Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeishev, 17 Kislev 5776 (29/11/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, Creator of the World - the world is His and in His honor alone. We came to this world to obey the will of G-d and if we do as He wishes, He will do as we wish.

We see what is happening in the world, we see the leadership of G-d, how He guides each country, creates conflict within each country, brings the rain and floods, winds and storms, complications and conflict, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Now we really see how G-d watches over the earth from beginning to end. G-d is bringing back an eye for an eye to each country that harms Israel and the Jewish people within the holy land. G-d will harm them one, two, or three days after, He will never forget any country that harms the state of Israel or the Jews living in Israel.

Arduan dishonored Israel with the Marmara, and now G-d dishonors him and humiliates him to dust. Turkey is filled with ISIS and is funding ISIS. Turkey is a by station for ISIS, from Syria to Turkey and into Europe. This is the reason that the Russians are bombing ISIS in Syria, so that they don't get to Russia.

Russia doesn't care about right or wrong, whoever harms them gets in trouble. Russia is bringing order and whoever goes against them is handled - that is Russia. Whoever causes even the smallest problem for Putin gets twice as much back so that others can see and know that ISIS will not come into Russia. Russia is working secretly and has gone quietly into Syria.

The United States is working in the open, talking with the Israeli government to establish a Palestinian state. Do not give into the United States; it wants to draw in countries so that it can rule the Middle East. It will not work and they will rule nothing. Some of the US leaders are wasting the time of the state and government of Israel - stop it!

The government of Israel must never ever give away even a centimeter of land, do not believe in this peace. The US has an interest in this peace; it is not for the benefit of the state of Israel. Don't let them tell you that what happened in Gush Katif is just the beginning. It was a onetime thing and Gush Katif will return to Israel; remember that!

The government of Israel should feel sorry for every centimeter within the state of Israel that Jewish blood is spilled and fight for it! This has belonged to our ancestors for thousands of years; do not give even one centimeter to the gentiles! This way G-d will be happy and will make all of your wishes come true.

ISIS will continue with the attacks in Europe and the United States. The IDF must be vigilant in East Jerusalem and the south and northern borders. Hamas is in the Gaza Strip waiting with the Palestinians, and continuing with the tunnels towards settlements and army bases - do not believe them, monitor their digging. The Palestinians don't want peace, they want another and another part of land for peace, and to take, heaven forbid, the entire land of Israel. They see that the government of Israel is making a gesture, doing what they can for them, and they get greedy. The state of Israel must not give weapons to the Arabs! They are organized, one entity, and they can cry but it is an act.

The Arabs have a lot of countries, they can go live there. Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world and the Arab countries have huge pieces of land that can house even one hundred million Palestinians and Hamas members, they need to stop bothering Israel.

They have they own way in the West Bank and Hebron, they are training and there are people that fill them with confidence and courage. They help each other through the internet and social networks.

Iran is happy about everything that is happening in the world with the Russians, the Turks and the Americans, like Iran has been forgotten. It continues with the atomic bomb as usual and is doing as it pleases without interruption.

Egypt has big problems, the extreme Islamists are getting stronger and they don't want Sisi. Sisi is doing a great job and wants Egypt to be modern and the extremists want to bring Egypt back to be primitive. There is heavy hunger in Egypt and not enough work. The extremists want to take money from the rich, that is why there are riots and it is not in the media. Sisi should not trust anyone around him; he needs to search for the heads in the Sinai desert. Sisi needs to be vigilant 24 hours a day, he is the best option for Egypt and they want to harm him to bring chaos to Egypt.

Syria is dying.

Jordan is filled with refugees; four million refugees are eating it alive. Jordan is waiting to get land from Israel and put the refugees on the border. What we are writing now is exactly how it is happening!

Lebanon is deathly afraid, Nasrallah and Hezbollah are deathly afraid. They see Syria being wiped off the face of the earth and they are scared also because all of the ammunition from Iran is being destroyed on the way by the IDF.

