Thursday, August 27, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Ki Seitzei 8 Elul 5775 (23/8/15)

Our Father in Heaven, our Father and King, Father of Mercy is creating Armageddon in the world, chaos, complications and conflict, disasters, and harsh anti-Semitism which will increase in order to get the Jews to come to Israel, floods, harsh winds and storms, fires, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, accidents with planes, trains, and cars, and fatal human error. A lot of wild animals are going crazy in the world; some even killing themselves, the entire world is in a storm, Armageddon outside the borders of Israel.

G-d is doing all of this and telling the Jews in and out of Israel: "Do you not understand what I am doing? Do you not see what I am doing outside the state of Israel and around the entire world? Do you not see that I am protecting Israel? That I am destroying Syria and all of the Arab countries around Israel, and many more countries in the world - can I not go to Iran and destroy them too?" G-d is fighting Israel's wars, creating a cloud of fire around the state of Israel and asking the Jews to urgently repent, to be unified, to be kind and good, obey the Commandments.

The month of Elul is the month of mercy. Every day until Yom Kippur is like Yom Kippur, to repent our sins reach Yom Kippur clean and pure to meet the Holy King of Kings, G-d, in prayer.

G-d is telling the Jewish people of Israel: "I will fight for you and you will work." Work - this refers to studying Torah, praying, and obeying the Commandments. G-d does not differentiate between the Jews, those who are real Jews. He wants everyone to repent, religious and secular, everyone has something to repent for, no one is without sin. G-d gave the world the month of Elul, Rosh Hashanah, the Ten Days of Repentance, Yom Kippur and Sukkoth so that the people of Israel fix their wrongs and repent. G-d is using every way so that the people of Israel repent and beg Him to crown the Messiah as King in public. The people of Israel can't see that the nations of the world are eating at each other? That no one cares about Israel? That everyone thinks Iran is a gold mine? 80% of Iranians are terrorists; it is all an act and mask.

G-d wishes the Iranians that all of their atomic and chemical missiles fall on them. G-d is saying: "If Iran tries to prepare chemical or nuclear missiles to hurt Israel, it will rise up in flames and nothing will remain." If G-d can destroy Syria, He has no problem destroying Iran. The Jews in Israel should have no fear! The land of Israel is protected and the IDF will make efforts to continue protecting it.

In Egypt, ISIS is preparing a harsh surprise that will surprise the whole world. Egypt is on its way to being like Syria. Wait patiently, it won't be long now.

Hamas is making fools out of the Israeli Delegation so that they say that they are righteous and sweet to the world. If something happens in the Gaza Strip, Hamas blames ISIS. Hamas' goal is to destroy the state of Israel and shame the IDF soldiers. They are pretending to start a peace treaty in order to calm the Israeli government and IDF and later will say that ISIS did it, not them. They don't know that the IDF knows exactly who sends the missiles into Israel.

Abu Mazen is being a fool and not everyone is with him. He is playing all kinds of tricks on Israel. He is in a cold war with Israel.

Turkey is filled with ISIS, immigrants, and infiltrators.

Tens of thousands of immigrants and infiltrators are going to Greece and Europe, they have no control. They come to Europe from Syria, Iraq and Africa - there they will be stricken by Armageddon. They laughed at Israel and called it racist - now they have racism and trouble. G-d is paying them back, an eye for an eye.

The state of Israel must outlaw all infiltrators and illegal immigrants, it is a danger to the state of Israel; they are doing terrible things to Israel.

Iraq is being erased; it is eating away at its people.

Syria is being erased, eating away at its people. They are killing each other - thousands each day. They send missiles here and there from the Syrian borders to complicate the state of Israel with the mess in Syria, the rebels, and Hezbollah.

The government of Israel must beware of sending soldiers into Syria; send only in planes and heavy artillery. Do not forget that every Israeli pilot is accompanied by an angel from heaven! Within Syria and Lebanon, there are caves and tunnels that the IDF does not know of, so you must not send Israeli soldiers there on foot, only on planes and in artillery.

Hezbollah and Syria are waiting for Iran to help with ammunition and soldiers; Syria is dying.

Arabs with a blue ID - many of them are very dangerous. They are waiting for orders from Abu Mazen. May they never succeed and may he never succeed in hurting the people of Israel.

Jordan is about to explode, it is filled with refugees and infiltrators eating at each other. There is no water or food, there is debauchery and abominations, and every time they wait for salvation, things get worse.

