Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We are Partners in Creation

As every week, the Parashah of the week and the Haftarah have a very profound message, especially for our time. This past Shabbos we say the creation of everything as we began the Torah again. The Haftarah has a similar message about creation that needs to be mentioned. First, let us look at the Artscoll commentary on the Hatarah:
Haftaras Bereishis - Isaiah 42:5 to 43:10 
The Parashah began with the story of Creation and the august role of man in bringing G-d's goal to fruition; of his downfall and G-d's mercy in allowing him a new life in which he could redeem himself. The Haftarah's theme is similar. Creation is not a phenomenon that took place in primeval times and then was left to proceed of its own inertia. The first verse of the Haftarah speaks of Creation in the present tense, because G-d must renew it constantly; otherwise the universe would cease to exist. So He does. His purpose is for Israel to guide mankind to His service: to bring the people to the covenant, to be a light to the nations; to help them remove the impediments that prevent their eyes and ears from seeing and hearing the truth.
But Israel falters. It sins, and G-d allows it to be plundered as a result of its failure. The downfall is not permanent; although G-d may look from afar; but He remains vigilant and seeks the opportunity to restore Israel to its eminence. No one seems to care, to see, but G-d always keeps His original purpose in mind, and only Israel is equal to it. Can the nations or their deities match Israel's loyalty, despite its frequent lapses? Is there any other nation that can bear witness to G-d's greatness, His mercy, and the fulfillment of His prophecies?
Ultimately, Israel can, and because it does it will be redeemed and be the instrument for the triumph of the spirit.
We know that we are all one with Hashem. We also know that we are partners with Hashem in the continual creation. Our prayers and our study of Torah cause energies to flow and positive creation to occur in the world. If we are with Hashem, work together and live His Torah, the absolute truth, then the world is a positive place of goodness. If we live by our own devices and think we know better, the world is full of chaos and mayhem. Are we starting to catch on that we have faltered in our mission of being a light unto the nations? Do we just say: it’s not my fault that the world is so horrible, I am basically a good person who doesn’t get into trouble? It is amazing that we think that all I have to do is not believe the truth, and it will go away.

I recently have been called a person who threatens. I was painted as a mean person who dictates what we should be doing, and cutting no slack in my effort. The fact is: the most difficult job in the world is trying to save people’s lives when they completely close their eyes to reality. By thinking that we have no stake in creation, that it goes by itself without us, we are killing ourselves and our loved ones. Why am I more concerned with your welfare than you are? Because, we are all in this together. Everything that I do, affects you; and, everything you do, affects me. I have stated that “ignorance is not bliss, it is extremely dangerous.” Just look at the world situation and see. The majority of Jews are not living Torah and those who do, don’t think they could improve.

We just came out of a period of asking for forgiveness (Selichos) and a period of repentance (Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur). Then we asked why did the Moshiach not show up as had been speculated?

Can you as an individual Jew say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did your absolute best during the time of reflection and that you really deserve to be redeemed? Or, if you look in the mirror, point the finger, would you say: there is the reason Moshiach was not announced? I know that I did not do enough. Yes, I am part of the problem, but the first step to correcting the world is to realize your personal shortcomings. That is called doing Teshuvah. When I take full responsibility for my mission as a partner in creation, and do what is necessary to maximize my effort, that is when I can look in the mirror and feel comfortable with my performance. We are not there yet. We have work to do. I know that Rav Ben Artzi, shlita stated that Hashem is pleased with our effort during the days of reflection, but I still wonder how much more we could have done since Moshiach did not get introduced. More importantly is for each one of us to evaluate our performance and continue to do improvement.

I have stated that Judaism is not a spectator sport; we are the team on the field. Being “partners in creation” means that if we work together as a team, we can win. What do we win? Geula, Moshiach, the world of truth, the world without evil. Our game is in overtime. Each one of us needs to be more of a team player than ever before. Our head Coach, Hashem wants Achdus, unity, not machlokes, conflict.

As I said, it is very difficult trying to save the world when there are so many who only want to argue with you over trivia. Who is Gog, where is Magog, who has the best blog, which Rabbi should we believe, etc, etc, etc? That is what is keeping the Moshiach from being introduced. That is what saddens Hashem when He sees such arguing as if that were helping us. I am amazed at how many people I have asked to join me in helping to save the world, and the response of “you are wrong, you don’t know what you are talking about.” Funny thing is: that is not the Torah response. If someone disagrees with another person, they are supposed to discuss the subject, ask questions, learn from each other. That is the Torah way. That is what Hashem wants from us.

