Monday, September 22, 2014

Message Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, New Year תשעה


Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, the greatest source of Mercy in the world, He feels sorry for all His creations, He pities and has mercy upon all Jews, all of Israel, all the Jews who are in the Holy Land!

Everything that happens in the world, the forces of nature activities, the complications and conflicts, all the leadership and guidance are all coming from the Creator.  Such huge things like this are not coming from man, they are in the hands of the Creator directly!

In 5775, many people will come to Holy Land of Israel.  Shame on the Jews who are fleeing from Europe or any other country and not coming to Israel.  They are wasting time and money and will eventually arrive in Israel, whether they want to or not.  Jewish Agencies and the Israeli government should prepare and build a lot of homes for Jews to reach out to Israel.  There will be economic prosperity, without end, in Israel.  There will always be enough jobs in Israel and it will always be that way.  Many individuals are just spoiled and do not want to make an effort to work a little harder.  Our forefathers, the sages of Israel, the Tannaim and Amoraim, worked half a day and learned half a day.

The Holy Land of Israel will be protected and reserved to withstand anything that happens in the world – the forces of nature, all the enemies around us and from every country and state.  There will be minor disturbances, but only to stimulate the people of Israel.

Every country and state that wants to cause evil in Israel will see the processed reversed, and will be hurt very badly.  In 5775, the Holy One, blessed is He, will not give anything to any state, country or group of people, who wants to harm the holy land of Israel.  The Torah is the only way for every person, country and state to win!

Any person that does not follow the ways of G-d, who do not hold to the Ten Commandments, the prayers, the laws and who do not do Torah study, will experience serious problems and difficulties and will be in shame.

Dear Jews, increase your grace and giving, donations and tithes, feeling sorry for each and every Jew and to have an unconditional love.  Israel is in the redemption process!  Jews must pray from the bottom of their hearts with great strength, and the Almighty will in turn bring the King Messiah and stop the agony and death of the Jews forever.  We will welcome him all year!

Every Jew should understand and needs to know why people do not like us.  The situation is rooted in the saga of Cain and Abel.  The envy of Cain for Abel causing the conflict that started at the beginning of the world and extends until now.  It will continue up to the revelation of the King Messiah!  It is Israel against the Gentiles and not against any other people.  If Israel wants to live in peace continuing as the chosen people, it requires mercy and kindness.  Mercy and kindness of the Jews does not mean getting along with the evil in the world and this must continue until the Messiah the son of David is the king when there will be mercy and peace in the world forever.

Members of the government of Israel must not attempt to overthrow this government!  Stop the game of falsely honoring the Jews who chose them and are holding them accountable for their actions!  This government must go forward; it's not time for games!  The Prime Minister is a man of vast experience, knowledge who has a high level of intelligence.  This is not the time for them to look for excuses to fight each other.  They need to be united and consolidated in order to preserve Israel and not fight for personal interests.  The Israeli Knesset has ministers and Knesset members who are very young.  They have no experience; they are 'hot' to react.  They do not think twice or three times about what they are doing.  Do not be hasty.  They must understand that they are there to serve the people.

The IDF must be alert.  You shall guard your souls.  Not to give any irritation to the nations around us, be vigilant, keep an eye open and know that the preservation of life overrides everything and is good for everyone.

During Selichot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, every Jew has the opportunity to take all the pain, all the problems and all the agony in front of Our Father in Heaven, the Holy One, blessed be He, and heal the situation.  This time should not be underestimated!  Do not miss this opportunity!  This is so good that the Almighty, the nation of Israel have a time of compassion and forgiveness from the Holy One, blessed be He.

It is urgent to settle the Negev, the western Galilee, Samaria, and Benjamin!  This is needed to accommodate hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Israel, secretly and openly.  The Creator asks: Stop crowding the center of the country, stop it!  Jews, go to the western Galilee, the Negev and Samaria, to extend the state of Israel.  Israel is like the skin of a deer – it stretches endlessly.  Even if you reach one hundred million Jews, it will grow to accommodate a hundred million Jews.

