Thursday, August 6, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Eikev, 17 Av 5775 (2/8/15)

G-d, King of the World, Leader of the World, has never been wrong and never will be! G-d has created trees, the oceans, land, and humans and everything that happens that we don't know about which is for our benefit.

G-d is destroying the old world, the world of evil and hatred and turning the world from bad to good so that the entire world will be with kindness, so that the wars and fighting will stop, and the state of Israel, with the Jewish nation and Messiah, will rule the world!

Armageddon is overseas, not in Israel. The entire world, except for Israel, is in chaos, confusion, and fear. Everyone distrusts the other, suspect each other, eat at each other, everyone worries about their own interests and is willing to sell everything in order to save their skin. G-d is creating conflict in the world according to what they choose, where they go - G-d is guiding them.

In the holy land of Israel there is the best economy, good life, everything is good in Israel! There is purity and holiness and G-d is here protecting the land of Israel! The sea roars and is ready to burst, there is no time. The sea is waiting to clean the world, waiting for orders to wash away places that need it.

G-d is begging the Jews living abroad to come urgently to Israel. Anti-Semitism will continue to increase greatly, do not wait until you are thrown out; come to Israel with your dignity intact.

Iran is deathly afraid if Israel, more afraid than of the whole world. It knows that the IDF, its soldiers and pilots, have the armies of G-d within them. G-d is leading the IDF and protecting the holy land and its Jewish inhabitants. Iran continues with the nuclear bomb as usual and wants to be a power, to threaten all Arab countries and take all of the money. Iran knows that within 21 minutes, the Israeli air force can blow up all of the nuclear power plants and will therefore never mess with Israel, only indirectly.

The United States and Russia are wooing Iran, one with ammunition and the other with money, because it has a nuclear plant and they want to control the Middle East. The United States and Russia are making friends with Iran, each in its own way; they don't care about Israel or anyone else.

Iraq cannot be redeemed; it will continue to be erased.

Syria is being erased, there are many groups there and they don't know who is against whom. Every group wants control in order to save its own skin.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are happy with the agreement between Iran and the US. They can't do anything; Iran will not succeed in sending Hezbollah anything. Nasrallah doesn't leave his bunker because he is afraid that his people will kill him. His soldiers are getting ready to betray him.

Hamas is waiting. The United States has promised them and the Palestinians all kinds of things, but there will be nothing. They are the seed of Amalek. They continue to dig tunnels and want to surprise IDF bases in the north and south.

The IDF needs to check everything very well. In Gaza, Hamas and the Palestinians are pretending everything is business as usual, like they want peace, but they are preparing for war, digging tunnels and preparing themselves. Everything is fake; they have multiple personalities.

Abu Mazen is a dormant snake, waiting for the United States and telling Hamas and the Palestinians to be patient. Israel must not believe the Palestinians.

In East Jerusalem there are blood thirsty people from all directions, do not believe any gentile. The gentiles with the blue ID are the most dangerous. Many of them know all of the IDF bases and report to the enemy. You can fight the Arabs overseas, but it is problematic to find those in Israel. Arabic villages and settlements are filled with ammunition.

Egypt is in turmoil. ISIS is destroying the Sinai Desert and the ground is boiling before an eruption, ISIS is celebrating.

ISIS cannot be destroyed because half of the world is ISIS. You kill one and a thousand rise.

Jordan is in serious distress, there is no water, no food, and it is being eaten away morning, afternoon, and night by 4 million refugees. They are waiting for Obama to decide what to do.

Jews in the United States: resist and do not agree to the agreement with Iran because it is a great danger to the entire world. Dear Jews, Israel is protected and safe, there is a cloud of fire around the borders and we Jews must "guard our souls." There is no need for protests; there is freedom of choice to choose good. G-d is asking: let me do my work quietly, dear Jews, do not take the law into your own hands.

Armageddon is only abroad, not in Israel.

G-d is looking from above on earth, leading it - it is all for the best. On earth you see the world through televisions and satellites and G-d sees from the heavens.

The IDF must watch over the borders of Israel from Metulah to Eilat. They send a missile from time to time to prove that they exist.

The forces of nature: fire, volcanoes, oceans, tsunamis, harsh winds, earthquakes, it all continues as usual, from week to week G-d raises the bar and makes it all stronger.

