Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tetzaveh, 5 Adar Aleph (14/2/16). Also, More Nibiru Torah Codes

Father in Heaven loves the Jews; He protects the Jews in the holy land of Israel and surrounds the borders of Israel with a cloud of fire. Father in Heaven has given and will give a blessed winter for Israel, the rains in Israel are blessed rains, and in Gaza they are cursed rains. The water has entered the tunnels that Hamas has built against Israel. The rain is doing the IDF's work. The IDF has found that there are many hiding places in the tunnels with many new methods of hiding, and they are not revealing them. This is the holy work of the IDF. Despite that, an effort must be made to be vigilant in all IDF bases.

Jews living abroad: stop being delusional. The money and material things will be taken from you, you are in constant danger. Come to Israel, settle the country. Come with joy and wholeheartedly like they came in 1948 when they kissed the ground out of love for G-d - learn from them! If you do not learn, G-d will do with you as He did with them. The calm in anti-Semitism is so that you can take the time to come to Israel. If you think it is over, you are mistaken, dear Jews. They will come to your homes, to the temples, to the schools, to the businesses. The entire world, except for Israel, is in conflict and it will not stop until the Messiah King is crowned.

The forces of nature, fire and heat, earthquakes, floods, and harsh winds will continue to strike the world. All of the markets in the world will fall except for Israel's. The market in the US and China will continue to fall. Invest in real estate in Israel, lots, stores, and homes. Jews must not invest abroad, in Berlin and other places - it will all crash. The world is being destroyed. Outside of Israel there is chaos and Armageddon.

In Syria, nothing will help, there will never be peace. They are filled with cruelty and will not let their egos go. It won't do anyone or any country any good to try to make peace there. G-d Himself is fighting in Syria, not angels or anyone else. The United States wants to give Syria food so that refugees don't come to Europe from there - it won't help.

Russia is doing its job, operating in the Middle East, and they really want Israel to work with them. Russia wants Israel to leave the US and be in contact with them, because they want the Jewish mind. Putin is threatening Arab countries and cannot create a third world war.

In the US, Obama wants to look good when he finishes his position. He wants quiet and is not interfering, he wants to end things with honor. He knows who the Arab countries and people are; he knows them well and is not messing with them. The US is not ready to risk itself for others. When the US has a new president, he will be surprised with the economy and everything going on in the government and he won't be able to escape it - he is in for a surprise.

Jordan's king has gone to the US, he is afraid of the refugees. Nothing will come out of it, it is all talk.

France is entangled with ISIS, the refugees, and Muslims that are eating France alive.

Germany has problems with the refugees.

Refugees and infiltrators have conquered Europe and they will continue to do so. The market in Europe is crashing. They are filled with conflict and don't know what the day will bring.

Turkey is, on the one hand, closing their borders so that refugees don't exit, and on the other hand opening twenty other borders to let the refugees out. Arduan has received billions from Europe so that refugees remain in Turkey, but hundreds of thousands of them are leaving to Europe. We must beware of peace with Turkey, don't let them bring ships to Gaza; it is all filled with missiles and terrorists.

In Egypt, President Sisi is doing a great job, creating a wall of guards around him. He needs to keep cleaning out the Sinai desert and destroying the tunnels from Gaza to Egypt. ISIS, extreme Islamists, and Hamas are all after Sisi.

Hezbollah, Nasrallah is kissing up to Russia to support him. He is delusional.

Iraq is done.

The Arab countries are like worms, eating at each other and hating each other.

In Gaza, it will all blow up in their faces for ISIS and Hamas. ISIS is a snake, Hamas is a snake, and snakes eat snakes. The Babel Tower is in Gaza, there will be fire and brimstone in Gaza.

Iran is celebrating, it continues to dance and be joyful over the nuclear factories that are still operational. They laugh at the United States and are deathly afraid of the Jews in Israel.

Abu Mazen says he doesn't want an intifada - he is lying. He sends young Arabs to harm the Jews, he is dirty.

The old Arabs in Jerusalem have weapons and ammunition and are giving it to youths.

