Thursday, February 11, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Terumah, 28 Shvat (7/2/16)


King of Kings, G-d, may He be praised forever! The entire world knows, including Israel, that G-d is getting rid of the impurity from earth, that G-d is cleaning and purifying the world, that G-d has started a process so people will obey the commandments, whether they want to or not they will obey.

G-d is creating conflict between and within countries in order to clean them out. He is bringing the forces of nature, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, harsh winds, storms, fire, and very bad anti-Semitism against the Jews which will only be much harder starting now. G-d is doing all of this to purify the world. He is sick of the old world and wants a world with cultured people, kindness, people who help each other and feel mercy for each other. G-d wants the killing and disasters to stop.

The entire world is panicking; they don't know who is against whom, and what the day will bring. Africa is falling apart, Europe is turning to dust with the refugees, the US is emptying out, the economy is very bad there and they will have a heavy recession. China will go bankrupt and have terrible economic destruction. Armageddon and chaos is outside of Israel.

Bad things are happening in the world and the media doesn't want to report them. They are going into a routine and they want to only report and show cruel and strange things. The world is confused and scared. The refugees and ISIS are eating at Europe - they are like flesh eating bacteria.

In Israel, all is well! The economy is the best in the world, real estate is the best in the world, the people are the best in the world, G-d has blessed Israel! A cloud surrounds the borders like it surrounded the people of Israel in the desert and the Jews need to watch over themselves. All of the innocent Jews that are being murdered by Arab terrorists are all righteous; they are atoning for the generation. G-d is telling Israel to wake up, to stop being bleeding hearts, be tough with the Arabs who are murdering Jews - don't let them get away with it!

Abu Mazen says he doesn't want an intifada and is sending the young Arabs to harm Jews. Is he tricking the world. He says he wants peace so that he can take the holy land from the Jews. The government of Israel must not cooperate with him! He is an instigator and liar and his goal is to throw all of the Jews out of Israel.

The old Arabs in Jerusalem have weapons and ammunition in their homes. They meet with youths from the villages and hiding places and give them weapons and ammunition. They are brainwashing the youths. On the outside they say that they want peace, but inside they are getting the young Arabs to harm the Jews. There is a conspiracy of old Arabs in East Jerusalem guiding the youths. A large part of the Israeli Arabs are worse than the Arabs abroad.

The tunnels in the Gaza Strip - G-d is taking them apart so that the IDF will understand that there are forty tunnels. They are making a network of tunnels before the fence and there are tunnels that have already crossed the fence toward army bases. Hundreds of their men are being killed in the tunnels but they aren't reporting so we don't find out where they are digging.

The government of Israel must look into the tunnels. 90% of the building material that goes into Gaza goes to the tunnels and the money is stolen by the leaders. They are brainwashing the Arabs in Gaza that Israel is causing starvation and poverty, but they are getting a lot of money. Hamas and ISIS are organized, one brings weapons, and the other brings money.

Hamas send a message through Turkey that they supposedly don't want a war with Israel - they are simply not ready for one yet, but they are getting ready. It is all an act to prepare themselves.

In Egypt, extreme Islamists, ISIS and Hamas, are getting together to bring Sisi down. They are influencing Egypt and saying that the government of Sisi is taking money that should be going to Egypt. Sisi must continue to destroy the Sinai desert, Hamas, ISIS, and extreme Islamists that are going against him, and continue to destroy the tunnels near Gaza; from there they will come to harm the Egyptians.

Iran is laughing at the United States and getting close to Russia. Russia is giving them ammunition and the United States is giving them money. Iran is pretending to make a deal, it is an act. They want to be a power and G-d won't let them, because they want to harm Israel indirectly. Iran can't harm Israel directly, they are afraid.

Syria is a ghost land, there is not right or wrong there, nothing will be left. It is going up in flames and burning up. G-d Himself is taking Syria apart. G-d is taking revenge because they murdered IDF soldiers with utmost cruelty, because they tortured IDF soldiers, the cruelest torture in the world, and because they tortured Eli Cohen RIP until he was hanged. The Jews' Father in Heaven is Himself fighting in Syria - not angels! G-d is confusing everyone and they are coming to fight in Syria: rebels, Hezbollah, Russians, Iranians, Turks, Iraqis, ISIS, French - they are all destroying Syria! G-d is fighting Himself! All of the European countries and the United States are sending soldiers to fight against ISIS in Syria and they don't care about Syria, they are afraid ISIS will reach them.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are quietly digging tunnels from Lebanon to Israel. They don't have anyone to help them, like a lion in a cage. Their soldiers are dying like flies, so that they don't have even one second to think about Israel.

The king of Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian country to put his four million refugees. In the meantime, he is waiting quietly. If he doesn't look out for himself, he will be murdered because he is not a clean Muslim.

