Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows)

There are many details about the events in the world today that are completely obscure.  One reason is the powers that are causing the chaos are doing an excellent job of hiding their evil plans.  I am totally aware that Hashem is running the show; but, He does His will around the will of the people of the world.  The final results will be as Hashem has planned.  There is no mystery; Hashem has told us His plans through prophecies in all of the Jewish scriptures.

Recently Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Rav Fish, Benjamin, Menachem, Moishela, Daniel and others have made interesting statements alluding to the real problems of the world and the evil ones causing these problems through their cynical agenda.  Since I have followed the shenanigans of the evil ones for decades (going back to the 1960’s), I thought I would try to spell out the Absolute Truth about what is happening and give some information as to how it pertains to us.  As a retired US Army Officer and having worked directly with the US Government or under government contract for about 34 years, I have had the opportunity to get into government documentation that paints a very different picture of the agenda and purpose of the US of A.

I have avoided discussing this information since much of it is beyond belief.  When I see many topics that I have discussed being rejected or criticized because we live in a fantasy world of lies and deceit (and they were easy topics to explain and prove), I feel leery about telling you the truth that almost nobody can accept.  I decided, however, to break my silence for reasons I will discuss at the end.

One caveat: I have provided websites for your review with supporting evidence of my statement.  Every reference that I offer is only to give you more details about the subject so I could avoid writing volumes (which it would take to cover everything properly).  None of the suggested references below were an influence on my statements since I already had the information long before seeing these websites.  In other words, my research goes back decades and was not just formulated by looking at some videos recently.

To start this complicated explanation let us review some history:

The Illuminati and the New World Order
The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name given to several secret society groups, founded in Bavaria, Germany on May 1, 1776.  The history and the impact on our modern day occurrences are not needed for my writing here, but it is important to know that this is the basis for what is happening in the world today.  Specifically, that the global elite are working diligently to effect a New World Order, NWO, as the future governance of this planet.  We probably have all heard of the NWO, but not too many of us know the details of what it is and how it is to be implemented.

The NWO consists of a one world government with a one world currency.  This sounds desirable on the surface since most of the world problems stem from governments not getting along and/or money conflicts.  But additional details reveal the total evil intent and greed that is inherent in the system.  The global elite, the most wealthy bankers, industrialist, leaders, monarchy, etc want a one world communist style government in which they own everything in the world.  We would no longer own any property, clothes, food, etc; it would all belong to the greedy elite members running this one world government.  The worst part of the plan is that for this system to work it would require a reduction of the world population from the present 7.2 billion people to a manageable 500 million.  That is why the world has been systematically put into a state of chaos – an effort to cause World War 3, a nuclear holocaust to reduce the world population by about 93%.   The details of this are, once again, far too involved for our purpose here, but none-the-less, are accurate and are as scary as it sounds.   Watch your leaders hint to the NWO:

This concept of reducing the world population is not new; prompting someone in the 1980’s to make a monument to the idea.  Watch this video to get an idea of the magnitude of what is happening.  I do not agree with what is being said on this video but since it is the basis for the evil that is being perpetuated by the global elite, you should understand the details of their plan:

Let us review the greed that has possessed these global elite members over the past 100 years.  We then can begin to talk specifics about organizations and individuals who are causing this evil agenda.

First concept to learn is that war is very lucrative.  President Eisenhower once warned us about the greed of the military industrial complex.  Since there is so much money to be made by selling tanks, planes, ships, bullets, missiles, etc, etc, etc, let me introduce a concept that has been prevalent since World War 1 (even used before but not important for our discussion).  The concept is a False Flag operation, where war or conflict is started on purpose completely for the benefit of the wealthy individuals who will make great financial gains.


WW2 and beyond

Some important facts to know about WW2 will help us verify the greed aspect.  Hitler wanted a war but did not have the provisions (money, fuel, weapons, etc) that would be necessary.  The one who made it possible was Prescott Bush, the father of Gog Bush, Senior.  In an effort to make much money, the industrialists, like Prescott set up the financing that would lead to the worst war ever.  If you want details go to:

One additional bit of information was that the US knew that Japan was about to attack Pearl Harbor, but did not notify the commander.  Why?   The US elite (many in the government at the time) knew that this would get the US into the war and Pearl Harbor was the False Flag needed.  Much money to be made even though thousands died at Pearl Harbor.

There were several False Flag actions that happened to cause the Korean War including a South Korean ship being sunk with blame being put on North Korea.  Vietnam was the Gulf of Tonkin incident where the USS Maddox was torpedoed and North Vietnam was accused, falsely.  The bigger question was why did the US continue the war for 10 years leading eventually to a defeat (Vietnam went communist).  Answer: lots of money was made by the global elite.  Nobody cared about the close to 58 thousand American soldiers that were killed or over a million Vietnam citizens who lost their lives.