New Jewish immigrant families are arriving with their husbands, children, wives, parents, grandchildren and extended family members.  Without interruption, they are arriving to live in the Holy Land of Israel, to live with joy, happiness, abundance, livelihood and security.

Israel should be alert in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, in order to avoid interference.  We must be very careful of Arab villages, especially some villages who have direct contact with Hamas.

Hamas is waiting for talks with Israel; waiting to see what the future holds; waiting to hear what Israel decides as requirements.

Syria continues its bloody war amongst them.  They are all fighting each other: Syria fighting Syrians, rebels fighting the rebels, rebels fighting Syrian, the IS, Hezbollah against Syria, rebels against Syria, all the chaos - the hand of G-d is influencing it all!

Lebanon maintains silence - she has no choice.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are silent.  Nasrallah keeps the throne.  They are all on alert against the IS and anyone who is against them.

Egypt does not want Hamas, not does it want the IS.  They fear others gaining power.  Egypt's economy will be the most difficult and serious problems with complications.

Jordan is frightened from the complications happening by refugees from Iraq, Syria, Hamas and IS.  She trusts the State of Israel and the IDF to protect her.

Iran is dealing with Muslim extremists.  She wants to continue to be 'nice' to the United States to confuse the whole world into thinking that they are all righteous, peace lovers – it is all a lie.

Turkey, Erdogan is so overstressed with the IS.  He is against Israel as if he has no choice, since he is afraid the IS will cut off his head.

IS has been built on streams of Arab extremists who are incestuous, vicious, despicable and thoroughly disliked people.  They do not operate under any law and do not have any culture of this world.  Every country is just beginning its plight with the IS.  They are trying to quickly remove them from their midst.  They believe that if there are IS members today numbering a hundred thousand, tomorrow there will be a million or two.  The IS wants to do massive and brutal attacks that have not been seen in the world.

The Israeli government along with towns and cities in Israel, must act urgently, urgently, urgently against the Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators.  They must remove them from Israel, according to the law.  They have spread throughout the Tel Aviv area.  They multiply and spread to other cities as well.  They can live in any condition.  Should we ever allow a situation where Jews are afraid to leave their homes?  We should act according to the law and get them out, urgently.  They have a lot of countries within which to live.  It's not racism -- this place does not belong to them!

All who are thieves, bribe-takers, demons, scammers, lewd and indecent people, organizations that have members of special interests and nepotism, the Good L-rd tells them, before the New Year, they should take it upon themselves to repent.  If they change, they will not be revealed.  If you do not do this, this year, 5775, the Creator will reveal them, they will become transparent.  It will not be like in 5774, but a hundred times more.  Should you rebut this idea, anyone who makes fun of or belittles what is written here, will have to answer to the Master of the Universe.

The Messiah is working hard.  He protects and preserves the Holy Land of Israel!  This time, it's time.  Happy is the believer; poor and pitiful are those who do not believe and are dismissive.  All the speculation seen on the computer is meaningless.  Only Our Father in Heaven, the King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, will decide on the day, He knows the day!  The day will come that Hashem, Himself, will anoint the King of the world.  It is this generation! This generation has won!

שנה טובה!


  1. Ellis from Bet ShemeshSeptember 22, 2014 at 4:03 PM

    I love Rav Ben Artzi. His positive and instructive messages give us all hope! May he live until 120 years! Shana Tova Everyone!

  2. Hello!!!

    The Holy words of Rav Nir Well Artzi, has lifted me, bringing me joy and advice. It is possible to "fly" with the soul, because increasingly became clearer evidence of the future Era of Mashiach. B'H!!!

    We can receive 5775 Mashiach in, experience days, with many brachot.
    Shaná Tová Umetuká Menachem and Am Israel.

    All the best, Shavua tov and Moshiach Now!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil