Thursday, February 13, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parachat Ki Tissa Tsha "d

The Master of the world will not stop and will not cancel any program he had planned to do on Earth, on the contrary, He will increase and increase until the whole world cries out to G-d and asks for the coronation of the King Messiah.

All presidents and prime ministers cannot help the world and Israel. Chief Rabbis and Kabbalists, their role is to organize conferences, prayers and ask the Creator to crown the King Messiah. You do not need to organize a great prayer at the Western Wall; you must only hold prayers in all of Israel to undo the evil decree which proposes taking parts of the land of Israel. Peace is good without any part of Israel granted.

Ministers of the Knesset have an urgent need to wake up; no one has the experience to know what will happen in the future. Do not believe the Palestinians or the Americans or anyone else in the world. Their plans are to take the holy land. They do not care who is governing. They do not care that the goyim will dominate and expel the Jews from here and that Jews have nowhere to go! Nowhere to go! We must keep the state of Israel, the Holy Land, with all our strength. It is better to suffer a year; but, life for us can only be in the land of Israel – in our hands, while we wait for the land to be filled with millions of additional Jews.

Government of Israel, the Jews of Israel - do not dream, nobody cares about the land of Israel.

A new subject: the Americans, especially those of the United States put pressure on Israel to make peace with the Palestinians and the Iranians. They do it because the Iranians are threatening with terrorism against the world and that they will use a nuclear missile in the world against Americans. The Americans entered a state of anxiety and fear of Iranian nuclear weapons that are threatening the United States and the world. The United States of America does not want another superpower against them, such as Russia, that is called Iran.

Government of Israel, wake up on the issue of peace. Peace with the Palestinians puts in jeopardy the fate of all Jews in the world. This is not a game, you have to be careful and not careless, do not to believe them!

Abbu Mazen calms Hamas. Patience! Collect weapons and long-range missiles during this time.

Government of Israel, take care of education and moderate the youth in Israel, violence increases tremendously! They learned from goyim, movies, Sudanese and the Internet. We need to invest a lot of resources in the education of the youth of Israel, so that in 3-4 years there will be an army, military doctors Jewish soldiers, all pure and innocent, and not to, G-d forbid, have schools that prepare offenders.

Israeli government, do not make the beautiful souls for other countries!

Egypt believes that all goes well. The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas will not give up; they will eat each other; they will not let go, as in Syria.

Hamas throws an occasional missile here and there to prove that it exists and is strong.

Syria killings continue indefinitely.

Iraq will continue to explode indefinitely.

Jordan, the king is dressed like a queen, waiting for a piece of meat, a part of the Holy Land, G-d forbid. May he not be entitled to this moment!

Turkey president fires and throws out people. They will soon do a big conspiracy, huge, and the President will not forget that day and what this conspiracy will do to him.

Hezbollah, Nasrallah and Lebanon cannot do anything. They do not receive any help, and have no power. They kill themselves, like the Tower of Babel, everything is a divine process.

Sudanese and Eritreans are doing terrible crime and causing a big mess in the Land of Israel. Take them out in emergency and legally! Listen good Jews, they have diseases, more than 100 year old diseases and spread them in Israel. Be vigilant and watch them and their sick. There is no solution to their illnesses, simply return them to their country legally.

The Creator wants Israel to be free of crime. The Creator will reveal all; it is not like the Jews in Israel. If they do not follow the Ten Commandments, the Holy One, Blessed is He will take everything in his hands, will disclose all and will give them all a lesson. He does not ask anyone. He will do the accounts with everyone individually (measure for measure).

The situation between the Haredim and the Israeli government: it is not possible for more than 60 years to study Torah and suddenly to be mobilized. First, before making a decision, a judgment - a dialogue is necessary – not to hit their heads and "go inside" and mobilize. It Should not happen in a situation the way the goyim perform. There should be no strikes and demonstrations. You cannot change a habit in a month after 60 years of study of the Torah in Israel. You need to convince them that the Haredim will serve in the military defense of Israel. But, using force does not work, it will be cause a dead end. Do not learn from Arab countries.

The European Market and European banks can not influence anyone in the world. Israel progresses, is modern and has knowledge in production, innovation, technology and growth of vegetables, fruits and spices. Israel renews things, all scientists are only Jews - this is G-d's hand – the hand of G-d Who speaks. Everyone knows that there is not as State like Israel and the Jews. There is no need for change. No one can disturb the land of the Jews - State of Israel. Remove the subject of the discussions!

All States and countries of the world are directed by an angel who belongs to the other side. The State of Israel is led by the King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed is He!

Hatred. The Jews who live in the world outside of Israel and are as travelers, who come and go, will experience, in great proportion, hatred that the Jews, although they disguise themselves as goyim, will not leave their homes. Not only that, but the haters will come to their homes to hurt them. Also, they will arrive at their workplaces and seriously hurt them. They will destroy their businesses. Jews who are true Jews will flee with all their forces to Israel the Holy Land. It will be the same in other countries around the world, a very great hatred that spreads like wildfire.

The Holy One, blessed is He shocks the world, sometimes hitting ships, sometimes planes, trains, sometimes all kinds of disasters, sometimes using animals to harm humans, sometimes snow, floods, rain, heat, cold and sometimes storms and earthquakes – very serious earth. All this, so all will recognize the Jewish people as the source of blessing; and as a message for the Jews who travel and those living outside of Israel go to the holy Israel. Jews living in the Diaspora who, G-d forbid, are afraid to come to Israel, have nothing to fear. The land of Israel is protected and the threat here negligible compared to the threat that awaits them in exile - exactly 100 times worse than in the Holy Land of Israel.

All those who mock and are arrogant, who scoff redemption and the coronation of King Messiah in this generation very soon and who do not believe, who think it's weird or that it's a game or a joke – will not be a part of it!

The Creator is in the process of defeating and destroying all the false world, the impurity, the brothels, the lust and the dirt. This is being done for the redemption of Israel to prepare a clean place to crown the king of the Messiah in this generation!

Man is flesh and blood and not capable of bringing order to the world. The Messiah is flesh, but is also a man of G-d. Moses was the first of the same nature for the first redemption; the Messiah will be for the final redemption in this generation! There will not be a delay of another generation, he will be crowned King Messiah in this generation! The Messiah is here now on the earth and is doing his preparation for the redemption and his anointment. The wise have eyes to see it! Dear Jews, do not underestimate what is transpiring. It is a pity that those who display shame and ridicule will be stricken.

The Messiah already was crowned in heaven. On earth, the Creator wants the Jews to ask Him to crown the Messiah. No human being can make peace in the current situation. Control of the world, the earth, is broken – the material control. Now we need spiritual control - Coronation of King Messiah, through which the world will be managed with integrity, truth and unconditional love. And, the Third Temple will be rebuilt forever! This generation has won!

With the authorization of « Tair Neri »

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