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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayigash, 1Tevet 5776 (13/12/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, forgives who truly repent. G-d continues to bring the ten plagues of Egypt to the world; each one will be like a hundred. Any country, president or prime minister that goes against Israel, that wants to take parts of Israel away and cause assimilation between Jews and gentiles, G-d will bring conflict to them and destroy that person or country. They will have economic troubles, conflict amongst themselves; there will be riots, diseases and plagues, and the forces of nature will strike at them. This will happen to anyone who tries to take even one centimeter of the state of Israel; and, it will happen to presidents and prime ministers around the world that want to create assimilation between gentiles and Jews and destroy the Jewish nation.

People do not see the future, only G-d knows what is ahead, what man does not know, and that is man's problem. The non-Jews know today what the Jewish nation is and who the Jews are; they know the strength of the Jewish nation, and that G-d will never leave it. Non-Jews have decided to help the Jewish nation.

The state of Israel must not be complacent; do not be naive and do not feel sorry for Arabs that kill Jews. There are four main locations in Israel: East Jerusalem, Hebron, Negev, and Galilee. There, they influence the Arabs to harm the Jews and you must stop it immediately! It started with stones, then they moved on to knives and now they are using live weapons. There are no rights to a man that comes to murder Jews. The Arabs send their young to harm the people of Israel, because they have a lot of courage and they don't have a wife and kids. They drug and seduce them and brainwash them; and, if they go to prison, they come out after ten years still young and not seventy years old.

All of the Jews living in Israel and the IDF soldiers - kill before you are killed.

Extreme Islam outside the borders of Israel is bothering the Arabs living in Israel. Despite this, we cannot have faith in them or in the others, because they want to erase every Jew that lives in Israel.

Jews living in Israel have nothing to fear from any country or nation in the world. The stabbings and murders by Arabs - we must open our eyes and be vigilant, watch over yourselves. There is a cloud of fire protecting the borders of Israel and we will protect ourselves.

Armageddon and chaos, we repeat for the hundredth time and will continue to repeat, is only abroad! G-d is confusing all of the nations around the state of Israel to fight with each other and doesn't let them understand each other. Then they are in conflict with themselves, "and I have created conflict, Egypt within Egypt, Syria within Syria." All of the nations in the world are in conflict so that they don't bother the state of Israel. Israel is not afraid and will not surrender to any country.

Russia supports the state of Israel and is against terror, they fight in Syria so that ISIS and refugees do not reach Russia. Russia wants to take Syria under its wing and wants everyone to be under its wing.

The United States wants to be a part of the Middle East. It is afraid that Russia will control the Middle East and afterwards everyone will be connected to it. Why does the US care that Russia controls the Middle East? Because then all of the Arab countries will go with Russia and the US will collapse financially. The US only does things for itself; it doesn't care about Israel or the Palestinians, only its own interests.

The state of Israel must not give up any piece of the holy land! All of the places with houses built there belong to the state of Israel! No land is stolen! The state of Israel must settle the Negev, Samaria, Golan Heights, and Western Galilee. Millions of Jews are coming to Israel, the dam has been broken. Despite there being a few stubborn Jews in the world, they too will come. The only question is, how will they come, in shame or with money from selling their homes and businesses? If they sell and come now, they will have money to start new lives; but if they wait, they will be thrown out of the countries without anything, with haste and without property.

ISIS in Europe is preparing harsh traps. Now they are working quietly and preparing things. When everyone goes back to the routine, when they think everything is OK, they will surprise everyone and there will be harsh bombings, worse than what they have done so far.

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased to dust.

Iraq is a wasteland, a desert, there is no right or wrong there, there is no one to rule them.

Iran continues with the atomic bomb and thinks that it is not being monitored. Israel is monitoring them and knows everything they are doing.

G-d is saying: If Iran only thinks of doing something to Israel, G-d will swallow all of the nuclear factories and a large part of Iran into the ground, deep, deep, deep! They should beware not to mess with Israel, the holy land and    G-d.

Jordan is waiting. Despite having good connections with Israel, they want to get rid of four million refugees and infiltrators and put them in Israeli borders, so they are waiting for peace.

Turkey - now everyone knows that they are working with ISIS completely. If they continue and do not repent before the state of Israel, Turkey will be like Syria.

In Egypt, ISIS is in Sinai, and the extreme Islamists are not letting Sisi rest. ISIS is making plans with the extremists that will include terrible and cruel bombings in Egypt. With the bombings, there is no solution if this happens.

In the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians, Hamas, ISIS, Jihad, and Fatah are all united against Israel.

