Thursday, December 10, 2015

You Don't Want to Miss This Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Mikeitz, Chanukah, 24 Kislev (12/6/15)

King of King, G-d, Father of Mercy, Creator of the World, is the leader of the world. He created the world and us for Himself! We came to this world to do His bidding and He will do ours.

G-d is sick of the old world with the killings, bribery, lust, theft, and complications. G-d wants the world to be pure and holy and everyone to repent, whether they want to or not. Soon freewill will be over, people will have to do G-d's will and obey 100% the commandments. There are those who mock and they will be embarrassed in the end. Where will they end up? G-d, have mercy on them.

G-d gave us Chanukah so that the Jewish people of Israel believe that this is the holy land! That is why we remember all of the miracles and wonders that were done in those times and in these times. Every second there is a miracle in Israel, bigger than the one before.  There are those who feel it and those who don't, soon everyone will feel it. Miracles aren't only about life and death, there is also health and healing, work, success, protection - there are a lot of miracles. We the Jews must thank G-d every second for the miracles that took place on Chanukah and for the holy land of Israel. Thank G-d that He is destroying the Arab countries, destroying all of the countries and leaders that go against Israel, that want to harm the holy land and take parts of Israel away, that want to ban Israel. Dear Jews, listen and see how G-d takes care of all of these countries from start to finish. See how every country gets the damage it has caused Israel, if it is pro Palestinian or for taking parts of Israel away, or if they ban Israeli products. Dear Jews, look at what happens to these countries within days! Please repeat after me and say: How great are the deeds of G-d, there is a G-d in heaven with the people of Israel! G-d is showing the people of Israel: 'I am helping you from above! Whether you see it or not, I am helping! And you, down there, the holy land is not to be abandoned! You must not give up and you must not give any millimeter of the holy land!' The government of Israel and the people of Israel will see how many nations and countries in the world are fighting over every centimeter of their land and country.

The government of Israel and all of the ministers and members of parliament - grow up! You are the mirror of the people of Israel. Ministers and parliament members must not behave negatively in front of the media, it lowers your value and the people will disrespect you. You are obligated to the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel; you must not belittle yourself nor the state of Israel. If you are serious - everyone will be serious. G-d is asking you to unite, to let things go and help only the state of Israel. Take care of the youth and the problems with drugs, alcohol, gambling, and assimilation, take care of Jews living abroad and bring them to Israel. This is your job; this is what you should work to accomplish in the Israeli parliament. There are also other issues, but these are the most important.

Every white or black collar that does not wholeheartedly repent and stop their bribery, cheating, thieving, indecent acts and adultery, G-d will expose them to the public. G-d does not forgive government officials, not anyone, religious or secular, because they are an example for the people of Israel to be seen and feared. If they repent, they will not be exposed and G-d will help them in their trials, so that they are not harmed. Freewill is going away, there is judgment in the world and G-d expects Jews who know they are Jews to repent and obey the commandments. No one has beaten G-d and no one ever will! G-d is in judgment and anger, you should repent; it is a shame not to, you are Jews.

The government of Israel must not be complacent, do not be naive and do not have mercy on enemies that kill Jews. In Israel there is work and there is food for everyone. Those who don't find work don't want to work, it is their problem. Work is in the hands of G-d and G-d says that there is work for all of the Jews in Israel, even if another hundred million Jews come!

Real estate in Israel won't stop the building, lots, shops, and roads. The state is developing at the speed of light! There is money in Israel and there will be infinite money.

The IDF must not be complacent and must not fear anyone. Do all of the actions according to the law and also, soldiers and Jews, watch over yourselves. All of the officials in the IDF must work together; you must not work alone. It is inconceivable that Arabs will take the law into their own hands! They started with stones; they saw that nothing happened to them, and moved on to knives. If nothing is done now, they will move to guns. They have leaders in East Jerusalem and Hebron that are guiding them. There are schools that teach them how to harm and murder Jews. They are being hypnotized, drugged, and seduced to harm Jews. In East Jerusalem there is a conspiracy with Hamas, ISIS and the Palestinians. There is a cell from Hebron to East Jerusalem; there is a cell from Hebron in the Negev, and one from the Negev to the north - conspiracies of ISIS and Hamas. They are giving the terrorists confidence.

The Israeli air force, Jews, have guidance from the heavens, angels are guiding them everywhere. They are holy and pure and there is no substitute for the Israeli Jewish pilots because they are accompanied by the armies of G-d. Every Jew that protects the holy land and the Jews in Israel and doesn't give the gentiles even one centimeter of the holy land - G-d will not forget him and give him life, health, and protection for him and his family and everything he has.

In Egypt, ISIS is threatening to blow up many places. Sisi, you are the best for Egypt. Do not concede, protect yourself because the extreme Islamists, ISIS and Hamas, want to harm you.