The IDF must be vigilant in the northern border, don't wait and don't listen to any other country, and don't trust any other country, we must only trust ourselves. The small state of Israel has everything, spirituality, purity, sacredness, temples. The market is the best, the economy is the best, you must strengthen the kindness in Israel; you must be united in the Israeli parliament. G-d is fighting for the people of Israel and asking the Jews: study Torah, pray, and I will protect you from the heavens and the earth!

Anyone who tries to harm the Jews and tempts them not to come to Israel - G-d will take them and judge them in the heavens. They will be in trouble with G-d, them and their family. Anyone that is against redemption and the Messiah goes to the heavens. If there are those that are against Jews coming to Israel, it is because they are getting money from the Jews living abroad.

All of the gentiles in the world know that there is a Messiah and redemption for the people of Israel. The entire world needs the Jewish mind in the holy land of Israel, for financial and general help. Not Jews abroad - only Jews in the holy land of Israel!

Parents, educate your children when they are young not to abuse alcohol, take drugs, gamble or assimilate. These are things that destroy the people of Israel.

The gentiles are foolish. We the Jews in Israel are expecting the Messiah and redemption. This generation will get redemption and the Messiah. This generation will see the light of the Messiah. Kindness, giving, joy, Torah studies, and prayer are bringing the crowning of the Messiah King closer! All those that care about the Messiah and redemption will be in the first circle. Those who say it is not time will be in the last circle. The Messiah is operating and working and everyone knows!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Another Rav Glazerson video about Nibiru found in Torah Codes:

I mentioned that I found 47 places where Nibiru occurs in Torah Codes if I use an ELS, letter separation, of 100 or less.  If I increase it to 200, I find 105 places of Nibiru encoded.  Rav Glazerson finding a new place everyday could go on for months, if he reviews all the places Nibiru is encoded in the Torah.

A search of Nibiru in the Tenach, the Jewish Bible, using an ELS of 200, produces 414 places that Nibiru is found.  This is obviously the most important event to occur in history in connection with the worldwide redemption and Moshiach.

This many messages from Hashem is overwhelming and totally solidifying the fact that we are in the end of the end of days -- next month. 


  1. But ben Artzi does not even mention Nibiru.

    1. I have asked him about Nibiru. He is aware of it, but did not have any information to add, therefore he does not discuss it, yet.

    2. Also, in Rav glazerson's codes, they never mention specific problems from Nibiru. Just the word" warning" coded there, a star, etc..Nothing that says or hints anything substantial?

    3. Codes are found by putting in words and seeing if they are significantly together in an area. If Rav Glazerson didn't put certain words in to check, he doesn't really know what else is in the coded area.

      There have been codes found in the past that told of events coming up, but it wasn't until after the event occurred that all the details were also found, such as the Gulf War, diseases, etc. The one checking the codes didn't know what to look for before the fact.

      If you give me some suggestions, I could do a search to see if it is in the area of Rav Glazerson's find.

    4. My suggestion would be , putting in a search for damage done to to our planet from the residual effects of the tail of this sun. Or, even more specifically, destruction to what parts of the world e.g. USA..Europe, etc. Maybe, put in for darkness to cover earth from a total eclipse of our sun when it orbits through as some are saying will happen. So, that's three damage, destruction, darkness. An alliteration which is easy to remember. Thank You.

    5. Just out of interest: March 8th/9th is a total eclipse of the sun. Purim is March 24th, and l'havdil Good Friday is March 25th.

    6. I am sure all those items are encoded. What is interesting: all those items can be found outright throughout the Tenach, Zohar, Talmud, Midrash, etc. All these events are prophesied to happen. What is encoded in these prophecies are words like Nibiru and probably dates and places.

      Places, however, may be of interest and worth looking for in the Torah. I am working on some other codes now that I hope to have done early next week. I will try to include a search in the areas that Rav Glazerson pointed out, for some of the words you suggested.

    7. Thank you for that information. I was not aware of the solar eclipse, which might be a great opportunity to observe Nibiru without the sun's interference.

      The holidays that are coming up may just be another message from Hashem in conjunction with Nibiru. So far as a goyishe holiday, they will not exist in the near future. Why acknowledge a false messiah when the real Messiah is in our presence.