In Turkey, everything is going down the drain. Arduan is confused, ISIS is threatening him and his children; there will be destruction there. The refugees from Syria are like leprosy, they are sticking to European countries, Turkey, and Jordan. ISIS is among them and cruel terrorists just as bad as ISIS. These cruel people will reach Greece.

ISIS is not messing with the Japanese and Chinese, for now.

Diaspora Jews - your lives are in danger! There are seven billion anti-Semitic people who can turn on you in a second, it doesn't matter who or where you are. Jews, run and save yourselves! The Jews in France are in imminent danger.

The Jewish parents living in Israel - watch over your children so they don't assimilate with the gentiles. Everyone must check if their child is in distress so that they don't assimilate for money. When a child wants a candy, he chases gentiles for the candy and thinks he won't fall but he does in the end. Gambling, assimilation, drugs, and alcohol abuse are destroying the Jewish youth and their future.

Our winter is healthy and good for the state of Israel, a blessing in the holy land. The sea of Israel and the rain falling in Israel are pure and holy. In Gaza the rain is a curse. G-d is destroying the tunnels because they want to harm the Jews.

White collars, crooks, thieves, and people who take and give bribes, are all being caught. The officials are revealed in the media and the rest are dealt with quietly. They better repent urgently so that they won't be revealed. The shame of a person is like death. In the age of the internet and social media, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc., save a lot of time, publicity, and shame and instead of going to the police, people go to the media. It is not for nothing that there are smartphones that take videos and pictures and upload them; nothing in the world is a mistake. Just like a man can't ask why there are flies and bacteria in the world, or lions or giraffes, just like animals have meaning, they were created for a reason, so does everything having meaning on earth. There is a reason for the existence of everything. We must not forget that the choice between right and wrong is in man's hands.

This generation will be redeemed; this generation will see the light of the Messiah! Giving, kindness, joy, Torah studies, and prayer bring the crowning of the Messiah closer! All those who truly care about redemption and the Messiah, and bring the people to redemption and the Messiah, will be in the first circle. Those who say it is not time, will be in the last circle. After G-d crowns the Messiah King and he goes into the light, those who supported wholeheartedly will be in the first circle. There are naive, religious, pure, and clean Jews who are not aware of the Messiah and redemption, but they have repented, they too will be in the first circle. All of those who resist and mock, may they be in the last circle at least because they are directly bothering G-d.

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  1. Beautiful & encouraging, thank you Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Hello!

    First, thank you very much for posting! Menachem

    Second, a new update on Nibiru (Rav Glazerson):

    "THE STAR NIBIRU - 5776"

    Luiz Felipe.

  3. From our morning prayers....(Altera) "Do not fear sudden terror, nor the destruction of the wicked when it comes. Contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled; conspire a plot, but it will not materialize, for God is with us. To your old age I am (with you); to your hoary years I will sustain you; I have made you, and I will carry you; I will sustain you and deliver you.
    Indeed, the righteous will extol Your Name; the upright will dwell in Your presence." Isn't this particular passage truly amazing? Whether we are currently trapped in exile outside Israel - many of us simply cannot do aliyah yet for a variety of reasons such as old age, disability, divorce with children, etc...Hashem will protect and provide. I will not live in fear. Ms. AP

    1. B'H(for your words)!

      Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv!

      Luiz Felipe.

  4. BS"D

    I wanted to take this opportunity once again to Thank you for all your Divrei Chizuk re. the coming of Moshiach, the Geula Shleima. Chazal say "Kol H'Matzil Nefesh Achas.. K'Ilu K'Yaim Olam Malai". It is our responsibility to Thank those who tirelessly work on behalf of the Klal to strengthen them, us. You should know that all of your hours of research havegiven hope and strength to many, I among them. I am holding on to these words as they provide life sustaining Chizuk in a very difficult situation.

    Up to the minute, can you give your readers insight as to how we are truly in the final seconds of Golus? According to your countdown, you believe Moshiach will be here by Peasach time,
    It is approx. 8 wks. until Peasach. I of course am not asking you to predict the exact day as one isn't allowed to, but how does one understand Eliyahu HaNavi coming to announce the arrival of Moshiach. Is it 3 wks. Prior? Three days? Also, how will someone ill be able to greet him? Will there be immediate Refuah?

    Thank you again for all your Avodas HaKodesh, h' should repay you "Keifel Kiflayim", plus.


    (I was the one who wrote to you a few wks. ago asking approx. when you felt the Geula Shleima would be here.)

  5. Hello!

    A new update on Nibiru (Rav Glazerson):

    "Time of the Coming of Nibiru 5776"

    Kol Tuv!

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. Thank you Luiz. You will notice that I made a separate post for this important video.

    2. Thank you very much Menachem!!! :)

      Luiz Felipe.