The entire world is in chaos, the entire world is going to be Armageddon. In Israel, the Holy Land, through which the world exists, there is gold, silver, diamonds, oil, gas, real estate, and work for everyone. There will never be a work problem in Israel!

Those who were harmed from attacks and car accidents must open their eyes and be more vigilant. Every Jewish driver must open his eyes and be vigilant and ready, eyes on the road and follow the law so you do not get harmed in an accident. All of the Jews and Jewish soldiers - be vigilant and don't believe any Arab, always be suspicious and watch over yourselves so that no Jew is harmed. If you say "it won't happen to me", and get complacent and don't watch over yourself, the heavens won't watch over you.

Dear Jews, you have a soul and it is part of G-d above, all of the Jews are merciful. Left or right, there is no difference, a Jew is a Jew! You must unite, be one body and one soul and don't disrespect or harm any Jew. Whoever curses another Jew curses himself, and the other Jew is blessed - so says  G-d in the Torah. Dear Jews there is no faith in the gentiles, they are losing it because they don't have a soul or mercy.

All of the IDF officers must work together don't work alone.

All of the white and black collars, the adulterers, thieves, bribers, if you do not repent you will be discovered in the media from small to large, religious or secular.

The forces of nature continue to do their work all over the world except for Israel.

The government of Israel must work with the Israeli youths and solve the problems of drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling and assimilation. These are the hardest things and they are destroying the future of the Jewish people. The government must see this as top priority, before everything; take care of the future of the people of Israel!

G-d is speaking to the Jews abroad, obligating them and asking them to come urgently to Israel to live in the holy land! Even Jews who are married to gentiles must come and convert them, this is your opportunity and there won't be many more. Do not mess with G-d's requests. All of the conflict that G-d is doing around the world is so that Israel is left alone, and so that the Jews around the world run to Israel. Anti-Semitism continues to strike harder, much more than you think. Jews must not say "it will not happen to me" because it will start with you.

All of the Rabbis and Torah greats in Yeshivot make time to cry out to G-d not to give parts of Israel away! The government of Israel must not give in to those who want to harm Israel! The Jews of Israel and the world are aware, and everyone in the world knows that there is a spiritual leader, a man of G-d called the Messiah who gives strength, protection, and watches over the state of Israel. In this generation, The Messiah is the man of G-d; that is why the people of Israel are protected from all angles! We, the Jews, must watch over ourselves. To the believer and non-believer - the Messiah is here, working and taking care of and guiding the people of Israel. Through what is happening in the world and in Israel, most of the Jews come closer to G-d. Soon, they will see the actions of the man of G-d in public; he will come out of hiding.

Hanukah is a happy holiday with miracles and wonders, and it will continue!

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  1. Beautiful, thank you for posting and making this post happen.

  2. Hello Menachem!

    Rav Artzi: "Dear Jews there is no faith in the gentiles, they are losing it because they don't have a soul or mercy."

    And the Bnei Noach?!

    Rav Artzi: "Soon, they will see the actions of the man of G-d in public; he will come out of hiding."


    Shavua tov and all the good. :)

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. It is difficult, especially with translation to see exactly to what the Rav is referring. The non-Jew has a different soul than the Jew -- there are spiritual differences. What he had in Hebrew didn't mean that a non-Jew doesn't have a soul, just that he or she doesn't have a Jewish soul.

      If a non-Jew is following other deities instead of Hashem, he or she has no mercy. Noachides do not fall into that category and are, according to my experience, very merciful.

      The man of G-d is the Moshiach. All sources are saying that he will be known soon.

    2. Thank you very much Menachem!!! :)

      Luiz Felipe.

  3. "Soon, they will see the actions of the man of G-d in public; he will come out of hiding." This implies that the person who is Moshiach has been informed/sanctified by Hashem already and will be revealed to the masses next. But where's Eliyahu? Will it be the actual Eliyahu or a tzaddik who claims to be him? Won't there be some sort of testing period by the 36 Tzaddikim/Rabbis before Moshiach is hailed as such? We've had our disappointments with Bar Kochba & crazy Shabbtai Tzvi.