The worst False Flag, and perhaps the most controversial, is 911 which resulted in the invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan, which really had nothing to do with 911 but were both very lucrative places to go to war.

Let us disclose additional historical facts and even get into the individuals involved.  In the 1980’s there was a conflict brewing between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan.  The US was definitely against their nemesis of the cold war, the Soviets, and decided to get involved (there was also money to be made).  At that time the Vice President of the US was Gog Bush, Sr, who as the former director of the CIA, decided to contact his good friend, Osama Ben Laden.   The Bush family and the Ben Laden family were good friends.  They formed a new group that would assist the Mujahedeen (the jihad fighters for Muslim struggle) of Afghanistan.   The new group that was funded and trained by the US was a group called Al Qaeda.   They continued their relationship for many years; every time the US needed a terrorist group for their purposes.  When the global elite wanted to get into the final stages of the NWO, Al Qaeda was the ticket and so the False Flag operation of 911 occurred.  The evidence of 911 being an inside job, perpetuated by the Gog Bush, Jr administration is overwhelming.  The fact that the government explanation was impossible according to the Laws of Physics (there is an organization of Architects and Engineers that has provided over two thousand testimonials stating the impossibility of the government’s explanation), the fact that 9 of the 19 hijackers were interviewed on British TV after 911 (yes they were still alive),  the fact that 2 of the four airplanes that crashed continued to be in service (serial numbers verified), the fact that a third building, World Trade Center #7, a 47 story skyscraper, fell 5 hours after the other two with no plane hitting it or even much of a fire (the owner of the building admitted to it being brought down by controlled demolition, which takes months to plan and implement on a building of that size), the fact that the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, who has the capability to knock out any plane in minutes, was not called upon, the fact that no building before or since has ever fallen due to fire (which was estimated to be at about 1300 degrees – the UL rating on the steel girders of the buildings was at least 2800 degrees for a softening, let alone a complete collapse, the fact that the head of security for the buildings was Marvin Bush, the President’s brother, the fact that there were many explosions witnessed in the buildings before they fell at freefall speed (many of the witnesses mysteriously died ahead of their time), that fact that the twin towers were hit by military planes and not commercial airlines (they appeared to be Air Force E8 transports), etc, etc, etc.   I have not even included my personal investigation which includes the fact that I was sitting in my office in central New Jersey and was able to see the smoke pouring into the sky.  I and other Engineers that came into my office noticed the black smoke pouring from the building which meant an Oxygen starved fire, not intense and definitely easy to put out.  I also noticed the pods on the bottom of the planes which belonged to a system connected to a position location radio that I worked on for 11 years.  It made those planes completely radio control capable.  Then there were friends of mine who came out on the list of dead at the Pentagon.  I was relieved when I spoke to them after 911 and found the list of dead was bogus.  The missile that was fired from an Army helicopter hit a wing that was under construction and not occupied.  They later found parts of the so-called plane in front of the Pentagon; but, they were parts from a different plane model (I guess they were the only parts available for the deception on short notice).  I could go on and on, especially since there have been books written describing the abundance of mistakes and lies that the government was caught telling.  One more – the one that makes me laugh the most.  The four planes were supposedly hijacked by 19 terrorists wielding deadly box cutters.  I know that when you have professional box cutters, there is just no way to overcome their deadly force.  Give me a break.  If we saw that in a movie we would be hysterical with laughter no matter how many boxes on which they may have practiced.

I am seeing articles stating the tremendous profits that the industrial complex is expecting from the Islamic State war – what a big surprise, especially since it has already been determined  that much of the IS training and financing came from the same global elite sources (the IS broke off from Al Qaeda, you know the CIA controlled organization).  They suspect that both Al Qaeda and IS are involved in Gaza which begs the curious question what is the CIA involvement in Gaza?

Let us get more specific about who is instigating all these horrible world events.  There is a cabal (a group of persons secretly united in a plot such as instituting the NWO).   Who heads this evil group?  Gog Bush, Sr!!!!  Who is involved in this diabolical plot to eliminate much of the world population and bring about a one world government owned by the elite?  There is another group called the Bilderberg Group who secretly meets once a year in the most controlled atmosphere possible.  They are planning and carrying out the diabolical plan.  Who are involved and helping to carry out the plan?  President Obama (yes, Barry is a puppet of Gog and being paid very well for his deception), John Kerry, the Clintons, to name a few but just know that the most powerful people on Earth are involved.  Bilderberg is about 120 of the most influential people on this planet.  The most important thing to know it that Gog Bush is heading up the push to the NWO and that many in the government, such as the President, answer to Gog.  Furthermore, without any question whatsoever, the United States of America is Magog.  See my post of 26 April 2012, entitled “Who is Gog and Magog?”