The government of Israel must be careful not to be seduced by them because they do not want peace. They only want to take parts and more parts of Israel and erase the Jews from the earth. G-d will not let them. G-d does not want peace with them because they are cheats and cons. they continue to dig tunnels as usual, not 12 but 40. They say they are digging towards Sderot, but they are digging towards army bases and settlements, they want to confuse the media.

The IDF must be vigilant and watch over the borders of Israel 24 hours a day.

The natural disasters will continue -- fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, winds, storms, tsunamis, complications and more complications. In Israel everything is good!

All of the countries in Asia are being destroyed; G-d is cleaning the world.

In the holy and pure land of Israel there is good winter, good summer, plenty of food and water, good economy, good health, the holy Sabbath, repentance, protection from the land, the IDF and the heavens! G-d is with us, in the state of Israel! There is everything in Israel; it is the most beautiful country in the world, spiritually and materialistically.
All of the Jews that have assimilated with gentiles, G-d is asking them to come to Israel and live like a Jew. If conversion is desired by a non-Jew, come to Israel to convert. There will come a time when they will never be able to convert, when He crowns the Messiah as King they will not be able to convert anymore.

White and black collars, thieves, adulterers, perverts, especially officials, religious and secular, they are all being revealed one after the other each in his own time. G-d does not want to overload the courts. If they wholeheartedly repent, G-d will forgive them and they will have a very small punishment.

All of the righteous and Torah greats in Israel must beg G-d to crown the Messiah as King in public! The Messiah is here working and people know him. The gentiles think they know exactly who the Messiah is! Jews are stubborn, they want to see with their eyes, to see and feel the Messiah in order to believe. G-d is telling the people of Israel, the Messiah has been crowned above; to be crowned below G-d is waiting for the people of Israel to ask for it! When they ask for the crowning of the Messiah as King in this generation, now, and G-d will let them see and feel him! In the heavens everything is ready for the crowning, everything is moving forward in the best possible way. G-d is waiting every second that here, the people of Israel will cry out to Him to crown the Messiah!

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Extra Prophecy Tidbits:

I thought I would pass on some tidbits that I noticed recently.

One appears in the extra prayer that we said during Chanukah, the Al HaNissim, All the miracles, includes some very interesting wording that is obviously prophecy for our time as well as what happened with the Maccabean war. It states:
[We thank You] for the miracles for the redemption, for the mighty deeds, for the deliverances, and for the wars that You performed for our fathers in those days at this season.
It tells about how Hashem: 
Defended their cause, judged their grievances and avenged them. How He delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, many into the hands of the few, defiled people into the hands of the undefiled, the wicked into the hands of the righteous, and insolent [sinners] into the hands of diligent students of Your Torah. And how Hashem made for Himself a great and sanctified name in His world.
This is the best line:
And for Your people, Israel, You performed a great 'victory and a salvation unto this very day.
Why? Everything in this prayer is talking about NOW as well as then. But, the fact that it tells us about “a great 'victory and a salvation unto this very day” verifies how Hashem is helping us today with our enemies, as He has throughout history. My favorite word in Hebrew is the word used for Victory, which is תשועה – it just happens to include the letters for this year, 5776. Thank you Hashem.

Another tidbit was sent to me as a comment:

Observer has left a new comment on your post "Who is Gog and Magog?":

GeOrGe MArio BerGOGlio

I had talked about how Gog means George. I mentioned that George Bergoglio just happens to have Gog in his first and last name, but Observer pointed out that his middle name starts with MA. Pope Francis just happens to have Gog and Magog in his real name. Wow, what a guy.

One last tidbit: The climate control conference that occurred in Paris is not what it seems. I am still trying to verify its true meaning, but I believe it served more as a planning meeting for the Gog Bush cabal to get World War 3 started in their effort to institute the evil New World Order, NWO (this was also hinted in messages from Moishele, Daniel, Binyamin and Rabbis). I also believe it had to do with the Global Currency Reset, which I have only mentioned, but is a plan to steal trillions, if not quadrillions, from the people of this planet. That is a top secret mission that goes along with the NWO agenda (it will not be in the news until the evil has been accomplished).


  1. Respectfully, why can't we Jews continue to develop spiritually in the diaspora? There are large numbers of Sabra who want little to do with yiddishkeit. Many excuse themselves by lamely stating that living in Israel is enough for them. So much for neshamas who are thirsty for light and truth. Hashem promised to redeem every Jew whether living in Israel, USA, or anywhere on his earth. So why is it that some feel that it is imperative to do aliya? Please clarify. Why not wait for moshiach where we already have our lives well organized, near our shuls, family and friends? Honestly, i am just wondering. Best Regards, Ms. AP

    1. Every message that we are getting from Hashem is saying go to Israel. The last message from Moishele: "The new world order has brought the world infinitely closer to doom and destruction. Each day we can see how the world is moving closer and closer to an all-out war."