The state of Israel must continue to deal in real estate, build houses, lots, roads, and don't stop. Millions of Jews are on their way to Israel! Every Jew that invests in Israeli settlements is doing a great mitzvah and will be blessed with money, it is a great mitzvah!

Watch over the Jewish youth from drugs, gambling and assimilation.

Jews in Israel who see the power of G-d and see what He is doing around us everywhere must spread their belief in G-d to every Jew!

G-d has given messengers and has made them rich in order to help the needy, the orthodox Jews, to grow in the Torah, to make Mikvahs, help the sick and develop the state of Israel - not to keep the money for a tombstone. The rich must know that the money is not theirs. G-d gave it to them to give to the state of Israel and build Israel!

Israel is at the height of redemption. The Messiah is protecting the entire state of Israel! Everything happening now in Israel and the world are signs before the crowning of the Messiah as King. G-d knows what He is doing, slowly and not all at once - step by step. There is no rush in heaven; there is no rush in the spirit world; everything in its own time, precise and successful!

Dear Jews, turn the bitter into sweet, from bad to good, from hatred to love, from stinginess to giving. Be patient. Wait for the big moment when the Messiah is crowned King very soon! Everyone understands that the world is losing control and G-d is taking control into His hands 100%! Controlling 100% means the crowning of the Messiah as King!

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  1. So encouraging thank you soooo much for giving us the strenght of the Newsletters to keep moving forward. Hashem should pour out endless blessings for you and your family, together with Am Israel.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Hashem's blessings and goodness is so abundant, and ever so encouraging that we are very close to the happy ending. I type this with a big smile on my face, B"H.

  2. Would the interpreter please use the word 'Moshiach' instead of messiah that the non-Jewish world uses. Does not have a good effect on the Jewish people who all understand the word, Moshiach; even the unaffiliated. There is another word that should be changed 'state' of Israel - it should be Eretz Yisrael. Thank you.

    1. Actually for the past 40 months that I have been writing this blog, I have had more complaints from Jews because I use Hebrew words instead of English. Since my greatest effort is doing Kiruv, outreach, trying to bring nonobservant Jews to Hashem, the English is preferable. This is especially true since I get hundreds of new readers with every post.

      Messiah is a perfectly good word and should be one that Jews should relate to as Jewish. In decades of doing Kiruv, I am amazed at how many times I have used a word or expression and had my learning partner state: "That is such a goyishe concept." A very important lesson for Jews is that most words that sound goyishe came from us, and not us taking it from them. The RAMBAM stated the importance of the concept of the non-Jewish Messiah. He said if there hadn't been a goyishe Messiah, Jews would know nothing at all about the concept of Messiah. That is why Hashem provided false Messiahs. Now it is our job to teach the world the truth about Messiah and not to shy away from the word, as though we were verifying that it is a non-Jewish concept.

      When Rav Ben Artzi is discussing Israel, he is talking about the modern State of Israel, not Eretz Yisroel. He is talking about the government or the military, and neither one of which would be accurately discussing Eretz Yisroel.

      There are so many terms that are better discussed and more easily related to with the modern vernacular rather than Torah word. I do change some of the words hoping that my regular readers understand, but it is not easy to satisfy all readers. As an example: I never use the term West Bank, which was created by Jew-haters. But if I used Yesha, most people would not know to where I am referring. I would change it to Judea, Samaria, etc, which hopefully would satisfy everyone. Writing for everyone is not easy, but keeping it simple and familiar is that most effective way.

  3. Amen and Amen...
    I join in smiling too...
    I am not a Jew... but i love Hashem and... ALL of you.

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    Rav thanks for these postings.

  4. What a sweet comment we love YOU too. The Lubavitscher Rebbe zt"l holds us responsible to influence ALL for the good which means that we have to speak every bodies language. Keep up the sweet and holy work Reb Menachem

  5. Thank you Anon, I willo :-) :0\

    But i also say, how can people be so blind as to not see the truth??!!

    How can the not LOVE Hashem's Chosen.

    One day, Oh Please Hashem, may Hashem grant my wish, i want to be near the Holy Wall and say BARUCH HASHEM!!
    Then and only then will i feel completely Happy.
    Shalom Shabbat to all of you beautiful wonderful people. I too await the coming of Mashiach anxiously. May Mashiach come sooooooon AMen.


