Thursday, January 30, 2014

An Answer to an Important Comment

I received this comment from Johun this morning reflecting a concern, about which many of my readers have questioned me.  Here is the comment:

I'm deeply concerned for Israel, should so-called leaders agree to a false peace?  How can Yidden be so stupid and weak?  Unless Moshiach Tzidkeinu takes charge, who knows what else the Israeli leaders will get up to? ...our enemies don't worry me, but Jewish leaders currently have me scared stiff.

My reply:
You are absolutely correct that the people of Israel, especially the leaders, are the worst enemy that we have – after all they are the Erev Rav.  The Erev Rav were the mixed multitude of corrupt individuals who left Egypt with us and were destined to return in the end of days.  Need you be deeply concerned?  No, since it is more appropriate to review what is happening and why.

The most important statement that I can make is “Hashem is completely in charge and running the show.”  Hashem wants us to turn to him for everything, and to show that we know He is in control.  We are in a time when the last thing Hashem needs is affective leaders.  Why would we need Hashem if Netanyahu or Obama or any other leader is giving us what we need?  It is brought down that when all the Jews do Teshuvah, Geula and Moshiach will happen instantly.  You may ask: “how is it possible for all the Jews to do Teshuvah?  The answer is Hashem is making the world so scary, that we will get to a point when all the Jews will look up and say one word of Teshuvah “HELP!!!!!”  The point is that everyone in the world is realizing that there is no solution to the problems we are facing such as financial, social, political, military, terrorist, crime, hatred, WEATHER, etc, etc, etc.  No leader is helping; in fact, Hashem is making sure they are causing the problems as the Erev Rav did in the desert.  Conclusion: there are no atheists in foxholes and since everyone (outside of Israel) is preparing to go in the foxhole, the end must be near – the time when all the Jews will turn to Hashem and say “HELP.”

That explains the world, how can I say that we shouldn’t worry about Israel and all the nonsense that is happening here.  Good question!  Hashem pays more attention to Israel than any other country in the Universe.  One way we can see it is that things happen differently here than any other country.  We have seen so many miracles; it is hard for anyone, who pays attention, to not see the Hand of Hashem in everything.   But Hashem still needs horrible leaders in Israel to get us to do Teshuvah.  Let me give you some examples of what happens in this country when problems arise.

Israel has fought more wars since 1948 than any other country except possibly the US (but they fight wars to make money – lots of money.  That’s another very long subject and not today’s subject).  All the wars that Israel has been forced into were miraculous.  1948 was impossible.  We had no army, no armament, no real strategy against 4 mighty, well organized Arabs Armies.  And we won?  I have talked to military buddies of mine who went to West Point to become an US Army Officer.  They have classes in history, reviewing the greatest battles that have occurred, to study the strategies and tactics that were used to win the war.  Good idea – learn from history.  They refuse to discuss the 1948 war since they know that their top general is not Hashem.  1948 was so impossible to win that the Secretary of State under President Harry Truman advised him to vote in favor of the establishment of Israel at the UN.  The Secretary said to Truman before the vote “don’t worry there are mighty Arab armies that will wipe out Israel after it is established.”  Hashem let him down.

The Gulf War was a very dramatic event since Israel was not even involved.  Yet, Saddam Insane (whoops, I spelled Hussein incorrectly) wanted to wipe out Israel, similar to what every other nation in the world wants now.  He sent us 39 scuds that did tremendous damage (actually part of the damage came from the wonderful Patriot Missiles that the US provided).  There were thousands of building damaged including homes that were completely demolished.  With all the devastation, there was one death and he was a known Jew-hater.  Outside of Israel the Scud story was different.  As an example: there was one Scud that hit a US military installation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that killed 29 soldiers.

There are books written on this miraculous Israeli experience, but I thought I would show you one of my favorite pictures:
A house was hit by a Scud and completely demolished.  The family was home.  When the house fell on them, the structure enclosed them in such a way that they all walked out without a scratch.  Impossible?  Not when Hashem is there to protect you.  There was another story about a man who was in his dining room and decided to go to his living room.  As soon as he left the dining room, a Scud completely demolished the room.  The living room was not damaged.

Let me tell you the funniest thing about the Gulf War.  The week of the war was statistically the best week in Israel since 1948 for fatalities – the lowest number.  There was the one fatality, mentioned above, but all the roads were closed, so nobody got killed in a vehicle accident that week.  Only in Israel would a war save so many lives.

The war with Southern Lebanon saw many missiles fired at Israel.  Many of the missiles including many fatalities occurred in Arab towns.  Hashem even steers the missiles.

There are books written about the tremendous number of miraculous events that happen in Israel even on a daily basis without war, so I am not going to continue on the subject.  Well, maybe one more.  There have been about 13,000 rockets, missiles and mortars that came out of Gaza.  Many of which caused no injury or even damage.  Why such a small amount of injury and damage over the ten or so years against Israel’s civilians?  We can only say “this is Israel and Hashem is our protector.”  In fact, there have been numerous rockets that didn't make it out of Gaza and hurt Arabs instead.  OK!  I’m finished with that subject.
How about the inefficient leadership?  Let’s start by mentioning Ehud Barak offering Arafat 97% of Yesha (Yehudah and Shomron – what the world incorrectly calls the West Bank).   Arafat stormed out of the meeting and rejected the offer.  Just as Abbas is now not cooperating with any peace overture being made, Hashem will continue to control our so-called enemies, so they can cover the deficiencies of our Israeli leaders, you know, the Erev Rav.

