Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Proof of the End of the End of Days

Yes that is correct, we are not just in the end of days, as is proven extensively by all the scriptures coming true, we are in the end of the end of days. I have ranted on about all the prophecies coming true and how obvious it is that everything that is happening in the world was told to us thousands of years ago. I have discussed ad nausea about what the many Rabbis and Mekubalim (mystical Rabbis who are telling us things that they could not have known, but are very accurate), about the Facilitated Communications individuals who are not verbal individuals, and completely out of touch with this world, but are telling us deep dark secrets and predictions that are coming absolutely true (if you don’t believe that, you haven’t been paying attention). In other words, I pay a lot of attention to messages that I know are coming from Hashem since the sources could not have known such information. So, what new proof am I pondering now?

Since I started this blog close to 41 months ago, I have received about 8000 comments and personal Emails. Mostly, asking questions or wanting clarification on blog posts that I made. A new phenomenon is happening these days. I am getting many, many Emails pointing out web pages, YouTube videos, research projects, news events, strange and very unexplainable occurrences, notices of pending war, such as Syria, Iran, terrorist activity, gun control issues, abortion issues, same sex nonsense, New World Order proof, FEMA Camp proof, election craziness, the blood moon phenomenon, other astronomical phenomenon, military activity such as the Jade Helm exercise, crazy government actions, crazy laws being enacted, the pending worldwide monetary disaster, crazy weather patterns, natural disasters, etc, etc etc. All are verifying what scriptures has said for thousands of years, and all is pointing the way to the happy ending being very close. I don’t have to look for proof any more, my readers are sending me all the proof I need in great abundance, B”H. This, of course, includes all the new messages from the many sources mentioned above.

The area of discovery that I have still been involved with is finding passages in scriptures and comparing it to our modern world situation – especially pointing out how pertinent everything is these days. The posts of the past two days are examples of my findings.

This is the end, it is obvious; and, this is your chance to have it all. I also am getting many who are telling me of great problems they personally are experiencing. I tell them that everything that is happening to you personally is your final testing, measure for measure according to what you need to reach Tikun (correction, perfection). If you are having financial problems or medical problems or marital problems or problems with your children or neighbors or the country you live in, etc, etc, etc, it is all by design from the Designer of the world, Who shaped your life and the events in it to help you. It is what you need, and can only be changed by you doing something to make life better, easier. What would that be? For the thousandth time on this blog: FOLLOWING HASHEM, LIVING HIS TORAH, LIVING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. That is the only correction you need. That is the solution to financial problems, social problems, etc. Turn to Hashem and the problems get resolved. If you say: I have turned to Hashem and it didn’t work. I say: you are deceiving yourself and need much more turning. The system is foolproof. If you don’t believe the total lack of randomness and the definite design of your life, then you will pay the consequences of that belief (or misbelief). Whether you believe the truth or not, it doesn’t go away. Only when you accept the system Hashem gave us in this world, can you benefit from that system. Most people are fighting it instead of enjoying it. You may ask: doesn’t that mean we have no Free Will? Free will is very limited but is our friend or enemy depending on how we use it. Go to my post of 3 May 2012 and get the details:


Let us get scientific. There is nothing random in this world. If you see a fly, it is exactly where Hashem is putting it to accomplish something – to bother you, to get your attention, to wake you up, to send you a message, to send you a reminder, to test you. Do you know that there is no such thing as motion? Even the electron orbiting in an atom does not move. It appears in one place, disappears and reappears right next to where is first appeared (of course, this is happening at the speed of light). This constantly changing position gives the allusion of motion. If you move your hand in front of your face, it does the same thing. It is only an allusion of motion. Even your eyes take pictures at a specific rate, like a movie or a video camera.

Why am I bringing this up? Everything in this world is an allusion from Hashem! He imagines our reality and it becomes our reality. His infinite intelligence definitely fools us. The person who thinks otherwise is a fool. But it is all for our benefit, it is all to help us. The details of our lives are to the nth degree – every word, every action, everything (even a fly bothering us). Nothing just happens. Everything is Hashem and it is all for our good. When the Geula is upon us and Hashem is no longer hiding from us, we will completely understand it all, and why we had to experience everything in life as it was presented to us. What I am saying is beyond human comprehension, but it is real. Part of turning to Hashem and following His ways includes complete faith and trust in the system and recognizing Hashem’s hand in everything. It makes life’s mysteries much clearer and more acceptable. That to me is one of the easiest ways to have peace of mind in this world, when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all is from Hashem and that all is for the good.

The question is: are you using the system of this world to totally succeed and to find happiness, or are you still living in the upside-down fantasy world? Hashem gave us all the information and tools to set us up with an extremely joyous life and eternity. We have the free will to take advantage of it, or bring on suffering for ourselves and our loved ones.
Last week’s Parashah, Re’eh offered us the “blessing or the curse.” If we choose Hashem’s ways and live the Torah as He designed it, we are truly blessed. If we think we know better and live by our own nonsense, we and our loved ones, who depend on us, are cursed. This is not rocket science. It has been proven to us for thousands of years. All we need to do is decide which we want goodness or suffering, happiness or sadness.


