Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Human Aura

I once wrote a blog post called The Human Aura, 7 June 2012.  It was well received since it shows very clearly that when we do Hashem's commandments our spiritual level definitely increases, and the Aura is our proof.  The results are much more beneficial than just raising the spiritual level.  I have been saying for 46 months how our purpose in this life is to turn to Hashem, follow His Torah and raise our spiritual level.  By living the Absolute Truth, the word of Hashem, we set up our eternal existence in the highest level possible.

A dear reader sent me this short video on the subject that is priceless.  Please watch and internalize its message.  Go to YouTube and watch it.

I have been getting Emails from my readers asking what can I do to increase my level of protection with the chaos and craziness getting worse in the world? The Rabbi in this video very much strengthens the answer I have been giving for years: turn to Hashem, do His commandments, live His Torah and you have set up the perfect protection for you and your family.

Yes, this makes this life on Earth much more tremendous, but the fact that it will last for all eternity for us and our loved ones is beyond priceless.

Thank you DF for sending me this video, and thank You, Hashem for giving me and my family such an eternal life. 

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