Monday, January 25, 2016

The End is Near, But When?

I made a bold statement yesterday that I believe we have about 62 days left until the end. Of course that was yesterday, today is 61 (funny thing, it keeps changing each day). How could I make such a prediction? It is based on many months of research from scriptures, scientific data, history, statements made from the Facilitated Communications individuals, statements made by Rabbis and other people and my favorite hobby: connecting the dots (scriptures versus world events).

What I am about to tell you is overwhelming, because it is based on a tremendous amount of information that could not be covered in one blog post. As you will see the proof is very substantial because most of it is from Hashem. I will cover only a few aspects of the subject and try to continue at a later time as my research progresses – I am far from finished in my pursuit of all the details.

Let’s get started.

We have been hearing about Planet X, better known as Nibiru for quite a while. Reviewing history has shown that we suspected this external heavenly body 50 years ago, but going into other sources, such as scriptures takes it to thousands of years ago. We can talk about 3328 years ago when we received the Torah, and thousands of years ago for the rest of the Bible, the Talmud, the Zohar, the Midrash and the commentaries of the sages. As an example: I did an Equidistant Letter Sequences, ELS, search for Nibiru in the Bible with a maximum separation of 100 letters and came up with 202 places. The Torah alone produced 47 findings of Nibiru. For me to review each one and its significance, would take months. We also have ancient cultures such as the Chinese who have astronomical records dating back thousands of years. There is no shortage of information.

What are some of my findings and what is it telling us? First of all, I avoid using the term Planet X, since Nibiru is not a planet, but a star – a sun. Our sun is in a binary star system (meaning two suns revolving around each other) and its companion is Nibiru. Nibiru is a dwarf star about 6 to 7 times the size of Earth, compared to our sun which one could line up 109 Earths across the face of the sun. Nibiru actually appears about every 360 years, not 3600 as told to us by uninformed or even evil sources (the ones with the hidden agenda). There have been so many sightings of Nibiru caught on video. One can see that this is not a planet, but a sun. One example is: 

Why is this so important? Stay tuned, it is coming up from my best source: Hashem. NASA has been hiding that fact for 40 years and still continues for very political reasons. Even the news last week about a discovery of a new planet was complete deception orchestrated by the evil global elite. They know of the devastation that will be caused with its arrival and how they plan to go into their fortified bunkers to survive, leaving most of the world population in harm’s way. In fact they are so sure of the high rate of death, the architects of the New World Order (Gog and his cabal) who were planning to kill off 93% of the world population with a nuclear holocaust, think this is tremendous to save them a lot of trouble. Hashem’s plan is the exact opposite as we see in scriptures.

What is important about Nibiru approaching Earth about every 360 years is that it has such a big influence on Earth, and that it has greatly influenced many of the events in the Bible. It was around during the great flood, the time of Joshua (10:13) when the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, when time ran backwards for Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:9-11), in the telling the episode of Jonah and Nineveh. There are many more events, but that is a separate blog post that is still under investigation. The more important aspect of this is to determine what influence it had in the past and what it will cause in the near future – all the exciting events, that all good people on Earth are anticipating. Scientists are telling us that Nibiru will not hit the Earth, as it has not in any of the previous flybys. But, very devastating changes will occur including the long stream of debris, asteroids, meteors and an abundance of rocks that are in the tail of Nibiru. Earth will go through the tail with very devastating effects. There are scriptural passages that talk of such effects, but they are numerous and beyond the scope of this post. I hope to discuss some in the future, since each prophecy has a different aspect of what is about to occur.

The most devastating prophecy that has been mentioned on my blog and many other blogs is from Zechariah 13:8 which tells of the two thirds of the world population being wiped out with one third remaining. I have received more Email about this prophecy since it is hard to believe that entire countries will be gone and the Jews of those countries will survive. How is that possible?