In Turkey, ISIS is controlling Arduan and most of Turkey.

Hamas, like Abu Mazen and the rest of the Palestinians are brazen. They are walking crooked - actors. They connect with ISIS to dig tunnels towards Israel. They take more power with money and security to harm Israel. They are digging 40 tunnels, not 12! 40 new tunnels! The harsh rain will come and stall their building. We the Jews must make an effort to look into the tunnels because they have devices they received from Iran that block IDF's tunnel detectors. The IDF must open their eyes on all of Israel's borders; they are digging tunnels towards bases and settlements from the Gaza Strip. G-d will bring conflict to Hamas, Palestinians, and Abu Mazen - ISIS will attack them!

Syria is being erased. The rebels are destroying Syria; the Hezbollah is destroying Syria; ISIS is destroying Syria; Hamas is destroying Syria; Russia is destroying Syria; France is destroying Syria and more and more are destroying Syria - it is an act of G-d.

Russia is in Syria to destroy ISIS so they don't come through Turkey. Russia and Israel are together, they support each other. Russia appreciates the Jews; it knows that Israel is defending itself, its citizens and its land, and has no intention of fighting any country. Putin is angry because he thought that Turkey supports Russia; but, had found out that Turkey supports ISIS against Russia.

Arduan is a puppet of ISIS and does as they say. Soon more dirt will be discovered in Turkey. The Turkish economy is being destroyed. So long as Arduan does not ask forgiveness from the people of Israel, he will go down with all of Turkey. They touched the holy land and the Jews, so they have to face G-d.

The United States doesn't like it that Russia is in Syria. They know that Russia doesn't only have ISIS and Syria in mind. The US is afraid that Russia will control and influence the Middle East. The US allegedly wants peace with the Palestinians so that all of the Arab countries appreciate them and let them control the Middle East; or, that is what they think.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are broken; no one is there to help. IDF has its eyes open 24 hours a day, on the ammunition they want to steal from Syria and what they are getting from Iran. The reason they are helping Syria is to steal chemical weapons from them, which the air force blows up in transit.

Iraq is a torn ghost country, it will remain empty.

The Kurds are also in a big mess.

G-d made a Babel Tower in all of the Arab countries and all of the countries that are against Israel or for taking parts of Israel away. He is confusing and complicating them and they don't know who is against whom. Everything is filled with anxiety and panic. Outside of the Israeli borders, there is chaos and Armageddon. Now everyone sees and knows.

Iran is quiet, like a sick snake. They are doing their job quietly and continue to create the atomic bomb. They are scared of coming near Israel and messing with the Jews; they did not forget Esther's story. Jews have holidays, Passover, Chanukah, Purim, etc. and the Iranians have the trauma from Esther's story every day.

Jordan is waiting for so-called peace, they want to get rid of the four million refugees and put them in Israel's borders. All of the European countries together could not stop the refugees and infiltrators from all over the world. Europe must not be delusional. The refugees and infiltrators will cover all of Europe and there will be a Muslim majority.

Jews living abroad who know what Jews are, and what the state of Israel is, must come urgently to the holy land! Do not say it will not happen to me. You have nothing to do abroad; G-d will bring you by force to Israel whether you like it or not. If you do it now, you will be able to sell your things and get money for your property. There will come a time where you will be banished with the clothes on your back and out of fear you will leave everything and run. There are seven billion gentiles in the world, and they have plans how to attack the Jews living abroad. Wait and see.  G-d is calling out and begging you since 1948 to come to Israel. Wait and see, do not mess with G-d, He does not forget anyone in the world.

All of the Yeshivot that have Rabbis in Israel, pray for the country, for Jews in Israel and Jews abroad to come to Israel, and for the holy land so that they don't touch even one centimeter of it. G-d is surrounding the borders of Israel with a cloud of fire, protecting it, but you must still watch over yourselves. All of the Torah students must pray for the IDF soldiers to be protected, there is spiritual and material work.

The forces of nature will continue: the rain, floods, winds, storms, earthquakes, fires, plane accidents, derailed trains, natural disasters of the worst kind - you will see an eye for an eye. In Israel there will be nothing, only good things. Israel is like Noah's ark, G-d is protecting the holy land.

Woe unto anyone who harms the holy land, G-d is in judgment, angry, and does not want anyone to touch the holy land of Israel or His Jewish children in the holy land.

Just like the ten plagues in Egypt, there are now 100 plagues around the world every second, except for Israel. Dear Jews, you have a soul that is part of G-d above, and all Jews are merciful, left or right there is no difference - a Jew is a Jew. You must unite and be as one body and soul, and repent.

In the holy land of Israel there will be good rain, good work, good life, holy land, holy and pure sea. The door to the heavens is in the holy land of Israel.

