Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Vital Message to the People of Israel from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi , shlita 13 Adar Tsha'd

Listen carefully people of Israel; those who live in Israel and those living outside of Israel.  Listen : the destruction and chaos in the world will continue.  Floods, high winds, wildfires, heat and cold, many severe natural disasters will continue to worsen in intensity.

Anti-Semitism will grow so strong that they will expel the Jews and it will be televised – on all TVs.

In Adar many miracles will occur in Israel.  This month we will see events that are all opposite to the way they appear since the events will turn against the goyim.

Everything that happens in Israel can be viewed as the evil that is destroying itself.

The Creator works on all levels to put the people of Israel in a state of choking after choking (this is a translation of a Hebrew expression meaning that we will receive test after test, challenge after challenge to ensure that we do the right thing – the will of Hashem). The State of Israel will be in a state of suffocation after suffocation.  The Creator will continue to stifle the people of Israel until they cry and scream to the Lord to crown the King Messiah.

Additional notes from me:

Who will see this as good news and who will see this as a scary time about to happen will depend completely on how close we are to Hashem and how much we are doing His will as He taught us in the Torah.  I have said numerous times that our lives are measure for measure dependent on how seriously we take our obligations as Jews and righteous non-Jews.  Rav Nir Ben Artzi has been very accurate in his messages, letting me know that he is definitely relaying Hashem’s word to the world.  The messages are so accurate that the above should be taken very seriously.  Not as a wait and see, but as a message that we have little time left to get our act together.  Doing repentance, prayer, charity, study of Torah, love of our fellow Jew, with complete commitment to help everyone who needs our help, is no longer just good advice, but is a necessity for survival.  If you don’t believe this, your suffering and the suffering of your loved ones, chas v'shalom,  will be severe.  Hashem will give all good people the Tikun they need, but how easy a time it will be is completely in our hands.  The final statement from Rav Ben Artzi is clear.  We have come to a time when each one of us must work hard to bring the Moshiach.  Crying, even screaming out to Hashem that we want Moshiach immediately has come to a very critical time since we will be forced be forced to do the right thing for our own good.  I can’t emphasize enough that is appears the happy ending (or not so happy ending for the wayward people of this world) is upon us.

This message to the people of Israel is vital enough that I decided to include to original message in Hebrew from Rav Nir Ben Artzi:

 מסר מיוחד לעם ישראל מפי הרב ניר בן ארצי שליט"א
י"ג אדר-א' תשע"ד

תשמעו טוב עם ישראל, אלו שגרים במדינת ישראל ואלו שגרים מחוץ למדינת ישראל, תקשיבו טוב: ימשיך להיות חורבן ותוהו ובוהו בעולם כולו, שיטפונות, רוחות קשות, שריפות, חום וקור. יהיו אסונות טבע קשים ביותר שילכו ויתחזקו .
האנטישמיות תתגבר בצורה כזו שיבעטו את היהודים ויגרשו אותם, מול כל מסכי הטלוויזיה.
בחודש אדר יהיו לעם ישראל הרבה ניסים גדולים של 'ונהפוך הוא' מול הגויים.
כל מה שקורה בארץ ישראל, זה הרע מכלה את עצמו.
בורא עולם עובד בכל המישורים, להביא את עם ישראל לחנק אחרי חנק. מדינת ישראל עוברת חנק אחרי חנק. בורא עולם ימשיך לחנוק, עד שעם ישראל יזעקו ויצעקו לריבונו של עולם, שימליך את מלך המשיח!!

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