    1. If you are a member of the lost tribes of Israel, as I believe you are, you will not be standing at the Holy Wall, but in the Ezrat Nashim of the Holy Temple. May Hashem bless you and your family with everything.

    2. Hello!!!

      SC: Amen!!! :)

      Moshiach Now!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

  6. You write, "...everything is good in Israel! There is purity and holiness..." - but I have a problem reconciling this with the reality that I pervieve and believe to be experiencing.

    I make reference here particularly to the events of the past few weeks in Yerushalayim with the gay parade. For me we seem to have continued where we left off 1950 years ago. The hellinists and the baryonim and zealots are out in force each seeking the destruction of the other. Hilonim against Datim. Mitnagdim against Hassidim. Naturei Karta against Gur. For me this is unbearable and all happening ba aretz! How do you reconcile this sinat chinam? Also how do you reconcile your claim that Eretz Yisrael is and will be the safest place in view of Perek 14 in sefer Zecharia?

    Yochanan Ellul

    1. I have mentioned this many times. A person in Israel who is not following Hashem's ways still needs correction. Everything that happens to everyone is still measure for measure according to what that individual needs. Where you are does not release you from your responsibilities to Hashem.

      But, since we should all be in Israel, putting oneself in harms way by being outside of Israel is asking for more problems. A person who is doing Hashem's mitzvot, living the absolute truth and living in Israel, is totally protected. If you see an observant individual involved in a terrorist activity, don't judge and say that you know exactly what the situation is. We can't even judge ourselves, only Hashem knows the truth about us. To stereotype people and say the this individual is this way or that way, is bogus and completely against Torah. Trust Hashem that all is for the good and all is to help us reach Tikun.

  7. Help me understand the correct order--which Moshiach will arrive first. I always thought it was Moshiach Ben Joseph or is it Moshiach Ben David. And if the latter, where is Eliyahu who must announce him to the world? Have a good Shabbos! Looking forward to your reply on Sunday--Diaspora Ro

    1. I have always understood that Moshiach ben Yosef would be the one who would take us through the war and bring in the exiled. This would be done before Moshiach ben David would reign as King.

      If you look at my book, where I talk about Megillah 17b, which is the expected order of events, you will see:
      7. Redemption.
      8. Healing.
      9. Blessing of the Years (prosperity).
      10. Ingathering of Exiles.
      11. Restoration of Justice.
      12. Downfall of the Heretics.
      13. Support of the Righteous.
      14. Rebuilding Jerusalem.
      15. Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom.
      This shows that the tasks with which MBY would be involved would be 7 through 14 which would occur before 15, MBD.

      There is something brought down, I believe it comes from the Navi Zechariah, the MBD would not be totally accepted in a similar way that Moshe was not accepted at first. MBY, who will be popular, would be killed, and MBD would resurrect him. That miracle would cause all people to totally accept and respect MBD. I have also heard that the killing of MBY may not happen. But, in any case it sounds like MBY will be known and very busy before MBD goes to work. I word it that way since the two Moshiachs may be here and known at the same time, but MBY will be more aggressive in activity and more in the limelight. All to be determined.

      The one thing that I am sure of is that both Moshiachs are already here, very busy in bringing the Geula, and that both will be introduced in the near future.

  8. Jews in the United States: resist and do not agree to the agreement with Iran because it is a great danger to the entire world. ." There is no need for protests; there is freedom of choice to choose good. G-d is asking: let me do my work quietly, dear Jews, do not take the law into your own hands

    First the Rabbi says do not agree to the Iran agreement and than he says " let me do my work quietly, dear Jews, do not take the law into your own hands".

    If Hashem is handling it why do we need "not to agree"? by not agreeing would mean to speak , protest.. Very contradictory .. Please explain..

    1. I understand that to mean "ignore the ridiculous agreement, don't even think about it, that Hashem is totally in control." All will be positive as long as we turn to Hashem, and let Him shape history for us.

      When we pay attention to such nonsensical agreements, we get involved with activities that are not needed or even counter-productive. Why? When we protest, sign petitions, notify our leaders, debate the good and evil of the situation, all these activities are showing a lack of emunah, chas v'shalom, in Hashem taking care of everything.