I mentioned last week about my post of 8 Sep 15, entitled Another Mystery Solved which gives the order of upcoming events, that is hinted to in the Talmud (Megillah 17b), specifically in the Shemoneh Esrei that we say in prayer three times a day (actually five times with the repetition). Here is the list of blessings in that post:

1. Patriarchs.
2. G-d's Might.
3. G-d's Holiness.
4. Insight.
5. Repentance.
6. Forgiveness.
7. Redemption.
8. Healing.
9. Blessing of the Years (prosperity).
10. Ingathering of Exiles.
11. Restoration of Justice.
12. Downfall of the Heretics.
13. Support of the Righteous.
14. Rebuilding Jerusalem.
15. Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom.
16. Acceptance of Prayer.
17. Temple Service.
18. Thanksgiving.
19. Peace.
The meaning of each blessing and what is expected in the redemption process is covered in great detail in the post “Another Mystery Solved.” My purpose here is to determine when.

Back to my question: how will Jews survive total destruction? The elimination of the two thirds is the evil of the world; the best that I can determine is that it is blessing number 12, the Downfall of the Heretics. Let me state from the ArtScroll Siddur the wording of this blessing:

ולמלשינים And for slanderers let there be no hope; and may wickedness perish in an instant; and may all Your enemies be cut down speedily. May You speedily uproot, smash, down, and humble the wanton sinners - speedily in our days. Bless are You, HASHEM, Who breaks enemies and humbles wanton sinners.
It is interesting that the Shemoneh Esrei, which means 18 actually consists of 19 blessings. This blessing was added years later (about 100 CE) after the destruction of the Temple. It was a time when the Jews were exiled and very much persecuted by those who did not follow Hashem according to the Torah. This included religions that formed, such as Xtianity.

More importantly for our purpose the wording about eliminating the wicked in an instant and cutting down your enemies speedily sure sounds like a very devastating event on Earth.

The great news is that this blessing is after number 10, the Ingathering of Exiles. In other words, it appears that all the Jews and even the lost tribes will be returned home, to Israel, before the devastation of Nibiru. What a simple solution. All the righteous being taken out of harm’s way and placed safely in the only place on Earth that will not be devastated (once again, according to many sources).

So, if “the great and awesome day of HASHEM,” as it is called many places in scriptures is in 61 days, we get a hint of the return of all the good people who will be saved possibly happening within the next two months. (Many more details are available, but I have to abridge my writing here).

Let’s review another prophecy that is in the list of events to happen. This has been of interest to many of my readers who are being testing in the end of days in this particular way. The blessing number 8, Healing.

This blessing has a very big connection to Nibiru as seen at the time of the flood. It is brought down that the Earth was not on an axis before the flood, but straight up and down with respect to the sun. This means that the energy level of the sun was vastly different than after the flood. What indication do we get to this fact? It says in the Torah how after the flood, Hashem established the seasons. This alludes to the fact that there were no seasons before, and that the people who were concentrated particular areas of the world were all receiving the benefits of the sun’s constant energy. There were other effects on the environment such as the air, the water, no rain (everything was watered by mist), also contributed to this world situation that is different today. This resulted in no sickness and longevity. This explains why people lived eight and nine hundred years before the flood, and only one to two hundred years after the flood.

Since Nibiru is believed have flown by the earth at that time, several of the devastating event of the flood must have occurred from its flyby. The moving of the axis of the Earth creating the seasons was a very big change. It is brought down that the rain fell, but also that boiling water came up from the earth. It is known that the gravitational pull of Nibiru would cause great earthquake and volcanic action all over the globe. This could easily explain the water of the earth being at boiling temperatures. Once again, many other details are known that are not necessary here.

The point is that the changes on Earth at the time of the flood caused a big change in the health of the people on this planet. Is this a process that will be reversed with Nibiru returning?