Nothing has changed except much more proof is now available.  Everything that has to do with Gog UMagog, Yeheskel 38 and 39, Zechariah 14, the rest of Tenach, the Talmud, the holy Zohar, Midrash, etc, etc, etc, is referring to the United States of Magog.

So what is happening now to add credibility to all that I have stated?  First of all, there was a Bilderberg meeting in May of this year.  After the meeting, the IS group became more prevalent.  There is definite proof that IS broke off from Al Qaeda, you know the terrorist organization run by the US of Magog.  The harsh actions of IS have been condemned by Al Qaeda, but I haven’t determined whether it is legitimate or part of the façade – after all, this is all a show to convince the world that the bad guys are the good guys.

Everything is deception and lies.  There is no financial problem in the world just a make believe situation to allow the rich to steal everything from the poor.  I have definite proof of that; but, I am getting into an area that is so sensitive that I have to wait for further events to happen.  People losing their homes, their jobs, their retirements, etc was all contrived by the elite – in this case the bankers of the Federal Reserve, which is as federal as Federal Express, and the Wall-Streeters.  I was involved in an organized plan for many years that has made the elite a tremendous amount of money, and at the same time they were able to blame it on circumstances that got out of control.  Since the Fed has been around since 1913, you will find that they are the ones involved in the tremendous amount of money made in wars and even the great depression – all contrived.  Did you know that the Federal Reserve, even though they have nothing to do with the government, is the organization that prints your money?  They then lend this worthless paper to the American government and charge a very large interest.  If you pay personal income tax, did you know that your tax money goes completely to pay that interest?  In other words, it goes into the pockets of the rich bankers and serves you no purpose in helping the infrastructure of the US.  Do you know that the bailouts that the banks received in 2008 and other times came from the tax payers directly into the pockets of the bankers?   Did anyone see any relief from the bank as a result of the bailouts?  Homes restored, jobs created, welfare lessened.  All this is illegal according to the constitution of the US, but who cares?

Benjamin statement
The big war, the third world war which already started for all practical purposes, it will be, not 'from country to country', but between this group of people [the global elite] and the population of the world.  They, the group of the richest in the world, they simply want to control the whole world.  And for the sake of this, they themselves have caused, with G-d's help, of course, to arrive at the situation that all the Arabs will war with each other, in all countries.   Suddenly, at the same time.   Does it not appear to you unusual that suddenly, everything is happening at once?!... Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc.

What about the plan for a single world currency.  That, I am happy to say has not gone well.  The plan was to create a single currency on each continent and then combine them into one.  The first to be enacted was the Euro.  By eliminating most of the currencies in Europe and creating one, the Euro, the plan was underway.  In 2005, President Gog Bush, Jr signed an agreement with Canada and Mexico to eliminate the three currencies of North America and replace it with the Amero.  Eventually, the evil cabal was planning to eliminate the three countries and make a single country, the North American Union, NAU.  Details can be read in the following Wikipedia:

Although, the cabal still has hope of creating the NAU in the same way that the EU was formed, the deal basically fell through in 2008 when Canada decided it did not want to pool resources with the fledgling US, which was crying so many financial problems (real or bogus).  There was also a hope for Africa, Asia, South America and elsewhere to combine countries and currencies.  So far, not so successful, B”H.

Wait a minute, how can I talk about the US of Magog – Israel’s greatest ally and friend?   Or is it?  If we review history, we get a very different picture.

In 1948 when the UN enacted the partition allowing Israel to become an independent country, what really occurred?  First of all, by international law, as established in the San Remo treaty of 1920 and ratified by the League of Nations in 1922, all of Palestine was considered Jewish land.  In 1948 the UN resolution, which is not binding by international law, removed 82% of the land from the Jews and gave it to the Arabs.  The Jews were able to revert back to the land’s real name Israel and were happy to get whatever they could.  A little note of interest: before 1948, the only people who called themselves Palestinians were the Jews.  I have Jewish neighbors who were born here before 1948 who were Palestinians.  The Arabs were Jordanian, Lebanese, Egyptians, Syrians, etc and did not want to be called Palestinians (until they rewrote history in 1964 in an effort to steal the land from the Jews).

But, the US voted in favor of the establishment of the state of Israel.  Actually, President, Harry Truman did not want to vote in favor, but his Secretary of State at the time, George C. Marshall, informed Harry that there were five mighty Arab armies ready to eliminate Israel.  It was a good humanitarian gesture for Harry to go along, even though he was assured Israel would be eliminated.  Surprise, surprise – the impossible happened and Israel with no Army, no weaponry to speak of, won the war.  When Hashem wants His will done, end of story.

