Sunday, January 24, 2016

What To Do with Our Youths and Ourselves

Once again I received a very good question that should not be answered by just a comment, but a separate blog post for everyone to see. First the comment:

Anonymous January 22, 2016 at 1:59 AM

Speaking of suffering I would like to ask the following question; How come we are seeing a plague of youths from religious homes leaving the fold or off the Derech. Parents dealing with them are suffering beyond anyone's imagination. I would appreciate your view on this issue.
My Response:
The idea of youths leaving the fold has many aspects to cover. One is that, once again, it is part of the difficult testing that Hashem is giving us in the end of days. It is a test for the individuals who see the assimilation of their loved ones, as well as the curious young adults who want to investigate this world. They see what Jews have seen and suffered for thousands of years. The ways of the secular people, both Jew and non-Jew are enticing. Secular ways appear to be more fun. The way they dress, the food they eat, the entertainment they create, the shying away from responsibility, etc, etc, etc.

One might ask: what is wrong with that? The answer is: it is not our purpose of this life. We are here to perfect ourselves and not for fun. It doesn’t mean that our efforts to perfect ourselves can’t be enjoyable. I guarantee you, as one who lived a secular life with my family (wife and children) and completely changed to a totally observant Torah Jewish lifestyle, this life is far more enjoyable than the secular nonsense we had before. Most of all, peace of mind and realizing complete happiness in setting up our eternity (I have been saying that for the past 46 months on this blog and my book).

What is the biggest cause of the problem today? In the past, young observant families were very isolated. The children went to Jewish schools, Yeshivahs, Seminaries and home. In other words they only saw Yiddishkeit. Their entertainment was a good book and some very stimulating Torah study. Today we have TV, radio and, of course the worst source of all, the computer. The world and all its nonsense is in our hands.

The good news is Hashem knows what He is doing. The internet is a big part of the test to see how parents guide their children or let them run free.

The best news is there is no individual in the world that Hashem wanted to be observant, and he or she got away from Him. There is no Jew that is off the derech (the way of life) who will not return. I have mentioned that there are two types of Jews in the world, those who are observant Torah Jews and those who aren’t, yet. The happy ending is coming, and it will be good for every Jew and righteous non-Jew in the world. That means: in the end all good people will be following Hashem’s ways and living by the Torah – it is guaranteed in writing!!! We must have complete faith and trust that Hashem is sorting it all out, and that all good people will be on the proper derech and all not-so-good people will either see the light or be gone. Nobody, and I mean nobody, escapes Hashem’s will.

I have mentioned that the city I live in is 100% observant. One has to have proof from a legitimate Rabbi to move here. Does that mean we have no youths going off the derech? No, unfortunately we are still all human, and still very curious about the world. The big difference is that TV is not allowed here, radio is very limited and the computer is frowned upon in households that have children, unless needed for business. What are the results? Many fewer cases of children going astray than any other place that I have lived. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as a tablet with a SIM card that allows all the filth to enter a young person’s life. This is where the parents have to do some parenting. Not when it is too late, but from birth.

Hashem sorting is also sorting out who is really Jewish, who is Erev Rav, who is of the lost tribes, etc. Only Hashem knows and will make sure that every individual on planet Earth is taken care of, measure for measure, according to his or her accomplishments in this life and all past lives.

Of course the bottom line is the end is coming up rapidly and we still have some time, not much, to get it correct. If you know of someone off the derech, you have your work cut out for you. Not to complain about it, but to help anyway you can.  Yes, Hashem will clean up the mess that we have made for thousands of years, but He still wants our involvement until the end -- it is the job we have been given: "to help each other" (part of our individual judgement in the end will be how much effort we put into helping others).

How much time do we have? I estimate 62 days. What? Do I really think I know the too late date? Tune in tomorrow or Tuesday, B”N, for my ongoing research that is giving some very fascinating results of the possible time frame for the end.


  1. Rav Menahem, As a follow-up to your inspiring and excellent last posting, I stopped the complaining and my kids told me that they noticed the difference. They are on notice that I am no longer worrying sick about their lack of observance because once the end starts it will be so terrifying that they will instantly do shuva. Now the kids are delighted and intrigued. So my focus is just to relax, keep improving my yiddishkeit and trust Hashem. Question: How do we best help each other? Specifically, how do i help my kids and non observant family members and friends in this little window of time that is left? What can i say/not say or do? A group from my shul is headed downtown tomorrow to provide blankets, scarves, mittens and coffee for the homeless. I am happy to join this tikkum olam innitiative...yet, what can i do to help Am Yisrael? With Gratitude, Ms. AP

    1. Letting Hashem carry out His plan with your having complete faith and trust in the coming success, is very wise. It is also good Teshuvah that you are turning to Hashem for help.

      So far as what should you do to influence others, "education." I am having a very good time when people mention to me about the craziness that is happening in the world, and I show them in scriptures how we knew about it thousands of years ago. Since there is "nothing new under the sun," I love to WOW people with the words of Hashem telling us how there is no mystery about what is happening these days; and, even better, what is coming up (even how to survive it).

      There are no atheists in foxholes. As the world becomes one big foxhole (except for Israel), the getting Hashem's messages out to non-believers gets much easier (and more fun).

      Also, as you alluded to, the helping people in need is very good, and exactly what Hashem wants from each one of us.

  2. Reb Menachem Shavia tov and Tu beShvat sameah.
    Sorry that I can't wait for your translation of the latest rav Benartsi message, on parashat Yitro, I just read it in Hebrew. He says that 50℅ of Am Israel know who is Mashiah, who will soon be publicly revealed.I just felt disconnected because until this moment I recognize that even if sometimes I think about somebody specific, I finally don't have a clue! Of course our expectation is more important than the answer to the question who He is but it's hard for me to see that almost a half of my people know, and I don't.
    Thanks again for your wonderful blog and may we all receive very soon the answer to all the questions besimha uberahamim! Itzhak, Yerushalaim.

    1. I read the message also. I don't think he means that we know who Moshiach is, but that when we find out, about half the people will be familiar with him. He is someone who is known today, just not that he is Moshiach.

  3. Shalom Rav, Shavua tov to you and all who come to your blog.
    Cannot wait till your next posting, i mean i am waiting but with breath almost held!!
    Thank you again Rav for so much that you have done, are doing to help all those of us, Jews and non Jews, to know Hashem, and to know the times we are in, are crazy, but there is good to come and look forward to.
    May we all reach as individuals that place where we find mercy from Hashem. Amen and Amen.