Monday, December 28, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Vayechi, 8 Tevet 5776 (20/12/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy who feels pity for all of his creations in the world, especially Jews living in the Holy Land. He is waiting for the Jews living abroad to understand that the exile is over and He won’t be able to wait long. He will not delay salvation and the crowning of the Messiah as King. No one in the world can delay the crowning of the King Messiah, no country, not earthquake, not tsunami, no winds or storms, not rain or fire – no angel in the heavens and on earth can delay the crowning of the King Messiah king! G-d is sick of the old world where people kill, steal, cheat, bribe, and commit adultery. He will not let the world become what it was in the time of Noah.

The Earth has gone through, is going through, and will go through the ten plagues of Egypt, with each plague being a hundred plagues, it will not stop! G-d has begun preparing the world for a new world. A world where the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel and the Messiah, who will soon be crowned by G-d, will rule the world, whoever is left.

Armageddon and chaos is outside the borders of Israel, in the holy land o Israel there is the most beautiful view in the world, pure and holy water, the healthiest and tastiest fruits and vegetables. There is work for every Jew and there is the best protection in the world! A cloud of fire is around the state of Israel but you must protect yourselves. The choice is in man’s hands if things go well or not, man chooses good or bad, don’t come complaining to G-d. The state of Israel can encompass the world! Thanks to Israel and the Jews living in Israel, the entire world lives.

When a people complains and are sad and feeling sorry for themselves, they distance themselves from G-d above. When a person trusts G-d and believes in Him, he is healed from all disease and troubles, he will have prosperity and a good long life.

The IDF is the strongest army in the world! We wrote in the past that air force pilots are connected to the angels in heaven. This is written in our message for Parashat Miketz and before. The IDF must not be complacent and the government must not be complacent.

G-d is telling all of the Jews, who are real Jews, to live in Israel; do not relent. There is no left or right, everyone is a Jew, one nation, we are all the children of Jacob. There are no races, no political parties, nothing – you should unite.

Turkey wants to connect to Israel because everyone has kicked at it. It pretends not to be connected to ISIS. It is all an act, complications, one big lie. ISIS controls Turkey, Arduan, everyone.

Every country wants to take from Israel and the Jews in Israel. G-d brings the Manna, the dew, and the blessing only in Israel!

Palestinians, ISIS, and Hamas have no sense of right and wrong.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels and is now connected with ISIS and the Palestinians. Everyone is connected and wants to push ISIS to war with Israel. G-d brought ISIS so that they fight with the gentiles, not with the Jews. All of the commotion in Gaza will not end well for them because they all want to rule, they have great pride. G-d promises that the people of Israel have nothing to worry about! G-d will create a Babel tower and chaos in the Gaza strip. No one can harm the Jews living in Israel. The Jews must be vigilant, watch over themselves, not be complacent, and G-d will watch from above.

In Egypt, extreme Islamists and ISIS are planning to kill Sisi. Half of the Egyptians are hungry. There will be war and a mix of all religions, they will be in conflict with ISIS and extreme Islamists and will turn Egypt primitive to rule over it. Sisi must watch his back, even his body guards, trust no one. He is the best president for Egypt.

Jordan pretends to be a friend to Israel, they have their interests. They want parts of Israel so they are quiet. The king of Jordan is in contact with Israel, the IDF is helping him. He wants, heaven forbid, to put the four million refugees in Israel, he will not live to see the day!

In Iraq everything is ruined and destroyed.

Syria is erased, there is no right or wrong. No one is ruled and no one will rule, it is lost. Everyone is confused, they don’t know how to get out of the mud and they never will.

Russia is connected to Israel more publicly than before. Russia is fighting in Syria so that ISIS and refugees from Syria don’t enter.

The United States has no power and no brains. It is picking on Israel to be connected to all of the Arab countries, not because it loves Israel. The Russians are already in control of Arab countries; this is the US’ fear.

In Europe, the infiltrators coming from Africa, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq will conquer most of Europe and will bomb there and carry out terrorist attacks. Now it is quiet there so that everyone is complacent and then the bombings all over Europe will start. At the same time, they will reach the US and do the same there. ISIS hates the Christians.

Iran is working quietly; so far no one is bothering them. They think that they are not being watched but there are spies from all over the world in their nuclear plants. They are being watched and everyone knows every step they take. When Israel wants to harm the nuclear plants, it will end them. Iran knows that the IDF is the strongest army in the world and everyone knows it.

The government of Israel must be vigilant. There is ISIS with Hamas in Israel, with the Palestinians and in East Jerusalem, Hebron, Negev, and north. The IDF must get rid of ISIS as they appear and take them out before they grow. Where will the IDF find them? In places where they think there is nothing – that is where ISIS is.

G-d will take care of every country that bans Israel.

There will continue to be natural disasters, fire, water, wind, earthquakes.

The government of Israel must not say anything officialially without solid proof. Why create complications within the state of Israel? That being said, G-d is revealing in the media, in front of all of Israel, all of the people who take bribes, all of the thieves and cheats. If they fix their wrongs and repent, they will not be revealed, they will only pay a small price.

The entire coast that belongs to Israel, from Rosh Hanikra to Ashkelon, must not be mixed. G-d is angry and will send animals that have never been seen before to places where there are men and women together. Women, go to a different beach. We are people and not something else, animals don’t wear clothes.

Dear Jews, listen and watch how G-d takes care of every country that goes against Israel.

All of the Jews abroad and all of the Jews living with gentiles, come to the holy land of Israel and convert them. The Israeli government must urgently prepare for new immigrants coming to Israel. Develop the Negev much faster so that it is ready to populate a minimum of one million Jews very soon!

Soon G-d will crown the Messiah as King because the world is in chaos. Before the end of the world, G-d will crown the Messiah as King so that the world does not end.

Every Jew that is pure and smart, doesn’t matter religious or secular, knows what redemption and the Messiah are. The Messiah is here, acting and operating and most know it. G-d is waiting for the Jews in Israel to cry out to crown the King Messiah! Father in Heaven is the Father of Mercy; the delay that He is doing now is because He wants all of the Jews to be in the first circle! But there is an end to everything.

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  1. Rav Menachem,
    Thank you for all you do.
    Thank you for publishing Rabbi Nir ben Artz's posts.

    Also thank you for your always Comforting words .. from which so many benefit.
    Hashem bless you and yours and all of Am Israel.

  2. Hello!

    Rav Artzi: "[...]the delay that He is doing now is because He wants all of the Jews to be in the first circle! But there is an end to "

    I almost cried, because that means he (Moshiach) is here, just a matter of time, until it is Revealed and Crowned. B'H!!!

    Luiz Felipe.