Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Chizuk about Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita

I received this short video of an interview that I thought may be of interest to my readers.  The video is in Hebrew but I followed up with a brief synopsis in English.

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, Shlita is interviewed concerning the possibility of Prophecy in our times; specifically appraising the possibility that Rav Ben Artzi being a candidate of such.

He draws the guidelines according to Halachah to recognize who is a true candidate for some type of communication with Hashem and who is not.  A person who is a 'Mekubal' but has Taivas or bad manners and traits, or contradicts Halachah - one should keep away from. Whereas someone who is truly humble, connected to Torah and Halachah, going in the way of Chachamim, good mannered, with good traits, indisputably having 'powers' to see clearer than is humanly possible - such a person is a possible candidate.

Specifically, he talked about Rav Nir Ben Artzi, as belonging to the latter genre, and he lists his good traits and very clear views on things.

He stresses that Prophecy is something which every Jew has in him inherently, but circumstances will dictate how much of it, if any, will come into manifestation in him.  It was so always, and it is true now.  And to his assessment, the Rav is holding on the level of having 'powers' through being very close to Hashem.


  1. Hello!

    Many thanks for sharing the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, they encourage me and encourages me a lot.

    All the best and boker tov!!!

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil

    1. I know how you feel since I am encouraged also. I do know that all will result in a happy ending. Rav Nir Ben Artzi may give the impression that all is horrible and that worse times still may be ahead; but, since we well know that times will be rough in the end of days (very clearly stated in scriptures), we should be encouraged that the Rav is letting us know that the end is here and that the happy times are not too far ahead. The more important message is that we must do our part and come closer to Hashem. The truly righteous will have it the easiest, the truly wicked will suffer greatly. We have the choice of which group to be in. Rav Ben Artzi also points out repeatedly that we also have the opportunity to speed up the process by crying out to Hashem in sincere prayer to bring Moshiach. This is the best form of Teshuvah we could do these days, to turn to Hashem completely and to help others turn to Hashem. Hashem wants us to have achdus -- to cry out together as a group. Rav Ben Artzi knows exactly what he is talking about. If we follow his instructions the happy ending will come sooner and with an even better ending -- beyond our comprehension.

    2. Thank you for your words dear sir.

      I am Bnei Noach since 13 years and now I'm 25.

      Your words Also Encouraged me even more.


      I'm sorry for the mistakes of English, because I can not speak English yet.

      Luiz Felipe - SP - Brazil

    3. Luiz - G-d loves you just as much, even with poor English. Você deverá ver o quão ruim é o meu Português.

    4. Hashem loves us so much that we could not love Him in the same Infinite Greatness that He Is.

      Thank you, I understand your portguese Sir.

      All the best and shavua tov!

      Luiz - SP - Brasil

  2. Thank you for the translation.

    1. You're welcome, but I have to admit I had help from friends. I believe that the messages from Rav Ben Artzi and about the Rav are important and deserve an accurate translation. I therefore have others involved -- Israelis who have Hebrew as their first language, which is not my situation.

      I have only lived in Israel for 11 years -- not enough to call myself highly proficient at Hebrew. Even though I started learning Hebrew about 66 years ago, it was Lashon Hakodesh and not modern Hebrew -- which only started 11 years ago. A bigger problem for me is that Jews are very intelligent. It is estimated that 79% of Israelis speak some English. When I start to talk to my friends, neighbors or even go shopping, most Israelis want to talk English. I do not get to practice much -- I do practice a lot of English, however.