Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Freewill and My Favorite Prophecy, continued

Why is it that we cannot experience Hashem outright? He is hiding behind this concept of nature that He created, but for what purpose?

As I have stated many times, we are here on Earth to improve ourselves spiritually and to make adequate correction that will bring us to an eternity of joy with Hashem. We accomplish this task by voluntarily and willingly serving Hashem and doing all that He asks of us. If we didn't have the freewill decision capability, we would not accomplish our mission. Hashem did not create us as robots to just automatically do everything without a thought process.

We say every day that Hashem created us in His image. This is not referring to a physical image; but, that we have personality traits that emulate Hashem and allow us to do His will. This also means that we are capable of deciding and carrying out, of our own freewill, His commandments, or not doing them as I discussed yesterday. Without the ability to decide, the rectification to our souls would not occur. If we were aware of Hashem’s presence, the system would not give us free reign to do our thing – right or wrong. So He hides and even makes everything look random just to help us. It is the testing of this world that gives us the Tikun, the perfection, for which we are here on Earth.

The question is: Will Hashem continue to hide; or, when the redemption comes and the testing is over, will we experience Him as we did at Mount Sinai? It is not well known that it wasn’t Moses alone that experienced Hashem, but the entire congregation of close to 3 million as well. Why am I saying experienced Him instead of “heard Him?” It is brought down that our five senses completely melded together to give us a complete experience. The fact that “We heard the light and we saw the sound” lets us know it was a miraculous experience that is indescribable, beyond human comprehension. It was so scary that the Children of Israel cried out to Moses after Hashem disclosed only two commandments “we are afraid; you continue to tell us the commandments.”

What will actually happen in the future when Hashem is no longer hidden? We get some insight from the Torah – the story of Joseph and his brothers. I am not going to retell all the details (if you don't know the story, you now have a homework assignment – look it up). The important facts are that Joseph’s ten brothers (Benjamin not included), out of jealousy, threw him into the pit then sold him into slavery. Joseph, who was 17 years old, was taken down to Egypt where, through a series of events, he wound up as second in command to Pharaoh (that Yiddishe sechal – if you don’t understand this statement, get back to your homework assignment). He saved Egypt and the rest of the world through his plan to horde food from a period of 7 productive years to feed everyone during the 7 years of famine that followed. His own brothers came down to Egypt to take advantage of the available food at which time Joseph put them to the test. They were not aware that this VIP of Egypt, now 39 years of age, was their brother. They had not seen him in 22 years, but Joseph recognized them. His biggest concern was to find out if they had repented the sin of what they did to him. When he realized the pain that his brothers were experiencing over their misdeeds, Joseph in a very emotional state disclosed to his brothers “I am Joseph your brother” (this week’s Parashas Vayigash). We are told that at that point his brothers miraculously were given total insight as to what had transpired during the 22 years of separation, and that Hashem was the One who had caused it. The brothers were comforted to know that it had to happen that way to accomplish the will of Hashem (it was the forerunner to Hashem forming His chosen nation).

Now, finally, my favorite prophecy. It is a beautiful story, but why am I bringing it up here? The Chofetz Chaim tells us that this story is prophecy (actually everything in the Torah is prophecy) of how in the end of days Hashem will say the words again “I am Hashem, your G-d” (as Joseph said: "I am Joseph"). At that time all of history miraculously will become clear to us (as the 22 years became totally clear to Joseph's brothers). We will fully understand why everything happened the way it did according to Hashem’s will. I snuck in the word “again” when I said that we will experience Hashem. What did I mean by that? This is the second redemption, with the first one being at the time we were taken out of Egypt and brought to Mount Sinai. This time will be a permanent redemption; after which Hashem will no longer be allusive to us. We will be totally aware of His presence and all the pleasant changes that the end will bring. We will no longer have an evil inclination since we will no longer need freewill (the other prophecy that I mentioned appears in Parashat Nitzavim). No more testing means no more temptation. In other words, everyone will only want to serve Hashem with joy and love. There is no decision to be made when you have only one very pleasant choice. There will be no more war, hatred, sickness or death. At some future time, known only to Hashem, we will experience the resurrection of the dead, all our departed loved ones will return (there are some exceptions that will not, but that’s another story). The overall timeline as to what is coming up, and when, is very involved, but hopefully we are much closer than we think.