Let us look at the prophet Malachi 3:19-24 for interesting insight:

19 For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the wicked people and all the evildoers will be like straw; and that coming day will burn them up, says HASHEM, Master of Legions, so that it will not leave them a root or branch.
20 But a sun of righteousness will shine for you who fear My Name, with healing in its rays, and you will go out and flourish like calves [fattened] in the stall.
21 And you will trample the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet, on that day that I bring about, say HASHEM, Master of Legions.
22 Remember the Torah of Moses My servant, which I commanded him at Horeb for all of Israel [its} decrees and [its] statutes.
23 Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of HASHEM.
24 And he will turn back [to G-d] the hearts of fathers with [their] sons and the hearts of sons with their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with utter destruction.

Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of HASHEM.
Malachi the last of the prophets in the Bible ends with these verses. We especially need to read verse 20. The key part of the verse is not that it says "the sun," but "a sun of righteousness." Nibiru is not a planet, but a dwarf star, A SUN. In other words this is stating that the healing will come from a sun that will be provided just as it was before the flood. This time the sun will change the position of the Earth back to being directly over the Equator (off of the present axis), and will give healing rays – no more sickness. Since sickness is an involuntary way of giving Tikun, it will not be needed any more. See my blog post of 26 October 2015, entitled The Key to Happiness 

It is interesting that the same sun that will heal the righteous will be the sun that will burn the wicked. Whether that means actually burning them or the fact that it will provide a stream of rocks that will destroy them like brimstone coming down on them (a reference that is also used in the Bible).

A more important thing to note is that the healing will happen from the sun and will probably be before “the great and awesome day of HASHEM.” That is why “Healing is number 8 and the great and awesome day is number 12 in the list of blessings above. The healing will be before the wicked are destroyed and before the ingathering of the exile, in other words wherever you are in the world and probably much sooner. When will it occur? When Nibiru is close enough to change the Earth, possibly next month, B”N.

I have so much more to tell, but there is no way to give you years of research in a single blog post; so, enough for now. I am still researching all this from scriptures. Yes, there is so much more to talk about, but it is a very detailed and tedious process. One thing that will be reassuring is that Nibiru will be in plain sight before the March date, possibly as early as next month (within weeks). It is one of my items of my research.

It is all good news for the Jews of the world and the righteous non-Jews who follow the ways of Hashem. Once again, this is not a wait and see, but a plea for all to prepare. Those who are the closest to Hashem and following His ways will have it the easiest. Those who haven’t caught on to what is happening and the instructions from Hashem as to how to succeed will have it the toughest. That means whoever has the most positive attitude which is synonymous with having total faith in Hashem and the goodness He is about to bestow on us. I have said many times: skeptics are losers. Instead of studying scriptures and learning the absolute truth that Hashem has given us, if your only approach is to complain and not believe anything, you will suffer. I have said many times “whether you believe the truth or not, it doesn’t go away.” Get with the program and enjoy the happiness and success that Hashem designed to give us.

I didn’t talk about any other subject but they all hold true in the same way. As an example, if you have financial problems, that is number 9, right after healing. All problems will disappear for those who follow Hashem’s ways. If you are a heretic, I have no idea what is in store for you. Even though I know Hashem will be merciful in the end, He takes ignorance into account, everything I am saying is about your trip to the end and how easy you want it for you and your loved ones.

Those who believe the Jew-hating media, who are completely controlled by the evil ones who want us dead, will be the most deceived and have the most difficult transition. That was seen last week in the mainstream media telling us about a tenth planet. Wow, what deception. All they are trying to do is make sure you are out in harm’s way when they go safely into their fortified bunkers.

I request once again, and I will only say this about a thousand times more, Hashem wants you to be proactive and help everyone you know. As we get closer to these events and it becomes very obvious that trouble and devastation is imminent, use this blog post and the messages of the FC individuals as proof that we are not in the dark, but have known for a while what is coming, and how to reap the benefits of Hashem’s mercy. Your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors may only have you to help them. It is what Hashem wants from you.

You will notice that all that I have been discussing is before number 15 which is Moshiach. What does that mean? I am not positive, but can speculate that Moshiach could be introduced to the world earlier, but not crowned as King yet. Another possibility is that Moshiach Ben Yosef will appear and take us through this next two months of chaos, craziness and/or redemption (that is your choice as to which you prefer). Whatever it means, it does seem that much will occur in the next 61 days.