We have seen it throughout history where the enemy was controlled by Hashem to make the results match His will.  The most famous example is when Hashem hardened the heart of Pharaoh by making him not give in until all 10 plagues were complete.  Even then, Pharaoh chases after us only to be devastated at the Sea of Reeds.  Was Pharaoh crazy and not paying attention?  No, Hashem made him do what He wanted to get the results He wanted.

We are seeing the exact same actions of the leaders of today.  Our leaders are making the worse decisions to make us turn to Hashem and our enemies are helping us after our leaders try to sell us out.  All the turmoil in the world, especially in the neighboring Arab countries, is all part of Hashem’s plan and is working perfectly.

You may ask, but I see Jews getting hurt, killed, etc.  To answer that, we go back to what I have been saying for 22 months.  We are here on Earth to perfect ourselves and to get as close to Hashem as possible – to reap a tremendous eternal future.  This is not the real life, but only a temporary testing ground where we have the opportunity to get it right and set up for ourselves and our loved ones a very happy and tremendous eternity.  But, we are still helped measure for measure according to what we do.  If we turn to Hashem and follow his ways, we survive and thrive.  If we turn to our own devices, in other words we think we know better, we fail and suffer.  Hashem gives us help both voluntarily and involuntarily.  When we don’t do Hashem’s ways, we have sickness, accidents, premature death, financial problems, weather problems, etc, etc, etc.  Either way we will get our Tikun and go on to the Geula.  How good a Geula we get, is up to what we do now.  I know I have said this numerous times; but, I still get Emails and comments from my readers telling me of great problems in their lives and asking me “what should I do?”

One last thought about suffering, hardship and testing in today’s world.  We see tzadikim get sick and have problems in the same manner as those who are not tzadikim.  Avraham was given ten severe tests that many of us couldn't, pass (I include myself in that group).  When someone is at a very high spiritual level, he or she is given the opportunity to go much higher – after all this is the life that we will shape for all eternity.  We are not to compare ourselves with anyone else, but we must evaluate where we are as individuals and what we must do for ourselves and our loved ones to maximize our eternity (I didn't want to bring in my Army training but we must “be all that we can be”).

Israel these days is completely different from the rest of the world.  The financial situation is great, the weather it spring-like, crime is very minimal (where I am it doesn't even exist -- we don't even have a police force in our city).  I could go on, but you have to be here to experience the good life.  Also, stop reading the lies of the Jew-hating press -- it is all false propaganda provided by the Arabs and the Erev Rav.

Everything that is happening in the world to every country and to each one of us as individuals is exactly according to Hashem’s plan.  Everything is for the good to help us.  We may not be able to see it; and, even if we do, we probably can’t understand it, but we must have complete faith that Hashem is running the show and loves us a trillion times more than we could ever love Him.  Follow His ways and it will become obvious.  All the messages of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, Moishela, the Gedolim, other FC individuals, etc are from Hashem to help us.  Read them and use the information wisely and all will be wonderful.  The future looks extremely bright.

Did I answer your concern, Johun?


  1. I read a thought about the Parshah on Moshe Feigllin's site. It stated in part:

    “And they will make me a sanctuary and I will dwell in their midst.” The proper, balanced and precise way of life that we learned in Mishpatim – as individuals and as a nation – allows us to connect between the physical and the meta-physical in this week’s Torah portion. It allows us to pour eternal meaning into our lives, to crown the Creator as King upon us and to be liberated from any and all human subjugation."

    The last sentence profoundly struck me. " .. liberated from any and all human subjugation." This is what total sovereignty under G-d means. If only our nation could grasp what this means. G-d has stated " If only my people would heed me I would subdue their enemies before them." I'm so looking forward to 'that' day when the realization hits home for our people and they realize there in no-one who can help us but the One who made us.

    1. I am so happy to hear from you; and, as always, you provide us which such inspiring words of wisdom. Thank you so much. May Hashem bless you and your husband.

  2. Thank you so much for your detailed and inspiring response!
    Yes, you have certainly performed a good mitzvah in providing us with additional emunah and strength in these precarious times!
    There is , however, an additional point I would like to raise; Rav Nir ben Artzi has stated repeatedly in recent times that prayer is essential in order to annul the evil decree hanging over Israel.It seems to me that the followers of lubavitch should be at the forefront, worldwide,of engaging in major prayer sessions for this purpose!!
    And they are in a unique position to do so!!!
    After all, Israel does NOT have to go through a painful short-term future, as statements by Rav Nir ben Artzi clearly prove. We can get there the way of Moshiach!
    Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you once again for your valuable insights, and for enabling us few yidden around the world to receive the tremendous truths from Rav Nir ben Artzi, which are absolutely unique in the world today! It is critical that Jews around the world--AND in Israel--hear his message...

    1. Something that is very unique and beautiful about our Jewish davening is that almost all prayers are in the plural. We don't say give me or help me we say give us or help us. Hashem wants achdus, unity, from us. Rav Ben Artzi knows that there is power in numbers and if we could all pray together in love and with complete achdus, we would have Geula immediately. This is so strong a concept that we are always praying for people, both Jews and righteous non-Jews, all over the world not just for us in Israel. We are all in this together and must work together to bring the happy ending.

      We lost the 2nd Temple because of baseless hatred. We couldn't get along. But, if we totally correct our attitude towards each other in unity and love, the third and final Temple will appear instantly.

      I have been privileged to daven with large Chabad groups in the past; and, I agree they can be very inspirational.

  3. Great post. There are no atheists in foxholes! The world is being shaken out of its stupor, and this is a good thing.

    1. Everything is from Hashem, so it is good. We may not see it now; but, we will fully understand it soon.