      My personal belief is that every Friday is good, it is erev Shabbos.

  2. I have enjoyed reading and learning from your blog for some time. How do you reconcile your research on Nibiru with the paper published last month by Konstantin Batygin and Michael E Brown of the California Institute of Technology titled Evidence for a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System?

    1. What needs reconciliation. I have mentioned several times how the scientific community has been stifled by the evil global elite on the subject of Nibiru. The sudden discovery of a distant giant planet is so suspicious considering that NASA was aware of Nibiru 40 years ago, and is totally silent about the subject now.

      The governments answer to Nibiru is to train the active US Army combat troops in riot control. They will be used when Marshal Law is imposed to keep the populace out of the bunkers to ensure the death of as many people as possible.

      It is all very obvious, including the deception from the scientific community, which gets its grants from the same evil government. "Money talks," is the popular expression. I would like to change it to "money kills."

  3. I thought that Nibiru (Planet X) would be visible by february 15th to astronomers. Have there been other independent confirmations of this phenomenon? Thank you

    1. The theory is that from the 15th on Nibiru is now on the same side of the sun as the Earth. The problem is Nibiru is still next to the sun and cannot be looked at directly. Also the size is estimated at about 7% of the size of our moon, which also is difficult to detect. As the days ensue, it will get further out of line with the sun and it will grow in size as it approaches. I would guess within a couple of weeks, it will be comfortably seen.

      I did possibly see it today at about sunset and took pictures. I have not downloaded the pictures yet, but will and determine if it was Nibiru that I sighted. If so I will post it on this blog. If it is too questionable, I will try again next week and post it.

  4. BS"D

    I again wanted to take this opportunity to express my HaKoras HaTov for all your important work.

    Question - Are you asserting that we are truly in the last days before Moshiach will be revealed?


    1. Not me, but the Rabbis, the Facilitated Communications individuals, scriptures, world events, etc, etc, etc. Everyone is in agreement that this is the year. I have about 30 different sources that have said it -- this is the year.

  5. Reb Menachem, iyshar coach and thank you again for your huge zikui rabbim.
    One question about what I received last day from a friend, apparently he took it from one of the multiple "Nibiru tracking" sources in the web:
    "So I had asked Gill Broussard a question and he responded. This was the and answer...
    Gill Broussard are we still on for 3/26 only because you said if it didn't make an appearance by 2/9 we would have to wait at least a year plenty of pictures floating around but they are all the same wishful thinking ones. Has anyone reported to you to confirm any sighting yet, or can we breathe a sigh of relief for another year? I am trying to plan my survival and/or funeral. Lol.
    Thanks I love your work.

    His response-

    A retired senior NASA engineer, when I asked him does the government have the means to block or interfere with our view of P-7X? And he gave a quick answer saying “Yes”. If P-7X does not show up by mid-March then I will conclude that it will not arrive in March or April of 2016, but instead some other year and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we have more time."
    So according to the above, Broussard, which is the main scientific reference in this topic, isn't certain about the effective timing of the appearance of this planet.
    Can we skip this doubt and base ourselves on the fc communication messages, or are everybody, including the autistics and you and many others, base their certitude about the timing principally on Broussard work?
    All the best for you and the readers, and be sure we didn't wait to the Nibiru topic to know that your work is important to each of us.
    Itzhak, Yerushalaim.

    1. I thank you for your inquiry about Nibiru with Mr. Broussard, but he is only one of many sources that I have used. What made him more believable was that he was in contact with the Israeli sources who have been printing the FC individuals. Binyamin, Daniel, Menachem and Moishele all seem to agree with Mr Broussard, not being totally sure of dates, but the fact that Nibiru is imminent.

      The much more impressive source has been the Torah Codes, which is Hashem's opinion. When Rav Glazerson and I have found dates in the Torah next to Nibiru that say next month (both March and Adar 2, along with this year), I don't believe for one second that they are off by a year.

      Are all the sightings on YouTube and the web bogus? There are so many pictures and videos, and we know that Nibiru is travelling rapidly, it could not be talking about this star arriving much later.

