A. HaRav Berland – he is a tzadik for sure. He received the humiliations for the sake of Am Yisrael. He dares to speak out. It’s correct that he is in unbearable conditions, but he is stronger than all the evildoers combined. And you have nothing to fear, pray for him because he is a very special Jew, and all that they have accused him of is a lie.

    Q. We heard that whoever is pursuing him it’s not the local authorities, they’re being spurred on from here, from Israel, as well as the influence of other Jews.

    A. No, in all likelihood, again, it’s the ‘New World Order’. Interesting, they’re fighting against him like he’s ‘the Twins’ (Twin Towers)… [i.e., the perpetrator of the destruction of the Twin Towers]

    Q. They sent Israelis there to guard him…

    A. They claim that when they come, there are guards there over this gaunt wretch, this scarecrow!... He can really do them harm… In Shamayim he will do them harm. They will receive a big punishment. I don’t envy any Jew who does him harm. Even more so the gentiles, but it pains my heart that a Jew can do him harm.

    Q. So where do we need to demonstrate? Against the High Court… the police… the Knesset?...

    A. No, it’s the New World Order! It reaches to the Vatican and the UN. It’s not just the ‘tail-ends’, those in the Knesset. It reaches high-high in the hierarchy of the evildoers. He’s the most important, why? Because they don’t want a rabbi who attracts to himself so many people. And he also draws gentiles here and there. Perhaps even the pampered Jews of South Africa will begin to understand that “the easy life”, their easy lives, will soon be finished, that the time is coming to get up and flee…

    1. I thank you so much for this comment. I feel so strongly that we get the word of Hashem from individuals like Ben Golden. I check your blog everyday looking for his messages.

      It is so good to hear from you. May Hashem bless you in all your efforts.

  3. Thank you. You might also be interested in THIS, if you have not already seen it. I don't know when (or if) I will find the time to translate the entire message.

  4. Rav, thank you for all your caring.