      When we arrived at Jericho and Hashem told us just to circle the city and that He would fight our battle, we saw very clearly how we need to follow Hashem's instructions and let Him guide us for the positive results. It has happened many, many times throughout history. When we lived by Torah, we succeeded, when we did things according to our own ways, we suffered. Unfortunately, the suffering far out-shined the succeeding.

  9. I am new to your blog and am running as fast as I can to catch up - that's my apology for this comment which is out of subject with this particular post - but...

    I am currently reading your book and in it you write the age of planet Earth is 4.5 billion years and that Torah and science more or less concur on that. You also write that this interpolates well with the 15.34 billion years for the universe, meaning that 4.5 billion years ago would have occurred on the fourth day... Could you please explain to me how your calculation arrived at that conclusion?

    Are we saying that although when viewed by our present relative time each day takes longer the closer to the beginning, each of these days are approx 2.55 billion years long?

    Yochanan Ellul

    1. The answer is deeper than I want to discuss here, but there are two scriptural sources to which I can refer you. 1. Genesis 1:14-19 which basically sets the Earth in its orbit with the two luminaries, the sun and the moon. That happens on the forth day. 2. The Zohar that leads to the calculations of the 6 24 hour days which is consistent, about 2.55 billion years a day, a linear calculation. That comes to the interpolation that agrees with scientists of the Earth being about 4.5 billion years.

      It does not completely coincide with the relativistic effects unless the calculations of halving the time per day is not correct. Not totally a concern for showing consistency between Torah and science which agree.

  10. Thank you. The fact of not coinciding with the relativistic effects threw me a bit... but wanted to confirm my understanding - again - thank you.

  11. So 5775 years is an infinitesimal amount of years compared to 2.5 or 4.5 billion years, and where a billion means a million X million. How are we supposed to understand all this esoteric stuff, within the context of our ordinary mundane lives?

    1. Let me give you an answer that will completely confuse you. Time is an allusion, it doesn't exist. Hashem has provided us with this allusion just for reference purposes, and to make our reality more understandable. The fact is this world is completely an allusion. Rav Avigdor Miller, zt"l said it the best. Everything you see around you is Hashem's imagination. Hashem's infinite intelligence can provide any allusion that He wants, time, space, existence of any kind and it becomes our reality. Some day when we are totally aware of Hashem and the spiritual realm, we will understand the truth. For now, it is the reality needed for our ordinary mundane lives to function and accomplish our mission on Earth -- Tikun Ha'olam.

  12. Have to laugh. We who believe know that if H' brings Moshiach and then Techiyat Hameisim, HE is capable of everything, as everything is His. He is the Creator. Also, the Land of Israel is quite large; when one day soon it will be from the Tigris to the Euphrates. Secondly, believe that the ten lost tribes will not return in the way many think, as we are now witnessing, in the last number of decades, many non-Jews converting, out of sincerity, to Judaism. After Moshiach comes, no more conversions. Believe those are the lost Jewish souls returning. The Jewish people are all intermingled within the 12 tribes as is.
    Miracles and wonders will one day be the norm, even greater than those H' performed for us at y'tziat Mitzrayim. May it be very soon with great rachamim!

  13. Shalom Everyone, Just arrived back from Toronto, 11th August, 2015.

    Got a call that a very very close friend, more like brother passed away. It was sudden.
    Had to be there with family, so left in a hurry, in time for viewing and 'wake'.
    Did not join in prayers with them, but i kept calling to Hashem.
    Am cathing up on blogs, especially Rav Menachems. Thanks for your kind words.
    We will know if i am of the lost tribe only, when Mashiach comes.
    Thank you,Luiz Filipe... if i have misspelt your name please forgive me.. I am so tired and yet want to catch up with news, ofcourse just of Eretz Israel.
    Hashem bless all who come on this blog.

    1. Welcome back. It is brought down that after Moshiach is introduced all the land of the world will be called the Holy Land. Even though, I believe wholeheartedly, that you will be in Israel, which I believe will be renamed Jerusalem, you will definitely be in the Holy Land no matter where you are.

      Hashem loves you more than you can imagine, and will keep you under His loving goodness forever.

    2. Todah Rabam Rav,,,

      You encourge me so much, as i am sure you do many others, Jew or gentile or noachide.
      Hashem bless you and yours and all of Am Israel.