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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Behar, 7 Iyar 5776 (15/5/16)

G-d, King of Kings, Father of the world, of the worlds above and of all worlds, continues to purify and sanctify the world - and in a short time, the entire world will be pure and holy. G-d will purify Israel, and the Jews in Israel will run the world. The entire world needs the holy land of Israel. The world will kneel before G-d in this generation! Whoever is smart will stick with G-d now! Those who want to suffer will wait. People don't understand that G-d is talking to us through pictures, actions that He is doing in the world, the forces of nature, and conflict between countries and within countries - this is G-d speaking; you do not hear Him or see Him.

Any country that acts against Israel will be destroyed like Syria, and every country that supports Israel will have good economy, and good and peaceful lives.

G-d is telling all countries: Try me and see. Israel will suffer no more and there will be no more wars!

The forces of nature, fire, heat, wind, earth, water, and floods will continue to strike and take care of the people on earth. In the holy land of Israel there will be nothing. Chaos, Armageddon and catastrophe will be in the world, but in Israel there will be peace and quiet, protection, prosperity, joy, peace and love.

Israel shouldn't be afraid of any country. We see how G-d protects and guards Israel and directly harms anyone that tries to harm Israel.

The people of Israel celebrated Independence Day and felt freedom! G-d is giving the people of Israel a taste of freedom and independence. The people of Israel were happy on Independence Day, which was two days. This was just a taste of the Messiah King! There was good weather and G-d spoke to every Jew through the wind there was that day. Thousands of years, Jews have been waiting for the day that they will not be enslaved by any country. In 1948, G-d gave Israel; and, from that moment, Israel waits for all Jews to come urgently. In 1948 salvation began!

G-d is telling the Diaspora Jews to come to Israel, and those who are married to gentiles - convert them. Jews abroad: stop thinking it won't happen to them; it is an allusion and will cost their lives. G-d is shocking the entire world with the forces of nature and complications so that the Jews in Israel see the miracles that G-d is doing, and to get the Diaspora Jews to wake up, leave the material, and come to Israel.

G-d is protecting Israel and guiding the IDF the good and right way. In Israel there is abundance, everything is good; be serious and happy, not complacent. Every Jew, religious and secular, must protect the holy land of Israel! Jews have no place in the world - only Israel!

All of the parliament members and ministers were chosen to protect the holy land and the unity of the people of Israel; it is preparation for the Messiah King! In Israel there is oil, gas, gold, iron, copper, and diamonds - there is everything!

If the people of Israel unite and obey the commandments - there will be abundance for everyone! G-d is opening windows of opportunity so that the people of Israel believe in Him.

In East Jerusalem and the area there are gang conspiracies. The Shin Bet and Mossad need to rip off the head of the snake and smash its head, not just the body. They are sending suicide bombers to harm Jews in Israel. This quiet is not peace, it is the head of the snake of the leaders in East Jerusalem who want to surprise, heaven forbid - be vigilant.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels to Israel. Their primary goal is to harm IDF bases and settlements. They have another very long tunnel in Israeli territory that is deeply inside Israel, from Gaza towards the east of Israel. They dig toward Sinai desert. Hamas is working quietly, they are afraid that ISIS will ruin everything for them. Everyone is panicking in Gaza.

Abu Mazen doesn't care about anything; he doesn't care about or doesn't want Gaza because he can't lead it. It's a mess.

In Gaza, there will be a revolution, and they will fight each other over who leads.

Lebanon is in conflict within itself and is filled with refugees. They pretend to be a "modern" nation.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah want to destroy all of Lebanon to rule it so that they have a bridge to Iran. They will be destroyed more and more every day and will fall into the abyss.

Syria will be completely erased from the earth. This is G-d's revenge for brutally torturing and murdering IDF soldiers in the Yom Kippur war and other wars, a brutality that even today cannot be imagined.

Iran sends ammunition. The IDF is vigilant and tracks every move from Iran and Syria to the Hezbollah.

In Turkey, ISIS is celebrating. Arduan is afraid they will kill him and his family and wants Israel to help and support him. ISIS is eating away at Turkey too. Do not trust Arduan and Turkey, do not deal with them! ISIS is controlling Arduan and the Turkish regime - the Shin Bet and Mossad are smart and know everything.

Jordan is waiting for the US elections - it won't do them any good. They will continue to wait until the refugees destroy them.

In the US, the new president will take time until he balances the US, may he succeed, until then Jordan is destroyed. G-d is controlling him - a president will be elected who loves only the Jews in Israel, not the Jews in the US.

Iraq is completely destroyed; it has no support and no base.

In Egypt the situation is very dire; Sisi is working quietly and erasing everyone that riots without the media seeing it. There is no quiet there, ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Islamists continue to try to topple the regime, and if they succeed, it will be exactly like Syria.

Israel has strength like no other country - G-d is fighting in Israel and protecting it! All of the patents, inventions and technology - it all comes from the Jews. Israel must not fear any country in the world.

All of the white collar, religious or secular, people who take bribes or live on the backs of others will have a harsh trial. If they repent before G-d, he will be merciful with them. If they don't, they will be revealed in the media before the world.

Jews must continue to invest in real estate in Israel, not abroad - that is the mistake of your lives!

Jewish parents, watch over your kids from assimilation, drugs, alcohol abuse, and gambling. They are the future of the holy land of Israel.

The people of Israel must be more forgiving with each other, those who forgive are a mast and those who are stubborn sink. Bitterness leads to more bitterness, and joy creates more joy! You must turn the bad to good, hate to love, pride to humility, and hatred to kindness - this is what G-d wants, this is the blessing of being in the first circle. A lot of kindness, love and joy in the people of Israel and obeying the commandments is the strength and life of Israel.

Since Passover, every day that goes by opens the way to salvation! It opens the way to the crowning of the Messiah King in public! The Messiah is working, and blessed are those who believe. Whoever believes, talks about it, tells others - will be in the first circle. Whoever says that it is not time, heaven have mercy on them. The Messiah will soon be revealed!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

I had a request to see a picture of Nibiru and the fact that it is greatly diminished in light intensity (it is in front of the sun and not being bathed in the suns light).  This picture which was taken by a friend of mine in Beit Shemesh, Israel, shows the sun and a very dim Nibiru with a reddish tint to the left of it.  I put a circle around Nibiru since it is very difficult to see.


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