      Above Rav Ben Artzi stated: Armageddon and chaos, we repeat for the hundredth time and will continue to repeat, is only abroad!

      I have said many times: you may survive outside of Israel, but with much more hardship than if you come home.

      Someone just said: Sell your house now, in the near future you will have to escape with only the shirt on your back.

      Hashem is causing great natural disasters everywhere but Israel. Who will get caught up in that and lose everything?

      How pleasant or how horrible a situation do you want your family as we go into the time of worldwide redemption?

      I know it is a great burden to pick up and leave, but that is Hashem's instructions so why would anyone question it? It also is in scriptures about all returning to our homeland in the end of days. This has been known for thousands of years, but people are asleep and think: that is for other people, it won't affect me.

      Please, make an effort if nothing else. Hashem knows your situation and is totally merciful. But, if one doesn't believe Hashem's messages, how will He feel about your situation?

      I am still working on getting great help for as many Jews as possible. Hopefully, my project will be imminent and I can help, but I need you to try anything you can to help yourself.

  2. Rav,
    I am a widow living on American social security. I get nothing from Bituach Leumi. After America collapses, how will I support myself? A stupid concern, but curios. I know that I am not alone.

    1. America's collapse, along with the rest of the world will happen in conjunction with the Geula worldwide. The world will be an extremely different place with nobody being in need of anything. When we left Egypt at the time of the first redemption, we were very wealthy with Hashem taking complete care of everything. The upcoming Geula will be even more miraculous with us being in want of nothing. Hashem has it all planned and it is wonderful.

      Relying on Hashem for everything works. If you don't believe that, you will be lacking.

      Write me a private Email at

  3. Im a litlle sceptical when I read people predicting things. Firstly, it seems odd that the Rabbi only says countries such as turkey,or Iran if they harm us Hashem will destroy them. Turkey and Iran are harming us and covertly have been involved in terrorism against Israel. As well, they just came out with a report that 2.4 million Jews are struggling, with many having to forgo medicines. Others having to skip meals or beg for food. The report was chilling for the level of poverty amongst the elderly. Please dont get me wrong I am not inferring that Jews should be living in chutz Laaretz. I believe every Jew has to come to Israel, but what he says doesnt support the facts. I think that we all need to look up to Hashem and realize we know nothing!

    1. Rabbis like the Rav have said repeatedly that any country that is against Israel in any way will be dealt with. This means any country in the world not just those surrounding Israel.

      Be aware that we are still in exile, even in Israel. We are also in a time of the worst testing in history for every individual. How much testing, how many problems an individual will have is completely up to Hashem according to what that individual needs. The people in Israel are being tested just as much as anywhere else. The big difference is that the safety level and economy are much better for Jews than anywhere else, check statistics. Does that mean that there shouldn't be starvation or poverty in Israel? Once again, it is what each person needs until Moshiach comes and the testing will be over. Then, the righteous of the world will be in need of nothing.

      The biggest advantage to being in Israel is that Moshiach will be introduced soon and it is good for a Jew to be here to meet him. Of course, the beautiful weather, the low unemployment, the abundant crop output, the level of Kiddushah, etc, etc, etc, are all advantages being enjoyed now.

  4. Now we arrived at the heart of the matter. In my opinion, this is the main factor preventing people from taking the plunge and seriously considering Aliya. Let's leave the important economic considerations like jobs and real estate/rental costs for a moment. Hashem will help us and we do not disagree. What i still wonder is the following: who are these people (respectfully) who claim that they are getting instructions from Moshiach or Moshe? Moshiach cannot be here and waiting to be announced. When he really arrives, he gathers all Am Yisrael as per prophecy and ushers in our Geula. There is no such thing in scripture as a Moshiach in waiting. So the same people (respectfully) are saying...we are getting this message and that message. They say Moshiach is waiting to be crowned below because he is already crowned above. Nowhere you will find this in scripture. Therefore, why not continue developing spiritually outside Israel? We can work, pay the rent and provide for our families. Also, the last time I looked, no one at Chabad or other mainstream Orthodox movements were saying that Moshiach is already here or that it is imperative we move. Can you understand why we feel so confused? Rav Menahem, your blog is like a breath of fresh air and your patience answering our questions is priceless. Thank You! Ms. AP

    1. I could show you hours of proof from scriptures that he is here already. Please don't make the mistake that many make: "if I haven't seen it, it must not exist."

