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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Shoftim, Elul 5775 (16/8/15)

G-d cares about Israel, which is the center of the world, the holy and pure place, the place from which the light and life comes for all of earth. Israel is called the Holy Land and the Jews within it are holy! Only the holy Jews can live in the Holy Land! Any country that wants to take parts of Israel away will be erased from earth by G-d in terms of their economy, security, and by the forces of nature.

Our Father in Heaven wants this world to be holy and pure, He wants it to have kindness, for us to love each other, and everything G-d wants will be!

There will continue to be volcanic eruptions, floods and rains, earthquakes, winds and storms, heavy heat and cold, strange things that have never happened in the world, 100 times the ten plagues that happened in Egypt. G-d does not want to destroy the world, however, only to turn it into a place of love and peace, without wars and with eternal life, and every country that supports Israel will be blessed with success in all.

The weather in the world, the conflict and complications - it is all from G-d. You do not see or hear Him, but He is doing everything for the benefit of the people of Israel in the state of Israel.

Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing, in Europe, the US, Russia, Ukraine, Asia, Africa, South and North America.  G-d is shaking all of the Jews living abroad and pressuring them to come to Israel. It is a great Mitzvah for Jews to live in Israel, to settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Binyamin, and Samaria. The gentiles abroad will harm the Jews terribly if they do not come to Israel. Seven billion gentiles can turn their tables in one second on a small number of Jews and cast them out in shame.

Iran is sending messengers through Syria and Egypt to harm Israel - they will not succeed. The agreement with Iran will be discovered in all of its deception, it keeps getting more complicated. The US government wanted to create an agreement to avoid the atomic bomb, but they prevented nothing. Russia is filling Iran with ammunition and weapons and the US is filling them with commodities. Everyone loses except for Iran. Iran will be discovered for its deception and the US government will be shamed. They will not be written down in the history books.

Syria continues to be erased, they cannot prevent it. G-d is the G-d of vengeance, and Syria harmed Israeli soldiers in wars so G-d is taking His revenge.

Egypt is on its way to destruction, and it will be destroyed. ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Islamists are destroying it. Patience pays out. The canal they built was in order to create jobs, but they will have millions more unemployed. They think that the canal will create an income, but they are only in for trouble.

Jordan is being destroyed by refugees, there is no food or water and there are plagues. It will erupt all at once and there will be chaos with four million refugees.

Turkey kept protecting ISIS and now ISIS is fighting inside Turkey.

Hamas is working quietly to keep building the tunnels. The terrorist that told the IDF about the tunnels told them about the old ones, not the new ones. There are new ones being dug toward a big army base in the Gaza Strip and surrounding settlements in order to take revenge on Operation Protective Edge. The Israeli government must urgently find the new tunnels. The Jewish mind can solve any problem.

ISIS has tens of millions of people and they will continue to grow by the millions. They are very cruel; they are taking people out step by step, cleaning the world.

Armageddon is between the gentiles. They say that Armageddon is the entire world against Israel, that is true, but they won't fight against Israel because they know that Armageddon in Israel has already happened and now it is between the gentiles. G-d is letting them keep busy with themselves - that is Armageddon! If there was no Armageddon, they would want to keep busy with Israel so G-d has created conflict for them and they are killing each other, they don't even know what they are fighting for.

The entire world doesn't understand that the small Jewish nation in Israel is the biggest on earth in the heavens. The United States and Russia are fighting over the Middle East. The US doesn't even care about Israel or the Palestinians.

Abu Mazen is dishonest; he works with Hamas and the Palestinians, the Jihad and part of ISIS. He is two-faced. Abu Mazen is one of the richest people in the world; he and his family have money. He can suddenly disappear to some Arab country.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah want to show that they exist so they send a missile from time to time. They are getting killed by the thousands, thousands are leaving them; they are being crushed because Syria and Iran are not helping.

Syria is falling apart.

The state of Israel is small and protected by a wall of fire around its borders.

The economy in Israel is very good.

The infiltrators come by the hundreds of thousands to Europe. All of Europe is fighting them but it won't do them any good. The infiltrators who once came to Israel didn't come because they suffered where they used to live, they were brainwashed into coming to Israel so that they can kick the Jews out. Millions are planning to come to Israel.

The state of Israel must set very harsh and strict laws to prevent infiltrators from coming in! They are hundreds of millions, not just one or two. Israel has enough complications with what it already has, why add more? Africa is very big, they have infinite places to live, but they were brainwashed to come to Israel.