Around Jerusalem you must be very careful of gangs and terrorists.

The United States doesn't care about anything. All those in the Iran deal just want to be written in the history books. The United States will never beat Russia; they can never compete with Russia.

Iran cannot be trusted by Israel, it is a wasp's nest. Iran's goal is to rule the Arab countries and live off of them. In the meantime, Iran is celebrating and getting money and freedom from the United States, and ammunition and weapons from Russia.

China will continue to go bankrupt, so that all of the Jewish business people invest in Israel.

Greece will continue to go bankrupt - there is no solution.

Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco will have very bad complications.

The IDF must be vigilant from Rosh Hashanah until after Sukkoth so that they don't surprise them through the tunnels from Gaza. They want to surprise them from Metulah until Eilat. They are planning to surprise them on Rosh Hashanah, heaven forbid. If the IDF will be vigilant and doubly alert - they will do nothing.

Israel has the best economy in the world, the best army, the best holiness and purity, and G-d Himself protects the people of Israel! There will continue to be a big Aliyah of Jews to Israel, all of the science and patents will come from Israel. G-d protects the people of Israel and the state of Israel; nothing will help those who want to harm the people of Israel.

Any country that is against Israel will be gravely harmed; any country that is with Israel will have only good tidings.

The revealing of the Messiah as King in public takes a little bit of time. Every day there are new cases of bribes and thieves, criminals white collar and black that G-d is purifying and revealing, cleaning the state of Israel and cleaning the world from evil and hatred. G-d is leading the world to kindness, cleanliness, purity, and holiness, by brains and brawn. Those who understood and repented are good; those who do not will understand by 'brawn', they don't have much of a choice.

The Messiah is active and working, protecting the state of Israel, praying for the state of Israel and praying for the Jews abroad to come to Israel!

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  1. Our weekly salvation together with your great articles, thanks a million. Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Reb Menachem,

    Thank you for this.

    It seems quite a number of those with "the best holiness and purity" are locked up in jail by our government for no reason and no crime. What has the seer seen about that? Do you think your connection to R' Ben Artzi would be able to find out?

    I'm also concerned about what the mekubal R' Amram Vaknin has said recently.

    These two things together would mean we don't need any more troubles!

    Many thanks, and Shabbat Ki Tetzei shalom.

    1. I have total faith that Hashem's plan is perfect, and is accomplishing the Tikun that everyone needs. I am considering writing a blog post for early next week to elaborate on the subject. For now, just know that everything is for the good, and is measure for measure what each individual needs. That may be beyond human comprehension, but after the redemption occurs and Hashem is no longer allusive to us, it will be totally clear -- why everything is happening in the world the way it is, also to each individual and why it is for the best.

  3. "Crowning the Moshiach takes a bit of time...."
    How much time can we hold out????
    Will the Yomim Noraim pass and still no Moshiach??????

    1. He is not necessarily saying it will take more time, it is answering the question why has it taken so long already. Moshiach is imminent and by some sources may even be before Yomim Noraim.

  4. Chalom, I would like to place this article on Facebook but the link to Facebook is not working properly. Can I take the text and write the copyrights at the end ?
    These speeches of Rav Ben Artzy should be known by a lot of people, it is so true for what is happening in the world. Thanks for translating and sharing, Chabbat Chalom, Sylvie from Ashdod.

    1. This message is from the Rav's website (in Hebrew), and is considered public domain. You can copy it and put it on your Facebook, Hebrew and/or English, and just give credit to Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita. My name doesn't have to appear unless you want to reference my blog.

      I thank you since these vital messages should go out to every Jew in the world and every righteous non-Jew, who may be a member of the one of the lost tribes.
      Shabbat Shalom

    2. Just a question- How long does 'imminent' last for?

    3. Until the event occurs. In this case, the announcement of Moshiach, most sources are saying the month of Tishrei.

  5. I have a question, how can you speak for what the messiah is doing? Has he told you, are you an acquaintance of his possibly. Some clarification would be appreciated.

    1. It is not me, but Rav Ben Artzi, shlita, who knows him. Actually there are many Rabbanim who know who he is. My guess is that the Moshiach is one of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, and that the other 35 know him.

      The real note from Rav Kaduri, zt"l, (not the bogus note) written in 5764 had the Moshiach's name encoded, and only certain Rabbis were able to encode it.