Let’s come to 1967 (there were more situations before ’67, but this is long enough for me).  When the war started in 1967 and it appeared that Israel might succeed again, the US of Magog told Israel in the first couple of days “restrain yourself.”  That’s funny; they say the same thing every time Israel is attacked and making headway.   If Israel had listened to its friend, there would be no Israel today.

In 1973, tricky Dick Nixon just held back all provisions from Israel hoping for its defeat.  Once again, to everyone’s surprise, Hashem said otherwise.

The same old thing in 1982, 1991, 2006, 2008, etc.  That Israel just refuses to lose and disappear.

But how about the wonderful Oslo Accord, followed by another Oslo Accord and the Wye Accord.   What a joke.  Giving land to your enemy who only wants you dead and would love to set up a war staging area closer to the population to make sure everyone dies, is not a clever plan (unless you are the enemy or the US of Magog).  What proof do I have?   President Jimmy Carter negotiated a giving of the Sinai which resulted in a staging area to get lots of war materiel into Gaza.  Then we gave away Gaza which really brought peace to Israel (yes, I am being very sarcastic).  Then we gave away our buffer zone in southern Lebanon which allowed the enemy to set up tens of thousands of missiles that are still a threat today.   Syria wants the Golan Heights which would make it much easier to attack Israel. We gave away parts of Judea and Samaria which resulted in a great increase in terrorist activity.  When we built a wall to restrict movement of the terrorists, which has been very successful, the world cried shame.  I could go on and on but just be aware that the US of Magog is responsible for all that has happened to the tune of about 23 thousand deaths.

But look at all the money and weapons the US gives Israel.  That is the biggest joke that I can’t get into in great detail without classified proof.  The US has three agendas.  One is to make a lot of money selling its military hardware to Israel, one of the few countries in the world who pays their bills.  Second is to unload junk on Israel, since they almost never sell us their best but give us their worst.  What is even sadder is that Israel is much more clever than the US and has designed better aircraft, tanks, missiles, etc, but the US insists upon making money and forces inferior hardware on Israel – they insist (or they hold back money).  By the way, the US does not give Israel as much money as one might think – they give guaranteed loans that Israel must repay.  Third reason for all the help in war is that the US wants Israel to fight and die as much as possible and even to help the cabal start WW3.  Who may be better to get a world war started than good old Israel?  The most evil thing that the US of Magog has done to Israel, militarily, is of a nature that I can’t discuss.  There have been systems that the US has supplied Israel that were incomplete or even compromised – in other words, made ineffective and completely dangerous.  Also, there are systems that have been sold to Israel’s enemies to use on Israel.  The US of Magog is not a friend, but the worst enemy possible.

There are many other statements made by an abundance of sources that allude to my statements above, but I only have so much time and want to get this published before Moshiach is announced, any second now.

What are my most important conclusions and the very reason that I wrote this?  All the messages from many sources are telling you to come to Israel and that it is more urgent than you can imagine.

The US is in much trouble and since the majority of Jews who need to migrate to Israel, live in the US of Magog, I couldn’t stress enough how important it is for you and your loved ones.  I have mentioned that the US presently is worse than Germany was in the 1930’s,  Most people would disagree and ask the same question the Jews asked in the 1930’s: How bad can it get?   Let me tell you some things that are going on in the US.  The constitution is almost completely compromised.  Freedom, liberty, protection, etc are things of the past.  Did you know that there are over 800 concentration camps already built and in operation?  These are the FEMA camps that are in use and are as scary as can be.  The barbed wire faces in to keep the people in.  Many camps have train tracks going in.  Many seem to have gas chambers.  There are millions of plastic caskets stored for future use.  There have been people, such as the homeless (being homeless on the street is now illegal in many places), who have disappeared and never seen again.  No family notification, no lawyer representation.  Did you know that marshal law has been implemented in many places that you can’t even exercise you first amendment rights?   Protesting will get you arrested; and, who knows what will happen to you (Ferguson, MO may only have been a test case for national protest roundup)?  Did you know that the unemployment rate and rate of people on welfare is at an all time high (many that have stopped looking for work are not counted as unemployed)?  Did you know that as a way of reducing the population, the US has one of the least effective, most expensive medical systems in the world?   Did you know that things like vaccinations which just recently have been determined to be dangerous, is considered a possibility in the great increase in Autism and other medical problems?  Let’s consider the scary Ebola virus that may become pandemic.  Did you know that Ebola was developed in the US with the US owning the patent on the virus?  If you want the patent number, go to:
Did you know that Osama Ben Laden was being treated for kidney disease in American military facilities before and after 911?  The best that I can determine is that he died of kidney failure on 11 Dec 2001 – it was decided to wait for an opportunity many years later to stage a false invasion and capture of Osama.   Did you know that if you checked the FBI’s most wanted list for years, Osama was number two, but he was not wanted for 911?  If you contacted the FBI to question the omission, they would tell you there was not enough evidence.