      The messages are coming from Hashem and that is also very easily proven from scriptures. Read my post of 6 April 2012 entitled "So, When is Moshiach Going to be Announced?"

      I have also documented in many other posts the proof, including many references from scriptures. The biggest reason for making aliyah is that Hashem is sending us numerous messages telling us it is time. There are so many messages from the Gedolim, the Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals and dot-connectors like myself, who are pointing out that the world and all that is happening is exactly what it says in scriptures will happen just before Moshiach. It is so obvious.

      Whether you believe it or not, the truth doesn't go away.

  5. Reb Menahem yishar coach gadol.
    About your firm answer to the first comment.
    How frustrating it is to see how our beloved diaspora Jews and especially their leadership didn't learn anything from our recent history, from what happened in Europe not so much years ago. The religious missed the train to create this state and, because it had to be done, left the task to secular Jews who didn't need much wisdom to read the map, only a few ahavat Israel, ahavat haretz and much messirut nefesh for the sake of their people and the future generations. They read correctly the map and beyond all that could be said about their kfira etc... They created with the help of the mighty God and big sufferings the fruit every Jew on earth enjoy the existence today. They only heard the voice who told "lekh lekha", quit your habits,your illusive comfort, even in religious practices because Hashem shows you through obvious actual events that it's time to leave. Nor the rabbis, nor the devoted family heads heard the voice and all missed the last train to life. At this time they had an excuse, they had no close historical precedent to refer to identify the scale of the catastrophe that was about to suddenly fall on their families. Today they have this precedent and instead of at least saying : "it's obvious that we have urgently to come home but we don't know how, we're afraid about confrontation with an unknown reality..." We hear again things like "Israel isn't frum enough for us, we are such tzaddikim here why endanger our faith and security for a country of kfira..." Absurd but real. With the blessings of the most Mehadrin leadership. The most pernicious reformist motto comes back again today, for the reason its an orthodox lamehadrin reform that destroyed six million Jews during the shoah: "if you are religious, Berlin ist Jerusalem" Has veShalommm!!! Halevay their leadership could explain them the meaning of קנאת ירושלים. Mekubalim say that the big earthquake that entirely erased the city of Tsfat at the time the biggest Torah activity in the world was concentrated there, happened because the holy Jews who leaved there dared to call proudly their city "the little Jerusalem"! And it was Tsfat at the time of the Ari Zal and rabbi Yossef Karo!Think about the meaning of saying today it's better for some Jews to stay in their perfect environment in New York than coming to uncertain destiny in Jerusalem! They are still planes everyday to the holy land. Don't thing its forever.
    Hashem yaazor lekulam.
    Itzhak. Yerushalaim.

    1. Truly said.

      Why do they not go.. to their home, given by Hashem..
      I want to go.. but i am not wanted there.. cause i am just goyim/noahide.
      How sad, that those who can choose to stay in unholy lands. :(

    2. Human beings are creatures of habit. We don't like change. It is much easier if one is employed, children are being schooled, familiar friends and neighbors, etc not to pick up and move, but to stay put. If there is danger brewing, we have cognitive-dissonance to block the thought. We don't plan, we try to stay as comfortable as possible and hope for the best. If temporary physical comfort wins over spiritual awareness, we close our eyes and pretend everything is OK, even if we know it isn't.

      I sympathize with everyone who wants to leave, but is overwhelmed by the tremendous change Hashem is asking from them. Yet, those who really trust Hashem completely will find it to work out with much less discomfort than they thought.

      So far as you are concerned, I still believe that you are either of a lost tribe or a Jew from a past life. Either way Hashem will completely protect you and bring you home as well.

    3. Hello to all!! :)

      I mean the same as S.C. Jdeus choosing to stay out of ' Home ', while many Bnei Noach (like us) we would like to be living in Israel:(

      Brazil and a fine example of ´ country (such as the ' Germany '), where many believe that nothing will happen to the Bnei Israel (tsc).

      Shabat Shalom to all!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    4. Hello to all!! :)

      I mean the same as S.C.: Jews choosing to stay out of ' Home ', while many Bnei Noach (like us) we would like to be living in Israel:(

      Brazil and a fine example of ´ country (such as the ' Germany '), where many believe that nothing will happen to the Bnei Israel (tsc).

      Shabat Shalom to all!

      Luiz Felipe.

