Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Beshalach, 7 Shvat 5776 (17/1/16)

G-d, Leader of the World, Creator of the World created us for Him and in the end it will be for Him. Whether you want it or not, everyone will go in the way of G-d, those who do G-d's will - G-d will do theirs and they will succeed.

The whole world is about to go mad. The more the world bothers the state of Israel and tries to destroy it, the more it rises, blooms, developes, and is no longer safe from the forces of nature, the winds, storms, rains, earthquakes, fire, both individuals and countries. The entire world knows that this is G-d's doing! They know that G-d is protecting the state of Israel and surrounding the borders with His own hands! All of the countries are in Armageddon and chaos; they are all confused from what they are going through every day, and in conflict with themselves.

Jews abroad don't see well enough. G-d is saying: "I am making miracles and wonders in the holy land and they are sleeping". G-d is announcing: Every Jew that lives abroad, that hangs around there, travels there, cannot pretend to be a gentile! Even if they wear earrings, shave their heads or wear makeup like the gentiles; G-d promises that they will be recognized! G-d will write on their forehead: Jew! All of the kissing up to the gentiles, the costumes to look like Muslims and Christians, G-d is saying "Don't you understand my signs? Do you now understand and see with your eyes what I am doing in the world and what miracles and wonders I am doing for the state of Israel? There is no more, the cord is finished. Come urgently to Israel. Jews, you are on the brink! They are going to hurt you with terrible cruelty, run away from there! The foreign soil will stick to you!" G-d is finishing the protection of Jews abroad. Gentiles will find you and rat you out, even if you dress up like clowns and hide in shelters. Come urgently to Israel, life is worth billions of Euros.

In Israel there is protection, and the best in the world is in Israel. Not only that, there is the Messiah working, acting, and protecting the holy land of Israel, and G-d from above.

The Arabs in Arab countries around the world know that the Messiah is working in Israel. They all know and the Jews are being stubborn, they want to see with their eyes. G-d is telling them, you swore that you will do and listen. That means believing every minute that the Messiah King must be crowned in Israel. Jews must obey the commandments. Giving, kindness, and joy will speed up the crowning of the Messiah in public. Giving, kindness, and joy is the deadliest weapon to cancel the evil from happening to the people of Israel, and the Messiah will come out of the light to work in public.

In Israel, everything is good; nothing is bad, the economy is good, there is love and peace, everything in abundance. Many Jews are repenting, and G-d is erasing the filth from Israel. All of the bad people, thieves, adulterers, perverts, and bribers are being revealed from the most religious to the most secular, all of the officials. They should repent so that they are not revealed in public. If they say "it will not happen to me" it will get to them in the coming days.

Iran is laughing at the US and the world concerning the American ship they released. It blackmailed the US and got rewarded in public and secretly. The US did not want to be humiliated in front of the world so they worked quietly with Iran. Iran got a lot in payment to release the ship and sailors. Iran continues with the nuclear factories and cannot touch Israel. They know that the IDF is the strongest army in the world; and, they know that G-d is protecting the holy land. Iran knows that the state of Israel is protected, that G-d is protecting it with His arms and a cloud of fire surrounds the borders of Israel.

Every country that wants to harm Israel, take land away, ban Israel, or the EU wants to harm the people of Israel by giving money only to some Israelis and not others - they will get the harshest blows, the harshest natural disasters, attacks in Europe and the United States will continue and increase every day.

Russia has its finger on the pulse. It is bombing Muslims and ISIS in Syria because it doesn't want them to reach Russia. Turkey - Arduan is stupid, his brain isn't working, he got himself involved with ISIS and they are giving him orders. This is not the Kurds or anyone else - ISIS is blackmailing him to give them huge amounts of money. Arduan is crying and doesn't know what to do. Turkey is on its way to a civil war.

Arab countries are also on their way to civil war, it is increasing. G-d is sending lava to all Arab countries - they want to stop it but they can't.