Calling the person who is trying to save your life and guarantee you a tremendous future one who threatens, is not the Torah answer. I know that I am dealing with people who have very secular ways, who do not live Hashem’s absolute truth, but I also can’t stand by the “blood of my brother” and do nothing. If I say: I have it great, and I am not worried about anyone else, Hashem would make sure that I would not continue to have everything great. It is opposite to the Torah message.

There are things that I have posted that have caused conflict with other bloggers who don't agree. It is not that they have proof otherwise, it is more of a case of flawed human logic and messages that they have received from sources that have no scholarship on the subject. Example is who is Gog? There are very few people who know any truth about the reality of this world, so other blogs are presenting very distorted information. You would think that this would want to make me even more determined to get the truth out, after all my presentation is based on thousands of hours of research. The only thing that I am concerned with is what is good for the people reading the information. If they lose confidence in what I say because they also have no scholarship on a subject, it is not serving Hashem nor my mission to bring people closer to Hashem which should never create controversy. My goal is to save lives not to clarify sensationalism and definitely not to make myself more popular. I only want Hashem to be popular, that is the ticket to help others, not me flaunting my scholarship on subjects to show up others, chas v’shalom. People seeing controversy between blogs causes a loss of confidence in all parties concerned and that is very counter-productive to our missions of bringing everyone closer to Hashem.

For the benefit of my readers, I do not plan to continue this nonsensical arguing about some of the posts that I have made, even though I have had readers provide me with an abundance of evidence to support my findings. Saving the world is my mission, not losing credibility to people who lack scholarship – that serves no one.

We are partners in creation with Hashem, but also with each other. You can’t build a house with two different sets of blueprints and expect it to stand. Unity, working together with the blueprint that Hashem gave us, the Torah, the Absolute Truth (yes, that is what the Absolute Truth is – the word of Hashem), is the only way that we will see the happy ending and the world that we crave for ourselves and our loved ones. Guaranteed in writing!!!


  1. Does Torah teach that the world was made only for Jews?

    the rest are made to serve them?
    Will await your answer.

    confused human...

    1. The world was created to serve Hashem's will. The Jews have their obligations and the non-Jews have their obligations. Hashem loves all His creations and made the world for all creations. Since we are all Hashem, and will be even totally aware of it in the time of Moshiach and beyond, your question becomes irrelevant -- there is only Him and nothing else.

  2. The Torah teaches that all people and all creations are here to serve G-d - by making this lowly physical world a dwelling; a holy garden. The Jewish people are Chosen as the people responsible for making the world aware of this awesome task.

    1. Well put. You have given the essence of the verse "be a light unto the nations."

    2. okay, thanks.
      But some Rabbi said that :Goys were made to be servants to Jews, they are like donkeys"
      that was confusing to read. Besides he was a well known Rabbi in Israel.
      Why do some Jews say something that differs from others?
      Why cannot they all just say one thing, if they are one people as i keep reading and hearing in some lectures.
      too many differences, and then whom to follow when some are shining different lights, to the nations who are not Jews.
      On some blogs i have read even hatred towards non jews like me.
      Sorry for long post with questions. but i am really in a quandry.. What to believe..

    3. Scriptures are the most difficult text in the world to understand. It is much worse than scientists arguing about theories of the universe. Everyone has an opinion, but trying to decipher Hashem's thoughts is virtually impossible. That is why Torah study is so challenging and never boring. Ask 10 Jews a Torah question and you will get 20 answers.

      What it says in the Talmud about non-Jews is very, very difficult to understand. The ones who give the fastest answers on the subject are usually the ones who know the least. Pay attention to what Hashem wants from you as an individual and perform in such a way that Hashem will bless you with everything. That should be your only concern, not what people think Hashem meant about a subject.

  3. Replies
    1. You are very welcome. But, don't thank me, thank Hashem, He is the One Who set up the system.

    2. You are right, but you were the instrument or the person Hashem is used/using.
      So i thank Hashem but i also say again.. Thank you... :)