Monday, September 1, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, 5 Elul, תשעד 31.8.14 - Parshas Ki Seitzei


G-d, King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, is breaking the old world of impurity, hatred, pride and evil at the same time, is opening a new world of purity, holiness, salvation and the Kingdom of the King Messiah who will lead Israel, the Jews and the whole world!  The Creator is causing complication and confusion in all the world for a definite purpose; no one will dictate to the Creator what to do!

Man's free choice has dwindled, and with the deterioration, it is bringing the world to chaos.  If the Creator does not intervene strongly - not remaining in every person, even every fly, the world would flare up in nuclear war and would cause an end to the universe.

G-d wants all countries of the world to understand that the State of Israel, the Holy Land, is the light that gives life to the world!  Thanks to the state of Israel, the world continues to live!  When countries are working against Israel, it affects the hidden light and the holiness – they become the victims of the Divine One.  Anyone who wants to hurt the most sacred thing in the world, the State of Israel, injures himself.  Seven billion people in the world are against Israel and are causing their own destruction merely by going against the State of Israel.  The Creator is completely destroying countries, because they want to harm the State of Israel!  The Land of Israel is the source of life and the blessing of the whole world – the State of Israel, the Holy Land and the Jews living there.

G-d gave the world the Islamic State, IS, and Hamas, problems in Ukraine, Iraq problems and complications in many countries around the world.  G-d Almighty gave very serious disorders in the United States for going against the State of Israel; everything is turned upside-down on them, Measure for Measure.

The IS began to trickle into the Gaza Strip.  The clowns of the government of the State of Israel are excited about the IS Arab towns and villages.  They need to take a hard line against them, especially if they wave their flag in Israel.  The IS wants to enter through Jordan and the Judea and Samaria.  They think it would be easy for them to conquer Jerusalem.

The Israeli government must be vigilant to keep an eye on the border of Syria, Judea, Samaria, Jordan and the Gaza Strip.  The IDF should be prepared, ready and alert.  The Jordan border is currently the most dangerous.

Hezbollah is scared to death of the IS.  Their leader will not lower his dignity and will fight to the end.

Jordan has much chaos and also fears the IS’s tricky mix of many nations.  There is no army called the Jordanian army, everything is complicated and confused.

Chaos continues in Syria; they are killing each other.

Chaos continues in Iraq.

The complications coming from the IS are a mess all over the world and from the Creator.  It is causing a diminishing of harassment for the Jews in Israel.

The International Court of Justice and the United Nations need to look and review the government and people of Israel.  The State of Israel is fighting Hamas to defend itself.  They need to go and look for the real killers in Iraq, where people are being slaughtered in front of the cameras, in Syria where hundreds of people have been killed in front of cameras, to check what's going on in the Ukraine and in many countries in Africa.  They need to stop looking at the "the government of Israel!”  If they don’t stop, the Creator will complicate their lives from all sides and not give them a moment's rest!  The Israeli government is just protecting its citizens.  Stop looking at Israel and look elsewhere at many others!

The Israeli government must check very carefully for the resumption of tunnel building.  The Arabs have full intentions to resume their construction.  There cannot be faith in them, neither the Fatah nor the Hamas.  Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders are all one hand with the intensions to continue to hurt the people of Israel.  They only put on an act talking about peace.

The State of Israel, the Jews who live in Israel and around the world: you must back the IDF and strengthen the prime minister and his ministers. The Israeli government has done a good job and a special operation.  "Stick with them."  The most that could be done was to prevent the abduction, killing and injuring soldiers!  The world is against Israel and wanted to stop the Israeli ships to prevent them from monitoring the seas; wanted to stop the planes of Israel and prevent them from landing at airports around the world; wanted to stop the import and export of Israeli products.  They wanted to stop the war too early and prevent them from doing their job and completing their mission.  The same positive results obtained in 50 days of fighting could have been sustained even if they had continued the operation, but there would have been more soldiers injured, G-d forbid.  The Creator stopped the war!  He started it and stopped it, do not blame anyone!

Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the Arabs are in great fear that the problems and troubles being caused by the IS will reach out to them.

The great wonder of the world is that everyone is afraid to use the atomic bombs and chemical bombs, because they are afraid to die.  Why even have nuclear bombs and chemical bombs?  So that there will be a third world war!

Another interesting concept would be to go back to a primitive world, fighting with knives and swords.

Iran is also in a great panic and with much anxiety.  All fear that it is completed there, secretly and quietly and that she is afraid of revealing how she will deal with it (her plans).

All those who speak against Israel and act as if they do not like Jews, also do it to Hamas and IS, but do not hurt them.  But, they do not know, if they go against the State of Israel, Hamas and IS will have no complications, and will go against many people faster.

Natural disasters will continue, wherever something new pops up in nature.  It will not be a quiet, but a chaotic world.

All the Jews who live outside Israel will rise to Israel, as Israel will be even more urgently holy! Do not get smart with the Creator!  All threats to Jews around the world are a message to come to Israel urgently!  It will not stop and suddenly one day everything would be reversed for them, to come to Israel – it will become very difficult!   All Jewish travelers in the world – must beware and not think that their lives are not being affected – they are!

Elul is the month to be strong!  Any person who prays real prayer with real tears – G-d helps that person.  This means that the Jews should pray very hard to bring down the Hidden Light to the world, the light of Israel that maintains and distributes the purity and holiness!  We must have true prayer and crying in all the synagogues in Israel to bring the kingdom of heaven, and the Creator will in turn bring the King Messiah!!!

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