Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat “Pekoudeh” Tsha"d

G-d will continue to increase the pressure and will use much greater forces than we have known to purify the earth.  The entire planet will become sacred.  G-d will annihilate all evil, pride, lust, swindlers, fraud, corrupt and biased acts – He will annihilate them all from the planet.  If they obey the Ten Commandments and make amends; if they show love for others and will be kind – there is a chance they will continue to live.

The floods, storms, winds, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, rains, thunder, heat, cold and strange things that man has never seen on earth, will continue. The complications and conflicts will continue in all of the countries in the world except for Israel.  The economy in the world will continue to deteriorate – to complicate and confuse people.  All of the countries that are interfering and want to harm Israel and the people of Israel, everything will turn against them and it will get worse for them.  They will be so busy with their own problems, they will forget Israel.  The world will continue to deteriorate to a state of chaos in which everyone will want to rule over the other.  The states and other countries that were for the existence of the state of Israel and really helping the people of Israel - will succeed.

Iran is making a fool of itself.  The United States is afraid that Iran will be in close relations with Russia, and that together they will be a powerful force against the United States.  The United States thinks that everything is rosy; yet, the Iranians are laughing in their faces. Kerry tells the Jewish Delegation and the government of Israel that he comes from a family of Jews to get them to listen to him.  He has a Jewish spark in him, but he is not 100% Jewish.  Do not take what he says seriously; because, he has one purpose, one personal interest and it is not the good of Israel.

In the state of the Jews, Israel - you need to be vigilant in conversations.  This is the quiet before the storm.  They've decided to speak quietly so there is no panic in Israel.  They speak quietly because the plans are unclean and not healthy for the people of Israel.

The government of Israel -- make peace with the Palestinians without giving away parts of Israel! You cannot give away parts of the land of Israel!  The gentiles have places to go and live, the Jews do not!  Their goal is to kick us out of Israel to the sea and destroy the people of Israel.  You need to sober up – peace is good, without giving away Israel's land!

All of the people, those that are sneaky and deceitful, those that thrive on bad deeds, cheaters, conmen, thieves, those that are corrupt and biased, those that are disguised and hidden – G-d swore that He will reveal them all, from the highest religious of them to the lowliest, from the highest non-religious to the lowliest, all will be revealed!  Israel needs to be clean and pure of sinners, criminals, and cheaters; everyone needs to abide by the Ten Commandments.  Patience, all will be revealed, each in his turn and time, don't worry.

Jews in Israel cannot learn from the gentiles.  The people of Israel are the chosen people; we cannot learn from the gentile's actions.  They all hate the Jews because we keep Kosher; we maintain the bonds of marriage, the holy circumcision and do everything with holiness and purity. They want us to be, heaven forbid, like them so that the people of Israel will assimilate and be erased, G-d forbid, from this world.  This is what happened in the United States in the last forty years; many million Jews disappeared because of assimilation!

You need to check within Israel, there are hidden and camouflaged terrorists that are planning, together with gentiles living in Israel, to attack the streets, busses, trains and Israel's borders.

Citizens of Israel do not be soft - anyone who is not a Jew and says he loves Jews; it is only his own interest, he does not really have such love.

Abu Mazen talks innocently as though he was seeking peace; he speaks as though he has a love for peace and the Jews.  At heart, he is making a fool of everyone.  In secret, he strengthens the terrorist and renews them.  Abu Mazen is working with Hamas; they are speaking in closed rooms, underground, "watch my back and I'll watch yours."  They are united in their opinion, waiting quietly to take parts of Israel and afterwards they plan attacking from all ends.

In Turkey, Arduan must take care of himself and redeem himself.  If not, his people will start going wild and his government will fall and crash.

Jordan is waiting patiently to get its share – waiting for the promises of the United States to get all of the refugees out.

In Syria they are killing each other nonstop.  They are not as interesting to the media because the media likes action.  That is why you don't hear about them as much; but, they continue to kill each other with much more brutality – they have no mercy.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are broken with their heads down, they rely on Syria and Syria is being wiped out.

Iran is trying to arm Nasrallah and Hezbollah in any way possible.  The IDF needs to be vigilant so that Iran does not succeed.

In Egypt people are hungry and will not give up, non-religious against the religious and against Hammas.  Everything is burning quietly, there are embers waiting under the ground - soon there will be a big explosion in Egypt.

Jews in Israel need to unite.  Israel has the best economy in the world.  All of the citizens that live in Israel, despite the fact that everything is good, need to be economically smart.  They don't need to look at what the other has and wonder where others got their money or what they're doing with it.  You need to think positively and be kind to others in Israel.  There is no replacement for Israel anywhere in the world.  It is the heart, lungs and soul of the Jews!