People in Israel and the world know that there is a spiritual leader, a G-dly person called the Messiah, who gives strength, protection to the state of Israel. G-d has sent this G-dly person in this generation and that is why the people of Israel are protected from all corners of the country! We the Jews must look out for ourselves. The believer and the non-believer - the Messiah is here working, taking care of and guiding the people of Israel! Because of what is happening around the world; most of the Jews are coming back to our Father in Heaven! Soon they will see the actions of this
G-dly man in public, he will come out of hiding!

Happy Chanukah, may it be filled with miracles and wonders!

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  1. For the benefit of those who are ready - what are the steps for doing teshuva. How does one "repent" and what to do (the nuts and bolts) to grow one's yiddishkeit. With gratitude, Ms.AP.

    1. You are asking a very, very important question, since Teshuvah with most people is lip service. The most important part of Teshuvah is action. If one is not keeping the Sabbath properly, it is not just acknowledging ones deficiencies, it is actual correction, meaningful change.

      Hashem doesn't want us to study Torah, He wants us to live Torah (Pirkei Avos 1:17). To know the right way to follow Hashem with all His instructions is only as good as the performance that results. Never go through the motions -- always improve with complete love and fear of Hashem (fear of not doing it exactly the way He wants).

      Know completely that every positive change we make is for our benefit. Hashem if perfect, and doesn't need our improvement. We need it desperately and won't find out how much so until it is too late. Teshuvah is the greatest key to happiness and success -- use it wisely.

    2. She is asking for the reference to the Rambam's steps to Teshuva. Can you print them here for her and anyone else that needs them.

    3. Aish HaTorah has an excellent article outlining the RAMBAM steps to Teshuvah. Go to:

  2. Indeed Hashem want us to DO not to "try".
    To LIVE THE TORAH, is the only thing that we have to DO.
    To read=think about what we read, loud out and by that creating the reality of
    PURE LIGHT, living the Torah commes with it for every precious NESHAMA.
    Read the Torah.
    Speak out the words of the Torah.
    Live the Torah! Every precious moment of your life.

  3. Thanks everyone for the input. I have no idea what the Rambam's steps to teshuva are about but will read it with great interest so i can also share with other Baal Shuva and secular friends alike. Rav Menahem i want you to know that this morning i made a decision not to eat non kosher food outside my home. So many people here have strictly kosher kitchens like me but will eat non kosher outside. I will go hungry or eat a piece of fruit but will not break kashrut. I sense that time is of the essence and it is now or never. Yes, after a while, talk is cheap and either we act or keep procrastinating until (literally) Moshiah arrives. Ms.AP

    1. Doing Teshuvah is like any other aspect of Judaism and of life, it is common sense. If our Creator, the One Who determines everything that happens to us in this world gave us instructions about how to thrive and succeed in life, those who follow them to the letter will be the happiest -- those who think they know better and don't need His instructions (His commandments) will suffer.

      Why do I keep strict Kosher 24/7? Because Hashem told me to!!! He let me know that it is absolutely the best way in life to happiness and a wonderful eternity for me and my loved ones. If I think I know better, I am a fool.

      My living these principles and observing tens of thousands of people who also live (or violate) these principles has proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works -- it is the only key to total happiness. Those who like to argue with success will regret it for eternity -- guaranteed in writing.

    2. Hello!

      Excuse me:

      B'H! :)

      Mazel Tov Mrs. AP.!

      Shavua Tov to all (Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach).

      Kol Tuv! :)

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

  4. I agree with you,one should not argue with success. Also,we (Jews struggling to improve their yiddishkeit) need to get bold and creative. So you have a Season's party at the office or the boss invites you and work colleagues for lunch. You feel stuck, on the spot and afraid to be the odd person out. We need to stand by our principles and problem solve ahead of time. Next week i have to attend a company dinner. I plan to have my kosher meal ahead of time and join my colleagues for good conversation minus their food. For those of us who need to earn a living it is always a balancing act and not necessarily arguing about the laws. Sometimes we just feel stumped and need a reminder of what is at stake - our eternity. Thank you again Rav Menahem for this most inspiring blog. Ms.AP

    1. I remember when I retired and they gave me a big going away party, I catered it. They wanted to pay for it, but I told them it was not a problem (as long as the food was Kosher).

      Holiday parties were not a problem -- I didn't attend. When they said that they wanted to hang up some Chanukah decorations, I told them that it was a celebration within my community and my family and they didn't have to pretend to share it with me (at the same time I had nothing to do with their celebration). I am totally unassimilated and love it.

      I also tried to make them all Noachides. One of us had to be stronger, I took the job. (I was well liked, as least with outside appearances, so I got away with everything).

    2. Excuse me:

      Deep and important reports of Mrs. A.P. and Menachem.

      B'H! (for their attitudes):)

      Luiz Felipe.

  5. Not surprised as you are a very likeable man!