Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Re'eh, 24 Av 5775 (9/8/15)

G-d does not pass over any country that bothers the holy land of Israel, and wants to hurt the people of Israel. G-d protects and guards the state of Israel and is healing the entire world to a world of purity and sanctity, honesty, truth and kindness. There will be no evil, no hate, no killing forever. G-d is harming all of the countries through fire, volcanoes, floods, rain, cold, earthquakes, winds and storms, and creates conflict between them – all the countries that harm Israel.

The heat in Israel and around the world is G-d showing everyone that only He can change and do as He pleases. There is no one in the world that can change the weather, cold and heat! G-d is showing the world and Israel that He is the ruler of the world, that He does as He pleases and everything for the good of the state of Israel and the world. G-d is doing everything so that the people of Israel surrender to G-d, and the Jews overseas need to run from there while they can and come to the holy state of Israel.

The weather is hard; you cannot compete with the weather. The people must sit at home, do good deeds, and pray. Do not be heroes and go out in this heat, it is not a regular heat; it is a heat that destroys everything.

Any person who thinks himself some sort of hero and chooses the wrong path will get hurt. G-d used to wait a year or two, or a month or two, but now He doesn't wait.

All of the countries or businessmen that want to do business with Iran will lose, go bankrupt and everything will turn bad for them.

The US is playing games, everyone wants to prove that they rule, they want to be written in the history books - they won't be, they won't do anything. The US doesn't care about Israel or what is happening in Israel with the Arabs. It only cares about controlling the Middle East. They must not get what they want.

The Iranians do what they want, they laugh at the US and the entire world. Everyone is afraid and thinks that Iran is a power - they are losers, nothing. G-d will give them a blow they will never forget.

Every country or leader in the world that wants to harm Israel will be erased from the earth by G-d.

Iran uses messengers to harm Israel; they will never succeed and will only get complications!  G-d is protecting the state of Israel, and the IDF, Mossad, and Shin Bet are vigilant.  G-d opens their eyes to see things that are not seen by human eyes!

In the meantime, Iran gets hugs and kisses from the US, weapons and ammunition from Russia, and support to do whatever it wants. Suddenly, a country that was at the bottom in the world is the king. Soon they will fall! The factories in Iran continue to manufacture the nuclear weapons as usual. Everything they wanted, they got from the US and Russia.

Every country that gives ammunition and weapons to Iran - it will be used against them!

The gentiles do not trust each other and hate each other in their hearts.

No one in the world can press the red nuclear button because everyone will lose. The nuclear bomb came to make peace in the world.

East Jerusalem and Gaza are united and are doing everything they can to create conflict among Jews in Israel. Do not blame any Jew for anything until you check every fact from beginning to end and prove without a doubt if it is true or not. In East Jerusalem, they meet in groups, from Jordan, from Hamas and Ramallah. They enter through East Jerusalem to harm the state of Israel in cars, guns, knives - be careful!

In Syria, everything is a mess. It is being erased and it will continue to be erased.

Turkey has woken up and is fighting ISIS. At first they were friends but now they fight because ISIS wants control.

In Iraq there is chaos, the Babel Tower.

Jordan is a wreck, filled with terrible despair. There is no food or water, the refugees are eating it up and the king is waiting for redemption for Israel - let him wait, he is delusional.

Egypt will create a canal or not, there is a canal and there is no blessing in all canals (note: this seems to be referring to the Suez Canal and possibly a new one to be made, I am not sure). ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Islamists are eating at Sisi and all of Egypt. Egypt will be destroyed.

Hamas is waiting for a sign to destroy and harm the state of Israel, we must be careful. They are digging forty tunnels. They swore that they must succeed in everything that failed at in Operation Protective Edge, to surprise the IDF and the area through the tunnels this year. They are working as usual. Be vigilant and report every noise!

Abu Mazen does not speak the truth; there is no honesty in him. He works with the Hamas and plans to surprise the holy land through the tunnels or rockets.

Hezbollah can't do anything, they had defense from Syria and Iran and now they don't have any protection and no ammunition from them. Thousands of soldiers have left them and thousands were killed. There is plenty of ammunition. Whatever is sent from Iran, the rebels blow up or ISIS or Syria by mistake. And if the ammunition goes through all of the obstacles, the Israeli Air Force waits for them and blows it up.

Refugees from Africa, Syria, and Iraq are migrating to Greece, France, and all of Europe.

G-d is guiding the minds of refugees and immigrants from Africa to go into Europe. Africa is falling apart, dust, emptiness. Europe is dust. The primitive people from Africa are migrating to Europe - Africa will be empty, it will fall apart and turn to dust and the modern Europe will turn from luxury to dust, from modern to primitive. This process is Armageddon in Europe which will turn luxury to dust.

The state of Israel must protect itself and not trust any other state. The government of Israel, Mossad, Shin Bet, IDF must be united because no one will help you, only you can help yourselves!

In the state of Israel, the economy is the best in the world, there is everything: gold, diamonds, oil, gas, iron, copper, honey, and blessings! Everything is blessed in the holy land of Israel. G-d is giving all of the good to Israel so that they won't need any other country.

The government of Israel must support the IDF soldiers because the soldiers are afraid, they aren't responding fast, and it is costing them their lives. You must give them a legal explanation so that they will have the confidence to do things legally.

Bad people will continue to be discovered, those that take bribes, thieves, conmen, until the state of Israel is clean and pure, law will be law, judge will be judge, cops will be cops, and there will be peace and calm and truth in Israel. This is in preparation for the coming of the King Messiah, for those who don't know.

Dear Jews, G-d is saying: Armageddon is only outside of the borders of the holy land of Israel! Redemption in Israel began in '48 when the country began. The date of the crowning can only be determined by G-d! No one has the date. G-d wants more than anything in the world to crown the Messiah as King! G-d is sick of this world of lies, evil, and impurities and wants to turn the world to kindness, mercy, truth and honesty forever! G-d is operating from the heavens through the Messiah, who is on earth, guiding him how to act against the world and the countries that are against Israel!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. So comforting and makes one realize how much we must pray for the safety of the IDF, the messengers from Hashem that protect us b"h that they'll be vigilant, confident and feel supported and protected by the Jewish men that are involved for the sake of heaven in Torah learning for peace have them in mind let's be heavenly teams, all Jews are precious in Hashems eyes. Thanks for posting the newsletter!

    1. The most important idea that Hashem is wanting now is achdus, unity. One of the strongest messages in the Torah is that we help each other, that we work together to bring Tikun HaOlam. That is what brings Moshiach and solves all the world's problems.

  2. That is so true!