I have given you even more reason to work on yourself before it is too late. Take this seriously – the advantages to you and your loved ones of voluntarily following Hashem’s ways now and not waiting until Hashem decides for you are monumental.

There are two types of Jews in the world – observant Torah Jews and those that are not observant yet. All Jews will follow the ways of Hashem in the future, but the ones who start before the choice is removed will have it the best for all eternity.

I bring this post up at this time since, since there are so many indications that we are closer than we think to the time of Hashem not being hidden. What is my hint? All the events that are to happen in the world before the redemption and introduction of Moshiach, according to scriptures, have happened (past tense) or are happening (present tense). Also, all the messages that we are getting (and are coming true) from the great Rabbis, the Gedolim of today, the messages from those involved with Facilitated Communications, FC, are not to be ignored (there have been many recently). I have been reading the FC messages for 18 years; and, they have passed the test of Prophecy described in Parashas Shoftim (Devarim 18:15-22) and the prophecy in Bava Basra, 12 that tells us that these individuals will provide prophetic messages in the end of days. Don’t ignore all the very profound messages that Hashem is sending us these days – it is our future at stake.

Now you know my favorite prophecy that Hashem will not be hidden in the near future and that His presence will cause the world to go from an upside-down fantasy world of deception and lies to a wonderful world of goodness and truth. All the evil ones will be gone and only the righteous will remain to live the Absolute Truth, B”H.

Note: Although videos have been easier to make rather than all this typing, I apologize to my readers who do not speak English. This post was important enough to do in writing.


  1. I still struggle to understand how the concept of free will applied to Holocaust victims. Whether Torah observant or not, they met the same horrible fate. There was no choice. Whole Rabbinical dynasties were all but wiped out. Please help make some sense out of that dark chapter in our history as it relates to free will and making choices that bring us closer to Hashem. With gratitude, Ms. AP

    1. You bring up an interesting thought, but that time in our history is the most misunderstood time of all. You are probably not going to like what I have to say.

      I lived in Germany for six years and did a very in depth study of those years. Over 90% of German Jews in the 1930's were assimilated and had nothing to do with Judaism, many had converted. It is why it says in the Torah that Hashem hid his face from their troubles. There were virtually no Yeshivahs left, they had vanished decades before. The Jewish population that was left was mostly Reform, which is what got them into the problem in the first place, it is not Judaism. Kristallnacht, as an example, was mostly Reform temples that were destroyed, not frum places of worship. Even in other countries the situation was the same. The biggest clincher is that these Jews had warning for many decades before and did not leave. Why do you think millions did leave decades before through the biggest migration of Jews through Ellis Island? Are people that naive as to what is happening? The unfortunate answer is: history repeats itself -- it happened in just about every country in the world including, are you ready for this one, now in the US, Europe, etc. People don't learn from history and always think "how bad can it get?" Were there famous Rabbis that stayed in Europe? Yes, they were martyrs who only wanted to help their fellow Jews. They realized the situation, even though they never thought it would get that bad. They are like the Rabbis of today who are saying "don't worry about being outside of Israel, how bad can it get?" We don't learn, we don't believe the Torah's messages from Hashem, we all think we know better.

      I am sorry to sound so cynical, even bordering on cruel, but this is the Absolute Truth blog, and very few people in the world still live the Absolute Truth, the word of Hashem.

    2. I have followed the question of Ms.AP and your answer Rav.
      But there were many Jewish families not necessarily any Rabbi among them, who were Torah observant, good doctors, watch makers, etc; so why did they perish?
      Also i hear some shuirs of some Rabbis who say when a tradgedy happens, the Jewish person who died of some mad mans horrific act, like a lot of what is going on right now.. they say the person was used as a 'sacrifice' by Hashem to save some many Jews.
      This does not make sense to me.. but then i am not a Jew, just a goyim aka noahide.
      I have lots of questions... but will not trouble you with them.

      But would appreciate your thinking on the one i have asked now.

      Just hope Mashiach comes soon, and then all will be clear for all.

    3. From what I have read, even Polish Jewry was highly assimilated (the number I read said 50%) and Reforming incredibly rapidly. The movie "The Pianist" is actually a pretty good depiction of the life of such a Jew.

      He survived the war, along with about 500K Jews (out of a prewar population of 3-3.5M). There were pogroms after the war. The gentiles were none too pleased that Jews were coming home to reclaim property. After this, the vast majority of the surviving Jews left in short order. He stayed. That's how assimilated he was.

    4. In close to 45 months and 441 posts on this blog, the one subject that I avoided was the Holocaust. The information it so detailed, and, as I mentioned so misunderstood, that anything that I say without long explanations, would be inadequate and also misunderstood.
      I am also hopeful that when Hashem is no longer hidden from us, as stated above, the details will be known by everyone without my inadequate attempt.

      I am considering a post in the near future on the subject since I am getting questions that could not easily be answered here.

      Just very quickly to cover the comment that you made (my dear friend sc), it was impossible to be an observant Jew in Germany and most of Europe during the first half of the 20th century. Kosher food was not available, mikvahs were not available, Jewish items of all types were not available, places of worship were almost gone, except for hidden locations, education for the young and old including all books, had disappeared in many places, etc. I have proof of all of this, but as I said too detailed for here. Any person, doctor, Rabbi, ditch digger, etc could not be a proper Jew. It was the biggest reason for the mass migration of Jews to the New World, as they called it.

      One thing that has to be mentioned. We are here on planet Earth for Tikun, for correction, for perfection of our souls. Those who perished in the Holocaust, did it "al kiddush Hashem," for the "sanctification of the name" just because they were Jewish. They reached a very high level of Tikun the involuntary way, as I have talked about. They have gone on to a high level of spiritual life in Heaven or they came back to Earth to reach even higher levels (another complicated subject). If I do a Holocaust blog, I will discuss this topic more thoroughly -- it is important.

    5. Shimshon, thank you for your insight. One correction is that Polish Jews were more like 75% assimilated, since about 75% of Jewish children were in public education and not Jewish studies. Whatever it was, it was bad and not good for a Jew to remain. I have interviewed Jews who were Holocaust survivors from that region and the stories are horrific before, during and after the war. If I do a blog on the subject, I will give more detail.

    6. I have a very interesting document I found in the British archives. It's a diplomatic dispatch from the UK's German embassy soon after the Nazis came to power in 1933. It describes the extent to which Jews dominated any area of civil life they set their intelligent and ambitious minds to (free of any focus on spiritual matters, it was considerable). The Germans were deeply resentful, at best. Enough obviously had more murderous intent. It also makes note of the purges of the Jews from various professions, which had already gained some momentum, barely a month after the election. Makes for some interesting reading.

    7. That does sound interesting. Is it a copy that you could send me?

  2. Baruch Hashem..
    May it happen now.. already..

    Amen and amen.


  3. Rav Menahem, If your figures are correct, I can understand why Hashem hid his face from their troubles. However, the outcome was horrific by our human standards so I find the whole thing very difficult to digest. A lot of Torah loving Jews and their families did not make it and that was very real.How about the possibility that many who perished could have done teshuva? We will never know. Many of us are comfortable developing our yiddishkeit where we are. When we consider aliya we sometimes get jittery by articles like the one in the Jerusalem Post today reviewing the extremely high rate of poverty in Israel. I prefer the Absolute Truth always. It breaks my heart to read that seniors cannot afford food in Israel and so many children live in poverty. The cost of renting or buying a property is well beyond most people's means. My free will tells me to go to Israel and live proudly as an observant Jew who is growing her yiddishkeit. Yet, the reality on the ground there appears to be brutal. What are we to do? Stay where we are and take our chance that history will repeat itself only this time in US and Canada? Or we go to Eretz Israel and face the Palestinians and major economic hardships? Free will between a rock and a hard place? Help... Ms.AP

    1. Read my answer to sc above. The Teshuvah that was done was of the highest order, once again, al kiddush Hashem. Many other details will have to wait for me to cover it more adequately with a full blog post, B"N.

      One quick story about how Hashem takes care of people on Earth. We see in the Torah that the ten generations between Adam and Noach lived to 8 and 9 hundred years. The only exception was Chanuch who was taken from this world at 365. Why? Chanuch was one of the most righteous of the lineage, but he lived in such a wicked generation that Hashem saw his future and knew that he would not be able to help anyone, but instead could only have suffered a lowering of spiritual level if he has remained. This is not the real world, but only a place of correction. Chanuch had nothing to gain by remaining, so Hashem helped him and took him to the real world.

