Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Ki Sisa, 12 Adar Aleph (21/2/16)


Creator of the World, Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d is the leader of the world and He guides us as He sees fit, for the benefit of the world and most importantly, for the benefit of the state of Israel, the holy land, and the Jews living in the holy land. His thoughts are not our thoughts; His plans are not our plans.

We, people, think about a moment, G-d plans for many years. What we don't see and don't know - G-d sees and knows. G-d's plan is to purify and cleanse this world of filth, which angers Him very much, of adultery, greed, crime, murder, bribes, lust, and filth - the filth of the snake. G-d is going to remove all this from the world. That is why our Father in Heaven is using the forces of nature, earthquakes, floods, winds, storms and fire, complications and conflict between and within countries. G-d is cleaning the impurity from the world and increasing the purity on earth. Understand it or not, G-d waits for no one. Want it or not, G-d is not asking and not consulting with anyone because G-d is truth and honesty, the Great Merciful One, and all that He does, He does with great mercy. What we just wrote, is His plans and it is exactly how it will be!

G-d is warning the Jews abroad: Don't test me! Run while you still can! Sell the house and cars and run from there like fire, do not try me! Armageddon is overseas, chaos is overseas, do not wait until something changes, it will only be worse. G-d is giving the Jews quiet from ISIS and anti-Semitism so that they can run from there, but the Jews think the opposite. They think that it is dying down, that things are getting better. This is only so that you run from Europe, the United States, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Run, urgently, don't waste your lives! The state of Israel is the holiest place on earth, the purist, the most protected and guarded, more than anywhere else in the world. G-d Himself is guarding and protecting the holy land. The Negev must be settled, from Be'er Sheba to Eilat, urgently. We must settle the Western Galilee with another million Jews, and Samaria, Binyamin, and Golan Heights. Millions will come to Israel, they have already begun coming. Israel will not need anything. Israeli Jews do not leave Israel! You will be beggars abroad and will come to Israel shamed.

What else do you need in Israel? There is unity, faith, goodwill, and kindness. This must be strengthened further. All of the Rabbis in Israel, without exception, must unite. You are the messengers of G-d, do His bidding. You must not have mercy on the cruel; he who has mercy on the cruel will be a victim of cruelty.

Every state or country on earth that wants to take or give parts of Israel, even one centimeter - G-d will take care of them directly, them and their families and everything they have. You should not harm even one centimeter of the holy land or it is your lives! It is not punishment in a few years, but a heavy one instantly. The planners will not succeed and will still be punished.

The IDF must be vigilant and powerful. The clean Jewish civilians and government must support the IDF.

Arab terrorists are being brainwashed, and they are drugged when they attack.

There will not be another war like there was in Yom Kippur, the IDF is strong. The government must not believe or listen to any other country in the world.

In Gaza, it is the quiet before the storm. There is ISIS, Hamas, extreme Palestinians, Jihad and now there is a new gang, not any better than ISIS that has started in Gaza. Soon their name will be known. They continue to dig and renew the tunnels and are doing everything to get more missiles.

Syria - nothing will help them, there will not be peace and they will continue to fight each other.

In Turkey, if Arduan does not be submissive to Israel and make peace properly, there will be a civil war. ISIS, Hamas and the infiltrators will grow and give Turkey hell; it will be like Syria. Arduan - it is a shame, surrender to Israel, and you will have blessing and success in everything.

In Jordan, the king has made many promises.

The US is busy with elections. Obama is not doing anything right now and won't do anything. He wants to finish his position and leave with honor. Obama won't do anything with any country; he wants to show the good that he did for the United States. When a new president is elected, a few months later he will be shocked. He won't know what is going on, how to run the US, the economy will fall apart even more and security in the US will be problematic in front of the world, there will be more difficult situations. The Jews think that there will be a new president and it will be better - it will be much worse.

The state of Israel is small, and still can reach anywhere on the planet. The knowledge, speed, wisdom, and intelligence that G-d gave the Jews in Israel is the power of Israel! G-d is protecting and guiding all of the helpers that protect the state of Israel.

In Egypt, Sisi is taking good action against ISIS, extreme Islam, and Hamas so that they don't bother Egypt. Sisi, it is not enough! Do not feel sorry for the cruel. Be careful, they are waiting for you! Sisi must urgently work with Israel to be protected.

In Iraq, everything is the same, there is no change, there is no right or wrong, it is a Babel Tower so that the world sees and fears Israel. Any country that bothers Israel will be completely destroyed by G-d. Iraq and Syria are an example and there are others coming after them.

Russia is fighting in Syria; they are cleaning it out and practicing. Russia is showing the Arab world how strong it is to pull the Arab countries to it. Russia is filled with ammunition and weapons.

