Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Children of Israel Are Never Alone

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg of Partners in Torah:
If you are having trouble opening this video, go to YouTube: 


  1. For some unexplainable reason your videos don't show up on my iPad, so please include a utube link.

    1. It is available on YouTube now. Sorry.

      Actually it is not unexplainable. There are many formats that I can use for videos on this blog. Some are much smaller in size and fit better, but not every system has the application to play that format.

      I have to investigate what is the best format for copying videos that is the most versatile and still small for the blogspot. Anybody know? Write to me.

  2. This video is a gem! Emunah can help us achieve our true potential and Hashem will always be looking after us. Very comforting, uplifting. Ms.AP

  3. Rav, I watched this video, and where in Torah does it say that Joseph started weeping after his brothers threw him in the well, and his mother spoke to him?
    I looked for this and cannot find it...
    thanks in advance..
    Also Hashem is with other non Jewish children too?
    I hope..

    1. Torah always includes the Oral Torah, the Zohar, the Midrash and other sources. I have talked about how deep and complicated the Torah is (the most difficult text in the world), which means that much of the additional information describing law, additional conversations, deeper meanings, etc are not at the surface level text that we read, especially in English. I also have mentioned that ten lifetimes of Torah study only scratches the surface. Where specifically is the additional information? I believe it is Midrash, but I would have to look it up to be sure.

    2. Ok, thanks Rav.
      I do not know Zohar or Midrash.
      So I read Torah, not everyday though.

      Now my next question was is it only that children of Israel are not alone?
      The rest of us? We are left to ourselves? Like i mean Hashem does not care for us others?
      Thanks in advance.
      same old me

    3. It is obvious that all righteous people are not alone. The people who are alone in this world are the ones not being tested. If everything in your life is wonderful, you are either extremely high on the spiritual level and need no further Tikun; or, as most of us are, you are being tested and helped to reach the redemption at a much higher level.

      People with problems who are turning to Hashem for help, are the ones that are not alone.

    4. Thank you Rav. I sort of knew it to be like that, but was not too sure and needed to ask so i could be Absolutely sure..
      Now i am going to try harder to smile at the upside downs, for then i can be sure Hashem is helping me.
      One question more, pertaining to this, but will email you as i do not want to write it here.
      thanks again Rav..
      and safely i can (even though it will be hard, when troubles come) say : Oh good, I know Hashem Y-u love me. and smile..
      but at the troubles of others, i cannot smile, then my heart aches with pain and thats when i look up to Hashem and say why? why? why?
      If Hashem gets angry at that i do not know.. but it hurts me and i get angry at the injustice done to so many, Jews and yes, but goyim too. Feel so helpless.. but Hashem will help them too... yes?
      i should not ask, but believe in full faith, yes they are all special to Hashem too, thats why they too get all these troubles.
      Now, it makes sense and then again, when i turn it in my mind, it seems not to make sense.. then i get scared, is this what i do a sin? Will Hashem be mad at me?
      Do others feel this way too? Okay at times, then confused.. or is it i am just thinking too much and stop that and just turn to Psalms to stop my brain from going hither and thither.
      Rav, truly i thank you.

      But always, i thank Hashem first, even if i sometimes feel, Hashem may think me crazy..

    5. I started this blog, not because of my problems, but I was feeling the pain of so many good people in the world, who simply had to make some easy changes to improve their situation. It is amazing how much Hashem helps when we turn to Him for help. Even if the help is additional problems to solve, that will project us to an even higher spiritual level, understanding the system makes it all worthwhile. Thank you Hashem.

  4. Todah Raba Hashem.

    and todah raba Rav.

    Now i will try to go get some sleep.
    May Mashiach come soon, Amen.