Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Tetsaveh Tsha"d


Master of the Universe continues to double and redouble the force to destroy the old world and create at the same time a new world of honesty, truth, unconditional love and keeping the Ten Commandments in their entirety.

Almighty G-d continue to hit the world, using the elements of nature – earthquakes, floods, winds, storms, fires, volcanic eruptions, heat, cold and snow.  He also will devastate and complicate country after country - all who attack and disrupt Israel.

Diaspora Jews take G-d's warnings seriously. Some of them have decided to go urgently to Israel; some are waiting and thinking; and, others are continuing to act and dress like goyim.

Those who want to dress like the goyim, the Creator has vowed to reveal, one-by-one to the goyim – they are in danger!

Worldwide, there is anti-Semitism; hatred against Jews will increase every day.  Come to the Holy Land in Israel; you will be doubly protected; Israel is your mother and father.  Jews wake up!

The Creator had extended the time but it's over, the world will be in a terrible chaos and the Holy Land of Israel will be protected and saved – there will be only good things.

We have entered the month of Adar - A "and will be the opposite."  All that the goyim do, at the expense of Israeli Jews, will turn against them!

Again, as in the time of Queen Esther and the decree against the Jews.  Thanks to Queen Esther, the Jews were saved and the decree canceled.

The Creator hears the prayers of all the Jews in Israel and nobody knows which is accepted.  It is said in the heavens – “pay attention to the prayer of the poor, because they do not seek respect and advertising, but only the interests of the Jews in Israel – to cancel the hard decree threatening to take parts of the land of Israel.”

The month of Adar will be “opposite" on all the goyim!  Israel will be well off; but, the goyim will be humiliated as Haman the bad.

The Government of Israel should not be afraid of the words of the United States and its envoys, threatening and getting excited, they feel that all their recommendations fall into the trash and will not be achieved.

Israel should not fear the threats of the European market.  Every person who tasted the fruit or vegetable of Israel will always want them, nobody can stop it.  Everything that comes from the State of Israel, from the Jews, everything is blessed and successful, whether fruits and vegetables, technology or other things.  The world will choose to take only from Israel.

All banks and the European market, if they continue to act against Israel, shall fall!

Previously we were six hundred thousand Jews and we defeated all peoples surrounding us, we are now eight million!  We have nothing to fear from anyone.  A Jewish brain - nobody can overcome! Dear Jews fear no one, continue to serve G-d and follow the Ten Commandments.  Every Jew who does not observe the Ten Commandments will be discovered naked, no matter whom he or she is, the greatest religious or the greatest non-religious.

Syria will continue to be destroyed stone by stone, block by block, wall by wall.  The Holy One, Blessed is He, will take care of them personally; they will never have peace.  Each time the Creator destroys another country with another method.  In Syria they will continue to fight amongst themselves.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah receive each time a sudden blow and do not know which is which.  The Creator makes them like the tower of Babel.

Iran dreams, is happy and fanatical; they say "we caused a good solution."  They do not know they will be hit hard if they disturb the people of Israel.  Iran wrongs, plays with and mocks the United States and Russia; it reveals a little information; but yet, does what it wants.

Egypt will have neither peace nor quiet.  A crate of apples with a rotten apple - everything will be rotten. Much of Hamas sows terror in Egypt, and they do not understand where it comes from.  Jews, Jews be patient!

Jordan awaits and celebrates.  The United States is in talks with the Israeli government while the snake is asleep, waiting to take a large part of the State of Israel; to put Hamas infiltrators and refugees in - it is their program.

Turkey - do not worry, they dig quietly, working to undermine Erdogan; with plans to make him fall.  They use gangs and look for the best time for them to act in the ugliest way possible.

In Gaza – Abu Mazen calms Hamas.  He tells them to "Wait, wait patiently, I have a job for you – pick up all of missiles and ammunition and then you can make a barrage of missiles on Israel from all fronts."  May their swords pierce their hearts; their bows shall be broken; their leaders kill their own people; the people, their people self-destruct and they will disappear from the face of the world!"

The Israeli Government is sitting quietly to reach an agreement; the government of Israel must not believe in that peace.  Nobody cares about Israel or the Jews. The United States wants to take the land of Israel.  Israel is the navel of the world!  Nobody cares about the Jews.

If they were worried about the Jews, they should be angry against Abu Mazen and all refugees, who do what the United States told them to do.  Peace is the best thing, without giving any part of the Land of Israel. You cannot believe them.  Israel should be alert and attentive; do not believe anyone, because no one feels the pain, only those who worked on the embers.

Israeli Ministers must be united together to support the Minister of Defense; he knows who are the Arab countries; he knows better than anyone in Israel who are Palestinians and Arabs around us.  His speech was true!  Do not argue, follow him, do not make mistakes.

Most Jews in Judea and Samaria have brothers, sisters and parents in other areas of the land of Israel.  The Holy One, Blessed is He, does not want a civil war between Jews, only for the goyim - Government of Israel do not be careless!

Jews should be strengthened in the fear of G-d.  The Creator gave us prayer three times a day, the study of Torah and the most beautiful of all, how to behave towards each other.  Jews stop saying "it will not happen."  Many of the goyim in Israel are the most dangerous; they help their brothers outside Israel and cooperate with them.  Check and be careful.

Our Heavenly Father loves the Jews.  Our Heavenly Father wants all the Jews of the Diaspora to come to Israel.  Our Heavenly Father wants all Jews without any exception, religious and secular, left and right, to be united and with love.  No right or benefit will not be given to any Jews, if there is hatred amongst them – only for Jews who show love for each other!  The Almighty will not give in to Jews who do not show love for each other, without any exception.  All Jews in Israel have a role in the state of Israel; no one should think he is better than the other.

The Messiah son of David is secretly working at full power.  When crowned, the whole world will see him working openly.  Jews continue to make groups - prayer groups, to cancel disasters in Israel and the severe decree with the Arabs.

We need to pray that all Jews come to Israel.  All Rabbis must show love without exception – then  suddenly the King Messiah, son of David, will be crowned with mercy!

With authorization of “Tair Neri” 

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