Monday, September 8, 2014

Message Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parsha Ki Savo, 11 Elul תשעד (07/09/14)


The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed is He, is bringing blows to the whole world.  The whole world is in panic and fears the Islamic State, IS.  IS It's not just 15,000 people, they can gather millions around the world in a month.

G-d is bringing volcanic eruptions, floods, severe winds, earthquakes.  Airplanes, ships and trains go wrong.  Natural disasters - the Almighty is showing the world in whom to believe.  The Almighty created every creature do his or her job and destiny to repair the world.

The Jewish destiny is to fulfill the Ten Commandments, Torah study, to be in unity and pray.  All the Arab world should be under the influence and control of the Jewish people in Israel, then it will be all good for everyone.

We always felt sorry for the Muslim world, but everyone is waking up now.  There is a high percentage of the world population that are Muslims.  They are beginning to work in a primitive method of knives and swords – they have no law and order.

The IDF should keep an eye on any major new building being built in the north, on the border of Lebanon and Syria.  We should follow the activities of the Arabs, because they operate in the same manner as the tunnels were operated in the Gaza Strip, they operate quietly.  Hamas in the Gaza Strip is paying attention to the northern borders.  The IDF should check out the tunnels in the north, so there are no surprises.  They should not be attacked like hornets out of the tunnels, they should open their eyes.  Hamas continues to increase in numbers in the northern sector. There's a lot of Hamas – they use the word 'Palestinians', but it's a lie - they are Hamas.

Hezbollah is doing nothing, they are waiting for opportunities.

They are reorganizing in the Gaza Strip.  The citizens of Gaza are unfortunate – all have been affected, but they are all considered Hamas.  They are working together preparing plans for a new infrastructure.  They already have all the methods and maps to reorganize.  The IDF has not revealed all the tunnels,

IDF soldiers: do not walk into the Gaza Strip!  Do not trust Hamas; they are planning and want to make a surprise.  They wanted a cease-fire for their own interests, not for Israel.  IDF relaxed, you have the ability to destroy all of Gaza, but just do not want to.  IS will cause it to take place.

Syria's bloodshed is continuing to thousands of people, secretly and openly.  They are receiving the Divine blows from the rebels, IS and others.

Turkey, Erdogan is against Israel as it were, out of fear.  The nucleus, the main root, of IS was formulated in Turkey, where they were concentrated and preparing for the whole world.  Then they came to Iraq - another stop on their way.  Erdogan was mistaken not to be like Israel and against modernity.  Soon it will come a time when his country will be against him with a great conspiracy brewing instead.  He will instead have to answer for his mistakes - it is happening slowly.

Jews are forbidden to live in Turkey and even forbidden to travel there.  Time will come of change in favor of  Israel.  There will be a regime change as they get into more trouble – it will be sudden.

Egypt is shear heaven; they do not know what to do with this decree from the Muslims, Hamas, the Muslim IS and the modern, all-brewing catastrophe.  Soon, big complications will slowly occur.

Jordan, rattling and shaking with fear, relies entirely on the State of Israel to find a solution for the refugees from Syria and Iraq and the invaders from IS and Hamas.  Jordanians have no life.

We have said it before and we say it again: beware there should be no surprises from the Arab villages in Israel, Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.  There are many hidden efforts to do conspiracies to cause attacks in Jerusalem.

Iran is happy.  It is at peace with the Americans in order to gain time for their production of atomic capability.  They also work quietly and peacefully with the Russians – they are two-timers.

All bribe-takers, givers of bribes, thieves, fraudsters and lecherous men, if they do not repent they will continue to come to a horrible end – everyone of them.

The Creator has warned: There should be no assimilation between the Gentiles and Jews – this is not considered racism!

If Israel had assimilated a century ago as they do now, the State of Israel would not have come!  Do not hate Jews and non-Jews; hate the Arabs and those trying to destroy us.  Jews for Judaism retain their Jewishness and maintain the state of Israel and the Holy Land – this is not racism.

In the same manner that the English marry the English, the French with the French, the Turks with the Turks, Iranians with Iranians, Arabs with Arabs, every state in its state – this is not racism.

During the month of Elul, every Jew must take stock, help all other Jews, and do what is necessary.  We must comply with the Ten Commandments, comply with the laws, pray and study Torah – all for our own benefit and the benefit of the people of Israel!  This will bring unity and unconditional love amongst us.  There will be no division of the land; it will bring happiness and a good life.  All of Israel must be united!  Each month of Elul, and the days that follow, are difficult and painful days for those who believe in the Holy One, Blessed be He.  We must serve G-d with joy and exultation, to be good and help everyone.

G-d wants everything to be just fine!

G-d wants to crown the King Messiah, son of David!

G-d wants the Jews to be able to rest from the agony and complications!

G-d wants all the Jewish people of Israel to rest under his vine and under his fig tree, and for all to be with the
L-rd with joy!  All Arabs and Jews will make a living through the Jews.

This process, by which the world is run, has existed from the beginning of the world; but, will soon end as well as all the troubles in the world!  All will be orderly and wonderful!

G-d wants prayer, Elul is a strong month!

G-d wants all Jews to immigrate to Israel.  The Messiah is here, alive and well, and protects and preserves, surrounding the state of Israel and the Jewish Star – it’s not a hallucination!

During the coronation of the King Messiah, will Circuits-Circuit, first, second, third (possibly pertaining to the days of the week Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)... (I did not understand this statement – any suggestions?)  In Hebrew it said:
בזמן המלכת מלך המשיח, יהיו מעגלים-מעגלים, ראשון, שני, שלישי...

