Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where Will We Put Everybody?

The controversy about the land of Israel begs a very definite question. Where are all the people going to fit when the Jews return along with the ten lost tribes? How many people could we be talking – additional tens of millions or are we possibly up around 100 million or more, all in a country the size of New Jersey? When we are told in scriptures that 1/3rd of the world population will survive the upcoming war and acts of Hashem, are we talking the righteous that will live in this small country? After all, now we are talking 1/3rd of 7.3 billion people or approximately 2.4 billion people living where?

Enough questions. Let’s look for answers. Yesterday, I showed you the map of the land promised to Moses when the Israelites went to Eretz Canaan. That is what Hashem told Moses when they were in the desert as described in the Torah, Bamidbar 34. The problem with this description is that Hashem was talking about places that we are not completely sure today of the location. That is why Artscroll even shows two possibilities. But then we come to a new description in Parashat Eikev that we just read this past Shabbos. It says:
Chapter 11
22  For if you keep all these commandments which I command you to do them, to love the L-rd, your  
G-d, to walk in all His ways, and to cleave to Him,
23  then the Lord will drive out all these nations from before you, and you will possess nations greater and stronger than you.

24  Every place upon which the soles of your feet will tread will be yours: from the desert and the Lebanon, from the river, the Euphrates River, and until the western sea, will be your boundary.

25  No man will stand up before you; the L-rd your G-d will cast the fear of you and the dread of you on all the land upon which you tread, as He spoke to you.
These verses are obviously delineating a much larger area for the future Land of Israel. From verse 24 and this picture:

We get a view of the possible boundaries that greatly increase the land. Add Lebanon, Syria and possibly parts of Jordan and Iraq and we are talking an area that could easily hold all the Jews and the lost tribes.

We can also see in Isaiah 40:4 (which we just read as the Haftorah last week) that Israel will be stretched:
4 Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the rugged shall be made level, and the rough places a plain;
If you look at much of Israel now, you will see a very hilly area that if it were stretched out as the verse says, the area would see quite an increase in size.

One additional observation that is happening today. Much of the area surrounding Israel that seems to be future additions to the land is at war. The population is being thinned out due to a massive amount of killing and fleeing. The population has been so greatly reduced in Syria, parts of Iraq, Southern Lebanon and who knows where else that will be Israel.

Is Hashem getting everything ready for the end of the exile and the welcoming of return of the people?

I have also been asked where are all the jobs that will be needed to give livelihood to the many, many new citizens of the land. There are two answers. If we go by the RAMBAM who said that things will be “business as usual,” meaning that even though the world will no longer be with evil, B”H, we might still have to produce all our basic needs, in other words, work for a living. Israel today is the most self-sufficient country in the world. We have an abundance that we actually export so much to the world. How is that possible? Hashem made Jews extremely intelligent. If we all of a sudden had a great increase in population, we would also have a great increase in production, manufacturing, which means many, many more jobs created to take care of the population. The new land also would produce as the desert did after the Jews returned. Simple.

But let us look at the more miraculous and more probable path of the future. When we were in the desert after the first Geula, we were in need of nothing. Hashem provided Manna from Heaven, portable wells to follow us, climate control, our clothes did not wear out or need cleaning for 40 years and what we ate and drink was completely absorbed, so we did not need porta-potties (I am trying to stay polite about the subject). All our needs were met miraculously. We are told in the future the miracles will be more numerous for the final Geula than our time in the desert. Will we have to work? Will we have to make our own livelihood or as it is brought down, Hashem will provide everything.

We are talking about a life on Earth that is beyond our comprehension. It is not the life of testing and tribulations that we now experience. It will be so wonderful, that if we could experience a few seconds of what is coming up, including Hashem not being allusive to us anymore, we would never sin again and completely be serving Hashem every second of the day. We would say: “I want that for me and my loved ones, sign me up.” Well, we are already signed up. We are in the outer chamber waiting to go into the lavish banquet hall (as it says in Pirkei Avos). All we need to do is completely turn to Hashem now for everything, do His commandments, live the Torah (The Absolute Truth), and we are good to go for eternity.


  1. Very beautiful! We are definitely in the outer chamber...getting closer....
    Oh, pssst. Guess who's making aliyah? :)
    Things are happening very very fast. I tell you, I raced to get my documents and asked Hashem for His speed- as only He can do. He is opening up pathways for us.
    So, I read your article and I smile because it is so obvious that Hashem will take care of these "details." (space for everyone)
    We still have our hishtadlus, yet we must have emuna.
    I raced to one agency in person (2 1/2 hours in one direction) to get a document while praying to Hashem that if you will give me a matching funds program plus extra like only You can do please. My car broke down on the way back and I needed a tow. The tow got me to the service station in time to be the first the next morning.... I got my document.
    I went to another agency and it, too is one of the only ones in my area that gives you documents while you wait. I raced down south 5 hours and met with the aliyah related agency etc and then went north 5 hours......
    I am acting on emuna in Hashem that it will go smoothly and be approved. I am packing and the like and preparing .....
    It is time to ascend spiritually and to make the bold leap...I believe Hashem is settling the accounts and closing up shop as we know it to prepare us for a new type of life with Moshiach and Malchus.
    I do not want to miss the sound of the of the ram's horn form the Akeidah... I would like for I and my family to be present in the land.
    Ultimately it would be great if klal Yisroel would be present.....

    1. This is very exciting. I love good news first thing in the morning. Do you have a date set for when you will be Leah the Israeli? That sounded good, didn't it?

      I believe the inconveniences that you are experiencing are your final testing. Your Tikun will be tremendous; I can tell by just how much attention Hashem is paying to you and your family.

