Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita 28 Av - Shoftim תשעד


The Holy One, blessed be He, the King of Kings, the Creator of the Universe, Creator of man, is not letting up on everything that happens in Israel and around the world, everything from A to Z, the great changes. G-d wants you to believe in Him and follow Him – observant and non-observant, left and right, will all be united and consolidated.  Tell everyone what you are you hearing!  It was not for nothing that He gave us the Ten Commandments.  Every sentence of the Ten Commandments is in favor of the Jews, especially the Jewish people of Israel -- the chosen ones.  We should not forget the sorrow and the pain that many nations did to the Jews; yet our ancestors held everything sacred – their observance and their Judaism.

The Almighty is upset and angry because of assimilation. Assimilation does not add grace, beauty or humility to Jews in Israel.  Everything starts and ends with the education of the parents, who blame their neighbors and their environment.  Parents are to blame for everything and so there is assimilation.  This assimilation comes from people who think modern, who believe it is primitive for Jews to be clean, pure and pristine and not assimilated.  Gentile children aim to destroy Israel.  Gentiles aim to bring drugs and liquor, destroying the youth of Israel.  Gentiles aim to sow discord among Jews in Israel Holy.  They want to harm the State of Israel and the Jews in Israel and around the world.  They do not perpetuate peace and love for Jews; it is the opposite.  It is Hamas, Amalek and ISIS’s cruel participants.  They are able to slaughter people in the whole world; there was never such cruelty in the world.  It was discovered who the slaughterer was.  A journalist slaughtered in front of the cameras to show the world what cruelty comes from the Muslim religion!  There is no greater cruelty than this!

All countries in the world, who believe in peace and modernity, do not know that many of the Arabs will not change because they have a desire to destroy and control the whole world.  It will not happen because the Almighty gave control to the Jews in the Land of Israel!  Every Arab knows do not mess with the Jews in Israel.  He knows that the Jews in Israel are the elite, are exceptional from all the nations, even though they are a minority.  But, the Holy One is in them and through them life is given to seven billion people on the planet.  We, the Jews, must hold fast to the Creator of the universe: "Who is like unto the Lord!  He strengthens the Jewish faith and gives them a divine spark.

Israel should decide not to put the soldiers of the IDF on foot in Gaza, but to continue to bomb places from which they shoot rockets and mortars.  Our soldiers are dear to their parents and to the Almighty.  The IAF can do the most beautiful job in the world, along with the tanks on the perimeter.  The Creator protects the Holy Land, but only in the Holy Land.

So-called Palestinians, Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad are cheats and liars. They are pretending to be the unfortunate ones.  Do not give in to them.  There is no cease fire!  Any cease-fire allows them to reorganize, prepare missiles, become stronger and, again, launch missiles into Israel.  Israel gives them electricity and water; and, they use it for making missiles.

Missiles are coming from Syria and Lebanon.  The activity being forced upon the Golan Heights is to instigate the army to war.  There activity serves no purpose – just guard yourself and keep your eyes open.

Hezbollah has no power; it is finished and broken.  No one wants to start with the people of Israel.  Hezbollah may threaten, but they fear ISIS.

ISIS comes from many countries in Europe and Vietnam, where they learned about the cruel wars in Iraq.  There legions want to fill the world.  They very much want to get to Jordan and from there to Israel.

Egypt very much wants Hamas to finally be stopped.  It will calm the Egyptian people.  In Egypt, there are many members of Hamas.  But, they came from Egypt and Jordan to the Gaza Strip through the tunnels.

Iraq - blood is being spilled everywhere.

Syria - blood is being spilled everywhere.

Lebanon holds on to dear life, to not become like Syria and Iraq.

Jordan - their king is insane.  He imagined the formation of a Palestinian State with Hamas reigning.  There are many refugees coming from Iraq and Syria to Jordan; plus, ISIS is looking to destroy Jordan.

They should be very careful in the Judea and Samaria.  Be vigilant, Hamas is working to cause havoc and conflicts, and to poison the Arabs against Israel.  Some Israeli Arabs are their partners; they are waiting for instructions from Hamas.

Iran sits quietly, not wanting to deal with the Jews.  Just taking reconciliation with the United States; and, in fact, they want Russia to do their work quietly.  The timing takes advantage of the United States being engaged in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey was in favor of Islam to avoid massive Islamic occupation.  The Turkish people do not like religious coercion; the vast majority of them are modern Europeans.

The IDF of Israel has a lot of work to do to keep Israel well, both within Israel and outside.

Earthquakes, severe winds, floods, fire, heat, cold, natural disasters, animals going crazy, disasters with flights, trains and ships, disputes between states and within themselves, all continue to occur throughout the world.

G-d is saying to the world, the seven billion people in the world: every country is against the State of Israel – and going against Me – against the Master of the Universe!  The Creator will continue to drive a wedge amongst you and bring you to the most severe natural disasters.  Each country must let go and be a friend of Israel with all their heart.  Then the Creator will loosen them and not hurt them.  Any country or state that has any common sense, should not mess with Israel and the Jews who live there, as well as the members of the State of Israel with all their hearts.  They must respect Israel; and then, they will have peace and well-being, a good economy and success in all that they do.

Dear Jews in Israel, the Holy Creator asks you to be in unity and love.  Be amiable and modest with each other and to hold the Ten Commandments.  He does not give up.  It is too bad we fight Him.  Give in!!!  Continue to cling to the Creator and ask for the coronation of the King Messiah from the Almighty!  No matter who we think we are, it is only the Creator Who can make it so and not any person.  It is all above nature.  Only the Creator will bring the King Messiah!  Hidden Light will come from the unity of observant and the non-observant in Israel, holding the Ten Commandments, and when they request from the Divine itself Crown King Messiah!

Hidden Light will come down from heaven, to declare the King Messiah crowning!  This is not fantasy, not a modern world – there is nothing new under the sun!

Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"


  1. You have no idea how much you are helping us getting us through this time with the translated newsletters, thank you , thank you, thank you. Hashem should bless you and your dearests always!

    1. I would just say you're welcome, but I must also point out how much it means to me and my family. The true thank you goes to Hashem for sending us these wonderful, inspiring messages through the Rabbis, the Facilitated Communications individuals and even by the events happening in the world. It is all good news and very encouraging that the happy ending is near, B"H.

  2. Hello!!!

    Thank you for sharing these words translated into English, Mr. Menachem They give me a lot of strength, greater world view, and show a true light, a light whose essence is good.

    If you knew how much hope for these paalvras during the week. I do not see aa time to read them and feel even better and more enlightened, more. B'H !!!

    All the best Mr. Menachem.

    Luiz Felipe (Bnei Noach) - S. P. - Brasil