      The victims of the Holocaust were in the most wicked generation in modern history and their remaining on Earth would have not helped them spiritually, which is our purpose here. Hashem in His infinite mercy took them out of this world with great merit, since they were slaughtered just for being Jewish. Those people were taken care of for eternity even though we only see their horrible suffering for a short time on Earth. They are extremely happy and living with Hashem with total joy. It is very difficult for us on Earth to see that Absolute Truth and the mercy of Hashem as He loves and cares for us, but it is wonderful.

      Israel is also an allusion to reality. I live in a city that is probably one of the poorest in Israel, but because it is a totally observant Torah community, all are helped with their needs. There are funds that are collected here that are helping over 500 families a month, about 1/2 million Shekels. Everything is still measure for measure as each individual needs and deserves, but it is a wonderful example of Jews helping Jews -- what Hashem wants from us. Just because one is in Israel doesn't mean that one doesn't need testing and correction. Hashem provides. Even the terrorist activity serves a purpose in Hashem's plan to help us. It is amazing how much people of opposite political and social environments stop fighting and start helping each other when outside crisis occurs. Hashem knows exactly what He is doing based on exactly what we need.

      Israel is by far the safest, most prosperous place on Earth for a Jew. But don't come here thinking that Hashem will not give you the help that you need, if you are not doing it yourself. His mercy is infinite, but His message is totally clear -- He wants us to come home.

  4. Reb Absolute Truth, I don't know what you have experienced in your own life that helped you see the truth, but my own experiences have drawn me to the same conclusion as you.

    For my entire life until this very day, Hashem gives me what I need, when I need it.

    1. It has become so obvious to me and my family Hashem's total involvement in our lives that we can only live His will as He instructed us in His Torah. It is the true key to happiness in this world and for all eternity. All I need now is to get the other 7 billion people on this Earth to join me and share the prosperity and goodness.

  5. Thanks Rav Menahem and all the other bloggers for the clarifications and thoughts. Things are becoming so much clearer. Yes, Hashem has been providing for my children and I. He looks after all our needs on a daily basis and I am very grateful. My kids will be going to Israel for 5 weeks in the Summer. My hope is that they fall in love with the country and want to come back to attend university and stay.

  6. Just before the war Jewish women ( most of them) stopped to cover their hair or used a wig (same type of like the prostitutes of Paris), stopped to cover their elbows and their blouses where pretty small. Actually same behavior was started by the Jewish women just before the destruction of the last BET HA MIKDASH!
    What's the point of being Jewish while not keeping Shmirat ha B'rit and living the Torah???
    By not speaking the words of TORAH out loud by us, by not not doing the MITZVOT, the world was disappearing!!!!
    You ask why they where busy to kill us?
    By not doing what we have to DO, we are slowly killing all around.
    Our job is save the world by elevating it to higher level.
    By eating, tasting blessings all the KOSHER treasures that Hashem created.
    By living the LIGHT.
    Every little MITZVA makes the CREATOR and HIS CREATION so happy!!!
    Pik one today for a start. Add more tomorrow.
    Live like there is no tomorrow, by doing as much MITZVOT today as you can.
    We JEWS have a special MISSION here on EARTH.
    To let see all the CREATION who Hashem is.
    Let's DO IT.

  7. I think that is good to say what to do but even better to be an example. People want to be inspired. Wow that family shines so much light & goodness and are so giving, respectful and kind. I want to be like THEM. This is how we can bring our fellow closer to G'd, Mitswot, Torah learning & everything else. Someone told me once have you ever wondered why suddenly women started wearing less tzniut (modest) clothing. I said no no idea. The person said it came as a reaction to not feeling loved and respected by certain fellow Jews. We feel judged and unworthy in their eyes. Rabbi Lopes-Cardozo said while speaking in New York. If Jews are not inspired by us Orthodox Jews it means we have to find out how we CAN inspire them. Ahavat Israel (love your fellow Jew) as Rav Arzi also mentions only that will return our fellow Jew. Look at the Halacha about a Baales Teshuva dealing with his family. A lot of leniencies in order to keep the Shalom Beit. Also the Aveira (sin) that can NOT be erased by Teshuva is being a Chilul Hashem (a descecrator of G'd's name) basically giving G'd and religion a bad name by not being that example/inspiration. Reb Menachem is b"h a great example of a Kiddush Hashem, giving G'd a good name, being a great example. May we all be as inspiring, and be our purpose a light to the nation(s)

    1. I thank you for your excellent comment and your kind words.

      The best Kiruv work that I was able to accomplish was in Lakewood, NJ. My family would invite non-observant Jews for Shabbos. I didn't have to say much or do much, since our guests would observe all our neighbor and see people who were happy and well adjusted in life. We often got comments like, "Jews in my neighborhood are not like this," or "Your neighbors are so nice (they would try to get our guests for a Shabbos meal, as an example), or "Why are total strangers treating us as family?" or when they saw young children learning and praying with such great intensity (this was one of my favorite), they commented: "Adults can put on airs, but children don't lie -- these kids are well adjusted, happy children."

      The best Kiruv is setting the example. When people see a very happy neighborhood, they want to live there as well (nice people, good family life, low divorce rate, siblings helping each other instead of fighting, properly dressed, proper language, etc).

      Serving Hashem is the answer -- it works.

  8. A lot of what is here makes sense, but what about those goyim, one can see a lot of them, (who are not into converting anyone, especially Jews), but do such good work, with love and kindness and give of themselves unselfishly, with no ulterior motive.
    They reach out and seem to shine a light for many who feel their lives are so dark and hard.
    Now, also when i have said this to some rabbis, their answer is:
    Oh they have a Jewish neshama.

    Like then is it only Jews who are good, and those goyim who do their best sometimes better than those of the Chosen nation, why cannot they just be given credit . I feel sad about this.
    Also is it that Hashem is prejudices, (forgive me Hashem for saying this)
    But if Jews are to be a light, why do they not shine their light the way Hashem would want, like also have heard many times: The world was created ONLY for Jews.
    Also have heard a Rabbi, well known who has said that goyim do not have to 'marry' marriage is only for Jews, goyim can live together, and then separate as they like, go live with someone and its ok.
    So they the goyim if they did this as the rabbi says there would be children born and not having parents.. this is all too much for someone trying to live a life of truth, and then some rabbis say this some say that, and also have heard rabbis can say lies to goyim and smile too..
    World is confusing enough and then when you turn to those chosen who say they were Chosen and are the only one with souls,it makes one sad.. and also like what is this whole life about.. God seems not a God of love, (only for the Chosen) for the rest of mankind.. we are created for the amusemnet of Jews then?
    too tired.. and then the many diversions among the jews too, makes one want to go hide away from everyone.

    1. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with human beings, you are not always getting what is true nor what is right.

      Hashem loves all His creations a trillion times more than we could ever love Him. He, and only He, can judge us. If we are living the Absolute Truth, His word, He awards us with His goodness. If we are astray and not living a righteous life, He still tries to help us, but His attention is not as prevalent as with His devoted children.

      You have seen me mention numerous times how I want to help and even save all the Jews and righteous non-Jews of this world. That is the way Hashem wants me to be, and I must live my life according to His will. Since I also don't know who are possible lost tribe members, who will also return Israel at the time of the worldwide redemption, I must treat everyone as equals -- Jew and non-Jew alike. I have met righteous non-Jews in my life that were better people than myself. I looked up to them and learned from them. Above all, I learned to treat individuals as individuals, and not generalize or, chas v'shalom, stereotype people.

      Please don't be bothered by people who are not doing Hashem's will, even if they have the first name of Rabbi. We are all here on Earth for correction and improvement, which means we all have human flaws to work on.

      Only be concerned with how Hashem sees us personally, and what repentance we each need to satisfy Him. That is what is important to us and our loved ones in order to be happy and successful -- all else is irrelevant.

  9. Todah raba, Rav Menachem, will take your advice and try not to dwell on what others say and do or think.
    After all, all are humans, Jews and Gentile.
    Thanks for understanding, thanks for your patience and your kindness and most of all for taking time to help so many who come here to your blog searching for truth that makes sense in a world that seems cruel and seems to get worse by the hour if not by the minute.
    Hashem IS in charge, and I thank Hashem for you and some who are like you reaching out with warm and uplifting words, to Gentiles who are waking up to the truth of Hashem and Torah.

    The new message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, where he says that, quote:
    "If conversion is desired by a non-Jew, come to Israel to convert."
    Oh how I would love to do that, despite my age, i would really find the strength to do just that, but no matter how i have tried - it has so far not worked out for me.'Perhaps Hashem just wants me to stay put where i am? But then again, the Rabbi says, once Mashiach is here, no more conversion... :(
    Oh dear.. may Hashem help all of us so desiring to do the right thing,
    Thank you again Rav.. May you always be blessed and more.Amen.