  6. Itzhak i can assure you that most diaspora Jews have learned only too well the lessons of history. To say that we have not because we were born in other countries after the war is hurtful and condescending. If you truly love all fellow Jews why are you so judgemental? We are all just trying to figure out what to do and this blog so far has provided amazing information. Yes, many of us are very ambivalent regarding Aliya. Ask the large numbers of immigrants from Israel who are currently residing in the US and Canada why they left. We go back to the innability to make ends meet and/or security concerns. I know that Hashem will continue to provide but we must put forward our best effort if we do Aliya. Yes we are stumped by a reality in Israel which is brutal. Let's face the end of the day you will not be the one paying my rent or putting food on my table while i job search in Tel Aviv. Rav Menahem, we await your insights. Itzhak here makes a compelling historical case for not trusting many Ravs and Rabbis. So this begs a fair question: who do we trust with life and death decisions like Aliya? Sure you agree that after a certain age one has very little to no room for making mistakes. I am 50+ and quite tired of moving around. If i am to consider a final life change and leave friends, etc..the least i hope to get is a fair, frugal standard of living. We must help each other but no one wants to be a burden to Israeli society. Rav Menahem we go back to my original question: Who do we trust to help us and how do we ensure that we are not running after one of the many false messiahs? With gratitude and always seeking the Absolute Truth with a heart. Ms. AP

    1. You really do want me to write another book. Just kidding, I am very interested in your thoughts because you seem to be a conscientious Jew who wants to do the right thing, but you are overwhelmed by the situation at hand.

      First let me say that I believe Itzhak means well, and has your welfare in mind. You know that I also want the absolute best for you and your loved ones as well as all righteous people on this planet.

      I do believe that we have some big miraculous events coming up that will ease the burden. Since everything that I am talking about will be from Hashem, it is so important for us to completely turn to Him and show a very positive attitude that He is here to help us, and that He will in ways that we can't even imagine.

      Complete emunah and bitochen is the answer. Talk to Hashem everyday, tell Him how much you love Him, and how much you know He will help you, and watch the miraculous results. Tell Him how much you want to make Aliyah and do Teshuvah that you didn't do more until now to make it happen. He will come through for those who turn to Him -- He told us so many places
      in scriptures.

      How do I know it will work? It happened to me and my family and to many, many Jews around me. We were all faced with the same dilemma at some time, and turned to Him for salvation. 2015 saw 30,000 Jews make Aliyah. Thank you Hashem.

    2. Thanks to HASHEM, I can testify that!
      Comming home after many years being lost, the best decision ever.
      But I can tell you, do not wait as I tried too long, for Hashem have HIS ways to let you come.
      All I can say, say your Sh'ma.....
      Get all your EMUNA together....
      And do accept helpful NESHAMOT for by doing their part, and you yours, we all do the tikkun together.
      Turn to Hashem and trust HIM completely for it is much easier now then later ...
      Besorot tovot.

  7. Dear ms Ap.
    Apologize for all misunderstanding or lack of precision in what I wrote above. I don't judge anybody and really pretend to love every Jew anywhere in the world.I personnaly made Alya from a very tameh country called France but I was perhaps alone but I was nineteen, without any family in charge etc. So who am I to judge precious people living in a so much complex reality.
    To be clear I didn't speak about people there who believe their place isn't the galut, daven everyday to Hashem for receiving the emunah strength and minimum means to leave etc... I know many of these and pray for them they soon be able to come home. The problem is the repeated tentative to justify or institutionalize the galut, with pretext of yiddishkeit. That is in Hebrew להכשיר את השרץ
    להכשיל רבים
    Etc... I believe firmly that people in the first case, no matter where they live know, Hashem will protect them or create the minimal conditions for them to permit them to leave. All leadership that teach them the contrary has a very big problem and responsibility.
    Wish you all the best to you, your family anywhere you are.
    And again i apologize if hurted anybody. This wasn't my intention. I only tried to replace fabulous with a little bit logic and coherence with our holy sources and recent history lessons. That's all.
    Itzhak. Yerushalaim.

  8. Rav Menahem and Itzhak, thank you for your clarifications, it is all good. I sincerely believe that you want to help all of us in the gallut and are passionate about it. Also, I now get it that one of my main challenges is incomplete bitochen so i must work on that through hitbodedut - speaking to Hashem everyday about my total gratitude to him, hopes and difficulties. I can only blame myself for not having started already but let's move forward. One big miraculous event would be amazing and guaranteed to bring hordes of fellow brothers and sisters to Israel for good... :) Ms. AP