Thursday, January 21, 2016

Very Important Questions being Answered

I received this comment from my dear friend Anonymous, and since it is something on which I am working and being asked by many of my readers, I thought I would give a short answer now to whet your appetite for the complete answer soon, hopefully, next week. First the comment:

Anonymous January 20, 2016 at 9:52 PM
(The following is from anonymous, time stamped 6:24 Eretz Yisroel time) 
I wanted to thank you for your encouraging as well as efficient answer to my question. (I apologize for the ancillary words, I meant to delete them.) Hashem should Bless you w/ Brochos Aleph-Tof in full measure "K'Ma'ayan HaMisgaber" for all the Avodas HaKodesh that you do. 
If I may, I have two more questions-
1. We are told that by Moshiach we will be totally healed (as opposed to Mattan Torah that was physical). Will that happen immediately w/ the coming of Moshiach? Also, will everyone enjoy high intelligence w/out blockages? 
2. I know someone who is suffering and was told by a Godol that she is suffering for the Dor. What does that really mean?
My Answers:

There is no such thing as coincidence. A topic that I have been researching and coming up with tremendous and miraculous answers (mostly from scriptures) is the question of all the righteous people being healed. Since I have started a blog post which, B"N, will be ready next week, I will not give too many details here (also because I need more time to verify my findings).

If you go to my post of 8 Sep 15, entitled Another Mystery Solved  you will see the order of upcoming events, that is hinted to in the Talmud. Since "Healing" is number 8 in the Shemoneh Esrei and Moshiach is number 15 (Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom), it alludes to the idea that all the righteous will be healed before the Moshiach is crowned. I word it that way since I do not know if the Moshiach will be introduced to the world and we will all witness his coronation, or he will come to us crowned. More importantly, I am getting very definite signs as to how Hashem will heal everyone and even when (sooner than we think). Until I can verify all this good news, I will say no more. Just be happy that Hashem's mercy is infinite and close, when it comes to the healing of everyone (and helping every good person with everything else).

Our level of intelligence, or a better way to put it, a complete and deep understanding of reality, will definitely happen after the worldwide Geula. I covered the topic in my post of 2 December 2013, entitled He Is Hiding Behind Nature

We have seen many examples of very righteous men and women suffering and even leaving us which actually accomplishes atonement of the generation. I have written about this. Hashem works in mysterious ways; and, it is very difficult for humans to comprehend His merciful ways. We are on this Earth, in this life, to perfect ourselves and the world. The perfect world of truth is coming up, and any righteous individual who is suffering or even a victim of terror activity is for a very blessed reason for all of us.

One example was the 8 Yeshivah boys who were killed in the 2008 Mercaz HaRav massacre. They were an atonement that curtailed the nuclear attack of Iran in September of 2008. It is too detailed to discuss here, but we received confirmation, from a near death experience of a very prominent Rabbi, that the boys actually saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of Israelis with their sacrifice. We were also informed that the boys went on to a very high level of Olam Habah that we can't even comprehend, and that they couldn't be any happier.

This is not the real life. When we see a tragedy such as the woman who was killed last week, it is sad for us and obviously her family, but what did it accomplish in the way of saving many others, we will only know after Moshiach is crowned King.

What suffering your friend or any other person is going through is beyond our comprehension but it is not random – it is serving a benefit to all of us. I am not being insensitive to anyone's suffering or death, I am trying to understand Hashem's mysterious ways that are all for the good.

We will see in the not too distant future (I believe within months) that everything Hashem does is for us and for the absolute good. Don’t try to understand it, this is a subject beyond human comprehension, but it is the Absolute Truth, B”H.


  1. In my studies I have been taught that the death of a tzaddik can provide atonement, and that had always been confusing to me, until the death of the 3 young men a couple of years ago. I was struggling to determine the need of 3 young men to die and wrote a long letter to one of my Rabbis trying to make sense of it all. Before my Rabbi could even compose an answer, Hashem gave a very good reason for their deaths. Due to the young men dying, Israel found all the tunnels that had been dug under Israel and a massive slaughter had been prevented. Now when I read about the death of a good person in Israel, like Dafna Meir, I have to realize that there is a very good reason for the death, and if Hashem wishes to let us know, then we will know. Until we do know the reason I must be thankful to Hashem for His mercies and realize that the person who had to die must have been a tzaddik. I am now awaiting the huge snowstorm that will be hitting our area (I live just 70 miles outside Washington), and I know that this is Hashem's hand dealing us Middah k'neged middah and I must trust that He will help a simple Ben Noach like me gain some atonement from the punishment He is heaping on the heads of the evil ones in this country.

    If I have not thanked you before, then let me take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us the absolute truth.

  2. "Our level of intelligence, or a better way to put it, a complete and deep understanding of reality, will definitely happen after the worldwide Geula."

    This makes sense. I learned recently, while learning the work after Mesilas Yesharim, that Ashkenazim daven for saichel, bina and da'as, because those come from Hashem, while chochma comes from our hishtadlus. This has been borne out in my own experience.

  3. Speaking of suffering I would like to ask the following question;
    How come we are seeing a plague of youths from religious homes leaving the fold or Of the Derech . Parents dealing with them are suffering beyond anyone's imagination.
    I would appreciate your view on this issue.

    1. Your question is excellent and obviously very important. My answer is complicated and multifaceted. I therefore have started a blog post that I hope to have early next week, B"N.

  4. Such a prompt answer reb Menachem, you're just amazing. No words to thank you for the kind attention you give to each of your readers. All the best for you and your beloved ones, among a very soon redempted Am Israel.