I expect to receive many comments on this post – probably more private Emails than comments for everyone to see. I ask you to be very considerate in your comment. If you have information to share that will even shed more light on the subject, please send it; it may be very helpful to me in my research. If you disagree with anything I said and have definite proof from scriptures, please send it to me by private Email. That way we can discuss it, and see if I need to apologize for any misinformation or if your comment is not pertinent and should not be shared with my readers. I am doing this to be extremely encouraging about what is coming up, including how close we are to the happy ending. Giving discouraging information needs to be checked out thoroughly and is counter-productive if it is wrong.

If your only comment is that I am wrong and don’t know what I am talking about (I get that occasionally), and you don’t have any education to back up your claim, write it down on a piece of paper, and throw it in the trashcan. Any Lashon Harah that you want to say about me or any of my sources is very punishable in the end. I am saving you suffering by ignoring you. You’re welcome. But unfortunately for you, Hashem reads all the comments and Emails that I receive, and measure for measure responds. This is no time for flawed, heretical human opinion based on nothing more than gut feeling, not scholarship. We are all in this together to help each other. Decent serves no one. I have said “Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous.” Don’t find out the hard way


  1. Thank you Rav, Now i can breathe comfortably again :)

    Looking forward to more learning and more changing myself for the better, (please Hashem, Amen.)

    Hashem bless you and yours and all good peoples everywhere. Amen.


  2. Rav Menahem, Please clarify: my loved ones, friends and neighbours can i help them if and when they come to me? What do i verbalize to them other than the need to do shuva, keep Shabbas holy, only eat kosher and praise Hashem through teffila and hitbodedut. Will that be the time to encourage all to quickly pack up and do aliya? I will need to re-read this blog a few times in the next few days...truly amazing and so overwhelming that we can barely process what is about to take place. How can i share this with my family - at this time? Who will believe me? Maybe in another few weeks it will be a lot easier as the dwarf sun becomes much more visible to people everywhere. I have been reading and wondering about Nibiru for over a year now and did not make the connection until "stumbling" upon this blog. May Hashem Bless You Always. With Much Gratitude, Ms.AP

    1. That was my point. When people are so afraid because of the scary unknown haunting them everyday, and they see you celebrating the good news of the end being near, they will be glad to see all your proof. When you tell them that everything happening is no mystery, and you show them the proof, the FC individual statements, the messages from the Rabbis, the fulfillment of the prophecies of scriptures and much more, they will pay attention. I have already experienced this, and it hasn't gotten anywhere near as scary as what is coming.

      Just have many things printed out with dates on them showing when you heard about it. There are no atheists in foxholes. This will be good reading in the foxhole. It is another reason to study Torah. When you can show people who are apprehensive of what is happening in the world, that we knew about it thousands of years ago, they get very interested.

      Hashem's absolute truth is a powerful tool for us to have complete faith and trust in Him, but also for us to show those who never really paid attention to the truth. They will now. My book has helped people with problems and with great doubt to see the Absolute Truth.

      I hinted above that you might want to print out this blog post. When it starts to come to reality and non-believers see the date that I documented this information, they will become very curious and then believers. Faith is greatly strengthened by proof.

      Also mention that I am not a Rabbi, but a man of science. I am not giving predictions based on my ability to see the future, but just my ability to point out the obvious. When you pay as much attention to Hashem's messages as I do, it is easy to see what is coming up, and what we need to do to survive the craziness. Most people will be very scared. The righteous of the world who follow Hashem will be greatly comforted, and excited about the near future. What a difference the truth makes in our lives.