G-d is telling the Jews in Israel that He is above, pushing out all the evil from Israel to other countries.

In Egypt, if Sisi does not clean out the Sinai desert of ISIS and Hamas, everything will come down on Egypt. It is in the plans of ISIS, Hamas and extreme Islamists. They want to bring down Sisi and conquer Egypt so that they can use it against the world. If Sisi cleans out the Sinai of ISIS and Hamas, Egypt can survive and hold on. If not, Egypt will be exactly like Syria.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas and ISIS want to prove themselves to each other and take control of Gaza. They will try to cause trouble on the borders. The IDF must be vigilant of the borders.

Lebanon is not involved with any side. Nasrallah and Hezbollah soldiers are being killed and dropped down like flies. Israel and the IDF must be vigilant in the northern borders because Nasrallah is like a wounded animal and wants to send missiles to prove he exists.

Jordan is in peace with Israel, like a snake underground. They are waiting for promises from the US. They don't know that the US doesn't care about any country, they only want to control the Middle East.

Syria is being erased every day. They will fall on their swords and their bows will break. Everything there is quick sand.

Iraq is also being erased and will continue to be erased.

In East Jerusalem, the IDF must be vigilant, terrorists are coming from Jordan. The leaders are pumping up the Arab youths from Jerusalem and brainwashing them; also in Hebron, Negev, the north and many more villages filled with weapons and ammunition and they are waiting for the moment when they will surprise the state of Israel. G-d will not let them succeed.

G-d is confusing the Arab states; they will be subject to the people of Israel.

All of the Jewish parents: watch over your children and explain to them what the people of Israel are - a small nation, holy and special. Assimilation, drugs, alcohol, and gambling are forbidden, G-d hates these things because it destroys the character and future of people until they are thrown somewhere; they cannot respond and become useless. It is a shame.

Jews married to gentiles abroad - come to Israel and convert them.

Gentiles know that the Messiah is active, working and protecting the Jews in Israel. Jews in Israel - a stubborn nation, they want to see with their eyes. G-d wants you to call out to ask that He crown the Messiah as King. Only G-d can crown the Messiah as King; no one can crown him. G-d is bringing the people of Israel to a state where they will say, we will do and listen.

All of the Jews must prepare for the coming of the Messiah! Be prepared, clean, pure, and worthy of welcoming the Messiah!

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  1. Hello!

    Because of assimilation and persecution, many don't even know they are Jewish (I mean mainly due to the Holocaust-not knowing they are Jews)

    As will be in this case?

    Will be pursued too?! As this suggests (the person who doesn't know who she is) she has no support for running.

    And the Bnei Noach?! Also we will be persecuted, that's what I understood (because we support unconditionally the Bnei Israel). The Nations in which we (Bnei Noach) reside should haunt us and treat us as traitors. Stand in our lives (which is very likely), but we (Bnei Noach) will work with bitachon (Hashem of course).

    And what exactly he (Rav Artzi) mean (specifically this part): "All of the kissing up to the gentiles, the costumes to look like Muslims and Christians,"?

    What Rav Artzi meant when he said: "The foreign soil will stick to you!"?

    Rav Artzi:"[...] life is worth billions of Euros."

    I don't understand. I know that life is priceless. Euro is not nothing.

    Rav Artzi: "The Arabs in Arab countries around the world know that the Messiah is working in Israel."


    Rav Artzi:" Gentiles know that the Messiah is active, working and protecting the Jews in Israel."

    I don't understand. Xistians, Xuslins, Xuddhists, etc., all are idolaters. As the gentiles know?! They are idolaters. They do not accept Hashem as the King of the Universe.

    Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv.

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. I believe that the Rav is aware that most people in the world are seeing the chaos of today as the end of times predicted thousands of years ago. Any non-Jew I have talked to seems to be more excited about Messiah being here and the fact that he will be introduced soon than most Jews I know. They may think it is someone else, but they still believe he is here in Israel (non-Jews also say that the Messiah will appear in Israel).