      I also have about 40 sources in scriptures, Rabbis, FC individual, codes, etc saying that this is the year of the worldwide redemption and Moshiach. All the prophecies stating that the evil will be wiped out by a star that will bring on the time of Moshiach are all this year. All the world events that are supposed to happen with the economy, the terrorism, the war, the crime, the weather, etc, are all happening already. All the effects of worldwide changes, such as an increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crazy weather, axis changes, polar and magnetic changes, etc, etc, etc are all happening. They are occurring because of Nibiru.

      The evidence is far more extensive than just one amateur astronomer. I do believe that we will see much more visible proof in the coming weeks, if not days.

      I think I may have seen Nibiru yesterday at sunset. It is so close to the sun and still too small to be able to see it clearly. Hashem provided clouds for me covering the sun and giving me a possible glimpse of Nibiru. I took pictures, but the light of the sun was still too intense and washed out what I was able to see directly. I will try to change the contrast on the pictures to see if I can get the object I saw to show up. If I am not successful, I will be trying again in the coming weeks, since Nibiru should be growing in appearance as it comes closer and it should be moving away from the direct line of the sun.

      Stay tuned for further developments.

    2. Respectfully, no one in any government can block or interfere with our view of P 7X. Either it will be visible soon as we all believe it will be or not. Why is the opinion of an amateur astronomer like Mr. Broussard even included with significant sources like Rabbis, Torah Codes, etc...? Just wondering, Ms. AP

    3. The blocking is of information in the media. In fact that media has been more deception than truthful is obvious. Even scientific discoveries from the Hubble Space Telescope has been hidden or distorted to satisfy the evil global agenda.

      Gill Broussard is involved with Israeli sources who have put much of his findings into Hebrew and distributed the information around Israel. The FC individuals have quoted him and his findings. Mr Broussard's information has been the closest to information found in scriptures including Torah Codes. Mr Broussard is also one who has done much research on many biblical events happening in concert with Nibiru flybys of the past.

      There is too much fascinating information to be ignored, especially since I believe Hashem sends us messages through the most unlikely sources. Do I believe everything that I hear and see? No, but I research it -- I don't dismiss facts because it may not agree with my flawed human logic (which is how most people react).

  6. Be blessed reb Menachem, and be careful with the eyes. We All need them soon to see the redemption. Cordially, itzhak.

  7. can you put in computer and see if there is supposed to be churban or destruction of east and west coast of United States

    1. I really prefer not to do such a search. I know as an example that America appears 15 times in Tenach with an ELS of 300 or less. I also know that words like "devastated" appears 33 times in Tenach with an ELS of only 100 of less. To see if they connect, or cross each other, or are in conjunction with other words of disaster, and to review what verses within which they are found, all that is a monumental task that actually may be statically insignificant.

      Torah Codes requires a level of expertise that I don't have. To come up with codes in a vacuum without fully understanding Hashem's message would be sensationalism, but not significant (and definitely not nice).

      I apologize for even suggesting it. I did find four places in Tenach that Nibiru appears without a letter separation. I am reviewing the verses where they were found, and hope to write a blog post early next week. That is significant, especially the one in the Torah.

  8. BS"D
    Everyone should be aware that the diligence and brilliant work from this person and his family has given hours upon hours (if it can be quantified in that manner) of chizuk;encouragement for the coming of Moshiach.
    Thank you so much for answering my questions, as well as all the other questions.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Just be aware that Hashem wants achdus, unity, from all of us. Working together to help each other is the Torah solution to a bright future. I am stating the obvious that most people on Earth still haven't caught on, yet. Hashem is looking for us to be "a light unto the nations," and continue to spread the word, the Absolute Truth.

      I get so many who tell me: "We want Moshiach now." My only question for each individual is: "what are you doing to cause his crowning?" If they answer: "That is completely up to Hashem." I answer: "just the opposite; Hashem is waiting for us to cause it to happen."

      We are not waiting for Moshiach, Moshiach is waiting for us.

  9. Hello!

    New video about Nibiru (Rav Glazerson):


    Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv for all!

    Luiz Felipe.

  10. Thank you very much Menachem!

    Kol Tuv!

    Luiz Felipe.