Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita Parashat Vayikhal Tsha’d

The Creator, our Father in Heaven, is screaming and shouting at the Israeli government, at the great Rabbis of Israel, at the people of Israel as a whole, at the various Jewish leaders, religious and non-religious, at all the Rabbinic teachers in and out of Israel, and at all of the Diaspora Jews!  G-d is asking all of us not to be reckless, not to think negative thoughts and not to be afraid of the United States, or Europe, or the Palestinians or Arab countries!  Do not be bleeding hearts and do not be tempted to cut off places from Israel to give them away.  All of the things that the Palestinians and gentiles are talking about - begging and sucking up just to get a piece of the land of Israel and to build another country there that will be in war with the Jewish state.  Peace will come without giving away parts of Israel.

To all of the spiritual leaders and teachers in Israel - don't panic the people out of buying apartments in Jerusalem or investing in real estate in Israel, this is the worst thing in the world!  There is horrible anger in heaven against all those who push Jews not to settle in Israel - they will all be brought to justice this year!

Diaspora Jews: sell your property, at any price, and come running to Israel!  All of the temples in the world outside of Israel: collect your Torahs and bring them to the holy land of Israel!  The gentiles have harsh anti-Semitic plans to hurt Jews all over the world!

The Arabs around us want to erase the state of Israel - they will be punished, “may their swords strike their hearts and their bows break.”  They are taking advantage of the United States' weakness and want to pull the reigns.  How long will we remain to be "blind and deaf" in the state of Israel?  Instead, start expanding the state of Israel and get Jewish immigrants to do Aliyah.  The people of the Jewish Agency must travel the world bringing new Jewish immigrants to Israel.

All of the Jews will be united, religious and nonreligious - they are all equal in the eyes of the L-rd!  The goyim don't care about religious or nonreligious, they hate us all - do not trust them.

Anyone who wants to harm the holy land, G-d will punish them until they stop what they are doing in order to save themselves.

Egypt is a bundle of nerves waiting to crack.  They will not give in to Hamas and Hamas will not give in to them.  There will be chaos there.

Jordan is quiet for now, waiting for a big piece of the holy land in order to get rid of Hamas and refugees.

Turkey is setting a trap for itself and falling for it.  Their prime minister, Arduan, thinks that if he says he likes Palestinians, the people will love him - he loses both ways.

In Syria the killing and destruction will continue because they are cruel and blood thirsty.

The Hezbollah and Nasralla cannot hold their heads up high, no country is supporting them.

G-d is warning Iran - if you try to do something against Israel, G-d will open up the earth and swallow Iran and it will be damaged forever.

The IDF must be vigilant from the Gaza strip all the way to Eilat - Hamas and Palestinians are there digging tunnels.  Some of the goyim in Israel are reporting and helping them, they have weapons and ammunition from the underworld, Gaza and military bases.  We need to be vigilant so that they don't surprise bases in their area - don't fall asleep on watch!

A law to deport infiltrators from Israel must be pushed forward! The situation now is that Jews are the enemy of these infiltrators and they are citizens of the land of Israel.

All of the corrupt, the conmen, and those who do bad deeds - all will be revealed.  If they truly repent, they will be saved.

The belt, the ring around Israel, the suffocation and more suffocation from all of the Arab countries, from the world and within the state of Israel - G-d is doing this so that the people of Israel will shout to Him, so that He can crown the King Messiah to take away all sorrow, pain and difficulties from the state of Israel!

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