      All will be clear soon with no further doubt -- we are close.

    2. B'H!

      Luiz Felipe.

  2. Rav Menahem, This is all good for Israel, the Jewish people and Noahides. I think that many of us have been quietly preparing for the day when MBD will be crowned. The effort to improve ourselves is ongoing and not an easy task. This blog helps us keep focused and is a welcome oasis from all the turbulence we experiece in our daily lives. Fear of heaven guides my steps and lovingkindness is my fuel. Yet, despite all the efforts to bring the children to increase their yiddishkeit, the yeitzer hora is strong and having a good laugh. Non frum youth do not seem to understand what is at stake. They dont want to listen. What will happen to them? Also, what to do about our leaders in the galut who are not waking up and urging us to go to Israel? Life goes on as usual and the illusion of safety seems to be the norm. Ms. AP

    1. Simple answer is Hashem's plan is perfect and merciful. No one knows the weakness of humans more than the Creator of humans. He did not create us as robots to just fall in line. He created us in His image with free will and the ability to pass every test thrown our way. The Yetzer Tov and the Yetzer Harah just keeps everything working to make sure we can be tested and perfected. If we didn't see the evil side, we would not understand the good that is available to us.

      The good news is once the testing is over (which is sooner than we think), everyone left will only be good righteous people. More good news is that there are two types of Jews in the world, observant Torah Jews and those who are not observant Torah Jews yet. In the time of Moshiach all people left on Earth will be servants of Hashem and nothing else, by choice. All righteous non-Jews will also be totally in service to Hashem and enjoy the goodness of the world of truth (I am still of the belief that the righteous non-Jews are members of the lost tribes of Israel and will be in Israel along with all the Jews).

  3. Will the (yet) non Torah observant Jews be spared? Will they - including our rebellious youth - be given a chance to repent when the destruction starts? You can tell I am a worried mom and deeply concerned about relatives and friends. With Gratitude, Ms.AP

    1. Absolutely!!!! The scare will come before the destruction causing everyone to do Teshuvah before the destruction. Also, a possibility is that all Jews miraculously will be in Israel before the destruction. I am researching several possibilities according to scriptures, but having complete emunah means I trust Hashem and I don't think we have anything to worry about.

      All Jews and righteous non-Jews are in the 1/3 of the world population that will be saved. That is 2.5 billion people. Not to worry but still continue to work on every Jew you know -- that is what Hashem wants.

    2. Your replies are really great news for all of us concerned about our family, friends, Am Yisrael and Bnei Noah. I feel a sense of peace now that has replaced the deep concern and heavy heart at what is to come. Putting all my trust in Hashem. Much thanks for your patience, sensitivity and dedication to helping us understand the absolute truth.

  4. Thank you for the Chizuk this info. brings. You say Moshiach is close. How close? I am not embarrassed to say that the suffering of the world as well as my own is unbearable. I know, H' is ALL Compassionate and is only doing what must be done.
    When you say that Moshiach is close, how close? Is it true that Gedolim have said this year?

    1. Moshiach is here already and working hard to be crowned and introduced to the world (see the Rav's message above). I was recently asked what proof I had that it was this year; and, off the top of my head, I came up with a list of 29 sources, including many from scriptures (that's Hashem's opinion). The list far exceeds 29. The FC individuals, the Gedolim, the Mekubalim, scriptures, world events (all the things that are to happen before Moshiach is introduced have happened already) and more.

      When do I think it will happen? Within the next two months. I said within, not in two months. That means it could be today or tomorrow.

      I am doing much research into several sources, and hope to write a blog post within a week or two (depending upon my findings). Hashem has told us much more that we can imagine, we only need to pay attention and many questions will be answered.