Jews need to be vigilant with gentiles in eastern Jerusalem, they are not as naive as they look and you have to be very careful! They are planning to do horrible things.

Israel, pray for rain and despite everything, it will rain!  G-d is showing the people of Israel how He differentiates them from other countries.  There, He causes floods and harsh rains.  In Israel there is good weather, there is joy, all is well!  Rain will fall!

Anti-Semitism in the world will continue to increase until Jews will feel smothered and will run to breathe the air in the holy land of Israel.  A wise man will use his eyes and will come to Israel immediately!  There will be a short period of quiet in certain countries and then everything will come back.  Jews, collect your holy scriptures from all of the communities in the world; it is time to come to Israel - it is time!

Jews, the state of Israel was created in 1948 -- the exile is over!  We are in the 66th year to the state of Israel out of 70.  Seven in the eyes of the L-rd symbolizes good things.

The people of Israel – be kind to others and abide by the Ten Commandments.  Jews, G-d is asking that you understand that everything that He is doing in the world, He is doing for the benefit of the Jews living in Israel.  Sober up and understand that salvation started in 1948; the Messiah will be crowned very soon.  If, heaven forbid, the Messiah is not crowned soon, the world will be in chaos and there will not be any remnant of man on earth.

After all of the smothering in Israel, that is where the Messiah, the son of David will be crowned, in this generation, soon – be patient!

Dear Jews, ask G-d for it!  It doesn't matter who you are, ask G-d for the crowning of the Messiah.  All Jews, without exception, religious and non religious – this is for the benefit of all!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Note from me:

It says in the holy Zohar, Vayera 119a, that “In the year sixty-six the Messiah will appear in the Galilee.”  It was disappointing in the year 5766 when many were interpreting the year 66 to mean that year.  Rav Ben Artzi just pointed out that 5774 is the 66th year since Israel was reestablished and he stated that 5708 (1948) was the end of the exile.  The wording of the Zohar can very easily point to this year being the introduction of the Moshiach as Rav Ben Artzi has been alluding to, B"H.


  1. "...anyone who is not a Jew and says he loves Jews; it is only his own interest, he does not really have such love."

    Context and translation create many opportunities for misunderstanding, but a gentle reminder that Noahides are here too. Thanks Rav.


    1. You are correct but there are two comments to be made. (1) For two thousand years many non-Jews have been dictating their so-called truths to the Jews and usually resulting in exile, torture or death -- it has always been a one-sided discussion. If you had any idea how many missionaries are in Israel presently trying to ruin the Jews, you would realize that we have really had enough. I have had friends who have been completely ruined including families devastated due to great sales pitches taking Jews away from Hashem. I personally have been approached numerous times and they are often very convincing. Enough is enough. I cry at how many Jews have been destroyed over the millennia due to such actions (that is including relatives -- yes loved ones of mine).

      (2) So far as Noahides, I am of the definite belief that they are likely from the lost tribes and will someday be living in Israel with me as neighbors. They should never be included with those who are willingly or unwittingly destroying my people. Any non-Jew who follows Hashem is loved by Hashem on a completely equal basis to any Jew. All of Hashem's creations are precious in His eyes, but as Rav Ben Artzi said, the time of evil, the ones who are desecrating Hashem's ways instead of following them, is coming to an end. Every one on Earth will measure for measure receive the blessing or the curse that Hashem tells us about in the Torah. Noahides are blessed and will be forever. There is nothing that says only Jews will have a tremendous eternity. All righteous people will see the happy ending and the wonderful eternity beyond our comprehension.

  2. Can you recommend which Zohar to read? I'm very, very interested in learning more. Thank you for your postings.

    1. There is a five volume set in English from The Soncino Press, copyright 1984, entitled, "The Zohar." It is translated by Harry Sperling and Maurice Simon. Even though I believe it to be one of the best available in English, the Zohar is so deep, so mystical that it is better to study the text with a very well learned Rav. The translation, as with any translation of scriptures, is limited and in many cases, difficult to understand.

  3. Just a suggestion. Why does R' Ben Artzi always stress that the Jews heed the Ten Commandments? We Jews always stress for Jews to return to our Torah! Ten Commandments is not a Jewish way for asking Jews to return and do teshuvah!

    1. I have noticed that also and have three thoughts on the subject. First, most Jews and just about all non-Jews are not familiar with the 613 Mitzvot but are very familiar with the Ten Commandments as representing Hashem's instructions in the Torah. In years of Kiruv, almost every Jew that I talked to, including Conservative and Reform clergy, questioned where I got 613 commandments. I know, even writing this blog has taught me, that unless I fully explain a concept, keep it simple and familiar.