  1. BS"D

    Yasher Koach!!

    Nothing is random, everything is guided, all a product of cause and effect and what you and I think, speak and do every single moment of our lives matters.

    The illusions of false security are crashing down. History has a purpose and we have a role to play. As a friend of mine said - what is history? It's His Story!

    Events on the personal, local and global scales may seem disconnected to the untrained eye but a person equipped with spiritual awareness and a fundamental knowledge of Torah will realize there's a purpose to the mayhem and a responsibility each individual living in these times has to him or herself, one's family, their community and our world.

    Goal: to get the world on the right path. Recognize Hashem is real. Prophecies are coming true. Ultimately get the Jews to Israel. Separate good from evil. Universal recognition of the One True God. Dismantle evil nations and tyrannical regimes. Shatter false comforts, materialism and hedonistic lifestyles that are the product of and result in an open rebellion of Hashem and His Laws.

    Timing: Now

    Events of Occurrence: Stay Tuned . . .

    Final Product and Purpose Of It All: a rectified, purified, inspired world. Moshiach.

    A prayer -

    Heavenly Father! Awaken in Am Yisrael the recognition of each of our individual responsibility to us as a whole (and to You - Hashem) to adhere to Your Torah and commandments that everything will be good and as it should be for us and for the whole world.

    - (the following is an excerpt from the book "The Garden of Purity" and a phenomenal tool for survival. Ask yourself who can make such promises as seen below? Only one who got the guarantee from the Creator Himself.)

    Rebbe Nachman made amazing promises to those who would speak to Hashem on a daily basis. Here is his personal letter:

    To you, my dear pupils and followers!

    I call to you and ask of you stop for a few moments and listen to my words, for I'm speaking for your eternal benefit. Know that I worked hard to bring you close to me, for you surely can feel some of the miracles that were performed on your behalf. I urge you not to let anyone fool you and not to fool yourself. You have already heard, and you understand, that the way I help those close to me attain their soul correction is primarily by way of personal prayer, that they set aside a place for themselves where they can speak their heart out to Hashem, and ask for everything they need both in the spiritual and the material, and confess to Hashem everything they did wrong whether willfully or accidentally, whether coerced or voluntarily. Also, that they thank Hashem for all their amenities both in spiritual and in material. And this, I succeeded in arranging with Hashem: that if a person stands before Hashem for an hour a day in personal prayer, even if he has no spiritual arousal or can't say a word, only that he forces himself to yearn to speak to Hashem, he will merit everything good and there will be no stern judgments against him, for his soul will be corrected! Not only that, but all the heavenly realms that depend on him since the creation of Adam and until the coming of Moshiach will be rectified as well, for this is true and unshakeable, and I guarantee it.

    Signed, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev

    Rebbe Nachman also promised that anyone who devotes an hour a day to personal prayer would live long enough to complete his soul correction. Therefore, if a person wants a guarantee of longevity, that he'll circumvent Purgatory and walk right into Gan Eden, and many other wonderful promises, he should devote an hour to personal prayer every single day with no compromises.

    What is personal prayer? It's talking to Your Creator in your own words like you are talking to your very best friend. Try it and spread the word..

    Chodesh Tov!

    - a Yid

    1. Thank you so much for this excellent, excellent comment. I couldn't have said it better myself, in fact, you said it better.

  2. Very beautiful and inspiring Rav Menachem.

  3. Could this be the trigger of the War of G u'Magog?


    1. Absolutely. I mentioned in a recent post that the Gog Bush cabal is working many angles to try to start World War 3. This is part of the plan to institute the New World Order. Everything that is happening, and the mess in China is definitely very involved in their agenda, is to effect their evil plan.

  4. I had an epiphany just last night and successfully came out of deep depression. I now understand and know it was all Tikkun -- baruch Hashem. I so look forward to the New Age of PEACE AND LOVE. I am starting to organize events in my area to bring people together to learn Torah together, play and enjoy music and dance and art. All are welcome especially like minded souls that believe redemption is imminent.. We are here in peaceful Tekoa. Dear Rabbi, please honor us with a visit!
    Thank you for this blog. Looking forward to the BIG celebration TOGETHER.
    most sincerely,

    1. Mazel Tov. I have talked about the fact that there are two redemptions.

      One is a personal redemption that happens to those who find their way before the world has been redeemed. It sounds like you found yours, and now know that Hashem is completely there for you. It is the greatest feeling that one can experience, and we thank you for sharing it with us. B"H

      Write me a personal Email on absolutetruth613@gmail.com about the visit.