  3. Thank you rav Menachem!
    I knew today is a special day.
    Here people came last night together to do the SEDER, to rectify the many elevating precious food of the trees that Hashem gave us. It was mission impossible. As for the logica of this place. I am going to share your wisdom. Daniel is alive, sending you warm greetings, while waiting for the wings of Hashems eagles!
    May the blessing of the light of ETZ CHAIM shine bright true the universe.
    Thank you.
    Orna Nitzevet

  4. Please anyone of you, who is capable to translate this post to IVRIT, please do so now. Thank you.

  5. Learn from the Rebbe who cried time and again why Moshiach is not here. The only way to bring Moshiach is to reveal Hashem Echad in everything we think, say and do. This happens through Achdus (Ahavas Chinam), Teshuvah (Shuva Yisrael until Havayeh is Eolkeicha) and learning Pnimiyus HaTorah (which is the Torah Chadasha Me'iti Teitzei). By exposing ourselves to and living as if Moshiach is already here - in mindset - it will happen in the physical as well.

    1. Rav, what do the two Hebrew words mean..

      My question on my keyboard is not working , hence could not put that in.
      Thanks in advance.

  6. The blessing against heretics in the standard Ashkenazi siddur was redacted by Christian censors. The Yekke siddur preserves the original mesora. It is much more charif in its wording.

    1. That is very interesting. Can you scan that in, both in Hebrew and English, and send it to me? I would love to see it and possibly post it.

  7. 60 odd days brings us to Purim. Have to tried to do a Torah Code search using the words Nibiru and Purim ?

    1. It is two days after Purim (one day after Shushan Purim). It is Shabbos Parashat Tzav which means that all observant Jews may not even know the world is disappearing.

      I mentioned that I found 47 places where Nibiru is encoded in the Torah, and 22 places for Purim. I am sure that they must have an overlap, but it would take me much more effort to find. I have an old program that is not as sophisticated as Rav Glazerson's program.

    2. Yes, Moshiach has to come soon, but we do not know when soon is. The writer predicted the Moshaich would come around Succot time.As Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita and many other have said it is not possible to predict when Moshiach will come, it is extremely dangerous to make such predictions! Moshiach will come when only when Hashem deems not by any scientific calculation.

    3. First of all the writer, me, did not predict Moshiach at Succos, the writer, me, quoted many Rabbaim and other sources. Fact is Moshiach was here at Succos, but did not get introduced at that time because of your saying it is extremely dangerous to make predictions.

      If all the Jews would say "we are tired of this evil world," we want Moshiach now, Hashem would say "you finally caught on, here he is." Unfortunately, Hashem has to make the world so scary before we finally say "HELP" the one word of Teshuvah that would bring Moshiach instantly. We are not waiting for Moshiach, Moshiach is waiting for us. Read Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, and just about every Godol, and you will see the same thing. Hashem is absolutely ready to crown Moshiach, He is waiting for us to turn to Him and tell Him too. The danger is that we are so complacent, and saying whenever Hashem gets around to it.

      My blog was a calculation based on Hashem's word, the Torah, the Talmud, the Zohar, etc, etc, etc, and world events. If Hashem's opinion doesn't count with you, then that puts you into the very dangerous category as skeptic.

      We are the only deterrent to the announcement of Moshiach. If you don't believe that, I rest my case, you just proved it.

  8. I am not arguing with you as I cannot argue with you. There is only one sect that says we want Moshiach now. Many Jews out there do not even know that they are Jewish! So many Jews out that are that disconnected they must be near the 49th level like in Mitzraym. A great number of Jews in chutz la aretz really have no clue what is really going on and whether they are hilonie or charadi or anything in between will fight tooth and nail to stay where they are outside of Israel!I would much prefer to have a private rather than a public discussion, how can i do that please?

    1. I am not quoting one particular sect of Judaism, I am telling you Hashem's opinion based on scriptures. The entire thought of all the Jews finally turning to Hashem asking for help is what is going to happen. There are no atheists in foxholes. When all the Jews are sitting in foxholes, they will all turn to Hashem. They will know without any doubt that He is their only chance of salvation, even survival. His plan is perfect and is happening already.

      Write me an Email at and we can continue our learning.