The IDF must be vigilant and the government of Israel must support the IDF solders. This is not a game with the Arabs in East Jerusalem coming from Ramallah, Jordan, etc.

The Knesset members must be unified and not harm each other so that they can do their work faithfully for Israel.

The government of Israel must protect our youth from assimilation, drugs, alcohol abuse, and gambling - it is worth all of the education in the world so that in a year or two Jews will continue to serve in the IDF, learn and live happy and good lives. G-d hates assimilation.

G-d is protecting the state of Israel and asking the Jews to pray three times a day, to study the Torah and to obey the commandments.

All of the corrupt people from the smallest to the biggest, religious and secular will be discovered. White collar and otherwise will be discovered and those that are not famous will be dealt with by G-d quietly. Whoever truly repents will be protected by G-d and not discovered.

The people of Israel must "do and listen," and G-d "listens and does."

Everything starts with the hands of G-d and ends with the hands of G-d, except for man's freedom of choice.

Everyone wants the Messiah as King to rule the world, but they don't know how to ask because if someone ask for the Messiah, they will say, heaven forbid, that he is not modern. You must ask for the Messiah so that G-d knows you want the Messiah!

The Messiah is acting in secret protecting the state and people of Israel. The Jewish people will ask for a messiah out in the open. Without the protection and prayers of the Messiah, Israel will not be protected. Blessed is he who believes in the Messiah. Anyone who believes in the coming of the Messiah will be given light, purity, cleanliness for his soul by G-d; and, this generation is blessed! There are no dates; the time is with G-d, and not man. G-d is responsible for the timetable and not just for the crowning of the Messiah as King. We must not be skeptical and not just believe in the Messiah, we must and should not! The modern Jew is the one who believes that the Messiah is in this generation, working to protect the state of Israel, the Holy Land!

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  1. We must not be skeptical and not just believe in the Messiah, we must and should not! The modern Jew is the one who believes that the Messiah is in this generation, working to protect the state of Israel, the Holy Land!

    Rav, could you explain this last paragraph?
    Must? and should not..?
    Must believe or should not believe?

    1. The wording from Hebrew to English was difficult, but the Rav is saying that skepticism or doubt or questioning the fact that Moshiach is here and will be introduced soon is very counter-productive and even dangerous. We must have total emunah and should not in any way have doubt.

      The scriptures that are telling us the time is now, and the messages from Hashem to verify the fact is totally clear.

      What happens when people are skeptical is they think they don't have to do as much Teshuvah or Tefillah. When the Geula happens, and it probably will happen quickly, it is too late for these people and the Jews that they hurt with their skepticism (it is the worst Lashon Harah one can do).

  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. With regards to the tug of war that we.see in Syria, do you see Damascus in it's way out, or do you see Damascus and Assad still in the race...?

    1. I see the Midrash being satisfied, the one that says: When the King of Damascus is out, Moshiach will come. The King of Damascus and Bashar Assad have the same gematria.

  4. That is interesting

  5. Ok, so I take it, and correct me if I'm mistaken, that Damascus is on it's way out. (Every time I hear something about Damascus getting ready to fall within hours or days (on the internet) I think of this Midrash....It actually is one of the elements t the End of Days that inspires me.
    I pray for the death of evil and for the protection of the innocent.....

  6. In my view ISIS is doing the dirty work, they are cleaning the territory it occupied in the future to be attached by the Messiah in the war on ISIS itself. But when they are destroying historical monuments, I feel joy, should not contain traces of idolatry in the messianic era.

    1. Everything that is happening in the world is part of Hashem's plan. Hashem does not create something so horrible as ISIS, but will use them to serve His purpose. We cannot understand the entire situation, but do get glimpses of how Hashem works. Your analysis seems very likely.

  7. Hello!!!

    Rav Nir Ben Artzi said: "Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing, in Europe, the US, Russia, Ukraine, Asia, Africa, South and North America.".

    Luiz Felipe: the Brazil Donated 7.5 million dollars to "refugees" fakestinians, sending money to the UNRWA (organ anti-Semitic, as all the UN-the site is in Portuguese):

    And the latest anti-Semitic Act (by the Brazilian Communist "Government"):

    Now I ask: who is the Brazil to say something against Israel? It's unfortunate the Brazilian leaders comes making against Israel. As a Brazilian, I feel ashamed.

    Shavua Tov and kol tuv!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil