Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nibiru and Its Purpose

I have been doing an extensive amount of technical research into Nibiru. The questions that I have received that seem to be of greatest concern are: what is going to happen and when? Even though I have tried to apply higher mathematics to my calculations, I wish to present this information in as simple a format as possible.

First, what is Nibiru? I have mentioned that our sun (which of course is a star when seen from outside our solar system) is in a binary star system with another star. That means that the two stars revolve around each other.

The two stars are very different in size. The diameter of our sun is about 864,938 miles. The diameter of Nibiru is estimated at 55,000 to 60,000 miles. Nibiru being about 15.4 times smaller than the sun has an orbit about 15.4 times bigger than the sun. This is why it goes so far away and returns approximately every 360 years. The fact that Nibiru has a gravitational effect on our sun is what gave astronomers the hint that our sun was in a binary star system. Our sun is in a much smaller orbit, but still it has an orbit affected by its companion star, Nibiru. One caveat, I have had sources telling me that Nibiru is much bigger than what I mentioned above, but for our purposes here I will wait until I get better confirmation.

The nature of Nibiru is also very different from our sun. Nibiru is a brown dwarf star that is considered as a failed star. It has cooled considerably and probably only has a surface temperature similar to the inside of your oven, about 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also the reason that it appears to be a giant planet instead of a sun. Here is a picture of a brown dwarf star to give you an idea of what we should see when it approaches (this is not a picture of Nibiru):

Why, if it is so dark have we seen it like a bright star? I have mentioned that we have many pictures of Nibiru as it approached the sun and continued its trip around our sun. Here are 15 examples:
I have had readers who have said “I haven’t seen any pictures yet.” Obviously they would have to give up their skepticism if they would just look, but the number of pictures and videos available on the web is staggering.

There are some possible questions that may come up from the pictures that I thought I would explain. Why is it that in some pictures Nibiru is on the left, sometimes on the right, sometimes under the sun and sometimes over the sun? These pictures were taken at different times. The three heavenly bodies in question (the sun, Nibiru and Earth) are in orbit and changing position. As Nibiru approaches the sun, both the sun and the Earth are moving in an orbit. Nibiru’s orbit is not on the same plane as the sun and Earth. Hence, the Nibiru appears to the four sides of the sun.

I had mentioned in a previous post that after 15 Feb Nibiru would be on the same side of the sun as the Earth. Gill Broussard mentioned that even though it will appear small (about 7% the size of our moon), is should be visible. The fact is two things are preventing us from seeing it. If it is too close to the sun, we cannot look in that direction and see such a small item (not directly, but with a camera as above). If it is away from the sun as it continues to come in our direction, the sun won’t shine on it any more. Nibiru does not emanate much light. The pictures all make it appear as a bright sun, when in fact it is only the light of the sun that is hitting it. We see five planets in our sky when the sun shines on them. They dim as the sun goes off the direct path to those planets. We recently had the five planets lined up and we were able to see them (mid-January to mid-February). This was taken in Arizona on 8 Feb:
We see from left to right Mercury, Venus (always the brightest), Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. They are all seen because the sun is shining on them. They do not emanate any light by themselves. Although Nibiru is a star, it emanates very little light. All the pictures showing Nibiru looking very bright are with Nibiru reflecting the light of the sun. The lack of light from Nibiru is one of the reasons that it was thought to be a planet and not a sun.

Our moon is another good example which is bright and full mid-month, like now, or completely gone, a new moon, like Rosh Chodesh.

The key to everyone seeing Nibiru will be due to two factors. It will move away from the sun (the sun not being behind it like the New Moon) and it has grown considerably in appearance as it gets closer to Earth. There is a total eclipse of the sun occurring on 8 Mar, but it will be seen by very few people, mostly across the Pacific Ocean and should not mean too much to us.

So when will Nibiru be seen by the entire world?  Whenever Hashem has planned!!  Trying to figure this out scientifically has led me to the conclusion Hashem's plan is the only factor that counts and human logic and calculations are irrelevant.

How close to earth will Nibiru come? I have heard estimates of about 20 million miles. This has been one of the more difficult items to calculate since the Earth and Nibiru will cross paths in their orbits, but not at the same time, B”H. That is why this is no chance of Nibiru hitting the Earth. But, what is the problem with calculating closeness. The speed of Nibiru is changing. As it came closer to the sun, it sped up with the additional gravitational affect. As it went around the sun, it changes speed and as it goes away from the sun it will slow down. Without having a definite orbital path to work with or a definite size to use in my calculations, I am left with only rumor from other sources.  Once again, Hashem's plan is the only answer.

The more important problem for the Earth is the tail of asteroids, meteors, rocks and who knows what other debris. This is what will cause great damage to the Earth. Since Nibiru will cross the Earth’s orbit in front of the Earth, the tail is what we will experience. How long is the tail and how long will we continue to experience its devastation? The tail is well over a million miles long, I have heard estimates of as much as four million miles long, but it should only effect the Earth as we are passing through it. Once our orbit takes us beyond the tail, it should not continue to effect Earth. How long will that be? I have no idea. It is likely to only be days, but only Hashem knows for sure, since He is the One Who will use the debris to wipe out the wicked of the Earth.

The best answers that I have seen about when Nibiru will be here are from scriptures, Hashem's opinion. The messages that we received in Torah Codes from Rav Glazerson and myself are very telling. The most prominent date that shows up in the Torah Codes is around Purim.  The information that we received from the Facilitated Communications individuals are also from Hashem and they also gave possible dates similar to the Torah Codes. The third source was the scientists and astronomers who have researched the arrival of Nibiru and also came to similar dates as the first two sources that I mentioned. All seem to say mid-March to mid-April.

Like the plagues in Egypt that started and finished exactly according to Hashem's schedule, Nibiru's approach, flyby, devastation, etc is exactly according to Hashem's plan.

I have a question. If people have the opportunity to prepare and do what they need to in order to survive, which is better, sooner or later? If they are ready and it doesn't happen as quickly, they are still better off. If it comes sooner than expected than they are definitely better off.

There is a much more important idea to convey when it comes to the devastation that Nibiru will cause. It is not the arrival of Nibiru that is the problem, but the activities that are already occurring. The great increase in earthquakes, the increase in volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather patterns that are already killing people. We don't have to wait for the worst part of Nibiru's arrival to prepare, we are already in harm's way, NOW.

If you have been paying attention to what is going on in the world, you would already be doing lots of preparation. What is the preparation that I am talking about? Doing Teshuvah, Tefilah, helping others survive, doing the commandments, studying Torah, especially all the messages Hashem is giving us about the present chaos in the world and how much worse it is going to get.

People are basically lazy. If they think they have time, they will put off the most important event that will save them, "turning to Hashem and trusting Him for everything." Since the time for preparation has already started, today would be a good time to begin.

We have been hearing a lot recently about the prophecy in Zachariah 13:8 that tells us that in the end two thirds of the world population will be wiped out and one third will survive. Why are we hearing this so much on blogs, from Rabbis, from the FC individuals? Because, it is already happening. We are so concerned about all the chatter about Nibiru and in some cases have even researched it ourselves, but have we really done the preparation needed to survive?

Nibiru may seem like a physical dilemma to be reckoned with, but it is a spiritual event with a spiritual solution for each of us. There will be great devastation, but nothing, I repeat nothing will be random. What will happen to each country, each part of the world and, most importantly to each individual will be measure for measure what each individual needs to reach Tikun or, chas v’shalom be punished. It is the end of history as we know it. It is our final testing in this life and will be the determining factor for our eternity. Whether you as an individual will be in the 1/3rd group or the 2/3rd group of Zachariah is all you need to concern yourself with. You have the golden opportunity to decide now for yourself and your loved ones. Nothing that I am saying is speculation, but is a culmination of 69 years of Torah study, which has proven our purpose on Earth, our purpose in this life and our success or failure for all eternity.

Thank you Hashem for Your merciful guidance, as I look forward to Your world of goodness and happiness, very soon. Help me and all my readers understand Your ways.

Additional note:
Even though I am stating that the fine details of Nibiru are not that important, I still plan to continue researching and updating my findings. Why? Two reasons: Similar to everyone reading this, I am curious and want to know, but more importantly, this is a great way to help others. I have mentioned that all Jews will do Teshuvah. Hashem is making this world so scary that all good people will look up and say “Help.” One word of Teshuvah. Why is that considered Teshuvah? Because, everyone will have no other recourse except to turn to Hashem. When everyone turns to Hashem, it will end, and all the good people will only want to follow Hashem’s ways. So, when your stubborn relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc look scared and ask you “what do you think is happening?” you can comely look them in the eye and tell them “this is no mystery, it is all the plan of Hashem for the end of history.” When you show them how we knew about all this in scriptures thousands of years ago, a combination of their fear and your confident reassurance will bring another soul to Hashem. It is the biggest mitzvah you can do. The Talmud, Sanhedrin 37a states: WHOSOEVER PRESERVES A SINGLE SOUL..., SCRIPTURES ASCRIBES [MERIT] TO HIM AS THOUGH HE HAD PRESERVED A COMPLETE WORLD. Go for it. It is what Hashem wants from us and He will help us all the way.

Thank you Luiz.  Once again we have two new Rav Glazerson Torah Codes videos about Nibiru and linking it to Purim.  Most of the first video is a repeat of a previous video and is not too audible.  From time 4:11 on is the new findings.


  1. Waiting for Nibiru to become visible beyond any doubt before approaching family and friends again. Still dont think that we will have too much warning time if any at all. Bewildered by the total lack of awareness at shuls or anywhere else. I guess,like me, anyone in the know including our leaders in the community are waiting for the signs in the sky. Ms.AP

    1. I have a theory...
      The upcoming full moon on March 8th will block out the sun due to our moon... but will it cause the unblocked red planet Nibiru to shine bright due to reflection of the sun...?

    2. There is a solar eclipse coming up, but it will only be seen in the Pacific region by very few people. The bigger problem is that Nibiru it still too small to be seen easily, especially with the sun not shining on it as it was before. I hope to be writing about some of my research tomorrow, B"N.

  2. From what you just wrote, it's possible that we don't see it soon and it's possible that nothing happens too? Only upstairs knows, no absolutes it seems. Since nothing we speculate even from Torah sources about prophesies are for sure. This too, the date of Purim then April can pass with nothing involving this.

    1. I would agree with you, if it weren't for the fact that everything is already happening. We have already seen Nibiru, hence my small sampling of many, many photos. We have already tracked its path by many sources, and know that it is heading this way. We are already seeing many affects of Nibiru in increased earthquakes, increased volcanic eruptions, crazy weather patterns and even a shift in our earthly axis (which I didn't talk about) and other affects that are more technical. All these changes were anticipated years ago, and are now confirmed.

      The many messages from the FC individuals are consistent. I have been reviewing their messages since 1997 and they are accurate. The many places in scriptures are detailed enough that there is very little interpretation needed. These events are happening.

      The only thing that I have questioned is that a negative decree does not have to happen if we do Teshuvah. I have two thoughts on the matter. One, is this negative? The end of this evil world and the bringing on of the redemption and Moshiach is something we have craved for thousands of years. If the demise of 2/3rd of the world population is the way Hashem will eliminate the evil, I have no say-so in the matter, but yet it still is a positive decree for the righteous of the world.

      Could Hashem cause everyone to follow His ways and not kill anyone, in other words change all the evil people to good people? The answer is that Hashem did not create us as robots to be reprogrammed at will. He gave us a free will to develop our lives. Whether we go in a positive or negative direction is part of the human experience that Hashem created. The scariness will help many people, but the attitude that is prevalent is: "I am for myself and who cares about anyone else." They deserves elimination. Unfortunately, that is the problem with the 2/3rd group. A selfish me, me, me attitude. Hashem treats us measure for measure; and, the evil, selfish, greedy, who couldn't care less about others or helping others will find out the hard way the real system Hashem created in this world. Remember we are here to be perfected by testing. The 2/3rd group are the failures.

    2. My dear Rav,
      Thank you for everything you do and say to teach and encourage. Especially to us who believe and have been battered by "nay-sayers". I and others who follow you and this blog have been called "fear-mongers" and much much worse. There are many people who believe the "other" theory that all the changes we see in the weather patterns are due to global warming which they say is because of increased waste of fossil carbon spewing into the atmosphere. I even saw a TED talk last night given by Al Gore, a champion of this theory. To me, whatever HE was spewing seemed like a big cover up! "They" have known about global warning for decades, he says. I think they have also known about Nibiru for many decades and use this as a smoke screen while the echelon prepare for their personal safety. No I am also speculating that this rumors about WW3 are also being used to cover up what is really going to happen (?) It will conveniently "coincide" with Nibiru's dramatic entrance on the scene. I certainly hope and pray to our merciful Abba, that whatever tool He chooses bring all our dear one to Teshuvah and come soon to deliver us from this world that has gone insane. ~ Thank you, Rav. My hope is in HaShem - firmly rooted (I hope)

    3. Thank you for your comment and kind words. I always like to keep an open mind about everything. Global warming sounds logical, but has to be supported by statistics. In recent years winter temperatures have been the lowest seen in many decades. That does not support any trend for the greenhouse affect that global warming would entail. Also, the increased earthquake and volcanic eruptions are much more likely due to gravitational affects on the unstable Earth crust than atmospheric changes.

      Everything that the government and the world leaders have been saying is suspect to ridicule, since their obvious agenda is greed and power. Nibiru wouldn't make money. Things like global warming and war are much more profitable.

      So far as people you deal with not being interested, or even worse criticizing you, wait a couple weeks until Nibiru puts a heavenly fear into their secular hearts. Hashem's plan is for 7.3 billion people to wake up to reality. It is so nice to be one of the advanced people who are informed about the upcoming, and instead of fearing it, thanking Hashem for His mercy and help.

      I will stay with scriptures that tells us of evil and selfish leadership in the end of days (Sota 49 and Sanhedrin 97 as examples). I will also stick to Hashem's plan and guidance on how to rid ourselves of evil leaders.

  3. Thank you Rav...

    You have taken so much time to search and then sit and put it all together for all of us who come to read here your blog.
    I for one take this that you put out for so many, to heart.

    No harm in trying do become our best.
    All ofcourse is in Hashem's Hands.

    I see you as the Moses for us today, you are showing us what to do, and it is up to each of us to do as you show us, or to ignore.
    For myself, i take you seriously.
    I have checked on Youtube, and there are some (not many) Rabbis who are speaking of this.
    Not as elaborately as you do. But they are.
    Ms.AP, I wish we were living close so we could talk of this and other things.
    Thank Gd for this site, as you stated in one comment, that it is like we are family, and it does seem that way... :))

    Hashem bless you and help you to achieve all you want to do.
    Luiz, Hashem bless you too in all you need.
    Rest of this blog family, may Hashem bless each of you and your families, and help each and all to do the best we can.
    Amen and Amen.

    Rav Menachem, Hashem bless you and all your family.

    Thank you again.
    a grateful deciple of yours. :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words and the inspiration that you and many other readers give me and all of my readers.

      I am no Moses, not even close. But, one of the greatest lessons of the Torah, the handbook of life, is to see the way great people lived and interacted with Hashem. That is the inspiration that brings us to a higher spiritual level and much greater chance of a tremendous life and eternity. Anyone who thinks the Torah and the rest of the Bible are just Bible stories, has missed the boat. It is from Hashem and is the greatest guide to happiness and goodness. Thank you Hashem.

    2. B'H!!!

      Amen v' Amen!

      Luiz Felipe.

  4. As I read this - there is a tornado going on in NJ... like Ms. AP above, can't wait until the whole world understands what is happening and we move into the greatest time of history!!

  5. Hello!

    Thank you so much Rav Menachem for the great work you've done on this blog (and outside it). He has helped many people (Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach).

    That Hashém bless you, SC and Ms. Aet and all your (all of you).

    Kol Tuv!

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. Correcting: Ms. A.P. (not Ms. Aet). Excuse me!

  6. We may be able to soon view some of the greatest plagues to be visited on earth since the plagues visited upon Egypt. I am certain that many people will look for natural explanations for what we will see. I am certain that if the plagues of Egypt were visited upon earth today we would have people looking up saying "Look, hail and fire falling from the sky, must be a huge front coming through." It is not hard to see the hand of Hashem in everything if one just looks. In my area (DC metro) we have had some very strange weather this winter. Yesterday we had huge thunderstorms and tornadoes rolling through the area. Something that is not normal for mid-winter. People look for natural reasons for things that baffle them, yet natural (scientific) reasons and Torah agree. I had the privilege of being able to record some classes given by Reb Morris Engleson on Science and Torah, and what he has to say is mind blowing. If one wishes to see what he has to say, I have his lectures posted at's%20archive.htm
    People will look at Nibiru as a totally natural event and fail to see Hashem's hand in what is going on. With just a bit of knowledge and emunah, one can look at everything and see Hashem's hand.

    1. Everything you say is good and the truth. Even that fact that people always look for a fluke of nature to explain everything. It is amazing to me that after seeing 8 miraculous plagues, 80% of the Israelites didn't follow Moshe into the desert.

      So far as science and Torah, I have pointed out on my blog and in my book, The Absolute Truth, that the Laws of Physics, Chemistry and Biology were created by the same One Who wrote the Torah. All of science and mathematics is in scriptures. Any place that there seems to be a disagreement, it is just that science hasn't caught up to the truth yet. In close to 60 years of studying science I have seen so many new discoveries and changes in theories that in every case science adjusted their thinking to agree with scriptures. They are not aware of that fact, but I have enjoyed the humor of watching it most of my life. There are even excellent books telling of some of the greatest scientific discoveries in the past hundred years, and where in scriptures the sages knew about these subjects thousands of year ago.

      In the near future when we go from the world of lies to the world of truth, we will all see the nonsense of the past, and all get a good laugh.

  7. Very interesting news:

    "NASA: Giant Fireball Crashed Over Atlantic In Brazil"

    Luiz Felipe.

  8. What about the good people in our lives, like close relatives of mine, who went OTD and were seduced by liberal values, voted Obama, and can't listen to reason because they have been brainwashed? Will Hashem wake them up? I have been praying for them but that is all I can do. I have just lost a parent, and a teen child several months ago to cancer, and have to believe that they wouldn't have been taken unless the geula was this close. Struggling hard to maintain this emunah. Would appreciate any words of encouragement.

    1. There are no atheists in foxholes. When people are scared enough, they seek answers and turn to any Source that will help them. Hashem's plan will help everyone. The evil ones will think they are in control and will fail. The good people of the Earth, like all our secular relatives, will catch on to reality and do Teshuvah.

      I have said that there are two types of Jews in the world, observant Torah Jews and those who are not observant yet. All Jews will come around to Hashem's ways. When? When Hashem removes the Yetzer Harah from us, and we realize there is only Hashem as an answer to everything.

      Righteous non-Jews, like Noachides, are already following the ways of Hashem and don't need as much help. Their non-believing relatives will all be scared enough to question: "what is happening?" That is the golden opportunity to bring Hashem and scriptures into the picture and give them the answers they seek.

      It is all good news and will result in a very happy future.

    2. I forgot to mention that with the eventual reviving of the departed, we will all see our relative and friends again. There are exceptions of those who will not return, such as individuals cremated and I believe suicides.

    3. Given that people have been reincarnated, will the soul divide up to re-enter multiple bodies at techias hameisim?

    4. I am not an expert on the resurrection of the dead, but I believe that all our bodies return. The soul is not a physical entity that has to be divided. It can go into many bodies at once.

  9. Cremated? Rabbi, are you saying the Yidden who were cremated in the concentration camps will not be coming back?

    1. There is a big difference between someone who chooses cremation versus someone who is killed Al Kiddush Hashem. In fact that person gets Olam Habah, if his demise was just because he is a Jew.

      We came from the ground and to the ground we must return. If one chooses not to return to the ground, be buried, he or she is in violation with the Torah.

  10. What about people who don't know better? Good people who just think cremation is better? Mentally ill people who kill themselves out of desperation and were not raised frum? I am asking because I cared about one of these people, and prayed constantly on her behalf for years after her suicide. I cannot accept what you are saying here, I believe Hashem will have compassion on these people if they were good people and just blinded by their pain.

    1. There is a fine line that gives leeway in every situation. As an example. During the time of the Temple, if someone violated Shabbos because he made a mistake, he didn't know it was Shabbos, he was able to bring a sin offering to the Temple, do Teshuvah and be forgiven. If he knew it was Shabbos and said: I don't care, I am going to do this or that intentionally in violation of Shabbos, he cannot bring an offering and is guilty of the sin (and is punished).

      Every case is different and with its particular intricacies. You are correct: for me to make a general statement covering all situations is not correct. It is a very big reason why we study Torah, and why we must help those who do not study Torah. We have a very complacent attitude towards Hashem's guidance in life, His commandments, His absolute truth and think we can get away with everything. On Judgement day we will find out the truth.

      Me giving quick answers on this blog, or any other blog, on subjects that volumes have been written, including scriptures, is haphazard. It is the most difficult part of teaching on the web.

  11. Unknownm at 2:10 AM.

    I think the same way too! Someone i knew, a young boy, who felt unloved - perhaps even unloved by his parents, took his own life.
    Parents regretted - only Hashem knows what they went through.

    He was the sweetest human ever, never hurt anyone, just plain good. But what he was internally going through only Hashem knew and knows.
    I believe with whole heart that Hashem IS compassionate! I always think, if we ordinary humans can feel the pain even of those we know not, but just read and hear of senseless killings and what not, if we can feel compassion, Hashem our Creator, has more of it.
    I feel that this young boy, that i knew is safe somewhere up there, in that place where Hashem is.

    May Hashem have mercy on us and all who are going through pain and depression and other hurts and pain.

    Shalom shalom..

  12. BS''D

    About "Planetary Defense" department of NASA opened in Jan.2016

    Dear Rav Menachem. Would you please help us to connect the following dots ...

    YEAR 1992:
    History of government mandates[edit]

    The 1992 NASA-sponsored Near-Earth-Object Interception Workshop hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory evaluated issues involved in intercepting celestial objects that could hit Earth
    Proceedings of the Near-Earth-Object Interception Workshop
    Abstract: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Headquarters sponsored the Near-Earth-Object Interception Workshop hosted by the Los Alamos National Laboratory on 14-16 Jan. 1992 at the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

    The US gov programm for "Planetary Defense" from asteroid impacts BEGUN in 1992, exactly at the time as Dr. Robert Harrington has finally discovered NIBIRU-PlanetX and sent his observation data to NASA, and Dr. Harrington was killed in 1993, as the cover-up campaign of PlanetX was initiated. A very weired "coincidence", isn't it ?!

    YEAR 2016:
    NASA Planetary Defense Office set up to save Earth
    January 13, 2016
    NASA has set up a Planetary Defense Coordination Office -- to defend the Earth from asteroids and comets that get too close for our comfort.

    The department, which includes the position of Planetary Defense Officer, is managed by the Planetary Science Division of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. And its mission includes the early detection of potentially hazardous objects (PHOs) -- asteroids and comets ...
    he Planetary Defense Coordination Office is a planetary defense organization within NASA’s Planetary Science Division. Its mission is to lead the coordination of interagency and intergovernmental efforts to plan responses to potential impact threats.[1] Announced by NASA in January 2016, it is tasked with the job of cataloging and tracking potentially hazardous near-Earth objects (NEOs) such as asteroids and comets which are larger than 30 to 50 meters in diameter and coordinating an effective threat response and mitigation effort.[2][3] The office will continue to utilize the polar orbiting infrared telescope NEOWISE to detect any potentially hazardous object (PHO).
    January 12, 2016
    ... But this week, NASA announced a new division that will attempt to address a threat that’s loomed over the Earth since long before mankind itself: a large-scale impact from an asteroid, or comet. Called the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), it will be the Western world’s primary bid to track and protect against threats incoming from elsewhere in the universe.

    As the NIBIRU is coming very close the NASA has OPENLY set up this new department, the time of cover-up and secrecy is ending now !!!
    Only a week after the establishing of this new department of NASA, all the main stream media outlets have announced the "new discovery" proving existence of the Planet X called now the "Planet Nine" ...

    It's really extremely difficult not to see the pattern connecting these three dots !
    What would Rabbi "Dot Connector" Menachem comment on all this ?

    With Blessings and Shabbat Shalom !

    1. Did you just give me a major homework assignment?

      I have heard that NASA had an Asteroid impact avoidance system, but I never investigated. One reason is that NASA is more into covering up the truth, than serving the public. It's not their fault it's the individuals who pay the bills. They have all the answers to Nibiru and have still kept it Top Secret.

      Now that I got that off my chest, I will investigate this system and see what I can learn, B"N. It will probably be sometime next week before I have anything worth reporting.