    If he vanquishes all our enemies and restores the temple right off--it's a done deal for me. How much time do we then have before the ingathering? And, why does the resurrection have to take 40 years instead of in a blink of an eye--is this symbolic and related to Egypt and our sins--wandering in the desert for 40 years? Hopefully, all these unknowns will be revealed by Moshiach. The times are very exciting! Diaspora Ro

    1. Once again you make excellent statements, and ask excellent questions. Most of your questions are top secret events that Hashem will reveal when He reveals.

      The man who will be crowned Moshiach is chosen, but will not receive the Neshamah (or a higher level of soul) of Moshiach until he is crowned. Then he will have two souls.

      The sequence of events are told to us in tractate Megillah 17b, which I wrote about on 17 Sep 2015:
      It is too much detail to expound on the subject here, but we are close to these evens. How rapid these events will happen is another Hashem top secret topic.

      I remember years ago hearing that Eliyahu Hanavi would appear three days before Moshiach to tell us of his pending announcement, and to give us three more days to do extensive preparation before he is announced. Once again, only Hashem knows for sure.

      The resurrection of the dead is suppose to take place over 40 years with the greatest in history coming back first, then the most righteous and then the remainder. I believe this has already started and that there are many who have returned, just unbeknownst to us. This is another Hashem top secret to be revealed when it is revealed.

      Rav Ben Artzi talked of big surprises -- events happening suddenly when we aren't expecting them. I also have written "Don't expect what you expect, but expect the unexpected." Hashem keeps us in the dark about everything so that we will do things more naturally, out of love and fear of Hashem, and not because we are waiting. Repentance, prayer, charity, Torah study, helping others, etc should all be ongoing now and not something to get around to when it looks more necessary. It couldn't be more necessary already.

  4. Rav Menachem, thanks so much for your patience in answering my questions! Inquiring minds want to know;-)

    We're told that Moshiach Ben David is a descendant from the house of David but must he have King David's Neshama or can he possess an amalgam of David & Solomon? After all, Solomon built the first temple and wrote so many great books. He was far more erudite and perhaps even more spiritual than David and in many ways more just (i.e., Absalom/Tamar & Amnon, Bathsheba & Uriah, etc).

    Or perhaps Moshiach has his own special Neshama with sparks of all the greats--men & women?

    Still it makes absolute sense that a descendant from the Davidic dynasty should rebuild the final temple to exalt Hashem.

    Finally, I remember reading a long, long time ago that there would be a female prophet along the lines of Chuldah who would help announce Moshiach, too. I can't remember her name or the source anymore. Is this a possibility?

    Anyway, Chanukah is right around the corner and we all know that means a miracle or miracles/Neis/Nissim galore! Can't wait. Let it be joyful for all Klal Yisroel!
    -- Diaspora Ro

    1. The topic that I posted today telling us that everything, every name in the Torah means something. Adam is made up of three Hebrew letters -- aleph, dalet, mem. The aleph stands for Adam, the dalet stands for Dovid and the mem stands for Moshiach. The three are the same soul. I mentioned that Moshiach will have an additional soul. I don't know if the additional one is the soul from Dovid and Adam or something completely different. Of course, Adam and Dovid will return, but a soul does not have to be in only one person. It is all beyond human comprehension.

      Rav Ben Artzi has been hinting that Kislev is the month of miracles. Let us hope that is much more significant than talking about Chanukah.

  5. I know no one can know- but when I read Moshiach is coming soon , I can't help but think a year or two. Then I think...maybe soon means 10 to15 years and feel disappointed and let down by Hashem

    1. Moshiach is already here, he lives in Jerusalem. We are talking about when he will be introduced to the world. All sources are saying soon including scriptures, that's Hashem's opinion. 5776 is a definite. Within months is very likely, within weeks or days is very possible because of many reasons that are too detailed to talk about here, but mostly have to do with world events that tell us exactly what will happen before Moshiach (it has happened, or it is happening now).