Iran is happy that Russia supports them and the US is eating its heart out - the deal with Iran has no value. Iran can't harm Israel, they are afraid of the IDF. They know that Israel's air force has ammunition and weapons like none other and the missiles that Iran has developed so far are behind us by ten years. Let us not forget that all of the Jewish pilots that go on missions in the world are being guided by G-d! Iran is fearful and traumatized since the time of Esther the Queen and Mordecai the Jew. G-d is bringing strange and complicated things to the world, like animals, the forces of nature, conflict, plants, strange things that were never seen before so that people understand that there is a G-d running the world. He enriches and gives, He lifts and lowers. The Israeli parliament and government must not compete, but work together and combine forces.

All of the thieves, bribers, perverts, conmen will be caught one after the other - if they repent now, G-d will help them. Nothing stands before repenting.

Jews, protect your kids from alcohol abuse, gambling, drugs, and assimilation.

The Messiah is active and working, protecting the state of Israel!

The Messiah is at the door, patience!

G-d wants to crown him more than you think, dear Jews!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

I apologize for not completing the post that I had planned for today about Nibiru.  After working about 12 hours on it yesterday, I find that I still have about 5 more hours of research, writing and posting to accomplish.  It should answer many of your questions about the upcoming changes that planet Earth and its inhabitants face.  Tomorrow should be the post, B"N.  I can't wait!!!!
I thank my friend, HH, for sending me this Dilbert, by Scott Adams that came out on Monday (sorry for the blurriness):


  1. Boker tov :) as I read this information from rabbi nir ben artzi, the first question that comes to mind is, how does this reconcile with the idea of nibiru? He talks about the next US president, that won't be for another year! What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

    1. I had thought about the same thing, yet is goes along with the answer that I received when I asked the Rav about Nibiru. He was aware of it and all the talk going on, but had very little information about it. Since it does not seem to be on his mind, he probably sees life going on as usual later. Once Nibiru is visible to the whole world, he will probably be more involved in its meaning.

      Of course, he is aware more than most people that Moshiach is this year, 5776, and that a US government will not exist when Moshiach is the King. I don't have a good explanation, but I think we will see something soon from the Rav once the whole world is involved.

  2. Hello!

    Two new videos about Nibiru (Rav Glazerson):

    "End of Days 5776 - Purim Nibiru Mashiach"

    "The shock - Nibiru the Star - Meteor"

    Kol Tuv!

    Luiz Felipe.

  3. Rav, still not too well but trying my best.

    Rabbi Artzi, is just'aware' of things that are happening like you are, and a lot of others are.
    then its all just their own thinking.

    From what i read, you go straight to the 'source' which is Tanach, right? So i would just read you and what your thoughts are, from now on.
    Too much speculation going on.
    Who is right or wrong, we will soon know.
    Hashem bless you and all who come to this blog. Amen and Amen.

    1. Read my post tomorrow. I tried to write it with no speculation.

    2. Amem v'Amen!

      Luiz Felipe!

    3. Will do so Rav, and thank you.

      I just really only believe what you write, as i said before, you quote from the Tanach.
      That is the reason i trust you.
      Looking forward to reading your post tomorrow. Gd willing. Amen.

      P.S: in one place Ms.AP wrote those who come to your blog we feel like family... she wrote so true.
      I do feel like part of a whole family here.
      Like Ms.AP, its so difficult with my 'family' here, as they think i am the odd one, and not living in the 'real' world, (according to them, or as i read them.)
      Its sad and now i am really leaving them to think as they like.
      But.... leaving them under the Wings of Hashem, and trying to pray as best i can.
      Gd Bless each one here.. Amen.

    4. Read my post tomorrow. Things are about to change for the good. All your concerns are about to be resolved.

    5. Todah Rabah, Rav.

      Wishing tomorrow could be now...
      Will have to be patient... have to learn to be patient.

    6. Hello!

      So with S.C. (of the Noach) and Ms. A.P. (Bat Israel), I am also treated as "strange", "different", "the wrong", "crazy" by the other. Living The Truth is rewarding, though it is not easy.

      The Brazilian people is proud to live in ignorance, believe they are free-tsc-(for living in ignorance), because you don't have to worry about the truth (tsc). For them, ignorance is a 'god'.

      That Hashem bless S.C. and Ms. A.P..

      Kol Tuv!

    7. Thanks Luiz and SC. I learned very quickly to keep my mouth shut or risk being ostracized which of course can be very unpleasant. Waiting quietly for Nibiru to become visible at which time i will say everything i have been holding back. Knowing and not being able to make any dent with family and close friends can be very frustrating. However, good things await those who practise patience and prepare spiritually. Ms. AP

  4. Rav Artzi: "G-d's plan is to purify and cleanse this world of filth, which angers Him very much, of adultery, greed, crime, murder, bribes, lust, and filth - the filth of the snake."

    What specific filth (is the filth of the snake)?

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. The snake is the Yetzer Harah, the so-called "evil inclination," who temps us to do everything wrong. We are told in Parashat Nitzavim that the Yetzer Harah will be retired in the end of days. All the remaining people on Earth will no longer be tempted to go against the will of Hashem. Our free will choice will not be needed anymore, since we will only choose to live the absolute truth. All the filth of the snake will be eliminated.

    2. B'H!

      Thank you very much for the reply Rav Menachem. :)

      All the best!!!

      Luiz Felipe.