    2. What is the day that you calculate Mashiach will come? He can't come on Shabbos. Eruvin 43a.

  9. Do you know what a sundog is ?

    1. Yes, I know what it is, and we are not talking such a phenomenon here. Sundogs don't cause gravitation shifts in heavenly bodies; sundogs don't cause destruction as mentioned on past flybys of Nibiru; or polar shifts of planets; sundogs don't appear at different places on the sun, mainly to the sides (not above and below); sundogs don't cause increases in earthquakes and volcanoes; and, there are more effects that we are experiencing that sundogs don't cause.

  10. Two questions please:
    1. I'm unclear why a large interstellar object (sun, planet, etc) that's obviously coming close to the earth would not be reported in any kind of independent astronomer's writings. I understand that you say the mainstream media will not report this, but there are other media outlets.
    2. Why would Jews and non-Jews think to come to Israel to escape? Why is Israel physically safer than other places? (Spiritually safer is understood.)
    THank you

    1. As I stated the truth is being kept from the public worldwide so the evil ones can get into their bunkers for safety while the population above perishes. Google and YouTube the subject and you will find a tremendous number of writings on the subject. Even NASA once talked about their findings which started 40 years ago, and then were silenced by the ones who pay their salaries. Are all the reports believable? Not completely, but the consistency of information gives you some confidence.

      And then of course there are all the messages we have received from Hashem through scriptures, the Facilitated Communications individuals, the Rabbis and many other sources. There is no such thing as coincidence -- believe it that Hashem is warning us, to test us and to help us.

      Once again the many, and I do mean many messages that we have receive from Hashem through the same sources I just mentioned. They are not talking just spiritual safety, which does exist, they very much mean physical safety which is a definite. I have talked about this for years, including statistics as to where a Jew is safest in the world. But what is coming up is beyond safety, it is survival. Here is a message from Daniel received recently (it is actually a message from Hashem):
      Why not return to Eretz Yisrael when we have the promise of Hashem not to destroy Eretz-Yisrael?! Why remain in various places on the planet which don't have a promise?! Come! The time has come!! You don't understand?! The time has come!!

      Are you willing to gamble your life and the lives of your loved ones by thinking these messages can be ignored?

  11. Shalom
    I have 2 questions :

    How can we deduce from the verse (Parashat Noah 8-22)
    עֹד, כָּל-יְמֵי הָאָרֶץ: זֶרַע וְקָצִיר וְקֹר וָחֹם וְקַיִץ וָחֹרֶף, וְיוֹם וָלַיְלָה--לֹא יִשְׁבֹּתוּ.
    that seasons began at this moment and not before?
    It seems to imply the kayts and horef existed before.

    The second one : people began to die at earlier age after the flood because of the new axis of the earth. But why Noah and Shem weren't affected ? (Noah lived aproximatively 300 more years and Shem about 500 years after the flood).

    1. I learned about the inyan of the Earth not being on its present axis causing longevity about 20 years ago. It was a Rashi or a Midrash or ? I would have to dig to answer you completely.

      Two reasons why certain individuals lived longer after the flood. They had the genetic and metabolic setup to be able to continue and, the better answer, Hashem wanted them around longer.

      We are really talking about people who were born after the flood who did not have the earthly benefits of those before the flood.

    2. Hever, Selah were born after the flood.

    3. Shelah lived to 422 and Eber was 464. That is already cut in half from before the flood. Eber's son Peleg was 239 and it continues to decrease. This indicates that even though the environment changed, the genetic chain took longer to decrease in longevity. Whatever happened it is still a great decrease from Noach's time to Avraham who lived to 175.

  12. I totally respect Daniel's message but as you have pointed out to us repeatedly, the ones who fear Hashem and follow his commandments, the Bnei Noah and righteous gentiles will be saved. Don't know how but we will. I love Hashem and put my trust in His mercy and grace. My family family and children most of whom are still rebellious and non observant will turn around and do teshuva. Of this I am certain and very much at peace...we will find our way to Israel and safety somehow. Much Love to all...Ms. AP

    1. For me to oversimplify the mysterious ways of Hashem only gets me into trouble. Hashem tells us many places in scriptures that the righteous will survive.

