Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Va’eira, 22 Tevet (3/1/16)

Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d, created this world for Himself alone. He created humans, animals, trees, fish, and did everything with a special plan - this world is a wonder! Father in Heaven is sick of the old world of thieves, adulterers, killers, and those who act like animals. G-d wants a new world of kindness, mercy, respect, and obeying the commandments to the fullest. G-d is destroying the old world and building a new world.

Armageddon and chaos is only outside the state of Israel. Israel is the safest place in the world. The economy is the best, the land is holy, the sea is holy, most are repenting before G-d and the rain is falling in its time. The blessed rain comes down on the people of Israel, for the economy, for protection, for a good life. The rain is pure and clean and it is cleaning all of the sickness and flue, washing all of the evil and sickness from Israel. In the rest of the countries, it is just the opposite. There is no blessed rain, and G-d is bringing conflict within and around each country.

The holidays of the people of Israel have special meaning, and each holiday is a reminder of what it was like thousands of years ago for the people of Israel, with our forefathers, and how they survived and turned what is bitter to sweet and joy.

G-d wants to clean out of Israel all of the wrongs, all of the thievery, cheating, bribery, adultery, and lust. The white collar officials are an example; they will all be caught and revealed in the media. If they fully repent, G-d will punish them quietly. G-d is not going to let anyone go.

G-d is watching over Israel with His arms, surrounding the borders with a cloud of fire, and we the Jews in Israel must watch over ourselves.

All of the terrorists are being guided by leaders from the West Bank, Hebron, Negev, and the north, and are being tempted to act cruelly.

The IDF and the citizens must not be complacent. It is true that it is good to trust in G-d, but G-d will not take care of those who do not try. From the beginning of the world, the impure against the pure, gentiles against the people of Israel.

All of the Jews, the fathers and mothers, must watch over their sons and daughters so that they don't assimilate. Explain to them what it means to be a Jew, what our purpose is. Jews have a soul that connects them to the heaven and earth. No other nation in the world has a soul and a connection with the heaven and earth - only the Jews. Protect your kids from drugs, gambling, and alcohol abuse because it is foolishness. After you get sober you cry like a child and then it is too late.

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels, despite the fact that the rain closed and will continue to close many of them.

Hamas and ISIS are fighting over who controls Gaza, each wants to prove that they are in control - this is good!

In Egypt they celebrated on the outside. They are like an apple that looks good but is rotten inside. ISIS and the extreme Islamists do not let things be quiet and eventually everything will explode. Sisi must watch over himself and no believe anyone.

In Turkey ISIS is in control completely, they are giving Arduan orders and he is afraid that they will kill him and his kids.

The government of Israel must be careful from agreeing to Arduan's requests, saying that we supposedly need each other. He is being controlled by ISIS and ISIS is speaking from his mouth. The opening for ships to Gaza will lead to thousands of missiles and thousands of terrorists, not peace.

Syria is being erased and will not rise again. Bombs are falling on everyone, everyone is against everyone, and it is all a big confused mess. G-d is aiming where the missiles fall.

Iraq is destroyed, ISIS controls it. Sometimes ISIS is in controls, sometimes Iraq.

Jordan is waiting for the US to create two states. If the US tries to create two states and take parts away from the Holy Land, the forces of nature will strike North and South America and the US will be in conflict with the Russians, Chinese, and a large part of the world.

The United States is afraid of getting angry at Iran because Iran has Russia. The Americans regretted signing the agreement with Iran, nothing came out of it, an empty page, because Russia is pulling Iran. The US is afraid of losing Iran and is treating it with silk gloves because they are afraid of losing control of the Middle East.

Russia is smarter than everyone.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are threatening; let them threaten. They have no power. They don't have Iran or Syria.

The IDF and citizens must be careful on the borders of Lebanon; they want to hurt the IDF and the citizens.

Iran can't harm Israel, they are afraid. Russia will not let them attack Israel. Israel is very important to Russia, they respect Israel because Israel has it all, a small country with a lot of everything.

ISIS is threatening Israel. What is the threat? They are guiding the Arabs to use knives and weapons. Every seed of ISIS that is sprouting in Israel must be taken out from the roots immediately. The problem is with those that leave and come back through Jordan. That is where they are getting instructions on how to harm the people of Israel.

There will continue to be natural disasters, complications and conflict, Armageddon and chaos.

G-d is very angry, he doesn't want people to talk about Israel and take parts of it away.

All of the officials in European countries can't function, they are being confused.

A large amount of refugees are flowing secretly into Europe. Arduan is hiding a massive number of refugees because he wants Europe to be under Muslim control, not Christian.

Any country that wants to harm Israel will have a Babel Tower.

All of the parliament members and ministers must be vigilant and not say "it will not happen to me."

In Israel there is work for everyone. Real estate is strong and developing; Israel is developing and won't stop.

G-d is watching over the nation and is happy, He is telling the people of Israel "just as you want the Messiah, so do I want to crown him; but, there are rules: kindness, obeying the rules, learning Torah, prayer, and most importantly "love thy neighbor", obeying the commandments, not speaking ill of the IDF soldiers, not harming and shaming Jews, we all have One Father!

The Messiah continues to work in and out of Israel. Everyone is expecting him and there will come a time when we are all subject to him, we will look to the heavens and say "how great are your deeds G-d!" This generation has the privilege of speaking of the Messiah and to see the Messiah's light!

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  1. Hello!

    Rav Artzi: "Jordan is waiting for the US to create two states. If the US tries to create two states and take parts away from the Holy Land, the forces of nature will strike North and South America and the US will be in conflict with the Russians, Chinese, and a large part of the world."

