Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Yom Kippur תשעה

The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed is He, our Father of mercy for all his creations, is hugging each Jew, and wants all Jews to be under His humble and modest wings.  He wants all to love each and that they increase charity and donations in secret.  G-d wants this year 5775, that the people of Israel and all Jews continue to be honest and work for G-d in goodness and joy.  Every Jew has a contract with G-d; and, He pays on all the contracts that he chooses.  Any person who violates the agreement, G-d forbid, the contract between him or her and the Creator, will work hard to restore the contract as it was before, in order for everything to be fine.

The two days of the New Year went well.  Great was the joy of heaven and earth.  Prayer was great; a lot of Jewish men and women repented and were in the synagogues.  There were only a few Jews, a handful, who did not understand the Holy One, blessed be He, well enough, or what are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot represent.  May G-d have mercy on them so that they understand and respect the Creator of the universe; it is from them that G-d wants the most penitents.  All Jews have the greatest opportunity once a year, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot to keep the Ten Commandments and stick to the Creator of the universe.

This year 5775 will be a wonderful year for Israel and this is how it will continue forever!

From now on, every state and country, band, group, or any officer, who wants to hurt the people of Israel - they will be punished and it will happen in a very short time!  Everyone must analyze and understand - they wanted to hurt the people of Israel and the Holy Blessed One gives the medicine before the disease – they were surprised and beaten.  It's a different kind of faith in G-d, repent and stick to Him.

Mazen Abbas,
as we wrote there over a year ago, mocks everyone, wrongs everyone and lies as he breathes, as if he were alone in the world.  He is in a league with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and soon also with IS.  Now, he reveals his true colors.  Thank the G-d of Israel that the government woke up and realized that all his movements were lies and deceptions.  Outwardly he seemed "nice" very humble, modest, begging for mercy this is the deceit of the snake.

The United States, France, Britain and other NATO countries, conspired to remove IS; they do not know that IS is in their country.  They bombard IS without bombarding precisely; the main thing is that their bombardment of IS, Iraq, Syria and the rebels does not make a difference.  The Creator made ​​the Tower of Babel.  IS is not a country but a religion and belief.

Turkey is the main base of IS.  They are strongly implemented and so are a million and a half refugees from Syria as well as Kurdish refugees from Iraq – a feast.  Turkey will have a very hard civil war. Turkey is about to be destroyed because Erdogan chose IS and others and did not choose the Holy Land of Israel.  There will be a great revolution in Turkey.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are terrified of Hamas and IS.  Nasrallah is afraid that his bodyguards will turn on him and become IS.

The IS has lots of money from Qatar.  Qatar gives money to anyone who is against Israel, whether Hamas or IS.

Iran wants to walk between the drops, not to be disturbed in its production of atomic power.  Do not believe them; they are not telling the truth.  They only care about their own interests and do not care about the IS or the world.  Iran is terrified of Israel and scared of how Israel may react.  They are certain that the Israel Defense Forces can reach every corner of Iran and destroy it!

In Egypt hunger is heavy.  Egypt will continue to be involved in the most serious tangles.  Hamas and the IS also want to destroy Egypt and the Egyptian government.

Jordan has its hand on the pulse and is afraid of Israel more than anything.  Now she wants to cooperate with the IS and Hamas, but chose the wrong time, she missed the boat.  She woke up too late, the IS and Hamas will cause her terrible problems.

Hamas, meanwhile collected the pieces, strengthens, gathers and begins to rebuild and improve the tunnels.  They have tunnels in the Gaza Strip that the IDF did not reach. The IDF must be alert and pay attention to Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.  Small groups of the IS want to get revenge on the Mossad and Shabak – open your eyes they have plans!

Eritreans and Sudanese are causing chaos and severe damage in Tel Aviv; they have neither day nor night.  At night they await the day and during the day they wait for the night.  They have no life and very serious diseases.  If the Israeli government does not wake up, Tel Aviv will be called the "New Sudan."

The State of Israel must preserve every piece of land!  There is such thing as peace for a piece of land, because there is no faith in anybody!

Anti-Semitism in the world is very hard.  They need to stop saying everything is fine, they are lying!  They are waiting to do harm to the Jews!  That will not stop; it will grow like a river!  Jews, stop disguising yourselves as goyim; the Creator will reveal all!  The Creator wants you in your homeland in Israel – the land of Israel!

The State of Israel is economically prosperous, socially and politically very good!  Everything is Honey!

It is strictly forbidden to remove the Israeli government!  Do not play with honor.  The people expect them faithfully to serve the people, and do not expect that within the Knesset that there should be arguments to the detriment of the people

All liars, thieves and members of lust, with black collar, white and pink, the corrupters and the corrupted, do not say "it will not happen to me," to the Almighty all are totally transparent.  The Holy One, blessed is He, examines and evaluates the heart and mind and eyes of man and knows which direction he is heading, for better or for worse.

Yom Kippur, G-d will affix the seal of the Supreme Court!  The Creator is the One who decides what will be for each and every one.

Yom Kippur 5775, there will be a great repentance of Israel.  The Almighty sees the future and is pleased that Israel has repented with humility and faith.  This will be a blessed year for Israel, a mass immigration, a great economy and revenues, a blessing and success in everything!

Soon the Creator will crown the King Messiah; he will lead the world!  Everyone should follow his prayer; there will be one prayer for the people of Israel.  He will lead the State of Israel and the world will continue as usual – everything will be normal.  The Creator manages the world through the Messiah.  They will look with their eyes, hear with their ears, speak with their mouths but the Messiah will do Israel's wars, without tanks, no planes and no ship!  A country that disturbs Israel will experience a terrible wrong with their thought and speech.  What he says, is done!  Everyone will be afraid; they will fear and tremble from the light of the King Messiah.  The crown and the coronation are en route!  Write it, and remember to check what will be in the near future!

Courtesy of: "Tair Neri"


  1. Hello Menachem!!!

    Never felt so happy and motivated with the Holy words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    My soul leapt for joy and satisfaction, knowing that the world will change 180º.

    Mashiach now, please Hashem, please!!!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S. P. - Brazil

    1. Luiz, I am always happy to hear from you. Your positive comments brighten my day.

    2. Hello!!!

      Thank you very much. Our days can be enlightened, B'H!!! :)

      All good and chag sameach!!!

      Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil

  2. Methinks disappointment awaits, so don't raise your hopes too high.

    1. Methinks that you are not aware of even half of what evil is occurring in the world and that the message is right on. Be aware that evil is very often done covertly to try to fool you and me, but it does not fool those receiving messages from Hashem. Our hopes could even be much higher, if we knew all the details.

  3. Encouraging and positive as always, thank you for posting and putting all the hard work in, Gmar Chatima Tova!