Monday, February 24, 2014

The Israeli Palestinian Conflict, 10 Myths Preventing Peace

Watch this video about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and 10 myths that are preventing peace.
Of course the real answer is that when the Jews turn to Hashem completely, there is no more conflict.  The biggest myth is that the solution is a political or military or negotiations or outside help or that etc, etc, etc will end the conflict.

We read in Haazinu (Deuteronomy 32:21) "They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them."  This simple prophetic message from Hashem has happened.  We are not doing what Hashem wants from us, thinking we can solve this by our own devices, "a non-god," so He has sent us a strong message to make us change our ways "a non-people, a vile nation (the non-government terrorist group called the Palestinian Authority and their buddies Hamas and about a dozen other terrorist factions).

You may think that there will never be a solution -- after all, will we catch on to what is really happening and change our ways?  It is happening since the world is getting so scary that Jews are doing much more Teshuvah and turning to Hashem.  The final end, of course, will be Hashem saying "enough" and introducing us to Moshiach.

We are getting to that point of the final Tikkun Ha'Olam, since just about every prophecy that is to happen before Geula has happened or is happening.  The biggest question is where are we as individuals?  I know, I have said it many times, the solution of the happy ending is measure for measure an individual result.  If you are following Hashem's ways the happy ending will be miraculously tremendous -- if you are still on your own devices, the non-god since you know better, your future will be difficult.  I will say it only about a thousand times more: turn to Hashem, live by His Torah and find out what true happiness is in this world and for eternity -- for you and your loved ones (they are relying on you for guidance and needing loving help). 

Time is running out.  Did you get my message, yet?


  1. Want to point out one big mistake in the film which the narrator starts off with and continues speaking of a 'palestinian' people. They never existed (unless we mean the Jews who were referred to as Palestinians, the name for Israel that the Romans named it to erase the name, Israel) until 1964, when the terrorist murderer who was an Egyptian, yimach shmo, together with his gang of thugs, made up this new 'nation'. By spewing a lie long enough and not being debunked by the leaderships in Israel, this was taken on as a fact by the rest of the world, with great ease. Those with any knowledge know the truth, but that only gets in the way.

    1. An excellent post. You are absolutely correct. The problem is that the terrorists, in changing history, have introduced terminology to the world; and, the Jew-hating media loved it (especially for all their Jew-hating readers). To relate to the world in discussing the conflict, one must use terms like Palestinian, West Bank, occupation, resolution, accord, anti-semitism (a big misnomer -- it is Jew-hatred), etc, etc, etc. These terms should have been mentioned as additional myths, but it wouldn't have meant too much to the world. When Moshiach is introduced, the world of truth will be upon us, and so will proper terminology, B"H.

      Thank you for your excellent comment.

    2. I forgot the term "settlements." We have been on this land about 3700 years. When can one be called a permanent dweller and stop being called a settler? If 3700 years isn't enough, then just about all the rest of the world is settlements. The US, for example, is completely comprised of settlements in occupied territory -- just ask the British, Germans, Dutch, French, Spanish and let us not forget the American Indian.

  2. As a believing Gentile in Hashem and in His truth I stand back ambiguously on one hand crying tears for the Jews who face alone the worlds tyranny that pit the unjust worlds leaders against the just" both Jew and Gentile of The Lords be strong and of good courage this battle will rage against the Jewish people who have done good for all the nations as The Lord has promised til the time of redemption Shalom