      The second thought is that it is brought down that there are 620 letters in the Ten Commandments and that all 613 written commandments and the 7 oral commandments (which I have never discussed) are inherent (considered included) in the Ten Commandments. Rav Ben Artzi has made many statements that would not necessarily be made to Chareidim, but would be a better way to word if you were trying to reach everyone.

      Third thought, if all uneducated Jews would do Teshuvah on just the Ten Commandments, Moshiach would be here instantly.

  4. Hello!!!

    So realistic worlds that Bnei Noach as also realize what has happened around the world, through the teachings of the Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach. (I am guided by a rav of the Chabad SP - Brazil). I am happy by the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    I honestly can not wait for the economy to fall, because I know that because of the high degree of materialistic slavery of human beings, it must begin to learn that whoever controls the Universe is Hashem!

    And is occurring as the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi (B'H):

    [...] "The world economy will fall":

    Venezuela falling, but the media does not really show what's going on there (and I do not expect novelty is not the media show some true because they are in cahoots with those who help the world of lies). Argentina is on the same path of Venezuela and Brazil are suffering from rising inflation. Personally, I believe that Brazil's economy dropped once and for all, that would give a tremendous curveball in the rest of Latin American countries, dezendo them: we are in a sea of lies, leading in the end to return to Hashem.

    Gradually Europe falls, but the "great European" would be Russia, Germany and the UK, economically speaking.

    Asia: mainly China and Japan will fall, Fukushima is an example of the fall of Japan

    United States (north of the American continent) will also fall.

    The political and social chaos in the Islamic world.

    All this is great proof that the World of Truth will come with Mashiach.

    All the best!!!

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil

    1. What you are saying is very interesting. I have not talked about events that I have been following for years that are about to happen (possibly within weeks). One such event is called the Global Reset which is completely kept out of the media. There are 204 countries in the world that are about to reset their currency to a commodities backed currency. This may sound good since it will give value to money, but it is a way for the elite of this world to steal a vast amount. As an example, the United States will go from a Federal Reserve fiat currency (which isn't worth the paper it is printed on), to a Treasury note that will be backed by gold, silver, oil, who knows what. At first nothing will change and people will think this is solving the financial crisis. But, all money in banks will be revalued to about 30 cents on the dollar. In other words, if you have 10 million dollars in the bank (fiat dollars), you will be told you now have 3 million real dollars and you will be expected to be happy with it. There will be great unrest and probably tremendous rioting. The US government, and most countries in the world, have many devious programs to take your money including taking all 401K's and retirement funds. That is a long story. Health care has already become a disaster.

      I could write a book on this subject; but suffice it to say that everything that I am talking about is in Tenach and is being used by Hashem to send a very definite message. As Rav Ben Artzi has mentioned, Israel's economy is probably the strongest in the world. Unemployment is low, exports are high, real estate value is increasing, stock market is strong, etc, etc, etc. If any Jew is in a troubled financial situation, take it as a message directly to you from Hashem. The solution is "come home."

      One last statement that I will not expound on (sort of top secret). As we were very wealthy when we left Egypt after the first Geula, all that is presently occurring, will bring great comfort to the Jews with the upcoming final Geula. Turn to Hashem for everything -- His plan is perfect and wonderful. The future is very bright to those who follow Hashem -- both Jews and righteous non-Jews.

  5. so moshiach will come 5774 not 5776
    I hope yeshuah come soon

    1. I am not a prophet but a dot connector. Since my biggest proof, beyond the words of Rav Ben Artzi, Moishela, Ben Golden, Gedolim, etc, is having a list of all that is supposed to happen before Geula, as stated in Tenach, Zohar, Meforshim, Midrash, Gemora, etc, and seeing that it all has happened (past tense) or is happening (present tense), I am very encouraged that Geula is imminent. Some of the events that have yet to occur are too detailed to discuss here, but one can plainly see that they are happening in the world now and will be completed shortly. There are negative gezerahs (decrees) that haven't occurred yet, but if we listen to Rav Ben Artzi and turn to Hashem, they will not occur.

  6. Hello!
    The Israeli economy is strong, BH!
    Upon return of the Jews galut home, the domestic economy will have to grow before expanding out. This will allow sufficient time to come to Israel not to break with the rest of the world time and also because Hashem wills it.

    When they procure the world notice that Israel was the only nation in the world that did not break, the nations will ask why israel did not break and then learn to use raw material according as it is used by Israel, for the things positive, led by Mashiach. This will cause Israel to be the greatest power of all time, I might as well say ... "spiritual potency", as it uses the soul and the raw material for turns to the wishes of Hashem and not something empty thing that the world is today and has for a long time.

    About the "future coins" (oil - gold - silver), I believe that will be the last putt of the world lie, proving that control the world belongs to Hashem is!

    Boker tov!

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil