Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Message Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, 19 Elul (תשעד (14/09/14

Our Father in Heaven, G-d, does not want to see his children suffer any more, especially with more Jews living in Israel.  The Master of the Universe continues to battle for us.  He strengthens the redemption and brings closer the crowning of the King, the Messiah.  The Creator wants the people of Israel to completely cease in their suffering and live forever and ever.  It's not weird!

The Israeli government needs to stop acting angrily and causing injuries due to trying to be competitive.  They need to reach wise decisions, not allowing threats of liquidation.  This is a great injustice to the people living in Israel and causes the Israeli Knesset to shame those who serve it.  We should not forget when good ministers, the Prime Minister and all those who help the country's security.  You cannot break up the package, they must not encourage the dismantling government – it is of little help.  They need to examine how to treat and strengthen the government.

The IDF, our dear soldiers Intelligence Corps, will do well to not listen to any outsider who wants to sow death and destruction in the IDF and the Israeli government.  There is an urgent need to eradicate this phenomenon.  We also should not act like a bleeding-heart; no one in the world will support Israel.  All this is the result of some civilians affecting the soldiers of the IDF.  The Army should be alert and check their soldiers to insure they are using appropriate force as necessary.

The Israeli government and the IDF should be alert on all the borders of Israel.

The Islamic State IS, are bastards.  They just like blood lust like the generation of the flood.  They are human beings acting like animals.  They love to cut off heads and slaughter people.

The United States will not be able to disable the IS alone.  Arab countries, which have their own problems, are collaborating with IS to not hurt them.

The troubles with Hamas in Gaza are not over.  But the IDF prefers the Hamas and Fatah over the possibility of IS rule in the Gaza Strip.

The IS finds itself being scorned from all sorts of places.  Their greed, evil and blood flow are enticing thousands of young people to come and join them due to boredom and drugs.

All countries of the world have a desire and need to delete the IS.  It is difficult to discover IS in Europe, since many Europeans think Muslims are clean, pristine and pure.  Those who do not conform to their standards, they try to send to Turkey and other countries with a desire to spread these people throughout the world.

Everything that happens in the world is being done by G-d to renounce the people of the world and leave the Holy Land!  He wants to interrupt efforts causing Israel to no longer be sacred.  This would be good for everyone!

Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem need to be vigilant.  Hamas, Syria and Iraq refugees are arriving in Jerusalem from Jordan to make a revolution, to maim and to destroy.  The IDF needs to be alert!  Uproot all these rabble-rousers in East Jerusalem and Yesha!

Russia is waiting to be asked for her help against IS and then everyone will be with additional problems.  Russia has been working quietly (but not in everyone’s best interest).  Be careful not to create a European revolution throughout all of Europe.  All the Jews must keep their wits about them.  Before emigrating to Israel, they face an urgent and difficult situation.

Iran is a snake in the grass.  She does everything quietly, says she against IS and does nothing.  She goes to the United States to appear to be cooperative, as she continues to produce atomic weapons.

A first tunnel was discovered in the north; Hamas continues to escalate the situation in the north.

Egypt died from fear of Hamas and the Islamic extremists, IS, who wants to change and control Egypt, the Egyptian government and the Egyptian military.

Turkey – IS is finishing and ruining the whole country.  They are increasing in Turkey and making a feast.

Israel's economy is the best in the world; there are specialists who are handling the situation and G-d is helping.

Chareidim have to leave the Tel Aviv bubble and establish new communities in the Negev, the western Galilee and Samaria.

There is enough work for all the Jews in Israel, when another million arrive.

Floods, volcanic eruptions, fire and heat, storms and harsh winds, earthquakes and natural disasters will continue.

G-d is here for us before the New Year comes.  We should listen to the warning of Moses to the people of Israel that they should wake up and be careful with what they say.  We should inspire the people of Israel before the Day of Judgment.  Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we have another ten days, ten days of repentance.  Awaken the people of Israel for the time between Yom Kippur and Shemini Atzeret -- eleven days, is another chance to repent.  Then, all of Israel will be protected and preserved.

At these times we must increase our charity, caring and kindness, the giving and the good deeds in secret – this is all blessing!

Israel will listen to the will of the Creator of the world.  There will be better days that will be beautiful!

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, will be quiet!

There is salvation.  The Messiah protects and keeps the people of Israel and the way of the royal crown!!!


  1. The use of the word "bastard" is a very poor translation, and reflects badly on the Rabbi!

    1. I thought the same when I read it, but since the Hebrew was אנשים ממזרים, there really is no other translation to use. If you check the dictionary it says, besides "a person born of unmarried parents," it also says "a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person." Since the Rav is talking about the barbaric IS, "bastard" is mild -- I won't say what I would call them, you wouldn't read my blog any more (I don't use such language, but I am doing Teshuvah for what I am thinking).