A very big mystery is Iran.  Iran started acquiring a nuclear capability in the 1950’s when the US set it up for their friend the Shaw.  In 1986, President Rafsanjani began pursuing nuclear weapons resulting in the purchase of readymade systems when the Soviet Union disbanded.  They also bought systems from China.  This was in the 1990’s.  I recall that an estimated 15,000 nuclear advisors were involved in the program.  I also recall that the underground testing of nuclear explosives performed in Korea was being paid for by Iran.  The fact that Iran already has tested many missiles, various ranges, and even has a fleet of submarines, is highly suspicious.  My Engineering career included many years of working on nuclear carrying missiles.  When one designs such a missile it always is after you have the ordinance package developed.  In other words, you design a missile to carry a nuclear bomb that you already have.  The design is to carry that weight and size to a particular destination and to arm and deploy the known package upon arrival.  One does not design a missile and then later on develops the bomb to fit the missile.  The same is true for a submarine designed with missile capability which is based on the bomb and its requirements.  Yes, it is confusing considering that Syria had a nuclear capability before Israel eliminated it.  We are totally aware of Iran providing Syria and many of the terrorist organizations with their capabilities.  Why the constant lying about Iran developing something it has had for years?  And, why is the US now talking about a cooperative program with Iran?

Did you know that Iran attempted two attacks on Israel – a nuclear dirty bomb attack in 2008 and another attack in 2010?  Both were being monitored by the US in hopes of WW3 beginning.  Both were curtailed by Hashem in a most miraculous way.  Gog Bush, Jr thought for sure that the September 2008 attack would be the war that his father desired to get the NWO started.   In August 2008, one month before the incident, both Gog Bush, Jr and his evil VP Cheney hinted in speeches that we were one month away from the start of WW3.  Hashem thought otherwise, protected His people and the war, obviously, didn’t occur.

Did you know that there are an abundance of sleeper terror cells in the US ready to go?  The recent open border with Mexico facilitated the bringing in of bombs and weapons.  Here’s a map, check your state:

I have made some very rash statements that I am fully ready to defend (and many more items that I just don’t have the time to cover).  I just ask that if you want to debate anything that I have said you do it intelligently.  Calling me names is not a debating technique.  Telling me that I don’t know what I am talking about is not a debating technique.  Asking questions, requesting additional proof, refuting arguments are all legitimate ways to keep me on my toes; and, I will be happy to provide answers.  I repeat that most of the information I posted goes back decades and is not coming from videos that I recently viewed.  One thing I have not mentioned is that some of the information stems from classified documents that I handled when I was in the military and government service.  Nothing that I have said is classified, but my proof is very much backed up by confidential and secret text that I have handled (nothing more to be said about that).

The most important source is scriptures.  Everything that I covered is in agreement with the word of Hashem.  The biggest reason for me saying all this is in answer to the many messages from an abundance of sources telling all the Jews to come home to Israel.  Yes, there are many problems to overcome but we are not just talking difficulty in the near future, we possibly are talking survival. Two things to help you are that Hashem knows your true feelings.  If you are sincere about protecting yourself and your family, turn to Hashem completely and put your entire situation in His Hands.  With complete faith and trust in Hashem, it will work out for you.

I would like to point out a very important mitzvah that we just read last week’s Parsha Ki Seitzei.  We are to remember Amalek and what he did to us and eliminate him.  A more important thought is that Amalek continued to appear throughout history and is very much alive today.  The evil elite that I talked about, including Gog, are Amalekites.  To honor them, because we do not see their deception, is a great sin.  When we have many who want to kill us and take all our possessions, we should be very cautious not to believe their lies when they tell us how they want to help us.  Be prudent about whom you deal with; and, above all trust only Hashem for the right answers.  I have said several times that you should not believe what I say; but, you should check it out thoroughly.  When you discover the truth on your own, it has a much greater influence on you.  That is why Hashem gave us the Absolute Truth in writing – you need only study it.