All the Rabbis, all of Torah Sages of Israel, should organize prayers to the Creator to help the people of Israel.

All community leaders, Rabbis of the Diaspora communities, without exception, should release and send the Jews to immigrate to Israel URGENTLY!  Do not wait or it will be much more difficult!

G-d wants all the Jews to be in Israel!

Who is crying out to the Creator ordinarily everyday for the King Messiah?  The poor Jews, the Jews who are filled with anguish.  Just know that King Messiah, the son of David, will be in the near future!


  1. RE: בזמן המלכת מלך המשיח, יהיו מעגלים-מעגלים, ראשון, שני, שלישי...
    My suggestion is that they might refer to three dance circles around Mashiach, celebrating his coronation.

    CDG, Yerushalayim

    1. I love it and I am very hopeful that you are totally correct. Thank you. You put a smile on my face.

    2. there is a vision of rebbe nachman about such a thing. it refers to mashiach in the center and people sitting in a circle around him, and around that circle, another circle, and so on, to make up many circles. Around them are still more people sitting in no particular order. there will be the "inner circle" of mashiach who receive directly from him, then those who receive directly from this inner circle, then others who receive from those who receive from the inner circle, etc. etc. until you have those who are not exactly in a circle but will still be connected somehow to the people in front of them. thus the world is repaired and redeemed.

  2. Where is He ?? When will we see Him ??

    1. I take it you are talking about Moshiach. Where is He? I have been told he lives in Jerusalem but he has traveled around Israel and possibly elsewhere. Those who know him are already seeing him and talking to him -- I believe Rav Ben Artzi, shlita, is in that category, since he tells us how hard he is working to bring the Geula. When will he be introduced to the world so regular folks like you and I see him? I believe we are close since those who know him are hinting to a time soon. The exact date is top secret and will be known when it happens. The messages from the Rav always tell us that we can influence his arrival by doing what Hashem instructs us. If you are already doing Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedakah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, the Mitzvot, etc, keep up the good work you are helping to hasten the day.

  3. It is brought down that we live in this world in a linear fashion where some people are in a higher spiritual level than others. In the time of Moshiach, this will change to concentric circles where everyone will be equal pointing to the center where Hashem will be. The circuits represent the circles the concentric nature are described as the first, second, third, etc.

  4. Hello Mrs. Menachem!!!

    Thank you very much for sending the Holy words in English from Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    All Nations which dare in trouble will be paying a Israel high price, as Rav Ben Artzi Nir in your previous posts.

    South America went into early economic recession. First it was Venezuela, with 60% of inflation and civil chaos, although the media didn't show, because she serves the matrix. The Argentina gave shell, and. ..Brazil, technically went into recession, but the "great" Brazil entered recession, the automobile industry has left many of its employees in "vacation", other auto assemblers make voluntary resignation campaigns and the tax burden rises increasingly.

    I also believe that Brazil is paying dearly for having called the Brazilian Ambassador of Israel for "alleged queries", during the last conflict against Hamas (ymach shemó!!!)

    All good and Shavua tov!!!


    1. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry that there is so much difficulty in South America, but it is the way of the world and, yes, it is happening to countries that are against Israel.

      You wrote Mrs Menachem. Mrs é senhora. I am a senhor, but just call me Menachem.

    2. Hello!!!

      I apologize, wrote Mrs. unintentionally, because I know that the person is a man. As for Mr., I say out of politeness and respect, I'm sorry!!!

      It's a pleasure to be able to comment on your blog Menachem. B'H!!!

      It is expected in the secular year 2015 (5775) the collapse of the dollar (?), huge chaos (civil and political) in Brazil, this country already faces in their culture, a high bureaucracy, corruption, leniency and lack of morality.

      All good!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  5. With all due respect. I thought the reference was to mashiach? (in regard to circuits/circles.) Why is he now referred to as "He?" It is our tradition ( in English) to capitalize the "H" in Hashem's name but not the "M" in mashiach. We do not capitalize the h in the word him when referring to mashiach. This is not in our sources and may give the wrong impression to goyiim who read this. Why am I seeing this now in this translation? No-one else is "He" but our Creator and we've had many mashiachs in our history and none have been capitalized because there are no capitals in Hebrew.

    1. I was not totally sure to whom the reference was. The only reason I put He was that the comment from Anonymous was “Where is He?? When will we see Him?? I assumed that anonymous was talking Moshiach, since we know that Hashem is everywhere and non-corporeal – we should not expect to see Him.

      You are correct that only Hashem is referred to as He, even though some of the names for Hashem are feminine, such as Shechinah – we don’t colloquially in English refer to the Shechinah as “She,” even though in Hebrew She is proper.

      So far as Moshiach, the term is a proper noun referring to a definite person which, once again, is capitalized. We say King So-and-So or President So-and-So as proper titles referring to a specific individual. If I was talking about kings or governors in general than, you are correct, I would use the small case. With Moshiach, I am talking about a definite person and therefore, by proper English, would capitalize the reference.

  6. The God that watches over Isreal never sleeps nor slumber.

  7. Hate the arabs? With all due respect, hate solves nothing. Tefilla, tzedakah, ahavat hinam, increasing our emuna and acts of kindness , can annul evil decrees and defeat our enemies, hate solves nothing.

    1. I have said all along that it is our positive actions in life that will, measure for measure, bring Tikun to each one of us as individuals and to us as a people. Any negativity is counter-productive. When we realize that these non-people, a vile nation was put here by Hashem (Deuteronomy 32:21) to straighten us out, because we are not doing Hashem's will, we can evaluate what we need to do, positively, and correct it -- it is called Teshuvah.