  5. Reb Menahem Shalom and thank you for this nice and careful blog.
    The train seems to accelerate dramatically. Planet X approach seems to become official from now. And together with a very big turmoil, our Geula starts to run toward us. Not so much time left. The best place to see the grand finale is still here in Eretz Israel.May G-od bless all the Jews and His true followers anywhere in the world.
    Bessorot Tovot and a very sameah Purim soon.
    Itzhak. Yerushalaim.

    1. Much of my research involves Nibiru, or what they are inappropriately calling Planet X. Nibiru is a dwarf star. Our sun is in a binary star system, and Nibiru is its companion. There are many, many more details that I am researching, including when it will be here and what it will cause.

      It is definitely part of the Geula process, as it has been part of many other events in the Bible. It seems to appear (due to its elliptical orbit) about every 360 years, not 3600 years, as some sources have said. I am not going to say much more until I have conclusive proof of my findings.

      It will be visible to the whole world soon (probably sometime in early February). That is part of the scary scenario that will cause Jews to do Teshuvah. I will talk more about that in the coming weeks, B"N. Nothing in this world is random and Nibiru is part of Hashem's plan.

  6. Amen and Amen..

    See Rav, for me i will say this, i come here learn and get the strength to change more in the good I lack. Were it not for this blog, i could not have been motivated to go forward with renewed spiritual help and strength. And once you have that.. the spiritual strength, it gives one the physical strength too to do what one has to do.

    at least for me that is how it has been - this blog.
    I find lots of blogs that do help, but most are always pointing fingers to others and how bad this group, or that group of goyim etc; are.
    That helps not the noahides or those termed as 'goyim'to move towards positive light.
    Your blog gives to all.
    I feel you are the MOses of our very difficult times. You are leading all human kind to change.
    Hashem bless you all the more.
    Thank you again.

    1. I thank you for your kind words, but it is Hashem that you must thank. I am only a messenger trying to relate Hashem's messages, the absolute truth. He is the One Who guides us and helps us with everything.

    2. But of course Rav!!,
      I know you are a messenger of Hashem, like Moses was.. and I do thank Hashem first for all things.. in my life, the good, and even thank Hashem (though not with a smile) when things go bad for me.
      I do try thanking Hashem for everything.
      Thus, I thank him for you, and then i have to thank you too.. so that you know you are helping so many of us, if we did not tell you... it would not be good of us, and Hashem would not like that too.
      Well, that's how i think. :)
      Hashem bless you and all who come here to learn and get blessed by reading, to go and do more of what each of us need to do.

  7. Rabbi, do you believe the storm that will hit the east coast of the US this weekend will be the beginning of the end for Edom?

    1. I think the downfall of Edom has been going on for a while. The storm is a continuation, as Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, said above. He has been telling us how storms and chaotic situations will get worse. This storm looks like a big one that will verify his statement. It is also a great comparison to the beautiful weather in Israel (as he also has stated).

  8. (The following is from anonymous, time stamped 6:24 Eretz Yisroel time)

    I wanted to Thank you for your encouraging as well as efficent answer to my question. (I apologize for the ancillary words, I meant to delete them.) h' should Bless you w/ Brochos Aleph-Tof in full measure "K'Ma'ayan HaMisgaber" for all the Avodas HaKodesh that you do.
    If I may, I have two more questions-
    1. We are told that by Moshiach we will be totally healed (as opposed to Mattan Torah that was physical). Will that happen immediately w/ the coming of Moshiach? Also, will everyone enjoy high intelligence w/out blockages?
    2.I know someone who is suffering and was told by a Godol that she is suffering for the Dor. What does that really mean?

    1. Your questions are excellent and very important to all my readers. I am posting a more extensive response today, B"N, with a much more comprehensive response next week, B"N.

  9. Again, Yiyasher Kochacha for all your important Avodas HaKodesh. Giving Chizuk to the Klal @ this juncture is a tremendous Zechus.Chazak V'Amatz.


    P.S. In the last post I meant to write H' chalila not lower-case. I'm typing on a ph. I apologize for the mistake.