The other thing to assist you is the program that I have been working on for years.  It is an investment that has resulted in a large sum of money for many people with which I am involved.  I don’t need the money, bli ayin harah; but, I have set this up to help many, like yourself, in making Aliyah with total success, B"N.  The money that I am speaking of is already in trust accounts in the US.  Who has prevented us from getting funds that are sitting in accounts with our names on it?  Gog Bush, Sr and his cabal!!!!!!  They have been trying to steal these funds since 2006 when they were placed in the trust accounts.   Why am I telling you this?   There has been great progress in getting the funds released; and, I know that only Hashem is the way for it to happen.  I, therefore, need your complete help, your complete emunah, your fervent prayer and we will be talking Aliyah for you very soon.   Hashem wants us to turn to Him and when He sees a large number of people doing just that, we will not be denied – He will make sure we are totally successful.  That is what Hashem wants – we have been told this for thousands of years in scriptures and very recently by all the Gedolim.  This is one way that all your concerns will be satisfied.  Involved in the project are the building of English speaking, observant communities with school systems that your children will fit into without problems.  The amount of money available is great enough that many of you can come here and be fully supported without worry.  The program will include all the help you need to make a successful transition.   But above all, it will get you to fulfill the mitzvah of moving to Israel and getting out of the diabolical danger being perpetuated by Gog and his henchman.  They are evil and will only get worse – they are getting desperate and looking to enact their evil plan imminently.  Hashem loves you and wants you protected and happy.  Moshiach is here working hard to finalize the Geula and with your help, it will happen immediately.  Have a very positive attitude and we will be seeing the happy ending very, very soon.  B”H


  1. Another illogical attempt by the cabal to start WW3?

    1. I watched the video of prison planet. What do you make of his last remark about Washington, Nato & Israel's geopolitical goal to use ISIS to isolate & surround the remaing rogue states in the Middle east, Lebanon, Iran & Syria ?

    2. Good comment. I have no opinion on anything that I have not researched. When it comes to organizations like the Mossad, Shabak, the Knesset, the IDF, the Israeli Supreme court, the Israeli Left, the only statement to be made is if they do not live by the will of Hashem, then whatever they do or say will be judged, measure for measure, by Hashem – my judgment is not needed.

      Interestingly enough, almost every article on Prison Planet has comments blaming it on the Jews (usually worded as the Zionists or the Israelis). I always look at this as a message from Hashem telling us to ignore the secular world and only turn to Hashem for the truth. That includes ignoring most videos on the web (I only included the videos for additional information and I am not saying I agree with everything said).

  2. Does the Tanakh say about one World government? I'm not saying about Tower of Babylon.

    1. Everything is in scriptures. The one world government that Gog is planning will not happen. The system of governing the world that will happen is from Hashem being led by King Moshiach. It will be a New World Order but run completely by Hashem and good for everyone.

  3. Shalom. Will you please elaborate , if possible, on the speech that Cheney gave in 2008 on the attempt to false flag WW3? Thank you.

    1. In the summer of 2008, Iran sent a ship to China to pick up a huge supply of nuclear waste material. The ship returned to Iran where they surrounded the waste material with a large amount of conventional explosives. In essence they created a nuclear dirty bomb. The ship left Iran for its trip by way of the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel. The mission was to detonate the dirty bomb and allow the jet stream to carry the radiation over Israel. President Gog Bush and his VP were monitoring the ship's progress via satellite with hopes that this would be the start of a nuclear conflagration that could lead to WW3. In anticipation (without telling the details), both Gog and Cheney made statements in August of 2008 that WW3 may only be a month away.

      What happened to the ship? When the ship rounded Somalia, Somali pirates seized the ship. When the pirates entered the ship to inspect the cargo, about 25 of them (as I remember) died from the radiation. Hashem made sure that the ship didn’t reach Israel, since it could have been chas v’shalom the death of thousands of Israelis. The truth came out from the Russians who, along with the French, were monitoring the ship. The Pres and VP were very disappointed since they thought they were helping to bring about the NWO and possibly curtailing the 2008 presidential elections, which Gog thought he could do with an executive order due to a national emergency.

    2. Interesting and eye opening. I don't know if you received my reply post, yet I responded by saying that used to be a dem, then a repub, then a libertarian, then blah blah blah, you get it. Bottom line is I am for Hashem and vote in a conservative way,yet realize and hold by emuna in Hashem.
      We are so close to the end. all of the voting and the politicians are only human and fallible, Hashem truly runs this world and I believe he wants us to understand where we are by allowing us to engage in these matters.
      More and more I come to find that each passing president wasn't as "wonderful" as they really were no matter if he was one I voted for and liked.
      - awaiting Moshiach
      May he come soon!
      Shabbat shalom

    3. The last election in which I voted it was for Clinton; and, I have been doing Teshuvah ever since. I am always tempted to do a write in for Moshiach but that will happen without me going to the polls. I always laugh when people tell me that we should vote even if it is for the lesser evil. I never in my life have wanted to vote for any evil, lesser of more. Obviously, I don't vote.

  4. We are certainly living in dangerous times but we must be optimistic that it works out in the end.
    This article by John Loftus, a retired intelligence officer, confirms the connections of the global elite to the nazis

  5. It would seem that if what you are saying is all true and accurate the government/US would shut down your blog. why would they let you post things that are not able to spoken about. please explain.

    1. My getting a message to my readers, encouraging all to follow Hashem as the only way to survive the present and upcoming turmoil, is the only important thing to me. Since I am completely positive of Hashem's protection, I know that when I do His will, I fear no one or anything that the evil individuals might want to do to me.

      I am reminded of the message of Shabbos Hagadol when Hashem tested us to see if we had total trust in Him. We were instructed to take a sheep, the Egyptian deity, and use it as our Pesach offering. On the surface it seemed we were putting ourselves in great danger, but we saw that the Egyptians were powerless against us, as we had Hashem's complete protection. We are in the same situation now. If we completely turn to Hashem, we have no fear of the evil ones of the world and their dastardly intentions.

      We are in the time of our final testing and have the golden opportunity to show Hashem that we completely have faith in Him and trust Him. Do the right thing and no one can harm you.

  6. The Israeli left and its institutions are nothing but erev rav...the puppets the NWO elite support to destroy Yiddishkeit....

    Kol HaTorCh. 2/ Part 2:2

    "The general duty of the two messiahs, Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben
    David, together throughout the generations, is defense and war against the three chiefs of impurity - Esau, Ishmael and the erev rav, the "mixed multitude." Mashiach ben Yosef’s special duty is confronting Esau, the impurity of the left, that of Mashiach ben David is confronting Ishmael, the impurity on the right, and together they work against Esau and Ishmael, the ox and donkey of impurity.

    The mating of Esau and Ishmael comes through Armelius, angelic prince of the erev rav, and it can destroy Israel and the whole world, Heaven help us! The main striving of the erev rav is to mate Esau and Ishmael and separate the two Messiahs, and our own main battle is to shatter and rout the power of the erev rav, the impurity of evil Armelius, from Israel.

    The erev rav is our greatest enemy. It is what separates between the two
    Messiahs. Its impurity operates only via indirect deception. Hence, the war against the erev rav is the hardest and most bitter, and we must gird ourselves with our last
    strength toward this end. Whoever does not actively take part in the war against the erev rav automatically becomes a partner to its impurity, and whoever he is, he is better off not having been born. The main strength of the erev rav is in the gates of Jerusalem, especially at the entrance to the city on the western dividing line.
    The erev rav is that part of the Jewish People intent on war against G-d and
    against the truth and credibility of His Torah"

    1. Thank you for a very good writing. The one thing that I would add is that a problem that exists bringing us anguish is not just that the Erev Rav are so misguided and are our enemy, but that we follow them and think that they are helping us. How much we are led astray.

      We always mention at Parshas Zachor to remember Amalek and to eliminate him, but we must work hard to eliminate the Amalek that is in each one of us. The gashmius, the following irresponsible leaders, the reading and believing the shekar of the world, all must be eliminated. Only Hashem's guidance and instructions will see us through and make us totally successful for eternity.

      Thank you for your comment, it is excellent.

    2. Amalekim are one type of Erev Rav...


      This is what the Holy Zohar (1, 25-26) says about the types of Erev Rav: There are five types among the Erev Rav "mixed multitude", Nefilim, Gibborim, Anakim, Refaim, and Amalekites.

      The Amalekites are those who are left from the time of the Flood, from those of whom it is written, "and he blotted out all living substance"; those who have been left from this class in this fourth exile of Israel make themselves leaders by force, and are scourges to Israel; of them it is written, "for the earth was full of violence because of them". These are the Amalekites.

      Of the Nefilim (lit. fallen ones) it is said: "and the sons of G-d saw the daughters of man that they were fair" (Ibid.). These form the second category of the Nefilim, already mentioned above, in this way when G-d thought of making man, He said: "Let us make man in our image, etc." i.e. He intended to make him head over the celestial beings, who were to be his deputies, like Joseph over the governors of Egypt
      (Gen. XLI, 41). The angels thereupon began to malign him and say, "What is man that You should remember him, seeing that he will assuredly sin before You." Said G-d to them, "If you were on earth like him, you would sin worse." And so it was, for “when the sons of G-d saw the daughters of man", they fell in love with them, and G-d cast them down from heaven. These were Uzza and Azael; from them the "mixed multitude" derive their souls, and therefore they also are called nefilim, because they fall into fornication with fair women. For this, G-d casts them out from the future world, in which they have no portion, and gives them their reward in this world, as it is written, "He repays his enemies to their faces" (Deut. 7,10)


      The Gibborim (mighty ones) are those of whom it is written: “They are the mighty ones…men of name” (Genesis 6, 4). They come from the side of those who said:
      “Come, let us build a city and make a name for ourselves” (Genesis 11,4). These men build synagogues and Yeshivot and place in them Torah Scrolls with rich ornaments, but they do it not for the sake of G-d, but only to make themselves a name, and as a result of this the powers of evil rule over Israel (who must be humble like the dust of the earth), according to the verse “And the waters prevailed
      greatly upon the earth” (Genesis 7:19).