      I have mentioned that a million people will have a million different levels of spirituality, of testing, of Tikun, of Olam Habah, etc. To say that it will be one way of the other doesn't make sense, just that all Jews and righteous non-Jews will get there. What the trip will be like for each individual is based on the individual, measure for measure.

      One bit of good news is that loved ones, especially children, will benefit from the merit of their parents. It is why I say so often that what we do affects our loved ones, who may not have their own merit to help them. I do believe that in the end all righteous people will do Teshuvah and help themselves. The story of Korach and how his sons in the last seconds saved themselves by doing Teshuvah, should be an inspiration for us today.

    2. Shalom Ms.AP, I am Noahide, and totally wanting to follow Hashem. I have read many of your comments which have helped me too.
      Thank you, and Hashem will bless you and all your family.
      Rav Menachem has said many times, as we keep holding up our near and dear ones to Hashem, Hashem will hear and answer our prayers, and we will see great things happening for them.
      Hashem bless you and like you too, i am now going to just put all of my family in H-s Hands, and just keep davening and doing as much teshuva as i can.
      Blessings and all good things to you.

    3. Thank you sc for your kind words. I feel strongly that this is what we need to do and if we pray and do shuva with a loving heart, focus and intent...we and our loved ones should be ok. Lots of strength and courage to all of us and many blessings to Rav Menahem for his guidance and patience.

  13. What is your opinion about Chemtrails ? Do you think that they could be explained as a conspiracy of PTB to cover up the Nibiru presence as long as possible ?

    1. I have seen such an idea, but have not really investigated to comment. I do know that cover-up will be very prevalent, mostly lies in the media.


  15. Rem Menachem Shalom and again be blessed for all your efforts. I was waiting for this post quite a long time and B"H it arrived.
    One point needs your clarification: on one hand, Nibiru's passage may cause huge damage to earth, and each passage occurs each 360 years as you write.On the second hand, when you make a simple research on wiki about the year 1656, 360 years ago, we don't find any notable earth scale event that occurred in that time, except some wars between empires, that is nothing but business as usual. So this year's encounter will be special in comparison with the precedents?
    Thanks again and be blessed. Itzhak. Yerushalaim.

    1. When I mentioned that I had much research to do, that was one of the areas. First of all I don't believe it was exactly 360 since the orbit of Nibiru could give it more of variable time frame. The other thought is where was the Earth with respect to each flyby? If it was at a much greater distance, the effects could be considerably less. All this is known, but not to me, yet. I was more concerned with the influence of Nibiru during certain events recorded in the Tenach.

  16. For my logica, the orbits are in a spiral, not circles. That could explain some year differences. Same way as the DNA structure is formed, is also the movement of planets, stars...something too complicated for us humans of now as we actually imagine the logica in a prety flat way.

    1. I have seen that possibility, but have not been able to confirm the fact of a spiral or elliptic in a single plane rotation. You are correct that the cycle could be a variable with a spiral cycle.

      Even more difficult is that all astronomical bodies are in rapid orbit within the galaxy. Einstein questioned whether the Earth really circles the Sun or is it more of the Sun rotating around the Earth. How can that be? The Sun and all objects in the solar system are in a sinusoidal pattern in the galaxy, and only give the allusion of one going around the other. This is beyond the scope of this blog, but it is the answer to why it suggests in the Bible that the Earth is fixed and the sun goes around it (even though both are travelling at about 18 miles a second in our galaxy).

      I mentioned that it would take much additional research and calculations to resolve. Or, I could just wait and ask Moshiach, just to satisfy my curiosity.

      It may not be necessary, since the most important data that I am interested in is the effects that could have influenced previous biblical events. Also, applying those influences to our upcoming flyby. In other words, what does it mean to us now?