    What does this have to do with South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, etc.) with United States?! Are divergent countries politically.

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. The are countries in South America that side with the Arabs and against Israel.

      Headline: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff opposes the appointment of former Israeli settlement leader Dani Dayan as ambassador to her country. This is a viscous attack on Israel since Dayan headed up the Yesha council (what the Jew-haters call the West Bank). Yesha, by international law belongs to Israel and is Jewish land. Jew haters say it belongs to the Arabs.

    2. B'H!!!

      Thank you very much Menachem for the answer. :)

      All of the good.

      Luiz Felipe.

  2. Hi Luiz, Countries in South America can be divergent politically but are they standing up in the UN like the former Prime Minister of Canada and telling the truth for all to hear? Harper did this often, year after year and was one of the few righteous gentiles who loved Israel and was not afraid to be a moral compass. Maybe Hashem does not see moral leadership coming from South America and you can guess this is not going to end well. Talk is cheap if not followed by meaningful action. Ms. AP

    1. B'H!

      I had not understood what Rav Artzi said, because as far as my Rav taught me, each country is punished separately (of course, if they are not working together). The leaders of South America are anti-Semites, the leader of the United States also is anti-Semitic, but do not work together. I know that Israel's enemies are in the "same boat".

      So I thought there would be the same punishments for all (the countries of the American continent) the same way.

      All the best and thank you very much for the reply.

      Luiz Felipe.

    2. As I always say about each one of us that reward or punishment is measure for measure, it holds true for countries and their leaders. Those who bless us are blessed, those who curse us are cursed.

  3. Like attracts like. The more one focuses on say negative events (evil, terror, scarcity) the more he will hear about these or encounter these in his own life. He is attracting them in his own life through the power of his thoughts. never heard about the expression You are where your mind is?? If we want moshiach to appear we need as soon as possible to FEEL 24/7 how it will feel when he will be revealed, Then we will merit him. The Rebbe of chabad meant the same thing when he told us his chassidim they ought to LEARN every day about moshiach and geulah and to LIVE (not just yearn or pray for him) like moshiach is already here in thought, feeling and deed, including speech!! Start today and spread the message.- Ronit

    1. Thank you for your excellent post. It is 100% true.

    2. Hello!

      My Rav (Rav Yacov Gerenstadt - Chabad Lubavitch) taught this to us (Bnei Noach) in recent weeks.I thought it was him (my Rav) you were talking about, hehehe!

      Shavua Tov Menachem and Mr/Mrs. Anonymous.

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil.

    3. Rav.. that is exactly what you taught me..

      Trying my best and getting there.

      Thanks again..


  4. Hi Rav Menachem!!! :)

    I would like to make some comments on the posts by Rav Artzi.

    Rav Artzi said in their message that the Government should invest in real estate. Government (State) to invest in real estate? The consequences of the investment State (public)
    Has already been proven that it is ineffective. Wouldn't it be better to ask the private sector?

    The Brazil is a great example of that is a mistake the State "invest" (interfere) in the economy. The State does not generate wealth. The Keynesianism (parenting) already proved inefficient, generates cartels, generates more inflation, including (the ideas of Keynes) were one of the the iluminatti weapons to "take of assault" the State (metacapitalist). The Minimum State already proved effective at any time (economically).

    Rav Artzi said (in previous posts) that the Israeli Government should invest in Yeshivot. Wouldn't it be better that it came from the private sector? That on the State (public education), I know it's a Torah education, but the State "investing"?! Already there is evidence that the private sector offers better education than the State. The State that can very well handle the education (public) in your favour (Brazil is an example of this).

    In addition, the Israeli State is swollen up too, until the Brazil (with the wealth you have) has 31 ministries ... but Israel with many Ministries? This would not be the first Israeli socialist heritage (earlier)?

    Brazil is an example bloated State: enslave its citizens (with many and high taxes), as far as I know, the cost of living in Israel is high. Any Jew who lives in Brazil (as long as it's not a Communist-in Brazil has Jews in favour of Dilma Roussef-unfortunately) know that in Israel the cost of living (compares with Brazil) is lower (although Israel has a bloated State).

    I know that many tests that the Bnei Israel (us Bnei Noach are also being tested, of course) makes sense is because of a lack of Torah in their day to day (thinking and practice), but with a minimal State, that would also help (and) we don't see news like this:,353

    I know how Bnei Noach and Brazilian, I can't criticize Israel, only intend to let in the lines above, evidence of how inefficient is asking the State "investments", as this is paternalism and increases poverty, making it permanent. I say this, because Brazil is a "fine example" of all these evils (patronizing).

    Kol Tuv and Shavua Tov to all!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. In Israel the government has created inexpensive government housing for its citizens. When the government buys land and puts up apartments, as an example, it isn't to make a great profit as it would be if the private sector did the building. The government has been very conscientious in helping people obtain affordable houses.

      They have also been a help in Yeshivahs, study groups and other Torah organizations. Once again as a benefit for its citizens and much more affordable than those of the private sector.

      I should mention it is not all charity. The politicians get votes from the Torah community which keeps them in office. There is always politics involved, but Hashem set it up that way.

    2. Hello!

      Thank you so much Rav for the reply.

      Because the profit could be reverted to causes of Tora (via tsedaká-houses/apartments, Yeshivas,).

      The Israeli Government operates according to the market (about making accessible the residences)?!

      In any case, the eternal. Better than anyone.

      All of the good!

      Luiz Felipe.