      The Refaim (lit. weak ones), the fourth section of the "mixed multitude” are those who if they see Israel in trouble, abandon them even though they are in a position to help them, and they also neglect the Torah and its students in order to ingratiate themselves with the non-Jews. Of them it is said, "They are Refaim (shades), they shall not arise" (Is. 26, 14); When redemption shall come to Israel, "all their memory shall perish" (Ibid.).

      The last section, the Anakim (lit. giants)…of whom it is written, "they shall be as necklaces (anakim) to your neck". Of them it is said, "the Refaim are likewise counted as Anakim", i.e. they are on a par with one another. All these tend to bring the world back to the state of "tohu va bohu", and they caused the destruction of the Temple. But as "tohu va bohu" gave place to light, so when G-d reveals Himself they will be wiped off the earth. But even so, redemption will not be complete until Amalek will be exterminated, for against Amalek the oath was taken that “The Lord will have war against Amalek from generation to generation” (Exodus 17:16).

  7. Kol haKavod. Trust and clinging to HaShem is our salvation. How exciting to live in these end of days ... To see the Glory of HaShem

  8. Glenn beck has described how this has been occurring for over 100 years and it was pres Wilson who put into motion the progressive agenda, which is part of the scenario you presented to us. He has changed his focus to a religious centered one. It seems he was 'warned' to stop his investigative reporting which probably angered many. I enjoyed his exposé reporting and learned much of what you wrote from him and others.

    1. I used to listen to Glenn -- I thought he had his heart in the right place. Then I started to notice that he was following the advice of some of the best missionaries available today. He was using techniques to lure Jews to his way of thinking, but was really trying to save us through his false messiah and false prophet. I wrote to Glenn twice confronting him with this thought and he ignored me -- never heard an answer one way or the other.

      The only truth is Hashem, no person on Earth. I tell people all the time: don't even listen to me, but go check out my sources of info. When you have a question, Hashem always has the correct answer -- guaranteed in writing.

    2. It was Glenn's investigative reporting that was great; history of America's founders, their affinity for jewish biblical personalities, and more. But as you say he has changed twice since I've been listening to him. After all, he is a fervent xtian; so one must be on guard. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Excellent post! I would add one thing about vaccines- they are used as a bio-weapon for population control, through creating infertility and simply making more people sick with chronic illness, cancer included. Dr. Maurice Hilleman, one of the creators of the polio vaccine, is on tape stating that they knew leukemia virus was in the vaccine. You can hear everyone laughing after that. There is extensive information on this issue, which can be found at The most recent evil plan you have hinted to, but I would like to clarify- a top scientist for the CDC recently admitted PUBLICLY that there is a known link between the MMR vaccine and autism, and it has been PROVEN that the risk for developing autism shot up by 340% in those babies who have received the vaccine. He admits that the CDC knew about it, and this is a clear case of fraud against the people. Obviously mainstream media isn't touching this. Another example of the evils of the Gates foundation can be found in the poor people of India. Before they recently introduced mass polio vaccination, polio was almost unheard of. Soon after, there was a directly correlating increase in paralysis between the vaccinated victims and NPAFP, or Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis. It was a very clever move to slightly change the parameters so they didn't actually have to come out and say they intentionally gave people paralytic polio, which in itself was a non-issue before the vaccine was developed. Vaccines are a life-threatening danger, and all parents owe it to their children to DO THEIR RESEARCH!
    On another note, can you please explain why many people like to place partial blame on Mossad for much of the state-sponsored attacks? What am I missing here?

    1. Thoroughly excellent post. I am aware of the many bio-weapons that have been developed and forced upon the population. I even believe that the fluoride that was in public water for so many years has caused a tremendous problem, but it did make a lot of money for its manufacturers (and probably the government). Fluoride substances build up in the body and are believed to cause brain damage as well as many other effects. Go to
      Dr Mercola is my favorite source of information on medical issues and alternative health. There are so many problems with conventional medicine and especially the drug industry (there greatest mission is to make money, not heal people).

      So far as the Mossad, I have no idea what shenanigans they have perpetuated. I do believe that they are blamed for many things purely due to Jew-hatred, but I do not excuse them for any detrimental acts they have caused. Since I have not researched the subject, I avoid opinion. But, since they do not operate by Hashem's will, I do not give them much credit for always being good for Israel and the world. I will ask Eliyahu Hanavi when I meet him, B"N (actually I won't need to, since all secular organizations will no longer exist or be of any consequence).

  10. Interesting sites. Gog Bush's biggest worry when he gets to hell will be his Satanic worship. He is a member the Satanic order of Skull and Crossbones. That keeps him at a very low, demonic level with Hashem and open for a horrible eternity. When he was at Yale and was a good standing member of S&C, he had the name Magog as his membership codename -- how appropriate.