    2. Rav Menachem, I love sience when it is strong connected to the Torah. By all beautiful findings its so amazing that everything is written in the Torah, it is exactly that way. I think we find our answer in the story of CREATION exactly as it is written. Word for word, detail by detail. All the humble knowledge that I have, is telling me that by the influence of the mini star, swiching the poles, earthquakes,...all will be solved exactly the way it is in Orah Oraita. A beautiful world is comming in a surprising way, from inside out. It is above our logica, thats why we need complete BITACHON.
      Many thanks, also to dear Etty.

  17. i do not why but i'm not scared, i'm waiting!!!!

    1. That is exactly the feeling you get from complete faith and trust in Hashem. Congratulations.

      One little caveat: don't be so overconfident that you stop doing repentance or prayer. Even Yaakov took cautious measures when he went to meet his brother Esav after Hashem told Yaakov he would be completely protected. Why? Because, Yaakov was humble, and did not know if he was truly worthy of such protection from Hashem. He didn't doubt Hashem, he doubted himself.

      We should all be so humble, and continue to improve ourselves. Faith and trust in Hashem can always be improved no matter how high a spiritual level a person has achieved.

  18. Rav Menachem, I have a request, please. Can you put a search feature on your blog? I have someone telling me that Nibiru is a hoax. I wanted to search your blog for information on this and other subjects. It would make it so much easier if you had a search feature to enter keywords for the search. Todah rabbah.

    1. There is a search feature at the top of most blogs already, including mine.

      Be aware that on the web you can find any opinion you want to support any bogus argument. I have said on my blog and in my book, don't believe a thing that I say until you research it for yourself. Only Hashem's opinion is the absolute truth. When people find proof by themselves, it is much more internalizing than me telling them. The study of scriptures has a much bigger benefit than just something enjoyable to do. It is very reassuring of Hashem and His word. That gives peace of mind and the happiness that I have talked about for the past 46 months. Beware of web searches and opinions. I believe most of them are bogus with improper agenda.

      Nibiru wouldn't be so obvious in scriptures, if it were a hoax, including the many places that it is encoded in the Bible. Yes, I have much more research to do to find even deeper meanings, but what I have seen so far is very solidifying in telling us that Hashem is sending us these messages on the subject.

      In the near future when we will be able to see it everyday (when it isn't cloudy), your friend could sell his computer, and go to a much better source of information, the word of Hashem.

      I do have another post on which I am working with an additional find in the Prophets on Nibiru. Hopefully, to be posted by the end of this week.

  19. Hello!

    Joy, joy, joy Rav Menachem!

    Rav Glazerson: "The Process of Redemption Started in bible code Glazerson"

    Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv for all (Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach)!

    Luiz Felipe.

  20. More than once Hollywood has energized, foretold, portended and presaged coming events!

    1. This shouldn't be considered a totally reliable source, but it shows that Hashem has a sense of humor (I believe everything in this world is from Hashem).

  21. Shalom,

    Nibiru subject has always interested me and I read a lot about it, from Sitchin's 12th planet to endless articles online. One thing has always stuck in my is the fact that the orbit of Nibiru was calculated to be at about 3600 years and many scientists who believe in Nibiru do not disagree on that. Your idea of Nibiru's passing every 360 strikes a little odd, because many facts would have been available from various sources throughout the history as undeniable proof of its existence. Yet, either the truth has been very well hidden from us over the past 2000 years or... My point is, Sitchin's talks about it on a scientific level, presenting an "End of days" type of a scenario on each of its last 2 passings... What do we have available on each encounter if the orbit is in fact around 360? There are many more questions on it, but this has to be the most basic one.

    Thank you

    1. You ask good questions, but I am still researching many aspects of what you are asking. I received some excellent information today from a very kosher source in Israel. I hope to review the information and post some more answers on Thursday, B"N. One fact that they disclosed is when it will be visible to the world.

      This is all exciting, but I really don't want to speculate; I want to get the best information available and post it. It's too important for guesswork.

  22. This is definitely exciting news!! I pray we all merit to see Hashem's open miracles without any loss of life, AMEN