      I too am very hopeful that you will be here with all the Jews of the world and the lost tribes. I have had several indication, possibly messages from Hashem, that we are closer than we think. B"H

  2. Is seems that all of that blood soaked land that will eventually be ours will have to go through a purification process. Either fire or water? What do you think?

    1. I know that Hashem's plan is perfect and that the land will be exactly what we need, when we need it. Not to worry.

  3. Can you explain more in detail heat you mean by 'several indications, possible messages.' I look forward to your writings - they are very helpful in keeping my emu nah going. Thank you

    1. I am embarrassed. I vaguely remember saying that, but can't find it. If you can point out where I mentioned 'several indications, possible messages,' I will be happy to expound on my words.

    2. Thanks, It was in your reply to Leah's August 11th response to your article, Where Will We Put Everybody?' Lisa

    3. Thank you, I did a lot of searching and couldn't find it.

      Anyway, the messages and indications that are saying sooner are numerous. Rav Chaim's message, the Facilitated Communications individuals (Ben Golden, Daniel, Menachem), Mekubalim such as Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita (I have a new message that I will post tomorrow with some interesting information, B"N), more connections with scriptures such as a discovery that I made about the Navi Daniel's 1290 and 1335 prediction (I am still researching and not ready to post), events in the news such as the Syrian and Iranian situations, scientific indications (another long story) and other indications too detailed to discuss here.

      There is so much happening that there is no doubt that we are very close and possibly all happening before Leah makes Aliyah, which only means that she may be here sooner than she thinks with the rest of the Jews in the world including you, Lisa (unless you already live here). It is all good news. B"H

    4. Thank you. I thank God everyday that I was able to make Aliyah 13 years ago & raise my beautiful family here - in Northern Israel, a beautiful place to live. ( I've actually seen & heard the rockets from Hizballah. Emunah is the only way to keep one's sanity!) Thanks for your postings.

    5. That is wonderful. I am always happy to hear about Jews who came home.

      My daughter lived in Northern Israel at that time. She had a very prominent Mekubal for a Rav who told the community not to worry that the rockets would not land in their area. My daughter and her family, with complete emunah (that's my girl) used to sit outside and watch the rockets go by. True story.

  4. Ah, so.yes, that was.a.nice wake.up call for me, too- your "Leah the Israeli." :)
    Ok, so here's the focus: We would like to be there for the girl's to start.school with their classmates in September.
    Now, Hashem runs the show and I can be nudgey in a strong, yet dignified manner to expedite date, yet all in all it is in Hashem's hands and he ultimately decides the date.
    In the meantime I am downsizing kelim that I apparently used to host, let's say large banquets for army sized parties ir something because how is it that I acquired this much kelim otherwise? ;)
    So, of course you know I will grill you on the elements if which you have said show you that the geulah is closer.
    I will send email address in separate post. Please do not obviously, post email on site etc...
    We are definitely thinking that we are getting closer to geulah....Hashem knows the true date, but one must wake up from slumber and comfort and make.aliyah.
    Yes, I see and feel that Hashem will grant us approval for aliyah as I feel He would not bring us this close this fast.if.not.
    I.pray that it wil go through and in an expedited way etc...

  5. have you seen what Rav Chaim Kanievsky said about Moshiach? "Moshiach will come before the holidays" !!!!!! Amen.....

    any thoughts? Steve

    1. I believe it wholeheartedly considering that I have a possible date figured based on Daniel's 1290 and 1335 prediction. I am still researching the possibility and will not disclose it yet, but hopefully in the near future I will have it verified and disclosed, B"N.

    2. The beauty of you having a date is that we won't have to debate the subject anymore. You will be right or wrong. Of course, if you are wrong all the rationalizations will begin and that will be quite tedious. So I'll just hope you are right.

    3. Since it is my personal speculation, even though based on some very good premises, I have not said the date, nor will I unless I am 100% confident.

      The RAMBAM talked about the danger of saying a date unless there were two conditions present: one, is that you state that it is your personal opinion, and two, that the date is very close. It is counter-productive to give people a reason not to do Teshuvah by telling them a date that is far off. The biggest reason to give such chizuk, that we are close, is to get people concerned and make them turn to Hashem. It is working.

  6. I inow, I know, I think about it...may not get there before...crazy...I pray for klal yisrael and all innocent to survive....may it come soon

    1. The eternal optimist here. You must realize that my stating that you will be coming over with all the Jews is an extremely positive occurrence. Instead of El Al you will fly on the wings of eagles, Moshiach Airlines. The trip will take about 5 minutes, no customs, no security check, no problems.

      Your processing into Israel will be effortless. Moshiach will know who you are and declare you an Israeli, no Misrad This and Misrad that. I am talking complete joy entering Eretz Yisroel, not tedious in-processing of the State of Israel. What a true joy it will be, especially since it will be sooner than you expected (and are planning). Mazel Tov!

    2. Amen v'amen! I was thinking this and davening to Hashem about this very thing- the processing of documents and will it be unnecessary when Moshiach comes etc... I know almost a funny thought, but not really.

  7. I read an article where they say that native americans can be one of the lost tribes, interesting right.

    1. Specifically the Navajo Indians who have some very Jewish-like customs. There are also tribes in Africa that seem to have Jewish customs. The Japanese have have several rituals that look like a possibility.

      Who knows? Oh, Hashem does, and will reveal it all soon.

    2. I forgot to mention the tribes that already are returning, such as the B'Nei Menashe from northern India and the Ethiopian Jews.

    3. Having Jewish customs doesn't make them Jewish. Many societies picked up Jewish customs from travelling Jewish merchants.

    4. Nobody has proof of them being Jewish, we only have curious suspicions when we see cultures that perform very Jewish customs. This is an exercise in curiosity, not conclusions.

  8. Wow... how exciting!!!