Monday, February 1, 2016

More Questions Answered

My friend Anonymous asked me a few questions that have been recurring from several of my readers. I thought I would give it more attention in a separate blog post.

Anonymous January 31, 2016 at 9:28 PM
Okay.. but um.. one more question, please Rav, if those who are good, but not Jews or from lost tribes, what about them?? 
I am sure there are good people, who are termed as 'goyim,' but are still good. They do good; they help where they can; they believe in Gd, but are not Jews or of the lost tribe. Because Gd put them where they are, so they will be destroyed because they are not “lost tribe"? Thank you Rav.
My Response:
The best answer I can give you is that Hashem is infinitely merciful and takes care of all His creations measure for measure according to what they do in this life on Earth.

That said, I find nothing in scriptures that says otherwise. Are all righteous non-Jews from the lost tribes? I don't know. Will any righteous non-Jews who are not of the lost tribes survive and live elsewhere in the world? The best answer I have to that question is: it is brought down that Israel will be renamed Jerusalem, and that the remaining land of the world will be called "the Holy Land." That is a profound statement that hints to people living outside of present day Israel yet being with Hashem in the Holy Land. Sounds positive to me.

Scriptures also talks about good people being removed from Earth, but not with a type of death that we know now, without any suffering. They will be given a final cleansing and returned to Earth. Is this a merciful way to give everyone, both Jew and non-Jew a higher Tikun, and at the same time removing them from the devastation before the fact? Once again, I am not a prophet, but I do have complete faith in Hashem taking good care of His faithful.

I have been saying for years that every individual is responsible for his or her welfare. How much suffering, or lack of suffering, one will experience is not because of your location, but your faithfulness to Hashem and how much you follow His ways.

Trust Hashem. His plan is perfect and as it says in Malachi (as I posted last week), the good people will be healed and thrive, and the evil of the Earth will be eliminated with great suffering.


  1. Rav.. Todah Rabah,
    Hashem bless you.

    thanks for taking time to answer.
    thanks for sharing and for caring for all peoples of the world.
    Thanks for being you.

    And always.. THANK Y-U HASHEM!!


    1. Hello!

      Thank you very much Menachem for the text.

      Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv for SC and to all.

      Luiz Felipe.

  2. NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013

    1. The good news is Moshiach will take over before these events occur. Hashem is running the show, not the global elite.

      The most important thing is for each one of us to be with Hashem, not trust any leader or government.